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Seniors Over 60 Ride Electric Tricycles For the First Time

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of Sixthreezero. And today we are going to have our first-time riders on an electric tricycle. They've never ridden it before. Over the age of 60, they're going ride an electric trike for the first time. We're going to teach them, so stick around.

Okay. So today we are going to witness our first-time electric tricycle riders. Everyone is over the age of 60, including Paul, who's actually 70, but he's a rock star on a bike. We actually just took him through some electric bikes. It was his first time riding them, but he's never been on an electric tricycle before. In fact, Paul, have you ever ridden a tricycle?

It's been 68 years ago.

Okay. I'll be honest, before I had a bicycle company, I'm not sure I rode a tricycle, so it's-

I did.

Okay. You did?


Okay, cool.

With a red wagon too.

Okay. So Paul's first bike ever was a red tricycle, probably Schwinn or something back then, who knows? Okay. So we have our EVRYjourney electric trike, which is great if you have balance issues or you're just not comfortable on two wheels anymore. It's a great mode of transportation.

This has a 250-watt front motor. It's going to allow you to hit top speeds of about 16, depending on the rider's size and weight. You can do pedal-assist or full throttle. And the range on this is going to be anywhere from about 10 to 20 miles if you just use the throttle, and about 15 to 35 miles if you're doing pedal assist.

Now, the beauty is you can also ride this like a normal bike. And so, I want you to try that first. We're going to show people at home that it's just as easy to ride this with or without the motor. And this is actually in gear six. So before Paul jumps on, I'm going to get this into a little lower gear, so it's easier for him to start out.

Okay, go ahead, Paul, and just hop on. You can see also on the electric trike has an easy step-through, looks like the seat-

Whoa, whoa.

You're off and running already. Hold on. Let's bring it back.

Can you lower it?

Okay. Is that seat a little too high?

For me, it is.

Okay. Yeah. So let's go ahead and drop that down. Now, try that. Can you sit on that okay? Yeah, there go.


Now, obviously with the-

Oh, yeah.

Yeah. Now with the three wheels, balance isn't really an issue. So you can be a little bit higher up. No big deal. Now, the handlebars too. I think we could bring those tilts down just a little bit for you.

So, where do you like them? Right about there?

Perfect. Yes.

I'm going to lower this. Just touch for you,

Boy. That's done so-

How about that?

... efficient. Yes.

Yeah. Perfect. Yeah. That's the beauty of our bikes. Easily adjustable, custom fit to your body.

Everybody get a tool?

They do come with a tool. Yeah.

Oh, perfect.

All right. So, same setup as our other e-bikes. A little bit different display. Now, you have your throttle. Same thing, zero. So, tricycles are definitely a different field than regular bikes. Try to stay away from the slope here. When you come into the turns, lean slightly into the turn. You have to keep the handlebar a little bit more straight. Because with the two wheels tricycles, you have to steer a little bit more. Just takes a little getting used to, nothing crazy. But why don't you just make a loop and stick to the parking lot and come back and just use it as a normal bike. But again, stay away from that downslope.

Oh yeah. I got ... Yeah. You can feel-

Don't forget your brakes too, on your hands. There you go.

You can feel what you're talking about, but it's easy to adjust for it.

Yeah. So it's definitely a different feel.

What a neat ride though. Yeah.

Okay. So now same thing. I'm just going to go ahead and put you ... You want to do level two?

Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah. Let's do level two.


And there are five levels?

Five levels. Yep.


So this is just pedal assist. So you can go ahead and pedal. But you got a little close to this downslope here. Try to stay a more-

Stay away from it?

... left of that.

Okay. (silence) You can get used to that. Yeah.

You got to get used to kind of using the motor too. So now if you want ... That's just a little bit of grease. That'll be no problem. So you can now try the throttle too, and just [crosstalk 00:05:10]-

Throttle only. Okay.

Now, the throttle on the tricycle is actually controlled by this level. So with the throttle here at two, you're only going to get level two.


So we can leave it there and give it a shot. And if you ... Well, yeah. Stick to this area here.

Yeah. Okay. (silence) Oh yeah. You can get the handle of it with no sweat. I [crosstalk 00:05:48]-

If you want, feel free, make another loop around too.

Absolutely. I'll go to Los Angeles now. Going to be back. Okay. (silence)

It's innate how to lean.

What's that?

It's a natural result of the leaning.

Oh, to lean into the turn?

Yeah. There's nothing to be ... It just happens when you ride the bike. How neat is that?

And it's kind of fun, right? Because you don't have to worry about balancing or falling off?

That's right. Or sitting up straight.

Yeah. So easy to get used to. Right? I mean, easy to jump on, to shift and-

Let me give it one more spin.

Okay. Go for it.

Okay. Can you turn it up just a little bit?

Okay. You want to try level three?


All right. Go for it.

I am on my way.

You know what? Actually, Paul, if you want, take a right, right here.

Thank you.

And then go straight down here. It's a flatter surface. Yeah. Try that. Well, the good news is he likes it. Bad news is he is not coming back.

Well, I'll confess, I raised it to level five.

Did you? On the straightaway?


And you liked it?

Oh yeah. I mean, I did. You see how it's going? Yeah.

And did you happen to see the miles per hour?

No, I didn't notice that.

Oh, okay.

I was paying attention to where I was going.

Yeah. Yeah. Well, you couldn't. Yeah. Next time you can look and see how fast you-

I was going pretty quick, going down there.


Yeah. But safe, nonetheless.

All right. Well, there you have it. Paul got the hang of this in no-

I sure did.

... no time at all. He loved it. You can see how easy it is to ride. Let's move on to our other rider, Cathy, and see how she likes it.

Okay. Now we've got Cathy. So Cathy, have you ever ridden a regular tricycle?



That was in-

Long time ago.

Long time ago.

As an adult though, kind of tricycle-

As an the adult. My father had a tricycle. And I found it very difficult, so I ... Yeah.

Interesting. Okay. Well, we're going to witness, however, it is for you today again. Now this one obviously has a motor. Cathy's 62. So there's her tricycle experience. So if you want to go ahead and hop on. Now, don't worry about your feet, don't necessarily have to be-

On the ground?

... on the ground because you've got the wheels.

You got it.

We're more concerned with how your pedal, your distance is when you're on the seat. There you go. Exactly.


So there you go. Yeah. And I think what we want to do is maybe raise the handlebars up a little bit for you. Okay. Is that better?

That's good.

Yeah. Oh, actually I got to lower it just a little, and then we'll tilt them up for you. Okay. Okay. And then do you want me to tilt them up a little bit, maybe too?

Yeah. That'd be good.

Is that better?

That's a little better.

Okay, perfect.

Yeah. So I can sit up. All right.

Okay. Perfect. So hopefully, this trike experience will be better than your last. Now, the features are the same in terms of, you've got your pedal assist levels right here. And we'll go ahead and put that in zero.


And this one, the difference is, is that these numbers do dictate how much power output on the throttle. So on the last one, it didn't dictate the actual power. It just indicated if the throttle would work or not work, basically. So same thing. Let's leave it in level zero. Why don't you take a little loop here? Now, like I said to Paul, stay away from the downslope here of where the-


... the parking spots are and just make a big loop and stay in the flat area.

And don't trust-

Don't touch that at all for the sake of this ride. Yeah.

Okay. Oh, yeah. Here we go. All right. So far, just feels a little different than certainly riding a two-wheeler, but good. Okay.

Oh, you got your brakes by your hand too. There you go. You can use the right one also.


Yeah. So on the tricycles, you really want to lean a little bit into the turns.

Okay. That's probably why I had a hard time.

Yeah. So just a little bit. I mean, and then on tricycles, don't accelerate into turns, accelerate out of the turns. So when you come into the turn, let off the pedaling. Then once you make the turn and you're coming out, that's when you can start pedaling again and accelerate. It's just important because you have these two wheels back here. You need to make sure you keep the weight distribution okay. So we'll go ahead and put you into level one. And why don't you just go ahead and do the same loop around and see how you feel. Then we'll wait to figure out what this car's doing right here.

Okay. All right.

And actually, stop real quick. I actually think we should lower these. I'm looking at your wrists and they're a little kinked.


I think it would be more comfortable to have them there.


Then your arm is a little straighter. Just a little easier on your wrist. There you go.

All right, let's give it a whirl.

Go ahead. (silence)

All right, here we go.

What do you think?

I love it. I love that I didn't have to pedal at all on the way back.

You just got the motor going, then you kind of coast?

Yeah, because it does take power to pedal these.

Yeah. Well, why don't you do one more lap, and we'll go ahead and put this up to ... Let's try three for you. And this will just be the throttle. So from a dead stop right now, you can just push the throttle and let it do all the work.

All right. There we go. (silence)

Great. Fun.

Looking good. [inaudible 00:13:21].

Oh, this was great. All right.

So what'd you think?

It was fabulous.

How do you feel of this compared to a normal bike? Different?

Well, firstly, a tricycle is very different. And making turns are a lot of ... It's very different than being on a regular two-wheeler. But once you get the hang of it, I think it's pretty easy. And I do like that when you're going on straight away, it's balanced. You feel secure, so that's great.


Love it.

All right. Well, we got Cathy up and running on the electric trike. Now let's actually move on to her husband, Ray, and see how he does.

Okay. Now I'm here with Ray. Ray is Cathy's husband, and Ray's 62, and he's five 10. Right?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

And before today, never ridden an electric bike of any sort. We got him on an electric two-wheel bike. Now he is going to give the electric trike a try. So I raised the seat up a little bit. Go ahead and hop on.


Now, on a trike, don't worry so much about where your feet are on the ground because you're fully balanced. So I think for you actually, if you want to hop off, I'll raise the seat for you a little bit.


Okay. Now go ahead and try of that again.

Hang on.

You want to loosen that a little bit?

No, I got it.

Okay. There you go. That's a little better leg extension.


Now, have you ever ridden a regular trike in your life?

I hate to admit, I think the last trike I rode was a Big Wheel when I was about seven, or six.

Fair enough. I think that's true for most people. Right? And I think that's why when people either have balance issues or they get a little bit older, they kind of get introduced to trikes. Right? It's not like super common when you're younger unless you're really little. So that's why some people, it does take a little adjustment. But I'll have you do the same thing as ... Do just a normal bike riding loop. Please stay away from the downslope. Because once you get caught in that, for some people, it's hard to recuperate, so you want to stay on flat ground.


And as I said to other people, you want to lean into the turn just a little bit.


Don't pedal into the turn. Like on bikes, you can kind of pedal into the turn. Back off the pedaling when you turn. And when you're coming out of the turn, you can really accelerate the pedaling through.

Got it.

So go ahead and make the loop.

This is just regular-

Regular bike.

... pedaling now?



Oh, you're down into the slope.

Oh, gotcha. Too far down.

Right. Uh-oh. Yeah. (silence)


Little bit different, huh?

Yeah, definitely. You're right about the pull into the slope. Got to watch that. But other than that, it feels normal. I mean, you definitely, you feel like you're balanced as opposed to the two-wheeler where you got to make ... you feel like you're always checking for your balance. This, you can just let that go.

Yeah, exactly. But yeah. That's why when ... see the letter K is there. Stay to the left of those-


... because the trikes ... You can do the trikes on the slopes. You just have to be prepared to really lean into it like you did.


So on this one, why don't you go up? Just make a loop. Don't go straight because that's all slope there too. So just make a loop here. And if you want to hit the straightaway-


... this way, and we'll put you into level two.


And then go ahead and see how that feels.

Okay. Oh yeah. Nice. Nice. (silence) Oh yeah. That's better. Much better. It handles nicely on the straightaway.

Yeah. And once you get used to the turns, there's definitely an adjustment period. If you've never been on a tricycle before, it rides differently. And so, why don't you, if you want, I'll put you in three, just do the throttle. And if you want like Paul did, hit the straightaway. Just give the throttle ... You can increase this too and feel what the level five feels like.

Got it.

And so, yeah.

All right.

So just hit the throttle completely. You don't even need to pedal.

Oh, I see. Wow.

And you can bump that up to the five.

Yep. Oh yeah. You definitely can get some speed going.

Did you move it up to level five?

I did. I was moving. It's great though.

Yeah. A completely different rider, a completely different purpose for the trikes. And if you had things to bring with you or take items along, it's good for that sort of utility element as well.

Definitely see the advantage there. Nice.

But in terms of getting used to and riding, not too difficult, right?

Not much different than the two-wheeler. Although I would say maybe it's just because I'm old school. I prefer the two-wheeler, but I definitely see the advantage with a nice big storage area and stuff like that. But I think it's just the old school in me, that I'm just used to it, the balance and all that. But this is nice for the obvious, which is shopping, or something like that. Maybe a slower ride, I guess maybe that's it.

I felt like even though I went top speed on this one, it felt more ... With a two-wheeler, I'm cruising. It was more of a cruise. Where this, it felt like, "Well, I'm not sure I should be going that fast on this."

You were breaking all the laws.

Yeah, yeah. Right. Exactly.

Well, yeah. And I mean, that's-

But it's nice.

That's a great point. I mean, different riders, different bikes, different types. And it's interesting. One person may prefer one over another. And so, it's a fair assessment.


So, all right. Well, there we have it. Ray was able to accomplish the electric trike. And let's sum it all up.

Ray, Cathy, and Paul all did the electric trike. They conquered it. And you got to see their experience, test riding, and how it feels for them. They're all over the age of 60. And they were able to do it, keep their balance and use the motor, and have a lot of fun. So if you have any other questions about our electric trikes, please comment below, or reach out to us via email the, or call us at (310) 982-2877. And don't forget, go to our website and take our proprietary body fit quiz.

You'll answer a few questions about your body and your life. And our proprietary algorithm will recommend the perfect trike or regular bike for your body and your life. And don't forget, we have a 90-day test ride on your e-bike policy. If you don't love your e-bike within 90 days, send it back. No questions asked, no money out of your pocket.

And lastly, join our community. You can download our app or join our Facebook Pedalers group, even before you buy a bike. It's a great place to see how other riders are using their bikes, ask questions, see the kind of miles people are logging on the app, which is helpful to see how many miles are they putting on the electric trike. You can really compare to the type of usage you are going to do. And also in the Pedalers group, you can see people with their photos and how they're riding. And then after you purchase, it's a lot of fun to be a part of the community, make friends, share your rides and see how others are accessorizing their bikes. So thanks for sticking around. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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