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Sixthreezero's EVRYjourney vs. Electra Townie

Whatever type of cyclist you are, whether it be an experienced rider with miles under your belt or a novice just getting started, your skills are only as good as the bicycle underneath you. That’s why it is so critical to find the perfect bike for you and to shop around. Luckily, we have put together a review of the best comfort bikes the industry offers, including a sixthreezero EVRYjourney review and an Electra Townie review. Read the rest of our sixthreezero bicycle reviews to find out which bike is best for your individual needs.

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney

If you are looking for a fully functional bike that does not compromise good looks or ride comfort, look no further than the EVRYjourney. This bike is the perfect combination of looks, performance and comfort. The innovative step-thru design allows you to easily get on and off your ride while the built-in accessory attachment points help make customizing your ride a breeze.

The Men’s EVRYjourney comes with a sturdy, handsome matte black 19-inch aluminum frame and wide, thoroughly cushioned 26-inch wheels. The foot-forward seat and pedal position enables you to have a comfy, upright riding position that alleviates tension on the back and also allows riders of varying heights to stop easily and put both of their feet on the ground. The unique ergonomic frame geometry keeps you riding tall and not hunched over for your maximum comfort. The 1.95-inch wide tires provide a cushioned, smooth ride for easy rolling over all types of terrain. Whether its rocky trails or urban streets, you’re guaranteed a smooth ride every time. Adding more to the smoothness of the EVRYjourney, the saddle is engineered for serious softness and cradles you in extreme comfort.

Electra Townie

The Electra Townie offers a unique ride due to its patented Flat Foot Technology frame design available in a variety of different speeds. The Townie EQ is fully equipped with fenders, Hub Dynamo powered front and rear lights, and internal cable routing.

The refreshingly simple design holds true to the true beauty of the timeless cruiser style. With an upright seating position that enables you to see what’s in front of you better and plant your feet on the ground whenever you want, you always remain in control.

The Flat Foot Technology on this bike provides you with a relaxed, upright, riding position with proper leg extension so that you can plant your feet firmly on the ground.

Despite its serious comfort, the Electra Townie cannot live up to the sixthreezero EVRYjourney bikes that boast modern day innovation and also allow you to fully personalize your ride. Design your bike to your own liking with our built-in attachment points and unique customization kits.

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