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The Best National Parks For Biking

2017 is nearing its end. With the birth of a new year comes a string of holidays and new goals. If you’ve been seeking fun in nature or a change in scenery, this is a great time to pack your bags and head into the open road for adventure. There are plenty of national park biking trails for you to enjoy alone, or with friends and family, to satisfy a craving for adventure. Consult this national park trail guide whenever you feel the call to ride the best biking trails.

Crater Lake, Oregon

An exclusive beauty, Rim Drive trail, found in the beautiful Crater Lake of Oregon, is only open from May or June to October. The region is known for being blanketed with 44 feet of snow as soon as October, causing park trail closures for many months. When riders do get to bike around the deepest lake in the U.S., they can enjoy a 33-mile ride filled with majestic hills and fun curves. Visitors may also take pleasure in being surrounded by firs and pine trees, a campground, gift stores, and a cafe.

Grand Teton, Wyoming

Extending from the town of Jackson to Antelope Flats Road to the community of Moose and beyond Teton village, along the Jenny Lake Trail, this multi-use pathway in Wyoming allows for an extensive acquaintanceship with Grand Teton Nation Park and its surroundings. The journey is filled with wildlife, museums, towns, and more.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Also located in the handsome state of Wyoming, the geyser Old Faithful offers a few trails within Yellowstone park. Those who wish to ride a bike through Old Faithful’s different basins can use Fountain Freight Road, Sentinel Meadows Trail, Fairy Falls Trail, and the path along Firehole River.

Everglades National Park, Florida

Considered the heart of the Everglades, Shark Valley expands 100 miles, touching the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Okeechobee. Within this stretch, cyclists can enjoy a few paths including Otter Cave Hammock Trail, Tram Road, Shark Valley Trail, and Bobcat Boardwalk. Wildlife and tall grass can be seen along these trips.

Death Valley, California/Nevada

Known as the land of extremes, Death Valley has 785 miles of roads with hundreds available to bikers, such as paths between the visitor center and Harmony Borax Works. One place to consider for the best biking in Death Valley is the Furnace Creek Area. Although there is much land to explore, it is important to note that Death Valley is the hottest, driest, and lowest altitude national park. 

Acadia, Maine

Surrounding communities in Maine, Acadia National Park offers riders visually stimulating scenery with its diverse trails. Cyclists can delight in cruising the 27-mile long Park Loop Road, the unique system of Carriage Roads, and the demanding Summit Road.

There is so much to explore within the United States whether you are a novice bike rider or professional rider. Celebrate the last months of the year by taking yourself and womens trail bikes and mens trail bikes on the next adventure.

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