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sixthreezero Relaxed Body vs EVRYjourney Step Over Distance

So, one thing I want to point out or elaborate on a little bit is the stand-over height where the seat is, and also the step over. So, the advantage of the Relaxed Body is, for the step over, you've got a solid six inches of room to step over where the height of that step over is the same, actually, for that whole six inches. When you look at the EVRYjourney of another bike, typically, the bar is sloping upward. So, you only have about half an inch of space to get your foot over the frame at that lowest point. Whereas, on the Relaxed Body, you've got a really wide area to step over. I mean, it makes it super easy to get your leg through there. And on the Relaxed Body, it's 18 inches high off the ground step over. And on the EVRYjourney, it's 19 inches. The other thing on the Relaxed Body is the standover height. The seat is very low. We've got it at the lowest height here. And Pete, you just took the measurement.

What was the stand over?

Yes. So, this is 28 inches on the Relaxed Body.

So, 28 inches at the lowest point on the seat. As an example, the EVRYjourney is about 29 and a half inches. So, you're going to be lower to the ground, easier standover, easier step over. Just going to make the bike much easier to mount and dismount.

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