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Sixthreezero Explore Your Range vs. Schwinn Discover

For the urban adventurer or the adrenaline junky who wants to get their heart racing while gravel grinding, hybrid bikes are the perfect mount. Rugged enough to handle off- road terrain yet versatile enough to climb and coast, these bikes were made for folks who crave flexibility. But with so many different hybrid bikes on the market, where do you start your search for your ideal ride? Thankfully, we’ve put together an article about our Schwinn Discover review and sixthreezero Explore Your Range review. Read on to find out which bike is optimal for your needs.

Sixthreezero Explore Your Range Review

If exploring is what you’re looking for, you’ve found the right bikes for your adventurous spirit with our Explore Your Range. This bike was crafted for men and women who want to ride fast and seek the off beaten path, all while looking fashionable. With a sturdy aluminum frame, a 700c wheel set, and a riding distance of up to 15 miles, this bike was meant for the explorer.

Available in teal, navy, cream, or black, this bike boasts a wide 7 speed gear set to help you get to where you need to go. Easily adjust the gears to coast on flat surfaces, climb rocky terrain, or simply cruise down a hill. Add your belongings to the rear rack for added convenience!

The innovative step-thru design and low pedal positioning found on all of our bikes enables you to easily mount and dismount the bike. You can also plant both feet firmly onto the ground while still sitting in the saddle. The upright seated positioning keeps you from cramping up or suffering from saddle soreness on or after your ride allowing you to keep going mile after mile while looking and feeling great.

Fully design your bike to your exact liking with our built-in accessory attachment points. Add a basket or water bottle holder in a snap (literally)! Best of all, all of our bikes come with a lifetime warranty, free shipping, and a year-long test ride.

Schwinn Hybrid Bike Review

The Schwinn Discover comes with a durable aluminum city frame, 700c wheel size, and swept-back upright handlebars and a padded seat for superior comfort. The alloy linear pull brakes are for stopping suddenly while the 21 speeds with a rear derailleur and two Shimano shifts make this bike super flexible and ready to ride wherever you want to go.

The rear rack is an added bonus and allows you to take your possessions along for the ride. Bring groceries, personal items, or bike tools with you wherever you go!

The Schwinn Discover is a pretty amazing bike, but you can’t fully customize it like our Explore Your Range. Discover all of our unique accessories when you explore the accessory portion of our website!

If you’re looking for a men’s Explore Your Range bike or an Explore Your Range bike for women, you’ve come to the right place.

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