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Sixthreezero Pedaling App UPDATE | New Features & Sharing

Alana here from Sixthreezero.

I'm happy to announce that we've got some cool new features coming to the app. This is our biggest update yet. We're really excited about it and we hope you will be, too.

First of all, you'll now be able to add your bike and a profile picture to your account. Your profile picture will show up on the leaderboard as well as the feed, which is another new feature. So after each ride, you'll have the option to share your ride either to social media or directly to the in-app feed. On the feed you'll be able to check out other rider's rides, see what they've been up to and like each other's rides.

We recently added elevation statistics, and now we've also got calorie burn. So now with each ride, you'll be able to see your estimated calorie burn for the ride. And lastly, we've added some changes to the leaderboard. You can now see if your leaderboard rank has improved, or if you've got some more biking to do. Additionally, you can see the collective mileage by everyone, which will be great for helping us shoot for new goals as a community.

These features will make the app more interactive, more informational, and hopefully more fun. If you already have the app, be sure to check for the update. It should be live on Thursday. And if you don't have the app yet, make sure to download it. It's sixthreezero pedaling in the Google Play Store and in the App Store. And every week we're giving a prize away to someone on the leaderboard. And this week, all you have to do is log at least 10 miles between Monday and Sunday for your chance to win. We'll be picking one person out random to win a sixthreezero t-shirt. So make sure you download the app and I'll see you on the leaderboard.


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