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The SAFEST Electric Bike For Seniors | E-Bike Demo & Fitting

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of Sixthreezero, and today we're going to show you the safest electric bikes for seniors. And we have our senior, over 60 riders with us, so stick around.

So, today we're going to show you the safest electric bikes for seniors. But before we do, hit that subscribe button below. Be the first to know about all the new products, contests, and giveaways we're doing here at Sixthreezero, giveaways for bikes, e-bikes, and accessories. It's a lot of fun. Hit subscribe.

Okay, so today, we're going to show you the safest electric bikes for seniors. Safety has become a big topic with electric bikes because, unfortunately, accidents do happen. But the plus side is there are certain types of bikes that can be set up for safety, more safe than other e-bikes, especially when you get to be over 55, and you're concerned with falling, and you don't want to cause injuries. Well, everyone doesn't want to fall or cause injuries, but as you get older, that can become more and more of a concern.

So, what I have today are the three bikes that we believe to be the safest electric bikes, especially for seniors. And we have our riders behind you that we're going to walk through them getting on and off so we can show you the features and why we believe they are the most safe.

Now, let me just take you left to right. We have our electric tricycle on the far left, and we have our two EVRYjourney models here. All of these models we have featured are step-through frames. We believe a step-through frame is imperative if you're looking for the utmost safety in an electric bike. This is going to make mounting and dismounting very easy. You don't have to do a rear leg swing to get on the bike. You can simply step through, get on and off.

The other benefit of these frame designs is they have something called the forward pedaling design. What this means is the pedals are actually moved forward five inches. Typically, pedals sit directly below the seat. In this case, they're shifted forward five inches.

What this does is the rider can be lower to the ground while still getting ample leg extension when riding. So, you don't have to have the seat up high. You don't have to be on your tippy-toes when stopped. You can be flat to the ground and be safe. So, if you have to stop out of the blue, you can get your feet planted and be very safe and balanced.

Also, if you're concerned with balance and you're just getting going, you could keep one foot out to the side and stay very close to the ground. If you do need to balance or push off, that option is there. So, that feature makes this bikeway more safe than if you have to be up on the balls of your feet to get that proper leg extension.

And the leg extension is still important on electric bikes because, with our electric bikes, there are three features. You can ride it like a regular bike. You can do pedal assist, and you can do throttle. So, if you do plan to ride it like a regular bike or use the pedal assist, you are going to want to have the proper leg extension when riding so you don't cause yourself unnecessary hip or knee pain. And also, you're going to have the most efficiency on the downstroke and the pedal. So, the leg extension on e-bikes is still as important as a regular bike.

In addition to that, the feature that is very important is the brake cutoff feature. So, on all of these electric bikes, the minute you pull the brake, the motor cuts. Now, this might sound like something you don't think is that important because if you stop pedaling, the motor cuts. But sometimes, people can get confused. Riders can get confused. They accidentally hold the throttle down, and they pull the brake. Or they pull the throttle, forget to take the throttle off, and they accidentally run into a curb. It does happen. It happens to the best of us.

So, the benefit, in this case, is no matter what, if you pull that brake, that motor cuts out. This alone is going to prevent a lot of unnecessary accidents and people accelerating when they shouldn't accelerate. So, just know in the back of your head, if you pull the brake, you'll be safe. The motor will stop, and it'll stop running.

So, what I'd like to do is move down the line, and we can have all of our riders. What I just want to show ... Because what I think is one of the most important safety elements to any bike is easy mounting and dismounting. This is going to be important while you're riding, also while you're getting on and off. And also, for any reason, if you ever had to bail off the bike ... Let's say you are out of control, and you had to get off ... you're going to want it to be easy to do that, to step on and off. So, while that might be not something you're thinking about, that should be important. I think from a safety aspect, it's very important.

So, we're just going to have everybody show how easy it is to get on and off the bike. And we'll go one by one. So, Mary, you want to show us first? She's got our tricycle. Now, the other thing I'll say about the trike, why is the trike safe? The trike is the absolute safest because it's fully balanced. You have three wheels. You can't tip over. Although the trike steering is sometimes more challenging to get the hang of, it takes one or two times to ride it, to really understand it. Once you do, because you're on three wheels, you don't even have to worry about balancing. So, it really eliminates another thing you have to think about, which makes it even more safe than the other two options with the step-through.

So, Mary, you've ridden this one already. And how tall are you?


5'3". And how old are you again? 73, right? 72. 72.

Don't push it. Don't push it.

And how safe did you feel? Did you feel safe when you were riding it?

Oh, sure. Sure. If I ever did not feel safe, like when going down a slope, I just put on the brake. Took my thumb off the throttle. That was it.


That was it.



Well, thank you. If you want to hop off, then we'll have Shakira step on. And actually, Mary's-

Mary: I'm going the wrong way.

Yeah, don't forget. You can do the step-through, which makes it easier. But I think, Shakira, did you ride the tricycle?

I did not ride the tricycle.

Okay, that's okay. You can hop on.


Oh, Jack did, right? Or, no. No one else did then.

No, I think Mary was the-

The only one.

Trike rider.

And how tall are you, Shakira?

I am 5'1".

5'1". So, you can see at 5'1", she can easily get on and off as well.



And it's balanced.


So ...

Yeah, so while you're sitting there, you can just kind of hang out.

I don't worry about falling.

Yeah. Cool, you can hop off.

Other way, other way.

Shakira's 58, too? No problem. All right, Phil, come on.

Who me? All right.

Just show us how you get on and off. And how tall are you, Phil?


5'8". And 71?


71, all right. There you go. So, easy on and off. He's got his feet flat on the ground. No problem. All right. You can hop off. I'll just wheel this up a little bit.

And Elizabeth.

Okay. I'm 5'6".

You're 5'6".


And you're 70 ...

73, almost four.

73, almost 74. And that's easy for you to get on and off, right?

Oh, yeah.


All right, Jack, we know this will be no challenge for you, but show us anyways. And you're 6'1".


And let me raise the seat for you, actually, just to show everyone. And I forgot to mention, the other thing that makes these bikes very safe is the four custom adjustment points, the proprietary four custom adjustment points to sixthreezero: the seat height, the seat tilt, the stem height, the handlebar height, and the handlebar tilt. So, there you go for Jack at 6'1", we adjusted the seat up. We've got it dialed into him, and, of course, for his height should be no problem on and off.


Yep, cool. You can hop off.

And lastly, Greg. Greg, how tall are you? 5'-

Not 6'1".

... 9". 5'9"

Yes, 5'9".

Okay, let me lower it a little bit. So, the seat is very easy to adjust at the custom adjustment point.

Are there markings on it?

There are no markings.

You just know.

Yeah, well, so actually, if you have a bike from us, you download our app. You can put in your height or your inseam, and we will tell you how many inches to raise or lower the seat.

Oh, that's great.

And we will also tell you how high to raise or lower your stem. So, that is a feature. Download the app. And there you go, easy on and off.

Super easy.

Yeah. And you are 64, turning 65.


Okay, perfect.

And a basket, I can put my corgi in it.

That's right. You could.

Oh, awesome.

Cool. So, for the sake of time, these are the same frame. This is our EVRYjourney, 500 watts with the rear battery mount. This is the EVRYjourney 250 watt with the internal battery, but the frame and the setup are identical. So, still, the same four custom adjustment points that we can adjust for safety or comfort. In this case, both. They kind of tie hand in hand. So, we'll just show everyone getting on and off this bike.

And let's do Shakira first because she's 5'1". Go ahead and hop on. So, you can see she easily steps on, and her feet are flat on the ground. And we could actually even maybe raise the seat, and she's 5'1".

It's very comfortable.

Cool. All right, you can hop off.

Whoever wants to go next, feel free. Mary.

And Mary, how tall are you?




And easy to get on and off, right?

Yes. I like my feet on the ground too.



Yeah. Cool, thank you.

All right, Phil, 5'8", right?


And we could raise the seat a little bit, or you could leave it there.

Hmm. I don't know. No, I think it's good the way.


I mean, that's the beauty with the forward pedaling, again, is to be lower to the ground. The other thing I'll say about the safety features of this bike is the disc brakes. The disc brakes are going to provide really ample stopping power. So, even if you're hitting speeds of 20, you'll be able to stop very quickly with the disc brakes. It makes them very safe.

All right. Whoever's up? Let me-

You want to raise it?

Yeah, let me raise it up.


Right about there, maybe.


And, Elizabeth, 5'6". Easy to step through.


Easy to sit. Comfortable, right?

Very comfortable.

Cool. All right, you're good. And then, you can easily get off. Bring your foot through. No problems.

All right, Greg.

I'm next.

Want me to raise it a little bit?

Yeah, a little bit.

Okay, go ahead.

Oh, yeah.

So, you can just see how really the mounting and dismounting can be a big deal when you're stopping, especially. So, you just step through. Slide back onto the seat.

It really is nice to be able to stand easily without having to-

Yeah. You feel like you have control over the bike.

Yeah, I like that.



And Jack's our last guy.

Raise the seat.

Raise the seat. Might even be still too a little bit low. Yeah, maybe need to raise it a little more. But easy, obviously, for you to get on and off, and we can raise the seat more. The last thing I'll say about the EVRYjourney, we categorize these in the women's category, but the step-through is gender-neutral. We have a navy color that's a general neutral tone. So, if you're looking for something with the easy on and off, the step-through is a great option. You don't have to go with men or women. A lot of the categorization is for search relevancy, marketing, advertising, but all bikes, in essence, are gender-neutral. It's whatever works best for your body. And again, for the step-through, that's going to be the safest feature.

Cool. Thank you, Jack.

So, that sums it up and what we believe to be the safest e-bikes on the market. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to email us at, or call us at (310) 982-2877. And don't forget, to comment below. We always respond. In addition to that, go to our website,, and take our proprietary body fit quiz. Our proprietary algorithm will ask you a few questions about your body and your life and fits you perfectly to an e-bike.

In addition to that, we have a 30-day test ride on your e-bike policy. If you don't love your e-bike in 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket. And finally, be a part of our community. Download our app. Like I said, in addition to getting the adjustments for your bike, you can also track your rides and enter into our weekly challenges to win bikes, e-bikes, and accessories. It's a ton of fun. You can see how other riders are riding their bikes.

And lastly, join our pedaler's group on Facebook. You can ask questions of the pedalers before you purchase. And after you purchase, you can share photos, make friends, and share your rides. So, thanks for sticking around, and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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