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The Sixthreezero Pedaling App | Everything You Need to Track Your Bike Rides

Let's talk about the sixthreezero pedaling apps. The sixthreezero pedaling app is great if you are looking to build a biking habit, if you want a deeper look at your bike ride, or if you want to be part of an awesome community of sixthreezero pedalers. So let's check it out.

If it's your first time using the app, you'll be prompted to create an account, and then you'll be able to add your profile picture. Then you can add your bike or bikes if you have more than one. We have our entire catalog of pedaling bikes for you to choose from, so you can add your bike. And then, of course, you get to name your bike. The great thing about this is that as you go on and ride more, and especially if you're adding more bikes to your collection, you'll be able to see exactly how many rides you've taken with each bike and how many miles you've covered with each bike.

Once you've created your account, the next time you open the app, it'll take you to the homepage, which gives you a good look at your week so far. So what you'll see on the homepage is how many miles you've biked that week, how many hours you've spent biking, plus a nice little graph that shows you your activity from Monday through Sunday. From there, you can also start a ride or you can move on to the next tab, which is the feed and a leaderboard. The feed is my favorite part of the sixthreezero pedaling apps. It's where everyone posts their rides, shares photos from their rides. It's a fun place to see what other people are up to. We've had some crazy photos. We've seen wildlife, alligators, ducks, deer in people's photos. But it's encouraging to see other people's rides, what they're up to. And anytime you post to the feed, you have the option of sharing your ride statistics or keeping them hidden.

From there, you can swipe over to the leaderboard, where you can take a look at both the standard and electric bike leaderboards. So before each ride, you select your bike, whether it's standard or electric, and then it will add your miles to the appropriate leaderboard. So from here, you can see the weekly, monthly, yearly rankings of all the riders who are logging their rides with the leaderboard. You can also see your progress, whether you've moved up in rank or down in rank, and you can see if the other riders have added their bikes. You can see which bike they've been using to get up there on the leaderboard. And of course, you can also sort the leaderboard by a custom date range if you want to see how much you've biked within a specific date range.

The next tab is the ride tab. So this is where you'll first select your bike. If you haven't added your bike to your account yet, that's fine. You can just select between standard and an electric bike, and then you just hit play to start a ride. The ride view is awesome. First, you'll see a map of your route, so you can see everywhere that you've biked since you started your ride. And then you'll also see a lot of handy statistics like your average speed, elevation info, estimated calories burned, moving time. It's a great way to get some more insight into your bike ride, so you know if you need to push yourself harder or if you just want to compare it to past rides.

From here, once you finish a ride, you can always pause your ride. If you want to finish your ride, you pause and then stop your ride. And then from there, you have the option to share your ride to the feed along with any photos you've snapped along the way, or you can just let it be and it'll be in your achievements tab.

So the achievements tab. Here is where you'll see all of your past rides, and then you can click on each ride to see all of the ride statistics from that ride. And you can swipe over to the achievements tab and see all of the badges you've earned. So we have a lot of fun badges that you can earn. First, just to name a few, we have a fitness model, meaning you've added a profile picture to your account; storyteller once you post a ride to your feed; scenic route if you include a photo on your feed posts; and a lot of more other badges to earn and we have even more coming out. So it's pretty neat.

From the achievements tab, you can also see your ride streaks. So whether that's how many days, weeks, or months you've ridden in a row. And your personal records, meaning your longest distance biked and your longest time logged for one ride. You'll also have different milestones that you've earned, starting at 10 miles and then increasing to 20, 50, 100 miles. So as you earn those, you'll get your milestones lit up in the achievement tab.

That covers the sixthreezero pedaling apps. A lot of cool features, a lot of cool feed posts to check out. So be sure to download it. It's available in both the Apple store and the Google Play store. It's a lot of fun. I want to see you on the leaderboard. So download the app, go log a ride. Don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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