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Tips For Biking in the Rain | Can You Bike in the Rain?

Alana here with Sixthreezero. As you can see it is a wet day here in LA. So today we're going to talk about biking in the rain. It only rains maybe once a year in LA. So when it started raining today, we knew we had to take advantage of this opportunity and get out with our bikes. But jokes aside, there are a few precautions you should take when it comes to biking in the rain. I know I'm probably not the most experienced because, like I said, it rarely rains here in LA, but I do know a few tips that may help you when it comes to taking your bike out for a ride. First, we'll cover how to dress for the rain, then how to prep your bike, followed by actually biking safely in wet weather, and then we'll talk about what you should do after riding in the rain.

All right, when it comes to staying dry and warm in wet weather, it's key to remember to wear layers. So for example, right now I have underneath my jacket, a thermal, and then both my jacket and pants are fleece-lined, water-resistant. The more layers you have on the warmer you'll stay, but the more layers you have on the less mobile you'll be so can be a hindrance. And also you do want to keep in mind that as you bike you will get warm and possibly sweaty. So what I like to do is start with the least amount of layers I can get away with, and then on top wear something like this jacket, which is fleece-lined, water-resistant so I can still move in it. Plus it has these zippers on the side so that I can get some airflow in and hopefully not get too sweaty.

Another option, which is great especially if you are biking to work or commuting at all, is a biking cape. So it's essentially a poncho that goes over almost your whole body, covering your hands as well. So that is a great option if you don't want to wear too many layers, or if you have to go somewhere after and your biking outfit is not what you want to wear out. Then you can just throw in a biking cape, they're pretty compact and you can get those on Amazon. That will keep you pretty much dry, but remember, you'll still want layers underneath if it's pretty cold.

Keeping your hands and feet warm is also pretty important. I know my hands get pretty cold. So a good idea is to wear neoprene gloves. These are going to be easier to maneuver in, they aren't too bulky, but they'll still keep it your hands fairly warm. As for shoes, my boots are water-resistant and they'll do the job. Like I said, in California or LA especially, it doesn't get too cold so I don't have too much to worry about. But one tip that I read online is that if your feet get really cold easily, you can actually wrap them in foil and then put your feet into your shoes and that'll help retain some of the heat. So worth a try. Additionally, I know my ears and face can get really cold, so I'm wearing a Gator that I'll just be pulling up over my mouth and ears, and then I'll probably pop my hood on underneath my helmet. So that should keep my head, ears, mouth, warm.

Okay, when it comes to prepping your bike, there are a few things you can and should do. The first is optional. So when it comes to wet roads, there are definitely going to be slippery so you want as much traction as possible. One thing you can do is let out a little bit of air from your tires, which means that you're going to get a little more grip, it's going to be a little harder to ride. But actually, with our bikes, it's not essential because our tires are typically wider than a road bike tire. So actually with a tire like this, or especially like the every journey around the block tires, you won't need to do that it's not necessary, but if you do have a really thin sleek tire, you might want to let some air out.

Additionally, you want to make sure that you have bike lights. Visibility is typically pretty low when it's a gloomy rainy day like today. So here I have my piggy bike light and I also have a rear light. I definitely wouldn't leave home without those if you are biking in the rain. Now, this bike doesn't have fenders, but fenders are helpful. They're not just aesthetic, this is the one situation where they would come in handy. They would prevent some splashback. The rain isn't too heavy today so I think I'll be fine. But if you can throw in on some fenders would be helpful. It's also a good idea to bring along a spare tube, because what can be worse than being stuck in the rain with a flat tire and having to walk your bike to the nearest bike shop or back home. So good idea, don't forget the lights and a spare tube.

Okay, when it comes to actually riding your bike, you're pretty much going to want to take the same precautions that you would if you were driving. So you know that the roads are slippery, so you want to bike slower, take your turn slower, avoid any oil slicks that you see on the road, and also watch out for debris. The rain can wash up all sorts of things onto the road, so it's definitely something to keep an eye out for. And ultimately, if you think that it's not safe, or you feel uncomfortable riding, then don't go for a ride that day. There are other options. You can get an indoor trainer, which we have a video on and which can actually be a lot of fun, and it's a good way to mix up your ride. So remember safety first, if it's too wet, the visibility is too cloudy, just skip the ride for today.

When finishing up your ride, you just want to make sure to wipe down your bike, dry it off so that you can avoid any rust, and keep your bike looking nice for as long as possible. And especially with the chain, it's a good idea to apply lube. The water may have rinsed off some of the lubes, so wait until your chain is dry, and then apply lube before your next bike ride. And that will prolong the life of your chain, keep your bike looking good for as long as possible. So the rain is starting to come down a little more than before. I think it's a good time to test out all those tips, so let's go for a ride. (music)

Thank you for watching. If you have any tips for biking in the rain, let us know. Hopefully, our tips were helpful. I personally haven't tried out the foil around the feet trick, but it's something that I will definitely only keep in mind if it ever gets cold in LA. But thank you for watching. Don't forget to hit subscribe for more tips and tricks. Don't forget to join our Sixthreezero Pedalers group on Facebook. You can share tips there, share photos, ask questions, get accessory recommendations. It's a really great community. And don't forget to download the Sixthreezero Pedaling app. It's in the app store in the Google play store. Snap a photo if you go out on a rainy bike ride so we can all see your amazing accomplishment. I will post a photo from my ride today so keep an eye out for it. Thank you so much for watching. Don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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