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sixthreezero Pave n' Trail Women's Hybrid Bike Fitting

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of Sixthreezero. Today, we are going to show you women five feet to six feet being sized fitted, and adjusted to the Pave n’ Trail Sixthreezero women's bike. Going to be some interesting finds, definitely on the shorter side of the women, how they fit or don't fit on this particular bike. So we've brought all these women in, five-foot, five one, five two all the way up to six foot, and we're going to show you how they fit and tell you their inseams and arm lengths so you guys at home can get a sense of, will you fit on the bike or not fit on the bike as well. So, please stay tuned, and let's move on to our five-foot woman and see how she fits.

Before we jump into showing you how we adjust our riders, I wanted to explain how we measure for arm length and inseam. So, let me show you how we do this. So, Sydney, if you could put your arm up and put it nice and straight. Basically from the top of the shoulder, we put the tape measure there and we measure to where the wrist basically connects to your hand, like the end of the wrist. We're going to pop up an image right after this too, which will kind of show you. So in this case, we're going to put it on top of her shoulder measured to the wrist, it's 21 inches.

Now for the inseam, you're going to stick the tape measure right inside your leg to the highest point of where your leg attaches to your body or your hip more or less, or to your body. So if you want to stick the tape measure in there, and then you measure down to the ankle. So she's going to hold that, I'm going to bring it down basically, right to where your ankle pops out and that's 28 inches. So, obviously, it's not an exact science when you're measuring yourself, but being generally speaking within the ballpark will be good enough for measuring for our types of bikes.

Okay. So we're going to show you one thing. So, as I mentioned, there are suspension seat posts. I've just popped a seat off of our Ride in The Park. Now there's the option of doing a different seat post that's non-suspension. Now, that will change the comfort level and the shock absorption a little bit. But, if you love the frame, you love it, that's an option. Now, we'll try swapping in these two seats and now these have pretty heavy-duty springs, but we've got the seat all the way down. So if you can see, try that and see if it works. Okay. So this is great to see. Even at five feet with the seat all the way down on this frame, it's a no-go for Mariah. So five feet Pave n’ Trail's really off-limits. So if you want to hop off. So again, even with the seat change 27 and a half inch inseam, 19-inch arms Pave n’ Trail's, not a good fit for her body type. Let's move up to five foot one.

Okay. I'm here with Alana. Alana's 5'1, 29-inch inseam, and 19-inch arms, we're going to see if she fits. So I have the seat down all the way ready to go for you. So try to hop on, let's see. I'll hold the bike just in case. Okay. So as you can see, Alana at 5'1 is not a fit for the Pave n’ Trail. Remember, on the suspension seat post, we can't put it down any lower than this. So, one thing I'll show you guys is we're going to pull out this seat post and we're going to swap, now it's a different seat, but we're just going to swap because we have the seat post on this seat. You can obviously change the seat post on this one as well. And we're going to drop that in all the way down and we're going to see here. It's going to tighten that up. Okay. Now if you can go ahead and sit on there and see if that's a fit. Okay. So, she's up on the pads of her feet a little higher than I think is ideal. But if you could put your foot on the pedal, she's got good leg bend there. So, are you comfortable in this position?


So if she's comfortable, then I would say at 5'1 with her inseam again, 29 inches and 19-inch arm length, this is a fit for her. If you change out the seat post and go with obviously a non-suspension seat post. Now, for some of you, if that's an element that you like, then that's not an option, probably need to choose a different bike that'll be a better fit. In terms of the handlebars, we can make a simple adjustment here. I don't know if this will be better or worse. We can try to tilt it or twist it in for Alana a little bit more. Move the reflector. Okay. Why want you to grab on there and just see? Does that feel better?


Okay. Just tighten these. So we just twisted them a little closer to her body so you can see her arms are pretty straight, but she's got a little bit of bend, which is great so they're not locked out and she still has a pretty good upright riding position. Now again, in the hybrid bikes, you're going to have a little more aggressive of a riding position, that's what you want. But yeah, it looks like a great fit. So if you want to hop off and we'll take a measurement. Now, on the seat here actually, it can't go all the way down because of the Springs. So, this is about a quarter-inch, I can tell you without having to measure it. We have the seat up to about a quarter-inch so, five foot one non-suspension seat post, quarter-inch up, twist the handlebars in, the bike's a fit for Alana. Let's move up to 5'2.

Okay. We have Medhulika here. She's five foot two, she has a 29-inch inseam and 20-inch arm length. We've got the seat all the way down. So if you can hop on and see how that works for you. Okay. So now, one thing I'll say is she's got some thicker soled shoes on, but she's still very much on her tippy toes. So that's really not a great fit for her especially if you're riding at higher paces or trails or off-road because this Pave n’ Trail, obviously meant for trails or road, I wouldn't recommend that. So if you could hop off though, one thing, as I said in the previous video is, with the suspension seat post, You have to have the seat up about two inches because of the suspension.

Now, I've taken the seat out of the Ride in The Park, just for an example, but you could always switch the seat post and that's going to allow the seat to slide into the bike more. So let me swap these out and we'll see if it fits her. So go ahead and pop that out and just set that right there. Slide in this seat and clamp it down. Okay. Now hop on and see how that works. Okay. So, that's actually not a bad fit. Her feet are pretty comfortable on the ground, she's got pads of her feet. Could you put your foot on the pedal?

Okay. Put your pad of your foot on there. There you go. So that's not a bad leg extension. Actually, I mean, we could maybe move it up a tinge, but I think that's pretty good. The pedal is not all the way at the bottom downstroke either. So I think once it is, it'll be more fully extended. So, again, on the Pave n’ Trail, we at Sixthreezero are designing bikes, primarily for comfort but when you get into this type of bike, it's not just as much about comfort as it is about performance. So, on this type of hybrid, you're going to have a lot more tension on your arms and you're going to be leaning a little bit more forward. But what we like to try to do at Sixthreezero is keep your back as upright as possible.

So, in this case, with this adjustment, I don't think it's possible for her to be totally upright. But you can see... Lean forward just so you get in, there you go. So she's still in a little bit more tense position, but that's great for this kind of bike. Because of this kind of bike you're going to be getting exercise, riding on trails, most likely breaking a sweat. The one thing we could do possibly is we can adjust the handlebars forward. Now, we can turn them forward. Now, with the Pave n’ Trail, it's a fixed headset, meaning it can't go up or down. It's basically just going to stay right there. What we can do, is tilt the handlebars towards the rider. So, we'll loosen these two bolts here and you can tilt them towards you. How's that feel?


So that seems a lot better from a comfort standpoint. Yeah, there we go. And now you can see we've already taken some tension off of her arms and she can really get her back in a much better upright position. Now, you're not going to be in the kind of upright position on the Pave n’ Trail that you were on for the EVRYjourney or the Around The Block or even the Ride in The Park. So different riding position but, with these two bolts, twisting them just towards her body brought them a little closer, took some tension off of her. So, again, we needed to switch seat posts. So, there's no measurement on the stem here and the twisting of the handlebars is really a personal thing, you're going to have to figure it out for yourselves. But why don't you hop off and I'll take the measurement on the seat?

Well, actually on the seat, it's just all the way down. So, for five foot two, if you switch the seat posts, put the seat all the way down, and twist the handlebars into your body, we'll have a good fit. So let's move up to five foot three.

Okay. I'm here with Amanda, she's five foot three, she has an inseam of 30 inches and 22 inches arm length. So, we're getting closer to these bikes fitting however, we did a little fitting prior, and Amanda doesn't work with the suspension seat posts either, but if you go ahead and hop on, let's show everyone. I'll hold the bike just to be safe here. So you can see she's really up on her tippy toes. So we're having the same situation. So, again, we can swap seat posts. So hop off quick and this is a really easy fix. We can customize this for you if you want to reach out, it's also something that can be done by yourself pretty easily. But we'll just use the Ride in The Park seat as an example and I'm going to bring it just a little bit above all the way down. Okay. Hop on there.

So that looks pretty good. And then could you put your foot on the pedal? So the extension looks good to me, fit. Does that feel comfortable for you?

Yeah, much better.

Okay. And then the same thing. So, it looks pretty good. In terms of the handlebars, I might actually tilt them away a little bit. So again, on the Pave n’ Trail, you're going to be leaning just a little bit forward, it's a more aggressive riding position. If that feels okay to you, we can leave it or we can tilt it up just a little bit, but either way, you're not going to have a perfect, upright riding position. What we try to do at Sixthreezero is get you as close to vertical as possible, but on the more aggressive hybrids being forward is going to be pretty much a given in most cases. So, if you like that, we can leave it.

Yeah, that's fine.

Cool. And then I'll show you guys again, it's a fixed piece, so we can't move it up and down, but I'll show you guys the measurement on the seat. So if you want to hop off. So we've got the seat again with a different seat posts at about an inch and a quarter. So this is not using the suspension seat post that is stocked with the bike, you have to use a different seat. Post Amanda at five foot three has the seat up an inch and a quarter. So, let's move up to five foot four and see how it fits her.

Okay. We're here with Stephanie. Stephanie is five foot four and she's got a 31-inch inseam and 18-inch arms. So, she's got one of the shortest arm lengths today, which is okay, but we'll show you how it works out when fitting in sizing the bikes. So if you want to hop on. So Stephanie is going to be our first rider that actually can fit with the normal seat post, which is great. So right now we've got the seat all the way down and based on what I'm seeing, I think I want to raise the seat up just a touch. So if you want to hop off, just bring it up to right about there. Okay. Give that a shot. Actually, let me just... There we go. Let's get that down on the bottom. Okay. Hop on.

Okay. That looks pretty good to me. You're up on your pads maybe a little bit more than you should be. Oh, not too bad. Put your foot on the downstroke on the pedal and then get your pad of the foot on there, the front of your foot. There you go. So it looks pretty good. Again, more aggressive riding position. She's leaning forward just a touch. It's a fixed-piece headset so the handlebars can't go up or down, but I think that looks pretty good. Just a slight forward bend in the back, she's going to be able to ride trails, break a sweat and get some exercise. So, it looks good to me for this bike. So hop off and I will take a measurement. So it's our first rider using the suspension seat post, So we're going to measure from the bottom. We'll measure from up in here, which is where the seat clamp connects to the seat rails, so from there down, we've got the seat post out just under four and a half inches. So, we've got a good fit for Stephanie at 5'4, let's move up to 5'5.

Okay. We've got Jewel. Jewel is five foot five, 30-inch inseam, 19 and a half inch arm length. In some of the other bike videos we've done around sizing, we've had some variance between our 5'3 and our 5'6 riders between the taller riders needing to seat down, so let's see if the case is the same here for Jewel. So, you're perfectly sitting down. So, yeah, her feet are pretty high up. I'm going to bring the seat down actually a little bit. So if you can hop off, let's bring it down all the way. Now, this is as far down as it will go, again with a suspension seat post. That looks a lot better, I'm good with that. You think that's okay?


Okay. And then put your foot on the pedal, let's take a look at your leg. That's a good bend, be great for exercise, things like that, and handlebars actually look really good to me. We could tilt them. I'm going to tilt them just up a little bit. So let's see what that does for you. Now again, we're not looking for a perfectly straight back on the Pave n’ Trail, we're trying to get as close as possible. So that might be a little bit better.

Yeah, it feels a lot better.

Okay, perfect. Yeah, there we go. So you can see, it actually took a little bit of tension off her arms, put her in a little more relaxed position, but still aggressive and able to ride fast. So, I think that's going to be a great fit for you.


So we've got a good fit at Jewel, 5'5. Want to hop off. Again, trial and error on the tilting of the handlebars, things like that. On the seat post, nothing to measure, it's all the way down. Just push it all the way down until it hits the bottom of the suspension seat post. Let's move up to 5'6.

Okay. We've got Jessica now, five foot six, and Jessica's got 30 and a half inch inseam and 19 and a half inch arms. So hop on. Let's take a look, see how we can fit it for you. Okay. So, she's definitely up on the pad of her feet. Actually, it looks good to me now. Can you put your foot on the pedal? Yeah. So her bend is pretty good, she's still got a good bend, which is a good extension. Should be able to create power in the pedals, not bad and she's leaning forward. So the taller we get, there's probably going to be more lean coming down because as the seat's going up, your shoulders are obviously getting away from the handlebars. Now that's okay on a hybrid, an off-roading type bike. You want to be in a little bit more aggressive of positions, you have better control of the bike, you can break a sweat, things like that.

So still fairly upright, not as upright as the other bikes, but I would give us a thumbs up on fit. Do handlebars feel good to you?

Yep. I feel pretty good.

Cool. So there you have it. If you can hop off on the seat. Actually, we left the seat in the same position as our 5'5'' rider, it's all the way down. Handlebars are the same too. Let's move up to 5'7''.

Okay. We've got Liz here and Liz is five foot seven, 32-inch inseam, and 21 and a half inch arms. So if you could hop on, let's see how you fit. Okay, cool. So, it looks really good to me. She's up on the pad of her feet, good leg ascension. You put your foot on the pedal. I mean, we could maybe bring the seat up a smidge, but I think she looks pretty comfortable.

That's the idea.

Yeah. So, we can leave it alone. And again, you guys can always tweak your adjustments as you see fit. In terms of handlebars, it looks pretty good. We'll just try and see. We'll put some tilt in there and you can see if you like it better or worse. If you want to grab on there and then just kind of twist them towards you. Do you like that better, worse?

I think I like this better.

Okay. There we go. So, again, more aggressive riding positions. She still got a little bend in her arm, so they're not fully flexed out, which is great. We don't want them to be like hyperextending. Slightly in, which is exactly what we want. So we've got a perfect fit. In terms of the seat, so we've used about the same height of the seat for our 5'5'', 5'6'', 5'7'' riders, which again has a lot to do with inseam. So, Liz at 5'7'', 32 inches seam 21 and a half inch arms is using the same seat height and essentially the same handlebar tilt as the last two riders. So, let's move up to five eight and see the fit for her.

Okay. We've got McKenzie here. Mackenzie's 5'8''. So, we've got all the adjustments from the 5'7'' woman. Let's see Mackenzie, if you could hop on, let's see what we need to do for you. Okay. So, it looks like we could bring... I'm going to bring the seat up just a very little bit. I want to get your leg just a little bit better extension. So let's see. Barely at all, just a touch. Okay, try that. Cool. So she's up a little bit more on the pad of her feet, which is actually okay. If she prefers, when she's riding, she could bring it down as well. I was just trying to get her a little bit better extension on the downstroke to create more power. If you could put your foot on the pedal, so that looks pretty good. It's not all the way down, but that looks pretty good in that position.

In terms of the handlebars, again, these don't go up or down. We can just kind of let her see what works for her. I'll go ahead and loosen these two bolts and if you want to grab on and kind of just twist it and see what you feel is better or worse for your back and your arms.

Great, here is good.

Okay, cool. So, again, she's got a pretty upright ride, but her arms are a little more flex, still, a slight bend, which is good. We don't want to hyperextend the arms and good leg extension. So, we've got a good fit. So, if you want to hop off, I'll just measure the seat. So she's got it just barely raised above the seat clamps. So she's at about four inches on the seat post up. So, let's go ahead and move up to 5'9'' and see how it fits that rider.

Okay. We're here with Sydney. Sydney's 5'9''. She has a 31-inch inseam and 22-inch arm length. So let's have her hop on and see how her adjustments differ from our woman at 5'8''. Okay, cool. So, obviously, remembering with the suspension seat post, the seat is going to be set higher even in its lowest position. So, it doesn't look too bad. The handlebars, I think we could definitely try to rotate in a little bit, but obviously, on the pavement trail, it's a more aggressive ride. So you can see she's hunched over leaning a little bit, not going to be adjusted for quite the comfort level that the EVRYjourney or the Around The Block or Body Ease are. So, we are going to see a little bit of a lean. And looking at her leg, it's definitely a little too bent. So once you hop off, I'll make some adjustments. Now for the Pave n’ Trail, you definitely don't want to have too much bend in the leg because this bike's definitely geared for a little more aggressive riding. So let's go right about there.

Make sure this clamp is tight. Okay. Should be good. And then little tip to when you're tightening the seat clamp, you want to use the pad of your hand, especially if we're trying to get it really tight it sometimes can be a little bit difficult, so you don't want to use your fingers because it's going to hurt. And if you have a towel or something, it also helps to push that. Okay. So hop on, try that. So that looks a lot better. The leg has got a good bend, almost straight, but not all the way. Pull your foot back just a little bit so you put the ball, yeah, just like that. There we go. So that looks great. In terms of the handlebars, let's try just tilting it into her a little bit. Now again, so fixed piece handlebar. So we can't go up or down. Actually no, I don't like that as much. I think right about there. Not even sure if we adjusted that at all, but maybe we did.

So, I can't really tell you the angles. I would say this is a more personal preference on what feels right for you. Looking at it, hers is pretty much just straight on the handlebar. Feel okay?

Yeah, it feels really good.

Okay, cool. So go ahead and hop off and let's take a measurement on the seat post because again, there's nothing to measure. So from the bottom of the seat clamp down, we're at just under 4' and 3'4'' inches. So again, that's Sydney 5'9'', 31-inch inseam 22-inch charms. We are at four. Actually, I forgot. Let's measure again. Where were we at? We were at four and three-fourths inches. All right. Let's move up to 5'10''.

Okay. We're here with Karlie and Karlie's five foot ten and Karlie has a 35-inch inseam and 23-inch arms. So we left the adjustments actually the same from our five 5'8'' riders. So, let's see Karlie, if you hop on, let's take a look and see the adjustments we need to make. Okay. Definitely need to get the seat up for you. So let's go ahead and hop off. And again, all the seats on all the bikes, we're going to have a little notching on there that are going to indicate how high you can and can't take the seats. So on this one, it's right here. You can't bring the seat any higher than that. I'm going to go, not as high as it can go. Let's go right about here and take a look.

How's that feel for you? Okay?


So she's definitely on the pat of her feet. I like it. If she's comfortable with it, just to get more aggressive and more speed, especially for this type of bike. Now again, she's going to have to lean a little bit more forward to get to the handlebar so you can see she's got her arm, she's going to have a little bit more attention on her arms and our comfort bikes, but that's okay for a hybrid. This is a more aggressive style bike. If you want comfort, I'd recommend EVRYjourney or ATB, but in terms of the handlebars, again, we can't go up or down, but I can do some tilting here and we can see what you think feels better or worse. Probably more up, I would guess like that.

Yeah. That's comfortable.

Okay. Cool. So there we go. So does that feel good for you for your body-type comfort?

Yeah, that feels great.

Cool. So there we go. So if you want to hop off, let's take a look and see. So we still have some leeway in the seat, which is great. It could still come up a little bit. So let's go ahead and measure. I'm measuring from basically the top of the seat clamp on the seat post down and she's got about seven and a half inches raised on the seat post. So, Karlie has some long legs, so that's great. We can still accommodate longer legs and taller women and still get a good fit out of it. So, let's move up to 5'11'' and see the adjustments we need to make.

All right. We're here with Kennedy. Kennedy's five foot 11. She's got a 34-inch inseam and 23-inch arms. We've got the adjustments set up from Karlie at 5'10''. So let's see Kennedy, how that works out for you and what adjustments we need to make. Okay. So, the seat might be just a little high or it might be right on. Kennedy and Karlie have been in some other sizing videos and I think they've always been fairly close in how the seat's been adjusted. Are you comfortable with that foot position?


Okay. So I would leave it there. If you can put your foot on the pedal so you can see the lag. So she's got still a good bend in the leg, that's a great extension. She'll get good power on the downstroke of the pedal. If she wasn't comfortable that high up, we could bring it down just a little bit and it would still be okay. But again, she's leaning just a little bit forward, a little bit more aggressive of a riding position. We'll let her kind of play with the handlebars a little bit here and see if something feels better or worse for her. So if you want to grab on and just kind of twist and see if anything feels better or worse to you.

This was better.

Better. Okay. There we go. So, still got a slight bend in her arm. Obviously, there's more tension on your arms, Pave n’ Trail's gear a little more towards exercise and exertion things. So, I think she looks good. It looks like a good fit. Feels like a fit to you?

Yeah. I like it.

Cool. So if you want to hop off, I'll measure the seat. Let's take a look here. So, from the bottom of the seat, again, it's the same as Karlie was. I've got it at about seven and a half inches up. So, seven and a half inches on the seat post for Kennedy at 5'11''. Let's go to our last rider at six feet.

Okay. We've made it to Isabelle, our tallest rider of the day for the fitting. She's six feet tall, 32.5-inch inseam, 22-inch arms, which is interesting if you watch the last two women at 5'11''and 5'10''. Isabelle actually has a shorter inseam than both of them, but she's taller. So, go ahead and hop on and we'll show you how the fit works for her. And actually, looking at the seat, it might be too high and it does. So, right there alone, we can see how the inseam has affected her in the sizing. So hop off and I'm going to lower it just a little bit for you.

Okay. Hop back on.

Yeah, it's better.

Cool. Yeah, I like that. So she's on the pat of her feet, which is okay. If you can put your foot on the pedal. Still good leg extension, she still got a good bend on the downstroke, but it's not hyperextending, which is great. She's got the lean forward, just a touch is what we want and everything looks great. So on the handlebars, I'll do one last adjustment. I'll let you kind of feel what you like in terms of the tilt. Remember, for this adjustment on here, it's a five-millimeter Allen key. Just two bolts and you can twist and you can pull it anywhere you want, whatever you like.

Yeah, right there.

Right there. Cool. And again, you don't have to stick to this forever. If you ride and you feel pain, you can make any adjustment you want. It's going to take a little while to get used to it. So there you go. Six feet tall, Isabelle, it's a fit. She likes it, it's comfortable. If you want to hop off, I'll just measure the seats so everyone can see what we have at that for you. So from the bottom of the seat post down, we're at just about six and a half inches on the seat for Isabelle at six feet.

Okay. So thanks for watching. We've just gone through every woman, five-foot to six-foot, and showed you how they fit or don't fit. We've had the women five foot 5'1'', 5'2'', and 5'3'' actually not fit great on this model, which is something at home so you guys can watch. If you have any follow-up questions or you like this bike and you want to customize it, please reach out to the team at or give us a call at 310 982 2877. We'd be happy to answer any questions and don't forget, we have a body fit quiz it's on the top part of our website. You can take that quiz and find out what bike is right for you. And also, we have a lifetime warranty and we'll warranty your bike for life. And lastly, we have a test ride your bike policy. So for 365 days, you can test ride your bike. If you don't love it, send it back free of charge, free shipping, both ways, no problem at all. Because our goal at Sixthreezero is to make sure everybody loves their bike.


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