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This is the Best E Bike for Seniors! | Must See Electric Bike if Over 60

Hey everyone, I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry, and today I'm going to show you the best electric bike for seniors over 60. Stick around.

All right, so today I'm going to show you the best electric bike for seniors over 60, and I have my over 60 riders here, am going to demonstrate why this is the best electric bike for senior riders over 60. But before we get into it, hit subscribe below, stay in touch with us here at Sixthreezero, be the first to know about all the new content we're putting out for bikes, e-bikes, and accessories, and of course, the giveaways we're doing here.

All right, so right here, I have the Sixthreezero simple step-through electric bike, which is the best electric bike for senior riders over 60, and I'm going to explain to you why. So first and foremost, you have this step-through frame, which is only 13 and a half inches. It's the lowest step-through I've seen of any e-bike, even with smaller wheels, 20 inches, whatever it may be, the step-through cannot get lower than this. You can see actually how the frame dips below the crank, which is not typical. Typical, the crank is in line with this step-through point. We've brought it even lower to make mounting and dismounting this e-bike super simple.

What does that mean? It means it's going to be safer for those riders over 60 or 70. For anybody that has struggles mounting or dismounting a bike, lifting their leg, or knee problems, it's going to make getting on and off so easy that you don't have to worry about tipping the bike over. Also, it has a slight forward pedaling design, which means the seat can be lowered to the ground, but you can still get ample leg extension when riding. The beauty of that, again, is keeping the rider lower to the ground, you can get your feet safely planted when you stop, giving you the confidence that when you hit the brakes, you can get control of the bike. That's a really important factor I see for a lot of riders over 60 years old.

Lastly, this has four custom adjustment points. We can dial it into your body, raise and lower the seat, tilt the seat, raise and lower the handlebars, tilt the handlebars. We can get it as comfortable as it needs to be for your body, to make sure if you have back pain, shoulder pain, or whatever it may be, we have the adjustment points to suit it perfectly to your body type.

In terms of the electrical components, you've got five levels of pedal assist, you can get up to 28 miles an hour, up to 20 miles an hour with the throttle, and your range is going to be anywhere from 20 to 50 miles. It's a big range because it depends on the weight of the rider, how many hills you're going up and down, the conditions, and all of those factors play in. Also, how much are you using pedal-assist or throttle or riding it as a regular bike? Those factors play into the range you can get. By just using pedal assist, your range will be farther, if you're just using the throttle, the range is going to be shorter. Another benefit of this bike can ride like a normal bike. So you can use this in any way, shape, or form you want. If you want to ride it like a regular bike, you can take the battery out, and reduce the weight, it rides just as easily as a regular bike. Or if you want to use just the throttle, give yourself a break, that is an option as well.

So let me show you now. Mama Shar is going to show us mounting and dismounting. She has a little bit of a knee condition. She danced a lot yesterday, so it's tight, but she can still mount and dismount very easily.

Mama Shar: And one thing to is the hips.

Dustin: Okay.

Mama Shar: All right? If you're not having to raise your foot, then your hip isn't stretched. So it's kind of like you saved that motion too. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's not just the knee, it's the hip as well. Yeah.

Dustin: So you can see too, she's in a good ergonomic position, and her arms are nice and comfortable. Does that feel comfortable for you?

Mama Shar: It feels great if I could just balance. Yeah.

Dustin: Cool. And then if you just want to get off and show us how easy that is. So really, you can just pull your leg through. There's no swinging-

Mama Shar: Truly, truly. Well-

Dustin: ... there's no raising, there's no nothing?

Mama Shar: It's like this.

Dustin: There you go.

Mama Shar: I mean, if that's... Isn't that like a curb? Is that about the same height?

Dustin: Maybe.

Mama Shar: Maybe a little bit. But so it's like, if you can put your foot up on a curb, then you should be able to put your foot through there. Do you know what I mean?

Dustin: It's a good metaphor. Good example. I like that. Yeah.

Mama Shar: Yeah, I think so.

Dustin: Okay, now Harry, let's go ahead and raise the seat. Now, Harry's going to take us on a little demonstration here. Let's see if that's good. Now again, easy step through. There we go. You can see how the seat is back, he's going to have that forward pedaling position. And now if you want to just take us on a quick ride without the motor, I want you to see, now Harry is just going to use it as a regular bike. Just do a quick lap for us and show us how simple it is to get moving and riding without the electricity kicking in. And this is an aluminum frame too, so it's going to be nice and light. How's that feel?

Harry: Great.

Dustin: Oh, here, let me just grab that microphone real quick. No big deal. All righty. You can just slip that on. All right, now if you want to go ahead and just show them the motor and the assistance, you can take a big lap too. You can go all the way down to the back, to the end and back, and do a little bit of the throttle, do a little bit of the... Whatever.

Harry: Yeah.

Dustin: Now the other thing I'll point out is we have the thumb throttle, which Harry mentioned earlier. He likes that because it's a little safer than a twist throttle, which sometimes people can confuse for the gears on the bike. Now, this has a seven-speed derailleur as well, so you can ride it like a regular bike with the seven speeds, which makes it easier going up hills, you can also hit top speeds faster. There we have it. You can see, now he's just letting it coast using the throttle, and he's got disc brakes as well, which can stop very easily. How'd it gone?

Harry: Great. Nice and smooth.

Dustin: And easy to mount and dismount, right?

Harry: Oh, yes. Oh, yes.

Dustin: Yeah. Cool. And Harry's already ridden this bike a couple of times today, so we know he loves it. But yeah, you can just see how you can almost just slide your butt right off the seat and now you're off. Again, you don't have to lift or raise, like Mama Shar said, you can come back in with us.

So there we have it. This is what we believe to be the best electric bikes for senior riders over 60. If you have any other questions about this model in particular or anything else, comment below or email us, at, or call us, at (310) 982-2877. Also, check out this bike on our website,

If you don't know what e-bike is right for you, take our proprietary body fit quiz on our website, and answer a few questions about your body and your life. Just in a few minutes, we'll recommend the perfect bike or e-bike for you. In addition to that, we have a 30-day test ride your e-bike policy. If you don't love your e-bike in 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket. And lastly, join our community, our Facebook pedals group, and download our app. Great places to connect with our existing riders, and ask them questions. On the app, you can see how many miles people are logging on to their e-bike so you can get comfortable before you purchase. Then once you have your bike or e-bike, it's a great place to make friends, track your rides on the app, and just have a lot of fun, and post photos. So thank you for sticking around and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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