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Should You Buy Electric Bikes from Amazon? | E Bikes at Amazon Everything You Need to Know

Hey, everyone, I'm Dustin. I have just about 20 years of experience in the e-bike and bicycle industry, and today I'm going to talk to you about electric bikes on Amazon. Stick around. All right, so today I'm going to talk to you about electric bikes on Amazon, what you need to know and how to purchase them. But before I do, hit Subscribe below. Stay in touch with us here at sixthreezero. Be the first to know about all the new content we're doing, giveaways, and new products. You want to be in touch with us, so hit Subscribe. All right, electric bikes are on Amazon. Amazon's obviously a huge marketplace. Everyone's buying everything on there, e-bikes included. We at sixthreezero actually sell our electric bikes there, so you can find all these e-bikes back here on Amazon. We also sell directly to the consumer on our website.

But electric bikes on Amazon, what do you need to know? What do you need to know before purchasing? So e-bikes, right now, are being sold on many direct-to-consumer websites, in stores, and also on Amazon. Amazon doesn't have the full selection of all the e-bikes that exist, and a lot of the best-selling e-bike companies are not sold on Amazon 'cause in this day and age, now, people are buying online from their website, buying on Amazon, and of course, buying in store. Now, a lot of the bike brands on Amazon, e-bike brands, in particular, are brands that are coming straight from the factories. So there are several brands on there, as an example, that is literally the factory, most of them overseas in China, some may be in Taiwan. They're sending inventory to warehouses here and selling directly on Amazon. This has become popular with a lot of products. You see it in laptops. Asus was a company that started that way, and now they've built a brand in the US. I can't speak to if that's good or bad.

I think you'll just see a lot of brands that don't have tremendous presence in the US because they're just bringing in the inventory and selling on Amazon. But in some cases, you're going to find those products for less money than you were for brands that have more of a customer service team here, things like we offer at sixthreezero. We have a home base. We have customer service. We have other elements of the brand that we supply to the customer that may or may not be available with a lot of the brands, the electric bikes on Amazon. The other thing you're going to see is... You want to look at the sellers. Some are shipped and sold by Amazon. Some are shipped and sold by the company, itself. It's hard to say whether that's good or bad. We are a provider to Amazon who sells to the customer.

If it's shipped and sold by the brand, itself, your returns and the warranties and all of that will be directly related to that company. Now, if it says shipped and sold from Amazon... Now, there are two different things. It could be fulfilled by Amazon or sold by Amazon. You'll have to look at the fine print and see if it's fulfilled by Amazon or shipped or sold by Amazon because if it's shipped by Amazon, you're going to get the protection of Amazon because Amazon's actually acting as the retailer. If it's fulfilled by Amazon but sold by another customer, again, the return policy, and the warranties are all going to be that of that company. And so my only suggestion is to Google them off the site, and check out their website. Make sure there's a phone number. You can contact them. You can email them. You just want to make sure you can be in touch with them. You can get parts from them. When you're talking about 1,000, or $2,000 products, you just want to make sure there's a company to support you.

Now, I will say there's a good selection of e-bikes on Amazon in the less expensive price range, from 500 to $1,500. Our bikes fall a little bit on the higher end than that. We're about 1,000 to $1,500. There are going to be even less expensive e-bikes on there. But it's important to just make sure you match your needs up with the price you're paying. What battery size do you need? Because, again, e-bikes are going to be meant to last, or you're going to want them to last for several years. You're not going to just want to have it for one year. So spending 3, $400 may not be the answer if you're going to have to replace that battery in a year or if the company's not around to help support you with any issue you may have.

So again, the price points should be matched up to your use case. It may or may not be worth it to you to spend $300. If you're only going to ride that e-bike once every month, then definitely spend less money. But if you're going to put more wear and tear on it, you're going to want something that's going to last over time. So just make sure you do your research. Amazon's a great place to find e-bikes because you can see so many manufacturers in one place. Obviously, it can become overwhelming, so just make sure you read through the specs, you read through the fine print. And if you can't find something about that brand or that product on Amazon, just go ahead and Google it. Make sure they have a website to support it. With sixthreezero, in particular, we have way more information about our products on our website than we can find on Amazon just because of the Amazon platform. It's a little more restrictive in how much information we can put forth.

But generally speaking, I think Amazon is a great place to buy an electric bike. Again, if you're buying from Amazon, they have great warranties, and great protection for the customer, and of course, you're going to get it fast. But if that's another thing you're concerned about, is speed, just make sure you check the shipping speed of the seller because if it's not sold by Amazon or it's not Prime eligible, you may not be getting it in one or two days. Sometimes it can take a week or more. It just depends on the brand and what shipping speed they're capable of. So I'm a firm believer in buying everything on Amazon. I think you can buy electric bikes on Amazon as well. And if you have any other questions about e-bikes on Amazon or anything else, please comment below or email us, at, or call us, at (310) 982-2877.

And also, you can find all sixthreezero bikes on Amazon right now, or you can visit our website and take our proprietary body fit quiz, which only takes a few minutes. Answer a few questions about your body and your life, and we'll recommend the perfect e-bike for you. In addition to that, join our Facebook Pedalers group and download our app in advance of purchasing. It's a great place to talk to other riders, see how they're using their e-bike, ask them questions, and hear real-life reviews and testimonials from our actual riders. Then after you have your bike, track your rides on our app. Compete on the leaderboard for giveaways. It's a ton of fun. And also, make new friends in the Pedalers group and post photos. We'd love to have you. All right, thank you for sticking around. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.

DISCLAIMER: The 365-day return policy mentioned in the video above is no longer valid. Please refer to for the updated policy.


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