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The Absolute Best E Bikes for Seniors! Seniors Looking for an Ebike Must See this Video!

Hey guys. Dustin, your CEO of sixthreezero, and today we're going to show you the best electric bikes for seniors in 2022, and we have our riders behind us. Stick around.

Okay. So, today we're going to show you the best electric bikes for seniors in 2022. But, before we do hit that subscribe button below, stay in touch with us here at sixthreezero, and be the first to know about all the new content we're putting out, new product releases, and of course, the giveaways we do weekly and monthly for bikes, e-bikes, and accessories.

Okay, so today we're going to show you the best electric bikes for seniors in 2022, and we have a great group of riders behind us all over the age of 60, some over the age of 70, close to the age of 60, and we're going to show you what electric bikes are best for them, their body types, and their riding circumstances, so you can get a sense of what electric bike will work best for you. So, stick around and we'll show you our first rider. Okay, so we've got Shakir here, our first rider up. Shakir's 58, actually our youngest rider here today, and we just did a video, another video. You've ridden an e-bike before, right?

Shakir: I have. Yes.

Dustin Gyger: Okay, and then we just rode an e-bike. So, she's familiar with e-bikes to some extent. And you're five foot one?

Shakir: Yes.

Dustin Gyger: How would you use your bike, generally speaking, if you were to use your e-bike, what kind of terrain or where would you go? Any ideas?

Shakir: I like to be kind of adventurous now that I kind of have free time. So, I would like to use my e-bike to do maybe some group travel, that kind of thing. Around my neighborhood, I'd love to use it to go grocery shopping. So, I don't have to drive the car, I can just get on the bike, pick up a few items and-

Dustin Gyger: Cool.

Shakir: ... just come back home.

Dustin Gyger: Cool.

Shakir: Yeah.

Dustin Gyger: All right. So, here's our lineup. We've got some of our more cruiser comforts, like hybrid comfort. Which one do you think speaks to you the most that you would want to try, or do you think is best for you?

Shakir: I think that if I'm going by what will feel good, I think that this one is going to speak best to me.

Dustin Gyger: Okay, cool.

Shakir: Yeah.

Dustin Gyger: I think this is the key with the electric bikes, I'm going to go ahead and spin it around, it's really about your body, your life, and what works best for you, which ties into the body fit quiz we have on our website. You can go and take that and we'll recommend the perfect e-bike for you. So, Shakir chose the EVRYjourney. This is the 250-watt internal e-bike. So, it's 250 watts, it's going to take you 20 miles an hour. You can do pedal assist, throttle, or regular bike, and the benefit of this is really the comfort, the riding position, and then for Shakir as someone 5′1", it's great for riders, five feet and above because this has the forward pedaling design. So, what that means is the pedals are shifted forward about five inches from a normal bike. It means that you can keep the seat lower to the ground, which keeps the rider a little bit safer because they can plant their feet when stopping more easily, and it's also going to keep you in an ergonomic riding position.

So, let's go ahead and flip this around, and then now you know how to operate it, so if you want to go ahead or see if you remember, you've got your power switch here.

Shakir: Okay.

Dustin Gyger: We'll go ahead and... Do you want it to be in level one or level two?

Shakir: Let's do level one.

Dustin Gyger: Okay.

Shakir: But, you know, we talked earlier. Will the seat tilt forward a bit or... Yes or no?

Dustin Gyger: We can do that. Okay, so we've got the proper tool now to adjust the seat for Shakir, which brings up something I want to touch on about all sixthreezero E-bikes and bikes. A unique element to them is we have four custom adjustment points to adjust the bike perfectly to your body. So, these four adjustment points are: stem height, handlebar tilt, seat tilt, and seat height. Now, this is unique in that you can tilt the handlebars, and raise the handlebars. All of these adjustments are going to allow you to get this bike perfectly fitted to your body.

So, let's see here. So, Shakir said she wants this tilted a little bit forward. That's no problem. You just go ahead and loosen these bolts on the seat hardware, and you're going to see here, get a little looser. Let's go ahead and loosen this, and there we go. Now, we've tilted it forward. I think that'll be just about right. Then you want to tighten these all the way down. This is a very important bolt. You want to tighten a little bit on each side till it's fully tightened. Okay, go ahead and sit on that and see what you think.

Shakir: Absolutely perfect. Yes.

Dustin Gyger: Beautiful.

Shakir: Yes.

Dustin Gyger: So, there you go. It doesn't take much effort. This was a 14-millimeter wrench for the seat. The height is a quick release, and then the handlebars are an Allen key. So, if you want to go ahead, kick the kickstand up and take it for a little spin. Now, keep in mind, Shakir's five foot one, she easily fits on that and she's comfortable.

Shakir: Hey, guys.

Dustin Gyger: And she's off.

Shakir: Yeah, it feels real, real good. Really good.

Dustin Gyger: What do you love most about it?

Shakir: I love the way that it is so relaxing to be able to sit here and have everything really comfortable. I can remember riding just last month on a bike that was not this comfortable, and when your body feels comfortable, you're able to enjoy the ride a lot better. So, yeah, it's when you say ergonomically correct, it is ergonomically correct. It feels good.

Dustin Gyger: Awesome. Love to hear that. Cool. Well, that's Shakir and she chose her electric bike. Let's go ahead and see what our next rider chooses. Okay, now we're here with Greg, and Greg, tell us again how old you are.

Greg: I am 64.

Dustin Gyger: 64. Turning 65, right?

Greg: Turning 65 in a few months. We don't count ahead now.

Dustin Gyger: Okay.

Greg: We don't...

Dustin Gyger: I'm with you. Then you're 5'9", right?

Greg: I'm 5'9", yeah.

Dustin Gyger: Okay. Talk to me about just your riding habits, bike riding. Have you ridden a-

Greg: I haven't ridden a bike in about three years probably.

Dustin Gyger: Okay.

Greg: I've got one at home sitting in the garage with flat tires. My problem always is the return trip. I do it for exercise, but getting home, it's just mostly uphill at that point.

Dustin Gyger: Yeah. Yeah.

Greg: After I've ridden for a mile or so, coming back uphill. A little too much work. Not worth it to me.

Dustin Gyger: Cool. Well, e-bikes are right up your alley, I guess.

Greg: Yeah, I think so.

Dustin Gyger: Looking at the bikes and your life and your needs, what bike kind of speaks to you?

Greg: They're all really nice, but I'm all about style, Dustin. I want the blue one.

Dustin Gyger: Okay, cool. So, Greg's choosing our EVRYjourney for men. Now, the same thing. This is our forward pedaling design and ergonomic riding position. It's going to be very, very comfortable, and basically, it's going to put the rider lower to the ground so they can get their feet planted on the ground safely when stopping. But, you're still going to get ample leg extension when riding because instead of raising the seat, you're getting the leg extension with the pedals moved forward.

So, let me go ahead and bring the seat down for you. Get this all set up. You said you're a beach cruiser guy, right?

Greg: Yeah.

Dustin Gyger: You got a beach cruiser at home, so this is going to really kind of fit. So, go ahead and hop on, and see if that's adjusted well for you. How's that feel?

Greg: Yeah, that feels great.

Dustin Gyger: Okay, cool. So, do you remember now how to do it?

Greg: Yeah, it's pretty simple. Oh, there we go. Push that on.

Dustin Gyger: Hold. Push it and hold it.

Greg: Oh, hold it. Hold on.

Dustin Gyger: You see the steer-

Greg: Oh, there you go. Lights up.

Dustin Gyger: Yep, and so now you can choose your pedal assist and-

Greg: Okay.

Dustin Gyger: If you want while you're-

Greg: I think I'm going to try it at once and see how much exercise I actually get with the assist.

Dustin Gyger: I like it.

Greg: Okay, let's get going here.

Dustin Gyger: Cool. Now with our e-bikes too, you've got three modes... While he's riding, I'll explain. You can do full power, full pedal assist, you can do throttle, or you can let it be a regular bike and not pedal at all. As I said before, we have our four custom adjustment points. Same on this bike. So, if you can really dial it into your specific height and your body. Looks like he's trying to play around with the assistance level, which is cool. So, Greg, at 64, turning 65, chose the EVRYjourney. So, what do you love most about this bike?

Greg: You know what? I asked you about this before about changing the speed or the power assist, while you're riding.

Dustin Gyger: Yeah.

Greg: It's super easy. It's like in a really good position to just get your thumb-

Dustin Gyger: Use your thumb?

Greg: ... over there and change it.

Dustin Gyger: Yeah.

Greg: I did that, I took it off the assist, just rode, and then put it back on. It's... Boy, it makes it so nice. It's so simple.

Dustin Gyger: Yeah.

Greg: I mean, there's nothing you can screw up on this, right?

Dustin Gyger: Do you think with this you would tackle those hills you're talking about or you-

Greg: Oh, absolutely.

Dustin Gyger: Yeah.


Absolutely, and I do like the position of the pedals, it just sets me back. So, the [inaudible 00:10:59]-

Dustin Gyger: Yeah, and I can see your back's nice and straight.

Greg: ... The seat's comfortable at that point, and it's great.

Dustin Gyger: Cool.

Greg: It's just so nice.

Dustin Gyger: Glad you like it.

Greg: Very smooth.

Dustin Gyger: Yeah. Well, there you have it. Oh, Greg loves the EVRYjourney, and let's move on to our next rider.

Mary: [inaudible 00:11:15].

Dustin Gyger: Okay, now we're here with Mary. Mary, how old are you?

Mary: 72.

Dustin Gyger: 72. Before this video, we made another video with Mary, and when was the last time you rode a bike?

Mary: I rode a bike about two years ago-

Dustin Gyger: Two years ago.

Mary: ... before I moved to the mountains where the hills and the curves just made it not worth it.

Dustin Gyger:

Got it, and actually, she had ridden a trike earlier, but before today, she had only ridden a trike when she was maybe a child. Yeah, four or five years old. So, what bike do you want to try now again? Do you want to get on the trike again and give that a shot?

Mary: It's a challenge. I like it because I had to figure out what the steering was like, then I did. Okay.

Dustin Gyger: Talk about the steering so they can understand.

Mary: Okay.

Dustin Gyger: Why do you like the trike in particular? What drew you to it? I'm going to bring it just closer to the camera. What drew you to it initially?

Mary: Because I've always envied the people who I saw riding down the street with a trike. I thought, "This is great." Look at the big basket here. I can go shopping, I can put all that stuff there, I don't have to worry about it. If I could just train my dog, I'd just have my dog just sit right there, don't bark and chase cars.

Dustin Gyger: Yeah.

Mary: So, I just always love to have that convenience. The stability is nice.

Dustin Gyger: Yeah.

Mary: Especially if you're worried about stability. I'm not worried about it, but I'd like the design. I just-

Dustin Gyger: Yeah, cool.

Mary: ... love it.

Dustin Gyger: Fair enough.

Mary: Okay.

Dustin Gyger: So, this is our EVRYjourney electric tricycle. 250-watt motor. Top speeds of about 17, and it has a front hub motor, and the same thing, three modes, right? So, you can do pedal assist, full throttle, or just use it like a regular bike, and it also has four custom adjustment points to adjust the bike perfectly to your body. So, all right, Mary, we'll get you all set up. So, the power button's right here.

Mary: Okay.

Dustin Gyger: Then do you want to stay in level one?

Mary: Yeah, let's do that.

Dustin Gyger: Okay.

Mary: Okay, now.

Dustin Gyger: So, go ahead and go for it.

Mary: Here I go. I like this. I figured out the steering. I like it. There I am. I'm going to go past all those people.

Dustin Gyger: Let's see if we can catch her. There she goes.

Mary: I go where it steers. Okay.

Dustin Gyger:

So, on the electric trikes, and trikes in general, you have to lean into the turns a little bit, you have to get familiar with it, and you can see now Mary at 72, she's doing it and she likes it, and it is, it's practical, right? You can bring stuff with you if you want to shop, do things like that. Let's see if she's going to make a turn or go all the way around the building. Oh, here she comes. All right, here comes Mary, you made the full lap. How was it?

Mary: I love it. I love it. Once I got used to the go where the wheel goes, then I'm good.

Dustin Gyger: Yeah.

Mary: Yeah, yeah.

Dustin Gyger: Yeah. So, with the tricycles, you have to make sure you actually steer. The bike can pull, but if you figure out how to get going, it's easy, right? You figured it out.

Mary: Yeah. I love it.

Dustin Gyger: Cool. All right, so there we have it. Mary likes the electric tricycle. Let's move on to our next rider. Okay, I'm here with Jack now. Jack, how old are you?

Jack: 73.

Dustin Gyger: 73. Jack's a very athletic 73, and you actually already have your electric bike, so what kind of riding do you typically do on your bike, your electric bike?

Jack: My electric bike, well, my favorite thing to do is ride the beach trail, because I live right up above the beach. I get on the road and then I catch the beach trail and I can go all the way down to the end of bike [inaudible 00:15:02] down by the state park, and it's so much fun.

Dustin Gyger: How many miles do you usually log per trip?

Jack: I would say probably just 10.

Dustin Gyger: 10?

Jack: Not that far, but that's enough.

Dustin Gyger: Yeah?

Jack: Yeah.

Dustin Gyger: Cool. Okay, and how tall are you?

Jack: 6'1".

Dustin Gyger: 6'1". So, looking at the lineup here, which bike do you think fits your riding habits and your body?

Jack: The blue one catches my eye.

Dustin Gyger: Okay.

Jack: I like that one.

Dustin Gyger: So, he's-

Jack: The dark blue one.

Dustin Gyger: Yeah, so Jack's chose the EVRYjourney also, and what's great about the EVRYjourney is with the forward pedaling, obviously you can get your feet flat, but for taller riders like Jack, it's particularly good too because you get that extra leg extension. So, you can raise the seat plus get the leg extension with the pedals to move forward. I think you had it somewhere.

Jack: Yeah, that's plenty.

Dustin Gyger: So, this is a great option. 10 miles, on each trip. It says 500 watts of power, so it'll get Jack up and down the hills, with no problem. In addition to that, the range will be no problem for 10-mile trips. You probably have half a battery, if not more, left. Depending on how you ride it, if it's pedal-assist or throttle. Yeah, the top speeds are 20, and 28. The other thing is, as I said, you have the four custom adjustment points. We just did the seat. You can also do the seat tilt, the handlebar tilt, or the stem height, so we can dial it into lots of different body types. So, if you want to go ahead and hop on, Jack, and then actually let me make sure is that seat straight?

Jack: It is close enough.

Dustin Gyger: There you go.

Jack: Fine-tuning.

Dustin Gyger: Just go ahead and go for a ride. You put in whatever pedal assist you want if you want to go up to five. You can see how comfortable it is on Jack's body at 6'1" versus our other rider, Greg, who was 5'9". It really is able to be dialed into specific body types. Here he comes. You can see Jack's getting the speed up there, which is great. So, what do you love most about this bike in particular?

Jack: Well, what I like is, first of all, it's very comfortable. I like the handlebars, the way they are. It's just easy to ride. I find it really responsive, so I just hit it, and take off. It's smooth, it's quiet, it's got everything. So, I really just it's just a kick to drive to [inaudible 00:17:44].

Dustin Gyger: At your height and everything, it feels good in terms of how your arms feel, your legs feel, everything.

Jack: Yeah, I could ride this forever. It's really, really comfortable. Really fun.

Dustin Gyger: Cool.

Jack: The ride's good.

Dustin Gyger: There you have it. Jack loves the EVRYjourney 500-watt. Let's check out our next rider. Okay, now we're here with Elizabeth. Elizabeth, how old are you?

Elizabeth: I'm 73. I'll be 74 in April.

Dustin Gyger: Okay, and how tall are you?

Elizabeth: Five foot six.

Dustin Gyger: Five foot six. Okay. Actually, today was the first time ever, Elizabeth rode an e-bike on a prior, actually, video. You can check it out on our YouTube. But, now, so this will be your second time. So, which bike speaks to you in terms of what you would like?

Elizabeth: I think this one over here. That was so exhilarating.

Dustin Gyger: Okay.

Elizabeth: I made so much noise when I was riding it.

Dustin Gyger: Okay, I'll bring it up here-

Elizabeth: Okay.

Dustin Gyger: ... and we'll spin it around. So, again, this is the EVRYjourney internal 250 watts, and for Elizabeth, when she rode the first time, the 250 watts, she felt like was enough power for her, right? You felt like the speed was good.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Very good. Very good.

Dustin Gyger: Okay.

Elizabeth: I enjoyed it.

Dustin Gyger: Okay, so get ahead and hop on then. I want you to step on, and you can see also it's easy for her to step over the frame. So, there's the easy mounting and dismounting, and then how does that feel, comfort-wise, everything?

Elizabeth: Good.

Dustin Gyger: It feels good?

Elizabeth: Good.

Dustin Gyger: Okay. Cool.

Elizabeth: So, are you going to turn it on?

Dustin Gyger: You can go ahead and do it if you want. Hold down that. This is how you turn it on. You push this button in and hold it down.

Elizabeth: Okay, and then that-

Dustin Gyger: Wait till the screen comes on.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Dustin Gyger: There you go. So, now the screen comes on. Up here, you can see your pedal assist, your miles ridden.

Elizabeth: Got it.

Dustin Gyger: Then here are your levels. So, we'll start you in level one. So, just go ahead and go for a ride.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Dustin Gyger: Now all the sixthreezero E-bikes have three options, pedal assist, full throttle, or ride it as a bike.

Elizabeth: Wow.

Dustin Gyger: This is only her second time, and you can see-

Elizabeth: This is so much fun.

Dustin Gyger: ... she's already got it.

Elizabeth: It's so easy.

Dustin Gyger: She's 73.

Elizabeth: I love it though.

Dustin Gyger: She's doing it. No problem.

Elizabeth: [inaudible 00:19:40].

Dustin Gyger: Mounting and dismounting in this bike, the EVRYjourney, again, has forward pedaling. Great for a variety of height ranges, easy on and off, and I also like to mention all the riders today wearing sixthreezero helmets.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Dustin Gyger: So, if you like the colors, check them out.

Elizabeth: I feel like a pro, and this is only my second time.

Dustin Gyger: Also, check out the link below in the description. We'll put a link to all the helmets.

Elizabeth: Oh, wow. All smiles.

Dustin Gyger: So, what do you love most about this bike?

Elizabeth: Now that this is the second time I've done this, it's easy.

Dustin Gyger: Yeah.

Elizabeth: That's it. Easy. Just easy and smooth and allows me to get from point A to point B without feeling breathed and breathless, and it's comfortable. The seat's comfortable too for my rather big butt.

Dustin Gyger: Yeah, and you have a nice ergonomic riding position. Your arms are relaxed.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I don't feel hunched over. I feel comfortable. It's terrific.

Dustin Gyger: Cool.

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Dustin Gyger: That's awesome to hear.

Elizabeth: Very good.

Dustin Gyger: Well, there you go. Elizabeth loves the EVRYjourney 250-watt. Let's move on to our final rider. Okay, now we're here with Phil. Phil, before today, had never ridden an e-bike. In a prior video, he did his first time, so this is going to be his second time Phil, how old are you?

Phil: 71.

Dustin Gyger: 71. You ride your bike fairly frequently, right? Your regular bike?

Phil: Yeah, I ride it two or three times. I have tapered off because of the cold weather.

Dustin Gyger: Got it.

Phil: But, last weekend was great, so it was warm, and now we'll see what happens, I don't know. But, yeah, before then, when it's warm, I usually ride. Yeah.

Dustin Gyger: Got it. Great. Okay, cool. So, looking at the lineup here, which bike speaks to you that you want to try?

Phil: Well, I think I'm going to give this one a try here.

Dustin Gyger: Okay.

Phil: It's similar to my bike. I ride a hybrid.

Dustin Gyger: Got it. How tall are you?

Phil: I'm five foot eight inches.

Dustin Gyger: Five foot eight. Okay, perfect.

Phil: Yeah.

Dustin Gyger: So, this is the Reach Your Destination, and this is a hybrid/commuter.

Phil: Ah-huh.

Dustin Gyger: It's got a little bit more of a commuter-style frame, and you notice the thinner wheels. So, if you really... This is good for speed, and a little bit easier rolling. The EVRYjourneys have a little fatter tire, which is better for balance, and also more bumps if you're going to go over a lot of curbs or bumps or even maybe some hard-pack trails. Having thicker tires is a good option, but this is more meant for the road. So, you're going to find that it's got great maneuverability, easy to handle, and I think you're going to like the sizing. So, go ahead and try that.

Phil: Okay.

Dustin Gyger: All right, Phil, you're off. Give it a shot.

Phil: All right.

Dustin Gyger: So, this is our Reach Your Destination. It's great for speed, and agility. The thin tires are great, and it also has a very ergonomic riding position for a commuter e-bike. 500 watts of power is going to take you 20 miles an hour with just the throttle, and 28 miles an hour with pedal assist. So, if you like to go around town or commute, it's a lot of fun.

Phil: Yeah.

Dustin Gyger: Here he comes. He looks happy.

Phil: Yeah. All right.

Dustin Gyger: What do you think?

Phil: Yeah, it's great. I'm getting the hang of using the pedals and the speed, and see?

Dustin Gyger: Yeah.

Phil: Yeah, using a little bit, and then it kicks in, and then a little bit. So, I guess, I can-

Dustin Gyger: Controlling it?

Phil: ... i can play with it a little bit better. I could see that.

Dustin Gyger: Yeah.

Phil: I much like when I'm on my regular bike, and I had the Shimano gear shift, the seven pieces here, and I'm shifting back and forth. I do that a lot, and I really am having a tough time with the gears. I'm really bad at the gears.

Dustin Gyger: Okay.

Phil: These are good.

Dustin Gyger: Okay, cool.

Phil: I could tell that these are much more efficient and a lot better than what my present bike that I'm using, see?

Dustin Gyger: That's awesome.

Phil: So, that's cool. So, yeah, I could see that.

Dustin Gyger: What'd you think about the riding position?

Phil: Yeah, the riding position's good. Yeah, it's a little more relaxed than the previous bike that I have, so I'm a little more laid back. The handlebar is a little like the motorcycle handlebars that I used to have.

Dustin Gyger: So, yeah, it's a little tighter steering. Yeah.

Phil: So, it's revolving... Yeah, a little tighter. It's a little tighter framework, yeah. So, that's fine for them, what I have in mind for it. Flatland, going distances, saving myself, and I think it also uses... I save on time, so I've found that when I'm on my regular bike and I'm riding across the valley, wow, all of a sudden I'm way on the other side of the valley and I have to head back.

Dustin Gyger: Gotcha.

Phil: I use up a lot of time. With this, I can control the amount of time that I have, so-

Dustin Gyger: Absolutely.

Phil: ... and still have a lot of fun.

Dustin Gyger: Yeah, cool.

Phil: Yeah.

Dustin Gyger: I'm glad you like it.

Phil: Yeah.

Dustin Gyger: So, there you go. Phil chose the 500-watt Reach Your Destination, comparable to his regular hybrid standard bike. So, that's wrapping it up. Let's go bring our other riders back. Okay, so there you have it. We just showed you the best electric bikes for seniors for 2022 as chosen by our actual over 60 senior riders. They chose the bikes that they love and were best for them. If you have any other questions at all, please comment below or reach out to us at or call us at (310) 982-2877, and don't forget, go to our website and take our body fit quiz. Our proprietary algorithm will ask you some questions about your body and your life, and it'll find the perfect e-bike for you.

In addition to that, we have a 90-day test ride with your e-bike policy. If you don't love your bike for any reason, you can send it back, no questions asked, with no money out of your pocket within 90 days. We also have a 365-day full-coverage warranty on all e-bikes. So, any issues, anything, are covered over the first 365 days of ownership. Lastly, be a part of our communities. Download the sixthreezero app and enter our challenges weekly, and the winners or participants have a chance to win bikes, e-bikes, and accessories. Also, be a part of the community, track your ride, and follow the leaderboards. It's a lot of fun.

In addition, join our Pedalers group on Facebook. You can talk to other riders before you purchase, and after your purchase, you can post photos, make friends, and see how others are using their e-bikes. It's a lot of fun. So, thank you for sticking around, and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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