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The Best Electric Bikes for Women

Electric bicycles (e-bike) have many of the same benefits as traditional cycling, but because you have a little more push on board, you will travel further and ride for longer. Whatever type of riding you want to do on your e-bike, there is one out there that is right for every woman. Some are actually women's bikes, while others merely provide a wide range of sizes and proper geometry for ladies. Finding the one with the features that fit your life is essential.

What to Look for in an Electric Bike

Electric bikes work for a variety of body types and purposes. It is up to you to determine which characteristics are most important.

If comfort matters most, a step-through frame may be the best option. A middle motor system or a high torque hub motor may be the best if hill climbing is critical during your ride. If cycling long distances is your thing, look for a battery with at least 400 watt-hours of power.

Motor placement is a critical detail. Rear-hub driven means the motor rests on the rear hub, and the battery is in the down tube. Many recent e-bike models employ rear motor technology because it offers the most benefits. They have the same look and feel as traditional bikes and offer more power. In addition, rear bikes tend to be more comfortable to ride.

Mid-drive motors, the motor is in the center of the bike, appear bulkier but place the unit's weight lower down near the bottom bracket. However, mid-drive engines might be inconvenient when climbing hills or riding along the flats. In addition, they require more deliberate gear shifts.

What you want to use the bike for is an important consideration, too. Not every electric bike is the right choice for communing, for example. Some are not a suitable replacement for a traditional bike, either. They may be too heavy to take off-road or not be comfortable for long distances.

Choosing the right electric bike can be tricky. Consider these five options that are some of the best on the market right now.

EVRYjourney New 500W Electric Bicycle — The Best of the Best

The EVRYjourney NEW 500W is the perfect bike for any occasion. Deemed the most comfortable electric women’s bike, this beauty from Sixthreezero comes in multiple colors and has a rear rack that holds the battery.

The cushioned seat and handlebar grips, low step-through frame, and ergonomic design that allows you to sit up straight make this an excellent choice for beginners or nervous riders. This e-bike is easy to handle. The design allows riders to feel comfortable and in control. That ergonomic design is also great for extended rides since it eases the aches and pains that are typically connected with bicycling.

Nudging the thumb throttle is a quick method to get going from a stop, and a speedometer and odometer on the control panel show you how fast, and far you've traveled. The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney has double the horsepower of some lower priced models, thanks to its 500W motor.

It offers:

  • 500 Watt motor that can operate in either pedal aid or full-electric mode.
  • The top speed with pure electric is 20 mph, and with pedal aid, it is 28 mph.
  • So a 500 Watt Hour battery will get you 20 miles on full electricity and 20 to 40 miles on pedal assist mode.
  • 26-inch wheels with 2-inch semi-slick tires provide a good roll and a cushioned, steady ride.
  • Front and rear disc hand brakes provide for quick and effortless stopping.
  • The ultra-comfortable ergonomic frame design keeps you upright and relaxed while riding, reducing pressure on your back, hips, shoulders, and knees.
  • It fits riders ranging in height from 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 4 inches.

You can ride this bike without power, with the power assist, or let the motor do all the work.

The EVRYjourney NEW 500W works as an exercise bike, a daily commuter, or a leisure cruiser. The EVRYjourney NEW 500W's aluminum frame is robust and light, making it perfect for use on all terrains. In addition, the bicycle design allows riders to customize it with attachments as needed for a better fit The Shimano Tourney TY transmission powers the 7-speed choices, offering you even more versatility in use.

Sixthreezero cycling company is on the cutting edge of manufacturing incredibly stylish, basic cruiser bicycles that are comfortable, sturdy, and dependable, all at an affordable price. With Sixthreezero, not only will you get a great-looking bike that will complement your lifestyle perfectly, but you will also get a fun, high-quality product that will last a lifetime.

Comfort Electric Bike

The Comfort Electric Bike is similar to the EVRYjourney but without some of the features that put it on the top of the market. The same company that makes Cannondale and Schwinn cycles makes the Comfort, It is a stylish, well-built cruiser bike that offers:

  • 250W power supply
  • 51-pound weight
  • Front and rear integrated lights
  • Goodyear tires are resistant to punctures.
  • Handlebars and pedals that fold up for easy storage

A low-step frame makes it easy to get on and off, a comfortable seat saves your back on long rides, the cushioned handlebars are easy to grip, and the throttle is simple to use. In addition, you have the option of pedaling as much or as little as you wish.

As with the EVRYjourney, the Comfort sports rear motor technology. Simply select the quantity of electric help you want on the built-in control panel, and shove the thumb throttle button if you need a little more energy to get up an incline.

RadMission 1 Electric Metro Bike

The RadMission 1 is a single-speed, low-cost ride from Rad Power Bikes for a more traditional cyclist. This Class 2 e-bike comes with a pedal and throttle assist that can reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. It comes with a mid-drive motor.

It is available in a classic high-step frame design for riders 5-foot-10 to 6-foot-4, as well as a mid-step frame version with a reduced standover height for riders 5-foot-2 to 6-foot-2.

There is no back rack, and because it is not a cruiser, you will not be sitting as upright.

The RadMission 1 offers:

  • 500W power supply
  • The mid-step weighs 47.5 pounds, and the high-step weighs 48 pounds.

Rad Power Bikes has soared to success by creating comfy, utilitarian, and heavy e-bikes popular with Boomers and older riders. The RadMission 1 is aimed squarely at riders looking for a more fashionable e-bike that at 47.5 pounds is easy to transport into an apartment. Its mid-range price won't break the wallet, either.

Gazelle Ultimate C380

This is Gazelle's first Class 3 e-bike (pedal-assisted up to 28mph) with belt drive, which makes it a consideration for commuting riders. It has the standard urban e-bike features—integrated lights, fenders, and a rear rack. Gazelle is powered by an Enviolo 380 internally geared hub with stepless shifting and a Gates carbon belt drive.

This e-bike offers:

  • 500W motor
  • Weight: 54.6 pounds
  • 28-inch wheels

The Gazelle's first Class 3 e-bike has an integrated battery that is built into the middle of the frame. Instead of a chain, it uses a Gates carbon belt drive. Unfortunately, all those fancy features make this one of the most expensive models on the market, running almost 4x some of the other popular e-bikes.

Premiere Edition Bluejay Electric Bike

The Premiere Edition Bluejay is another of the higher-priced electric bikes on the market today. It comes with Shimano Alfine 8 internal gear hub and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with the lightweight aluminum frame and 350W mid-drive motor.

It also has five pedal-assist levels and a long-lasting 48V battery that boasts up to 75 miles on a single charge. In full assist mode, you only get around 38 miles on the battery. After that, the motor goes to 20 mph.

It offers:

  • 350W motor
  • Weight: Just over 49 pounds
  • Integrated headlight and taillight
  • It comes in two sizes for a perfect fit

This unit includes a kid-friendly rear rack that can store up to 55 pounds and is ideal for transporting a small child's seat or other items. Level selection is simple with a digital control console.

Despite the cool features, this electric bike has some limitations, especially considering the price. So if you want to go fast, carry a lot in your basket, and go off-road, this is not the bike for you.

Ancheer 26″ Electric City Bike

The well-made aluminum frame of the Ancheer 26” electric bike provides a good balance of strength and weight at an affordable price. The front fork, in particular, is a high-strength suspension fork that delivers a comfortable ride.

The Ancheer offers:

  • 250W motor
  • 59 pounds
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Built-in lights

It is outfitted with a 250W high-speed brushless gear with a top speed is only 16mph, which is slower than the majority of the e-bikes. The lithium-ion battery, housed under the rear rack, is also unimpressive. You may travel up to 32 miles on a single charge. You could get a few more minutes out of it with pedal assist mode, but with its top speed, you'll get about 2 hours of riding.

Despite some of the less desirable features, the step-through design, secure front and rear disc brakes, built-in rack, and inexpensive price make this is a low-cost option for exercise and commuting.

Nakto 26″ 6-Speed Electric Bicycle — Honorable Mention

The Nakto 26-inch 250W Cargo is a low-cost Class 2 electric bike that might be ideal for commuting or doing errands. It may not have the most advanced pedal-assist technology or user interface, but the 250W motor can reach 20 mph when using the throttle or pedal assist.

It offers:

  • 250W motor
  • 70 pounds

This cruiser bike comes with a low step-through frame and a comfortable upright seated pedaling position, as well as stable and predictable handling. It also has helpful features like fenders, a headlight, an electronic horn, a bell, a strong rear rack, and a covered basket.

There are some downsides with the Nakto 26-inch 250W Cargo, too, though. For one thing, at 70 pounds, it is a heavy bike. Not a good choice if you have to carry it upstairs. At lower speeds, sharp turns can be a little hairy, too.

It has some nice features like a covered basket, fenders (front and bike), and an electric horn, but they can add to the assembly time. The simple user interface is functional but not very impressive.

If value, comfort and carrying capacity top your list of things you need, this is a good Class 2 e-bike worth considering.

Of all the bikes on the list, only the EVRYjourney NEW 500W really has it all. It can handle any terrain, and it comes with an ergonomic design that allows you to sit up straight.

The 500W reach hub drive motor takes you farther and faster than many electric bikes on the market but is lightweight enough to make it easy to transport. It is also easy to maneuver on sharp inclines and in strong winds. The bike is lower to the ground, allowing riders to remain near the ground while still getting correct leg extension.

Ultimately, choosing the electric bikes that are right for your life is a very personal decision. Look for the one that offers the features you need at a price that fits your budget.





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