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I'm going to show you the best electric bike for transporting kids. You have a seat back here where they can actually sit. And you have a seatbelt. It's set lower in the rear, so it lowers the center of gravity. I can get up to three kids back here, depending on the ages, or two adults. I'm 5'10", and 215 pounds. You can see I fit back here, no problem.

Now, the other beauty is the 750-watt front hub motor. You have three disc brakes, one on every wheel. This thing can stop on a dime. There's no risk of it tipping. They can do it themselves.

It depends on how you use the pedal assist, and how you use the throttle, but you're going to get no less than 20 miles, I would say, in most riding conditions. It's really easy to steer, and it feels like you're driving a normal bike.

In my opinion, the best e-bike to transport your children is our three-wheel electric rickshaw from Sixthreezero.


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