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Hello everyone. Today, we are going to get E-bikes 101. How does an E-bike work? Stay tuned. Hey everyone, this is Peter with Sixthreezero Bikes and E-bikes. Today, we're going to do a very basic fundamental overview of just how does an E-bike works? This is going to be a very basic level. We're not going to get into a whole lot of detail, but just the basics of how does it work? Okay. So, there are a few main components that turn a regular bike into an E-bike. So, obviously, we start out with a regular bike. It looks like a bike, but here at the top, we have a battery, which is the power source. And then that will go into a controller, which is right here, which helps to tell the battery where to send its power and how to send its power. It's kind of like the computer or the brain. And then there's a motor which powers it just like an electric car.

And then up here, are the controls. There's throttle or there's pedal assist. We'll talk about throttles and pedal assist. That's in another video. It's also pretty easy to understand, but at first, you may not get exactly what's going on. So, the basic function is that the battery here has a bunch of stored energy in the form of lithium-ion cells. And then you can power it on and then you can activate the battery either with the throttle up here on the LCD monitor or with the pedal assist, which activates when you start to pedal. Okay? At that point, energy will be transferred via the controller to the motor, which is a regular motor with a stator and a rotor, copper windings, and it turns once it's back ... once it has the electronification. 

So, that power will turn the wheel and propel you, and so, then the propulsion of the bicycle is a combination of your work, as well as the work of the motor. You can give it ... you can use all assist, which means just all-electric and not uses any of your own energy, or you can get out whatever level of exercise you'd like. Also, a lot of people like to use this, for instance, to get a good workout, but then maybe they have a steep hill to get back home or to get out of their neighborhood. And then that electric assist can help them get back home. So, that's the basic function of an E-bike. 

It's really pretty simple on the basic level. You got the battery providing power, you got the controls that tell the power where to go, and then here's the motor, which will do what you tell it to do, to give you that assist. I truly hope that that was helpful for you. If you liked it, please do like it and hit subscribe. It helps grow our channel. And if you need any help at all, please contact us. You can call us at 310-982-2877 or email us at Remember Sixthreezero is spelled out S-I-X T-H-R-E-E Z-E-R-O, Thanks.


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