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The NEW sixthreezero Bike Front Handlebar Bag

Hey, guys. Dustin here, CEO of Sixthreezero. Today, I'm going to show you our brand-new front-mount bag, so stick around. It's super cool.

All right, so today, I'm going to show you our brand-new front-mounted bag. It comes in seven colors: cream, burnt orange, burgundy, teal, light blue, navy, black. All with accent colors to match our traditional lineup of colors. But these can work on any bike, mount to any bike, and the color palette's super cool. So don't hesitate if you don't have a Sixthreezero. They can also go on any Sixthreezero model. Come in for a closer look.

So we'll take a look at the teal here. One thing we'll start off by looking at is the cool details on the zipper. The little stitching. You've got the logo here. And then on top of the bag, you've got the Your Journey. Your Experience. These are like canvas material that's water repellent. So I'll show you first. You've got this front zipper pouch here. This is great for money, keys, wallet, a map if people still use those kind of things. So you can put stuff in there. Then you've got your main compartment here on the top, and this is a really large compartment. You can throw whatever you're bringing on your ride there. You could even probably fit an extra pair of shoes in here, sandals, maybe some larger items. Coffee mug, drink something like that.

And the benefit is the easy mounting and dismounting of this. So if you come over and take a look, it's Velcro. Now, the Velcro will be able to hold a good 10, 15 pounds; it's very strong. But it's as simple as un-Velcroing. And there you go. And so if you park your bike outside, you don't want to leave this, because it's obviously susceptible to being stolen. You could just go ahead and very easily Velcro right back on. And there you go. Back in business.

Now, we're contesting with some of the electric bike cords here, but that's not a problem. The Velcro's long enough to allow for that, so these will work on any Sixthreezero bike, electric or non-electric. Great way to bring things, and you can see it really makes the bikes pop and looks great with the colorways.

So that's the new Sixthreezero front-mounted bag. If you have any other questions at all, contact us by email: Or call us: (310) 982-2877. And you can find these on in the accessory section. And if you don't have a bike already, go to our Body Fit quiz. It's going to ask you a few questions about your body and your life, and our proprietary algorithm is going to fit you to the perfect bike for you.

The other cool thing: You can jump on our Customizer. Whether you have a bike or don't, you can add these bags and see what they'd look like on your bike before you purchase. And we have a 365-day return policy on standard bikes, so if you don't love your bike in 365 days, send it back. No questions asked. No money out of your pocket.

Lastly, be a part of our community. We have a Facebook Pedalers group. There are almost 5,000 members in there. You can share stories with other riders, look at photos, ask questions. See how other people are riding and also accessorizing their bikes. Whether or not you have a bike or don't have a bike, it's an awesome community and a great resource.

And download our app: Sixthreezero Pedaling, in iOS or Android. Track your rides. Post your rides to the feeds. Share on social media and comment on photos with other riders. It's an awesome community, a lot of fun to be a part of. And we do weekly, monthly giveaways for the leaderboard and also just other participation games. So we'd love to have you.

Thanks for sticking around and watching the video. Don't forget: It's your journey. Your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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