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The Best Apps For Cyclists

New cycling apps are always coming onto the market. Some are great all around and others just don’t seem to have everything a biker is looking for.

Whether you want to chart your trek or monitor your training, there are some top apps that we think will really make a difference in your riding.

The following are what sixthreezero considers some of the best biking apps:


Strava is one of the most popular biking apps with a handy range of features, most of them GPS focused. This app lets you log a variety of aspects of your ride and then upload them to a Strava profile. The app tracks your ride states including time, speed, and distance. It will remind you where you’ve been, and it summarizes calories burned and elevation at the end of your journey.


You can record any ride on Endomondo, Garmin Connect and then play out on a 3D map with Relive. This app also lets you view your heart rate, speed and power data from a past ride, along with any pictures you took that you may have uploaded to Strava.

Cycle Maps

Plan your route with CycleMaps, an app that uses a host of great and readily available sources to make your bike-riding experience the best possible. Using OpenCycleMaps or CycleStreets with CycleMaps, you can plot the safest and most efficient path from here to there. It’s easy to plug in stops or “via” points along the way.

Map My Ride

Map My Ride is one of the original logs for bike rides. Some pretty fierce competition has challenged this popular app over the years, but it has held its own and has some extremely loyal followers. With Map My Ride, you can record a bunch of important data including distance, elevation, speed and all the details of your route. Map My Ride includes timed courses that let you try to set your fastest time.


A desktop app, MyWindsock works well as a weather planner. See what the sky has in store for you in real-time by uploading a GPX file. Copy and paste a Strava URL into MyWindsock to determine what weather conditions to expect.

We know that there are many types of riders out there with different riding preferences and needs. That’s why we try to keep you updated on a range of different bike apps. What helps some may not do it for others. We get that.

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