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The LOWEST Step Thru Electric Bike on the Planet! An Ebike for Seniors & Adults for Easy On & Off

Hey everyone, I'm Dustin. I want to give you a tour of the Sixthreezero Simple Step-Thru e-bike. This e-bike has the lowest step-through of any e-bike on the market, which makes it easy to mount, and dismount, and one of the safer e-bikes I've seen. So come in, we're going to show you a closeup perspective on everything here.

So first and foremost, I want to show you down here. If you notice the frame right here has a swooping-down tube. Normally, this bar right here would be equal to the crank, but it's been designed to go below for an easy step-through. You can see, all I have to do is raise my foot, put it through. And this is only, you see there's the tape measure, that only takes 11 inches. So you only have to raise your foot 11 inches to walk through the entire bike, like a normal step. So that's a huge, huge benefit to making this safe, and like I said, easy to get on and off.

Now, the other thing is the ergonomic riding position. So once you get on, you can see my back is upright, my arms are relaxed. And actually, there are four custom adjustment points, so all riders can find the perfect height of the seat and the handlebars/ let me show you right here. So on the seat. Underneath here, you've got two bolts you can loosen. And that's going to allow you to tilt. And you also have a quick release here that's going to allow you to just disengage that and find the perfect height for you. So those are two simple adjustments.

Then when you come up to the handlebars here, you've got the ability to raise and lower, and also the ability to tilt right here. So basically, find that position that's going to be easiest on your body and get yourself in that ergonomic position so you don't have that pain when riding.

Now, if you want to come over here and get a closeup, here's your display. Well, if you want to come down here first, here's the motor back here. There's not all that much to look at, it's a 500-watt rear hub motor. It's crazy to think everything's contained right in here.

And this is the derailleur, just like you'd find on a normal bicycle. So this is not part of the electric, but you can ride this without the electricity. Or, when you're riding in pedal assist, you have seven gears back here, and those will all be shifted with your twist shifter up here. So you can see right now we're in gear six, and you just twist here to shift your derailleur.

Okay, so now let's move over to electronics. We've got your display right here, which you hold down to power on. And you're going to have everything you need here, which is your pedal assist levels. This is going to show you your speed, the distance traveled, and the life of the battery that you have left. And right here is your thumb throttle. So you're going to push this to engage the motor. If you don't want to pedal at all, you just push this throttle and the bike will go, and how much you push it is how fast this thing will go.

If you want to see other videos of us test-riding this e-bike, you can find them on the YouTube channel. And then right here, when I was saying your pedal assist level, one, two, three, you've got five levels of pedal assist. If you put it into five, that means the motor is going to assist you at the highest level, or you can bring it down to one and get the least amount of assistance. It's really up to you; are you looking for exercise, do you want the bike to do the work? You decide.

All right, disc brakes on the front and the rear. You can see right here, the disc brake is located right here. This is called your rotor. This is your brake. This clamps down on the rotor to stop the bike. Pinpoint stopping, you need that if you're traveling at speeds of 20 miles an hour plus. So the top speed on this is going to be 20 miles an hour for you using the throttle, and 28 miles an hour for using the pedal assist.

And then back here, you have your battery. I don't have the key on me right now, but you can remove this battery easily by pulling it out right here, and slide in a new battery. Or if you park it to run errands or go into an office or your house, you can bring the battery in with you and charge it in your house, so that's convenient. Or if you want to remove it and ride without the battery, that will reduce the weight by eight pounds. So that's great as well.

And then you've got this nice brown seat and grips. Nice oversized seat there, super comfortable, great for long rides. And it has a nice aesthetic too. This is the navy color right here. You can see the sparkles and the look of it. It also comes in a teal and matte black, which is great.

This thing is so easy to ride. Let me just do a quick demonstration. You can see, I mount and put my motor on. And my kickstand is a little bit ... There we go. All right. And now, like I said, if I wanted to use the throttle, I just simply went like this, and I could cruise around.

Got some cones here, I can go in and out of those. Use my brakes, use the throttle. And then if I just want to do pedal assist, I can down trace that, you can maybe hear the motor going a little bit. It's really smooth, easy, and very comfortable. But I think honestly, the number one benefit not only is the electronics, but just how easy you can get off. So come to a stop, power off to be safe, and I just pull my foot through like that.

So there you have it, the Simple Step-Thru e-bike from Sixthreezero. Check it out on the website, If you have any questions, email us, Or call us, at (310) 982-2877. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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