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Best Bike Apps For City Biking

It seems like today there’s an app for everything, so it’s not surprising that you’ll find some great mobile tools to help you get the most out of city riding. Whether you want to record ride data, use your phone as a GPS, plan your journey and even avoid potholes while cycling about town, there are applications to make it easy for you.

We can’t say that there’s a definitive best cycling app, since riders want different things out of their excursions and adventures. But, there are several great ones, including a bike mileage tracker, bike-tracking app to record speed and time and so many other fun and helpful resources.

Here are some of the top applications for Android and iPhone that you’ll want to check out:


Strava keeps track of your commutes and jaunts through the city and it records relevant data. The app even posts times over several segments to an online leaderboard. This popular GPS cycling app lets you log elements of your ride and upload them to your Strava profile. It compiles data regarding where you’ve been, how many calories you’ve burned and even elevation ridden, and it tells you if you’ve set any new records.


If you need guidance planning your ride around the city, CycleMaps is there to assist. With this app, you can route the best trip including any stop-offs you want to make. CycleMaps finds the easiest way to get where you want to go, based on your parameters and an array of resources that include CycleStreets and OpenCycle Maps. Whether you’re just going from A to B or you want to take the scenic path somewhere that includes a trip to the coffee shop around, CycleMaps is your app.

Map My Ride

Map My Ride was one of the first ride recording apps and it’s still one of the most loved. Using Map My Ride, you can log your route, time, speed and other details. Get your distance before you leave, track workout metrics, find a new place within the city to ride and view elevation and ascent graphs.

Along with these apps, you can turn to:


Fill That Hole

This lets you report potholes on your ride and the information will be sent directly to public authorities.

Bike Doctor

Step-by-step help for keeping your bike in great riding shape. When you notice a problem with your bike, this app offers detailed instructions for repair.



Need inspiration for a new and thrilling way to get from there to there? Check ViewRanger and see uploaded favorite routes from cyclists in your town, and all over the world.



An app with a fitness focus that prompts you to become a stronger rider by recording your distance, time and speed for each ride.

There are certainly more fantastic apps, but these give new and experienced riders a start when looking for that perfect mobile companion. Need a new bike to go with your new app? sixthreezero has the best city bikes and the best commuter bikes, so check our shop and pick the ride that’ll make your trip through the city an enjoyable one.


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