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Step Through Electric Bike | Everything You Must Know About a Step Through Ebike

Hey guys, I'm Dustin. And today I'm going to show you the lowest step-through Ebike on the market. But more importantly, I'm going to tell you everything there is to know about low-step-through bikes. So stick around.

All right, so right here I have the sixthreezero Simple Step Through electric bike. This is a low step-through Ebike. I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about low step-through Ebikes today. I'm going to take you on a ride with me. Now, before we get going, couple of things I want to tell you. This is a 10.5-inch step-over height. This is a very low step-through height. Now pedals really can't get much lower than this on step-through full-size 26-inch bikes or even on smaller bikes. And I want to explain to you why.

Now sometimes if you find something lower than 10-1/2 inches, you may be able to get an inch or so lower. But I want to show you. You can see down here that pedal, you want to make sure at your most extreme turn you have clearance between the pedal and the ground. And you can see here we've actually raised the crank up. Normally the crank would sit at the lowest point with the step over but we've raised it and that's to allow for having the step over lower than the pedals to give you clearance to make turns.

I've seen some other and personally ridden some other Ebikes, 12-inch, 16-inch bikes. They've put the pedals lower but now when you take turns, your pedals are going to scrape, you're going to damage ... It's unsafe. So 10-1/2 inches, in my opinion, is about as low as you can go with having a safe step over height to turn the bike and to be able to get on and off easily. That was my next point about low step-through bikes. As you can find different frames 12-inch, 16-inch, and 20-inch, but the frame size isn't going to mean it has a low step-over height on that Ebike.

What I'm saying, too, is because this is still a 26- inch wheel but because of how we've dipped the frame down, this is going to have a lower step-over height than a 12-inch, than a 16-inch, things like that. Because there are no guarantees. Just because you see a 20-inch step through the bike, make sure you quantify what the actual step over height is. I just don't want people getting a smaller wheel size because they think it's going to be easier to mount and dismount, which is not always going to be the case.

And you can see right here how simply I can just step through and get on this bike. The other benefit of this simple step through Ebike is the ergonomic riding position. That's another thing to consider with a low step-through Ebike. If you're looking at something like a 12-inch, 24-inch, or 26-inch and you think the smaller the wheel size, the better for you, keep in mind if that's a 12-inch, 20-inch, you may have to be leaning forward. You may have to lean forward because now it's a smaller bike, you have to lean down or you have to stretch out.

So there are a lot of factors you need to consider when looking through a low step-through Ebike just not the ability to get on and off. But it's also the riding position, the comfort while you're riding because you need to be in a good body posture while you're riding to avoid having pain during and post-ride. Now let me take you for a ride, too, I'm going to show you. Now in a low step-through Ebike, you should look for performance just like any other Ebike. Doesn't really matter that it's got this low step-through frame.

This is a 500-watt motor. We have a 10.4 amp hour battery on this. You're going to have ranges of 30 to 50 miles, maybe even up to 60 miles in pedal assist. And anywhere from 20 to 40 miles in throttle really depends on the weight of the rider, the terrain, if you're going to go up hills, and things like that. Now, the one thing I just want to say though is if you're looking for a low step-through Ebike, just remember you don't have to compromise your power. You can see we're going up hills right now, it's no problem.

We'll go ahead and go straight here. We'll go down this hill. So low step through Ebikes, the other thing you need to know is, generally speaking, they are going to be safer for most riders. You're going to be able to get on and off much easier. You can see I'm on a downhill right here. I'm going to come to a stop right now. I'm just going to show you, so you can stop and if you need to, you can get your feet down easily and just get off the bike.

The other benefit is if you were in a situation where you were falling, you could just pull your leg out and get away from the bike. So it just makes things a lot safer and a lot easier. So let's continue down. So one of my biggest takeaways for you, is if you're looking for a step through Ebike for adults, just make sure you're not compromising all the other elements of the Ebike just to get the low step through. You want to make sure the brakes are good, the batteries are good, the motor's good, and the power's good.

And you can see, I don't know if you can shoot straight ahead here, you can see the slope of the hill. I'm just applying my brakes, now I let go. You want to make sure you have ample stopping power to be safe down these hills. Okay and I'm going to make a turn right over here. Now I'm going to get off. So covered a few things on the low step through Ebikes. Number one is, to make sure you also get the lowest step through that is good for you if you have trouble mounting and dismounting.

The simple step-through has 10-1/2 inches. It's easy to get on and off. Don't be fooled by step-throughs or by bikes out there that just because they're 12-inch, 24-inch, or 26-inch smaller tires doesn't mean ... It could be a bigger frame but have a lower step-through just like this bike. So it's important. I really want to make sure everyone gets the right Ebike to fit their needs and their body. If you have any other questions at all about the simple step through Ebike from sixthreezero or all low steps through Ebikes, please comment below or shoot us an email, the team at or you can call us, at 310-982-2877.

Also, if you have no idea what Ebike you need, go to our website and take our proprietary body fit quiz. You'll answer a few questions about your body and your life and we'll recommend the perfect Ebike for you. Lastly, we have a 30-day test ride on your Ebike policy. If you don't love your Ebike in 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket.

In addition to that, before you buy, join our Facebook Pedalers group and also download our app to great places to connect with other existing sixthreezero riders. Ask them questions, talk to them about their Ebikes and then after you have your Ebike, be a part of the community, log your rides on the app and make a lot of new friends. It is tons of fun. So I think I covered a lot of ground today. I'm going to get my helmet back on here and take my step through Ebike out for a longer ride. But don't forget, it's your journey, your experience, enjoy the ride.

DISCLAIMER: The 365-day return policy mentioned in the video above is no longer valid. Please refer to for the updated policy.


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