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sixthreezero Electric Bike Rickshaw Dimensions | Ebike for two Adults

Hey, guys. Dustin here, CEO of Sixthreezero. Today, I'm with our Electric Bike Rickshaw. I'm going to take some measurements here. We've had a lot of questions about different measurements, the width, the height, and things like that. So just wanted to shoot a quick video and give everyone at home as many measurements as I can. And if I leave any out, please don't hesitate to email us, at, or you can always call us. So let me get started with one of the first ones that a few people have asked, which is the width of the bench seat right here. And the cushion itself is about 20, is about... It's 27 inches almost on the nose. And then if you're measuring the width here of the armrest bars, that is 28 and a quarter inches wide.

And then actually, right here, the depth of the seat is another one. So the depth of the seat from the front to the back is 13 and a quarter inches. And then coming here to the height, the back of the seat, that is going to be 15 and three-quarter inches. And then the overall length of the bike from the rear tires to the front is 70. Let's go ahead and see here. It is going to be to the very tip of this front tire, you are looking at 80. I'm trying to give as accurately as possible here. 81 inches. So 81 inches long. And then your step-over height, it's going to be 18 and a quarter inches for the step-over height. One thing I do want to mention about the step-over height on this bike. On tricycles, the step-over height is in a way irrelevant because you can just step onto the pedal. And then from there, you can mount the bike.

So really, one thing we can measure here is the pedal in the lowest position, which is going to be four inches. So really, four inches to just get your foot on there, and then you can easily mount and dismount the tricycle. Okay. Now here, let me just pull this out a little bit. So we can get a little bit more accurate measurements on one of these. All right. Easily maneuverable. Okay. Hopefully, that'll stay. Okay. Now, let's go ahead and measure. This is the step-on platform to mount and dismount or to put your feet on. So that is 16 inches off the ground. So for any adults or children that are going to be getting on and off the bike, it would be 16 inches to get up onto this and stop there. And then the height of the actual bench off the ground is 28 and three-quarter inches from the bench to the ground.

And then let me give you some measurements here. So from the back of the seat to the bench seat is 10 and a half inches. From the back of the seat to the back of the bench seat is 22 and a half inches. And then if you want to measure from the actual handlebars to the back here, that's 57 and a half inches. And then measuring from the handlebars to the back of the seat is 33 inches. Well, if you're just curious, the width of the handlebars, those are 27 inches. And one more I will do for the last one here, just flip this around, and we'll go ahead and measure the rear width. And I've made some other videos showing how this does fit in bike lanes for bikes and also on sidewalks. So that won't be an issue at all. But the width from the tire to tire is 31 and a half inches wide. So those are all the measurements on the Electric Bike Rickshaw. If you have any other questions at all, please email us, at, and we're happy to help you.


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