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The BEST Electric Bikes of 2022 | New E-BIKES

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of Sixthreezero and I'm about to show you the best electric bikes of 2022, stick around.

All right. So I'm going to show you the best electric bikes of 2022. But before I do hit that subscribe button below, be the first to know about all the new content we're putting out here at Sixthreezero and of course, new product releases and contests we're doing for giveaways of bikes, e-bikes, and accessories. So hit subscribe.

All right, so 2022 is here, and behind me, I have the best electric bikes of 2022, and I'm going to walk you through each of them and what is best about each of them for what use case. So there are a lot of different electric bikes on the market. I'm going to show you what I believe to be the best in different categories. One electric bike is not going to be the best electric bike for all electric bikes. It's really about your use case, what you're going to use the electric bike for.

So let me show you, drum roll the best electric bikes for 2022 and I'm going to start here on the end. And this is the around the block cruiser electric bike, and this is the best electric bike, really for city cruising, neighborhood cruising and also if you want comfort cruising. So this around the block comes actually in two motor levels, 500 watts, and 250 watts. And the reason it's so great for around town and simple riding is the ergonomic comfort riding position.

If you don't know beach cruisers, you know that they're known for their comfort, the ergonomic position, and really how much fun they are to ride. These have 2.125" tires. So they've got thicker tires, which is great. Good for balance. Also good for absorption. So if you're looking for something really fun, easy, comfortable, the around the block is great.

Now the other benefit top speed is going to be 20 miles an hour with just throttle or 28 miles an hour pedal assist. So the benefit to all of the Sixthreezero best electric bikes of 2022 is they all can be ridden in three different modes. Mode one is like a standard bicycle, mode two is pedal assist, and mode three is full throttle. So if you so choose to ride these like a normal bike, you can do that or you and pedal assist with whatever level of assistance you choose or do the throttle and let the bike do the work for you. So the other thing with the around the block and this cruiser is the style.

If you're looking for something that's going to pop style, you can see we've got cool fun colors in these two bikes. So it's going to set you apart and you're also going to be comfortable riding it.

So the top speed of 20 with the throttle pedal assists 28 miles an hour. Now let's talk about range. The range is really going to vary greatly depending on rider or weight, terrain conditions. Also how you're using the pedal assist. I'm just going to say this right now for all of these best electric bikes at 2022, the range is going to vary greatly based on the rider weight, conditions, terrain. Any electric bike company that tells you that they can give you a certain exact range, it's not true at all. Depending on the size of hills you're riding. If it's flat ground, not flat ground. And what I believe to be one of the biggest impacts is hands down, rider size. I'm a guy who's 220 pounds. I have friends that are 160. I can see first hand, they're getting more range out of the bike than me, which is normal.

These are not electric cars. The sophistication of the motors and the batteries is not at that level.

But with that said, I can give you some general principles and guidelines for what the range is to be expected for all of these e-Bikes. If you're using the full throttle, your expected ranges are to be somewhere from about 10 to 25 miles. It's a big range, but that's true. If you're using the throttle up major hills and not pedaling at all, you're going to kill the battery very quickly. For the pedal assist, your expected range would be somewhere between 20 to 50 miles. And even in excess of 50 miles, if you're only using pedal-assist two. If you're using pedal assist level five, you're going to drain the battery faster. I personally have done a video only using the throttle and I did a lot of big hills and I was able to get 20 miles of range. I've also ridden 40 miles with pedal assist and still had half a battery left.

So it depends on how you ride it, where you ride it, type of rider, many factors, but those are the general ranges. So around the block cruiser, great for the fun rides, around the block, around the neighborhood, by the beach, of course, if you want something stylish, this is your e-bike right here. Best e-bike in that category for fun by the beach or around the neighborhood.

Now moving on, we have our body ease. The body ease is the best electric bike for 2022 when you're talking about body comfort mixed with exercise. So if you're looking for an e-bike where you could get a little exercise, go a little bit faster, you can see on this one, the wheels are 1.75" so a little bit thinner than the around the block. So you're going to be able to get a little bit more speed, a little bit more zip. And there are also some features here, including the front suspension fork. So it's going to give some give and a suspension C post. So very easy on your body, but you've also got these narrow handlebar straight bar handlebar thinner tires. So if you want to be zippy, go fast, get exercise, the body ease will be easy on your body, but also allow you to get exercise.

Now maybe funny saying like get exercise on an electric bike, but it's definitely true. And I would argue more people are getting out and exercising because of electric bikes. You can use the pedal assistance and dictate how much output you want to do on a ride, right? So if you want to have a little bit of assistance, you can have that. If you don't, don't have it. And the ability to have the assistance allows you to play around with how hard you're working or not working. Kind of like lifting weights at the gym, you can depend on how much weight you want to put on or off and how hard you want to make it. You can do the same thing on an electric bike. And it's really great because it expands the horizon for who can get exercise on a bike.

Now, the other thing I forgot to mention about the around the block and this one is the easy removal, and this is really a highlight of the electric bikes is the easy removal of the battery in the rear. So you can take the battery in with you into stores, into your house, and you can charge it wherever you want to go. If you're are going to lock this up place, and you're nervous about leaving the battery, take it with you so you can charge it in your office and then go down and take your bike home at night. In addition, if you want to ride the bike as a normal bike, go ahead and pop it off. And then you've now decreased the bike weight by eight pounds, which is going to lighten the load and make this really easy to ride as a normal bike. So that's a huge benefit. Sorry, let me go ahead and get this back in.

All right. Easy to click back in and you can lock that with a key right here. So the body ease. The other benefit with the shock and the absorption. It's great for pavement or hard pack trails because the suspension seat post and the shock fork is going to absorb a lot of the bounce and you're not going to feel it in your body. So best electric bike, 2022 for exercise, and also body comfort, a blend there. Best electric bike for by the beach around town and cruising.

Moving over, we have our paving trail. Now this one is similar to the body ease, but the difference is a little bit more streamlined frame. This would be your best electric bike for trail riding, or also more speed, more aggressive riding. Difference between the body ease and this bike is you're going to be a little bit more or of an aggressive riding position. You've got the same thin tires. So you can be very Zippy on this bike and the benefit is if you want to do hardpack trails or pavement, it can do both.

So it's the best electric bike, 2022, if you want to be able to do both of those things. Trails, pavement, and it's a lot of fun you can see also, you've got that same shock in the front.

The beauty of that over trails is it absorbs a lot of the ups and downs, and you have a little bit more of an aerodynamic seat on the paving trail versus the body ease. Again, to just get of it more zip, a little less wind resistance. And it also has a little more streamlined of a frame, whatever your preference is. I also want to mention real quick on this, on the body ease. I forgot to mention the easy step-through frame, which the paving trail also has a step-through frame makes it really easy to ride.

So best electric bike right here for trails and pavement and also if you just want to go fast. Now, moving on to our best electric bike for the city, the ride in the park electric bike. Why is this so great for the city? Well, you can see we've got these thin tires, but also a super comfort riding position. So it's great because you can be comfortable, but super zippy and quick, especially as you're moving around the city. So it's nice because if you're keeping up with traffic or you have to go in and out of lanes, it's great. What I will say though, about this step-through frame is it's really comfortable. You have an ergonomic position, your back is upright. It feels super great to ride in.

Now we have two versions here, the higher top tube, and the step-through, we also classify these as women's and men's, but really they're gender-neutral. This one's going to be even more of an aggressive riding position. So if you really like speed, and to feel like you're in more of a motorcycle-riding position or lean forward position, this one's great. If you'd rather be more in a comfort position, the step-through frame is a better option. So best electric bike for the city right here.

Now moving on to our best, all-purpose electric bike, they do all everything, we call it the EVRYjourney. The name says it all. So the EVRYjourney is a special electric bike because of its ergonomic forward pedaling design. What this means is the pedals are shifted six inches forward from where they typically are on a bike.

And what this allows for is it allows the rider to have their feet flat on the ground when stopped, but still get ample leg extension when riding, because the forward pedaling design gives you the extension by moving the pedals forward, so you don't have to raise your seat up. Why is this a benefit? Safety. The rider can be lower to the ground so when they stop plant their feet, but when they ride, they're still going to get ample leg extension.

So if you are interested in having a bike that you really want to pedal a lot and have it perform like a normal bicycle, this is great because you're going to get great leg extension it's safe and very comfortable. The other benefit of this ergonomic design is the ergonomics. Your back is going to be upright, your arms are going to be relaxed, you're going to have zero tension on your shoulders back, lower back, and even on your knees.

The other thing about this bike is we have the 2.125" tires, which is going to allow purpose riding anywhere. If you want to do hardpack trails, if you want to go around town, it's going to absorb the shock, make it really comfortable, soft, great ride and you can basically take this bike anywhere. The EVRYjourney is our best-selling regular bike and now here it is as an electric bike.

In addition to what I said, you have the easy you to remove the battery in the back, 500 Watts of power. You'll be hard-pressed to find something more comfortable than this. So this is really the do all, anything, everything bike. And also if you want comfort. So I would label our EVRYjourney, bike, the best electric all-purpose bike, also most comfortable electric bike. So best electric bike for comfort, definitely the evryjourney.

And I'll just real quick, come down here. This is also the EVRYjourney. This one is best if you're really looking for a simple electric bike, that looks like a normal bike. So this is your best electric bike. If you're looking for an e-bike disguised as a regular bike. And I say that because the battery is inside the tube. Now, this is a 250-watt motor.

So your top speed's going to be about 18 miles an hour with full throttle and about 24 with pedal assist. But the range is going to be the same that I talked about before. The real big difference between this one and this one is like I said, the battery is on the rear here. Now, the difference is the battery is not easily removable, it is removable, but the benefit of this streamlined clean looking design, it does not look like an e-bike at all. And it rides like a standard bike as well.

So if you're just wanting to get an e-bike, but you still want it to be like a bike. This is the best bike here. Best electric bike here. In addition, this has the same comfort features I just described of that EVRYjourney. So this is a really, really great option. In addition, the 250-watt motor, if you don't think you need 500 watts of power, this is a great feature. Not everybody needs 500 watts of power for their riding.

Okay, now we've moved on to our best commuter electric bike right here. This is the reach your destination. This bike is great.

We have a very aerodynamic streamlined aluminum frame. Our straight bar handlebar, our thinner tires. This thing is zippy and great for long distances because of how thin the tires are. You're going to have very little drag. So if you need to go 20, 30 miles and you want something that's aerodynamic, streamlined, and can get you up to those top speeds easily, this is the bike. In addition, it's very nimble and easy to turn. So it makes it great for commuting if you have to go through streets, cities, turning things of that nature. Also, if you look here, the frame is beautiful, the welds have been sanded, so you don't even notice them. And the top tube connects back into the rear seat stay piece, and it just looks like an absolutely beautiful frame. So best commuter bike of 2022, reach your destination.

Lastly, our best electric tricycle of 2022, the EVRYjourney tricycle. What's so great about this is you get the EVRYjourney feature of comfort with the step-through frame, the ergonomic riding position, which is going to put your body in a completely relaxed position. You have a 250-watt front hub motor. You're going to go top speeds of 15 with throttle and somewhere between 15 to 20 with pedal assist, depending on the size of the rider. And you're going to get about 10 miles, 15 miles of range with the throttle, and 20 to 30 with pedal assist. Again, depending on the load that you have in the back and the rider terrain, all those types of things.

But if you're looking for a tricycle to ride around a community, your town go to the pool, bring things, groceries, this electric trike is the one. And you've got a rear basket here. You can carry loads. We've actually put another rider in here of a hundred plus pounds and we've towed them around. So it's possible.

Just know the more weight in here, the more drag on the battery and the motor. But I want to say 150 pounds of weight can be placed here in this back basket and easily it still operates.

Now, the other thing I want to mention that makes all of these electric bikes, the best electric bikes of 2022 is the four custom adjustment points that come on Sixthreezero electric bike. The motto here at Sixthreezero is designing bikes and e-bikes for maximum comfort for your body. What we've done is every e-bike we've designed comes with these four adjustment points. I'll bring the reach your destination out to here, just to walk you through. The four adjustment points are this. You can tilt the seat. You can raise and lower the seat. You can tilt the handlebars and you can raise and lower the handlebars. And these are simple adjustments. The seat can be raised and lowered with a quick release. The seat can be tilted with a 14-millimeter wrench and an Allen key can loosen here to tilt the handlebars and raise and lower the handlebar. Now, why is this so important? Because we want to get your body in the maximum comfort position. So you have pain when riding your bike or e-bike.

So you can sit here, loosen all these adjustment points and find the perfect seat tilt seat, height handlebar tilt. So your arms can be comfortable. Or if you're looking more for performance, you can adjust for performance. These four custom adjustment points allow you to dial this in how you see fit. And if you're looking to see exactly how you do that, we have another video on our YouTube channel titled adjusting your bike to your body. You can check it out and see that. In addition to that, you can download our app after you make a purchase, put it in your inseam, and we will tell you the adjustments for some of these points. And some of them are basically just adjusted on feel, because that's the best way of doing it, but download the app and you can put it in your inseam and we'll get you started on how to adjust.

So that sums up the best electric bikes of 2022. If you have any questions at all, please comment below or shoot us an email, the, or call us at (310) 982-2877. And don't forget, go to our website and take our proprietary body fit quiz. It's going to ask you a few questions about your body and your life, and based on your answers, our proprietary algorithm will recommend the perfect bike for you. In addition, we have a 90-day test drive for your e-bike policy. If you don't love your e-bike in 90 days, send it back. No questions asked no money out of your pocket. In addition, we warranty every e-bike for 365 days. So after that 90 days, if something happens, we take care of the e-bike. No questions asked.

Lastly, be a part of our community, our Facebook pedlars group, and our app. If you've got questions before purchasing visit the Facebook pedlars group, you can see other riders, how they're riding, ask them questions and get questions answered that you may about any of these electric bikes. In addition, download the app. You can track your rides, see how others are riding, how many miles they're logging, and be a part of the contest we're doing on the leaderboard. You can sometimes log a certain amount of miles per week and be entered to win accessories, bags, bells. It's a lot of fun. Also e-bikes and bikes so we'd love to have you. Now thank you for sticking around and seeing the best electric bikes of 2022. Don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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