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sixthreezero Electric Tricycle Dimensions and Measurements - Etrike Size

Hey, guys. Peter at SixThreeZero here. We're going to talk about how big a fully assembled E-Trike is. What are the dimensions?

So here we go. Peter at SixThreeZero. I'm in charge of customer service, quality, control, and operations. So if anything goes wrong, you know where to look. Okay. So I want you to know how big your e-tricycle is because some people don't understand that it is a fairly large vehicle. It's not as easy to store as a bicycle. It's wider and all of that, of course, but you get a tricycle because you want that stability when you're getting on the bike, not having to worry about the balance issues. So let's go with the basic width. The widest point of it from wheel to wheel here is going to come in at about a little under 30 inches. Okay. So just so you know, that's just enough to get through a regular doorway, which is also usually going to be about 30 inches.

Okay. So we're a little bit less than 30 inches wide here if you're measuring your storage spot for your e-trike before you make your purchase. Also, if we were to put the wheel straight like this, and we're going to put my foot here so it doesn't roll away, and we go from end to end, we're looking at right about 80 inches. Okay. That's the measurement I'm looking at, right about 80 inches, which is a little bit under seven feet. It's pretty long. It's pretty long. So make sure you got the room wherever you're going to store it to fit that bike. Okay. There's one other dimension here, which is height. I'll measure the handlebars too, actually, the width. So the height comes in at a little bit under 46 inches. That's a couple of inches under four feet. Okay. A couple of inches under four feet.

So you may in your garage have shelves that are hanging up or whatever, and you might want to scoot this under. Make sure that you've got it from the floor to the bottom of your shelving. I would say that you have four feet there. Okay. Another question we get often is, "How wide are the handlebars?" These are standard cruiser handlebars. From end to end here, they're about 29 inches. This is a really popular style of cruiser handlebar. Some people feel like when they're used to other types of riding, that it's a little bit big, but you'll get used to it as you ride. Most people love this style. It's just a very relaxed way to ride a bicycle. So anyway, there are your dimensions. Please make sure that you know where you're going to store it and whether this e-tricycle is going to fit in that space. All right. Thanks, guys. Take care.

DISCLAIMER: The 365-day return policy mentioned in the video above is no longer valid. Please refer to for the updated policy.


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