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Hey everyone. I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry, and today I'm going to show you the best electric bike for transporting kids. Stick around.

All right, so today I'm going to show you the best e-bike for transporting kids, but before I do, hit that subscribe button below. Stay in touch with us here at Sixthreezero. Be the first to know about all the contests we do, giveaways we do, and of course, new product releases. So hit subscribe.

All right. I'm seeing a lot of people bringing kids with them on bike rides these days because e-bikes have just made it so much simpler and so much more fun. There are lots of e-bikes with kids on the back. I think it's great. It's taking cars off the road, simplifying transportation, and making it a lot of fun for everyone involved.

Today, right here, I have an electric rickshaw that I believe is the best way to transport your kids on an electric bike, and I want to explain why. Now, as I said, you're seeing a lot of e-bikes where kids are on the back. The thing that is a little bit risky about that is they could fall off. You stop short. You tip over. They're going down with the bike.

The beauty of what I have here on this three-wheel electric bike is you have a seat back here where they can sit, and you have a seatbelt. So you can strap them in, and now they're safe back here. The other thing about going with three wheels, like on this rickshaw setup, you've got 20-inch fat-tire wheels in the back, and a 24-inch fat-tire in the front. It's set lower in the rear, so it lowers the center of gravity, which means more stability, and more balance. And with these 4-inch fat tires, you got more rubber hitting the road. That's going to make this very, very stable.

On our YouTube channel, look for our other e-trike passenger videos, and our rickshaw videos. You're going to see a video of me putting my children on the back here. I can get up to three kids back here, depending on the ages, or two adults. We've got a video where I'm transporting adults as well, and the load capacity's going to be up to 500 pounds. That's really the beautiful thing is how safe this is.

You also have a step-up for them where they can easily get on, and I'm 5'10", 215 pounds. You can see I fit back here, no problem. And the seatbelt can go around two adults, and I can tighten this so I can safely ride back here. And I can take that off. And I've fit on this seat with my wife before as well. And you can see that in the video also.

Now, the other beauty is the 750-watt front-hub motor. It's going to be more than enough power to transport your children, pick them up at school, and do things like this. This is going to get you up to 20 miles an hour by just using the throttle. So that's right. You have a throttle right here, meaning if you just push this thumb throttle down, it's like a gas pedal. It will power everything completely, and that's enough to do up to 500 pounds capacity. And you have pedal assist 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. So if you still want a pedal a little bit, conserve the battery. You can use the pedal assist levels. This is going to be enough to get you up hills, around town, and, of course, I said up to 20 miles an hour, although I don't recommend going that fast if you have little ones on the back and you're picking them up at school, things like that.

Also, for our future rendition, you'll have a basket under here. They can throw backpacks in here. You can throw pool supplies in there. You name it. We'll put those in there. You also have disc breaks, so you have three disc brakes, one on every wheel. This thing can stop on a dime, and again, check out the other videos. You're going to see me going down a major hill with about 400 pounds of weight. I pull the disc brakes. This thing stops on a dime, no problem.

So you've got the pedal assist. You've got the motor, all those things. What I like the most about this for transporting kids, doing those school pickups, going to the pool, and things like that, the children are going to sit easily. The mounting and dismounting of the actual bike they can do on their own. On some of these other ones, you're going to have to put them in while you balance the bike.

There's no balancing of the bike, right? You just step right in. You sit down. There's no risk of it tipping. They can do it themselves. I love this when we go to the pool, and my kids just all hop in here. And my oldest can buckle the seatbelt now, but before, all I had to do was buckle them in, and we were ready to go. It eliminates some of the stress of those other bikes and the frustration. You go into a store. It's like you got to take them out. You got to put them back in. It's kind of like car seats, gets a little monotonous. This is just so much easier, and they can all be here. And the beauty, too, is if you have an older son or daughter, they can strap in the little ones if you trust them to do that.

The other benefit is this huge battery. It's going to be up to 60 miles of range. This is a 21-amp hour, 48-volt battery. Again, it's going to get possibly up to 60 miles, depending on the low, depending on how you use the pedal assist, how you use the throttle. But you're going to get no less than 20 miles, I would say, in most riding conditions.

And the beauty of this, too, is we've also designed this for the rider, so easy step-through frame and also an ergonomic riding position. My back's upright. My arms are relaxed. I'm not straining. The handlebars come to me. It's really easy to steer, and it feels like you're driving a normal bike. You won't even really remember that you have passengers on back here because of how comfortable you are. We wanted something where you weren't in a super-aggressive riding position, and it was easy on the rider's body so they could enjoy it just as much as the passengers do.

And you have four custom adjustment points, raise and lower the seat, tilt the seat, raise and lower handlebars, and tilt handlebars, so you can dial in the setup correctly to your body so you can be as comfortable as possible. We want it to be about the driver as much as about the passengers, right? So that's the beauty here.

So my opinion, the best e-bike to transport your children are three-wheel electric rickshaw from Sixthreezero. If you have any additional questions about this e-bike at all, please comment below or email us, the team, at or call us, at 310-982-2877. You can find this on our website right now,, under our electric tricycles. You can check it out. And don't forget we have a 30-day test ride on your e-bike policy. If you don't love it in 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket.

And if you're in the market for an e-bike at all and you don't know what you like, take our proprietary body fit quiz, and answer a few questions about your body and your life. We'll recommend the perfect e-bike or e-trike for you. And on this particular rickshaw, we're going to warranty it for one year, so we'll take care of anything that goes wrong with it, replace any parts, and make sure you're up and running within one year. You have your 30-day send it back, no questions asked.

In addition to that, before you purchase, join our Facebook Pedalers group and download our app. Great places to connect with existing riders. Ask them questions. See how they like their bikes. Then, after you have your Sixthreezero, track your rides on the app, compete on the leaderboard, and of course, make new friends in the Pedalers group. It's tons of fun.

All right, so thank you for sticking around. And don't forget. It's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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