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Seniors OVER 60 Ride E-BIKES for the FIRST TIME

Hey, guys. Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero. And today, I am here with Paul, and Ray. They are all over the age of 60 and today is going to be their first time riding e-bikes. So we are going to teach them, get their reaction, and see how they like it. So stick around.

Okay. So up first is going to be Paul. Now, Paul actually has ridden an e-bike once before, right, Paul?


He said at a different local bike shop, they had sort of a test riding event. But only one time and before that, never, right?


Okay. And then do you ride a bike often or not really?

Not really.

So when's the last time you rode a bike?

Probably about eight, 10 years ago.

Okay. So before today, one time on an e-bike like how long ago was that, the e-bike? Year?

I guess year five, four... Whatever. Yeah.

Months? Four years?


Okay. So it's been a while for Paul. So we're going to witness firsthand him getting back on an e-bike or back on a bike, too. And before that, eight to 10 years. So we've got our EVERYjourney, which I believe is our best learning to bike again bike. Not only for regular bikes but e-bikes. We've got our step-thru version, which is... We've called women's, but gender-neutral really. And then also, our men's with the higher top tube here. So Paul has elected to go with this frame and how tall are you? Paul?

5'6" and a half.

5'6" and a half, okay. So I'm going to-

Got to have the half.

So I'm going to go ahead and drop the seat down for you.


All the way. And why don't you go ahead and just mount the bike and see how everything goes? Okay, great. So perfect.

Oh, that is good. Okay.

And how's that feel sizing-wise?


Handlebars are a little bit tilted too high. So we're going to take a quick pause, get the correct tool, and adjust the handlebar down for Paul. Okay. So the beauty of our bikes is they're highly customizable and adjustable to fit your body. So with Paul here, you can see the seat height is great. He can get his feet down on the ground safely, which is the benefit of the EVERYjourney forward pedaling design. Seat can be lower, feet can be flat on the ground when stopped. But you're still going to get proper leg extension when riding. So, that's great. Now, the handlebars though, are tilted a little bit too much for Paul so we're just going to bring these down a touch.

Oh, how nice is that?



Okay, perfect. And then Paul, just tells everyone at home, we've never met each other, right?


The first time we've talked today. I've never prepped him on anything, we want this to be as real as possible. All right. So... Okay, that feels a lot better. All right. So the benefit of our e-bikes is you got three modes. One, you can just use it as a normal bike. Two, you can use the pedal assist. And three, you can do the full throttle. So this is actually a throttle right here, you push that down and the bike just goes, you don't need to pedal at all.


So what I want to do... And you're going to push the power button here.


So we're all up and running. So you're good. So what you've got here now, these numbers are the level of assistance the motor will give you when you pedal.


On this particular e-bike, that has nothing to do with the throttle power. If you do the throttle, that will go full power regardless of these numbers. These numbers only control the power output in pedal assist. But if you're in level zero, the throttle will not engage at all. So you do have to be at least in level one, we'll go ahead and put that in a second. Now, what we want to do is Paul, if you don't mind, first thing...

Let me check the gears. And actually, on this e-bike, we have regular gears like on a normal bike. So these can be shifted one through seven and ridden during your pedal-assist or as a regular bike. So beauty is with the gears, you can ride it like a standard bike and still shift and do everything. But you can have the motor if you want it. So what I'd like to do to show everyone, is just go ahead and make a loop, but ride it like just it's a normal bike. You don't have to shift. Just go ahead and ride it. Once you do a loop, we'll come back, and then I'll let you put the assistance on. Okay, cool. So Paul's rocking-

You don't have to worry.

Even his eight to 10 years off hasn't affected him at all. Oh, you got your brakes up there. Yep.


There you go. And then you've got your left-hand brake as well.

Okay. First time I've ridden a bike in [inaudible 00:05:01].

That's perfect.

It is.

Okay. Now, we're going to shock Paul's world here for a second. Okay. If you can circle back here. I want to give you a little more runway so we'll start a little bit farther back.

It's got a smooth ride.

I couldn't agree more. Okay, so-

Back up?

Yep. No, you're good there. So you can do the same loop.


I'm just going to go ahead and put you in level two, okay?

All right.

Now, you're just going to ride the bike like normal, make sure you're comfortable where the brakes are and everything.


And you're going to... Once you start going, you're going to feel that motor come in.

Okay. Whoa. How neat. Yeah. Boy, that's got torque, doesn't it? Just... And how many levels does it have?

Five and that's only level two.

And level two would be the reasonably slower starting?

So yeah, on the pedal assist, you've got your... The motors are capable of getting you up to 28 miles an hour.


I would say, you got to be in level five for that. But on level two, you're going to be easily going to 15 miles an hour.

But it's got oomph.

Yeah. So if you want, go ahead and take another run. And why don't you go down to the very end there and make a loopback?


And then you can let the motor kind of accelerate you a little bit farther. And you can see the motors enough for Paul, where he doesn't even really need to keep pedaling. He kind of just does a couple of pedal strokes. Let's it coast.

How not... It gives a second [inaudible 00:07:10]. It knows what... It reads what I'm doing.

What we like to say here at sixthreezero, a second wind.

Yeah, it does.

All right. Now, the third and final element here, Paul.


You've got your throttle here. This is just going to let the bike do all the work. So you have two choices. One, start creeping up on that throttle and then use that to take off.

This right here?

Yeah. You're going to use your thumb.


Or you can start peddling a little bit, get going, and then push the throttle. And then you can regulate the speed of the bike entirely with the throttle.

So what will the... Number two-level?

You can just leave that there, that won't affect anything at all. Yeah.

Okay. So I can just start pedaling and then-

But you're going to push it... You're going to put your thumb like here.

Oh, the throttle goes that way.

Exactly. Exactly.

And don't pedal at all?

So you have two choices. One, pedal a little bit to get going, and once you're up and balanced, hit the throttle. Or if you want, hit the throttle right now.

I'm going to try it.


Hey, there you go. Nicely done.

You like it?

Yeah. Takes a little bit of time to get it comfortable.

Yeah. Well, and the other thing too, is-

How neat. No, that worked.

The other thing you can do if you're going to use the throttle, You can go ahead and put this into zero. So when you pedal like for these short-range, you can pedal and not get the thrust of the pedals-

Right. And that would be by comfort.


Should I try it again?

Sure. You can. Why don't you make a bigger loop? Go down to the end and use the throttle and really feel what it feels like.

And I'm going to start with no throttling.

Well, we need this to be in at least a little bit. So you also have the option while you're riding, you can go ahead and knock that down to zero. So when you come in for your stopping, if you want to put that into zero-

Then it's only a bike.

Then it's only a bike. Then you can just ride it into the parking spot.



Let's see what happens.

All right.

Hold on, everybody. Here I go.

I'd say it's safe to say Paul is enjoying his first and a half times e-bike ride. Here he comes. He's smiling.

You know what this does? It invites you to keep going.

Exactly, yep.

I almost ended it up in Mexico.

What'd you say?

I almost ended it up in Mexico, I was going to keep going.

Cool. So overall comfortable, you like it, it's fun?

Oh yeah.

Easy to get it used to?

Oh yeah.



All right. Well, there you have it. There's Paul, Paul's 5'6" and a half, and he's actually 70. Paul's 70 years old, right you said?

I am. Can you believe that?

It's hard to believe actually. So Paul was knocked out of the park, he loved it. Let's move on to our next rider and see if we can take them from no riding to Paul's level in another five minutes.

Okay. So now, we are here Cathy. It's Cathy's first time ever on an e-bike. Never used one ever. And last time she rode a bike, was how long ago again?

About a year ago.

About a year ago. And before that-

At least five.

At least five before that time. So it's been a while. We are going to teach her fully how to use an e-bike. We have her on our EVERYjourney with our step-thru frame, which has our forward pedaling design. Which is easy to get on and off and also, with the forward pedaling design adds an element of safety because the rider can be lower to the ground while still getting ample leg extension, because the pedals are moved forward. So you don't have to raise the seat to get that leg extension. So if Cathy wants to either ride this as a normal bike or do the pedal assist, it provides another layer of safety. When she's stopping, she can get her feet flat on the ground. So why don't you go ahead and hop on? If you want, you can just step your foot right through. Perfect. Now, the seat, maybe just a little too high, you think?

I don't think so.

Can you put your right foot on the ground? Or put both... Can you get both feet down or no? Okay.

Well, if I'm high.

Okay. So let me... Why don't you hop off and then-

Lower it.

I'll lower it just a little bit.


Okay. There we go. Let's try that. That'll probably be a lot better.

Okay. Yeah.

Perfect. Okay. So you can see now, Cathy has her feet flat on the ground but she's still going to be able to get ample leg extension. Handlebars look a little bit high so we're going to lower those for her and tilt them down. But so far so good. So let's go ahead. Now, our bikes like I've said before, are very adjustable and customizable. So we're going to drop these handlebars down for you. Make sure that's straight. Okay. And then go ahead and grab onto the handlebars and then this bolt will loose-

Oh yeah.

So find a position that you like.

This is good.

Okay. And let's just slide these a little bit this way. There we go. Perfect.


So we've got Cathy now set up for the perfect position. So let's... So you can go ahead and push the power button there. I want to add too, Cathy's 62 years old. So maybe electric bikes will get her back into riding. So push it and hold it.

Is that this one right here?



There you go. Now, the bike powers on. And so you probably overheard a little bit of my spiel that I was doing, but I'll walk you through it. So this is... These numbers right here indicate your level of pedal-assist power. So the motor has two functions. One, it can do this full throttle. So if you push that, it acts just like a motorcycle or a moped that gives you full power. If this is in zero, nothing in the motor will engage.


The pedal-assist or the throttle. Then if you put this one through five, five being the most, that's your level of pedal assist. So when you pedal, how much power the bike will give you. In order for the throttle to engage, this just has to be in at least one but the power levels have no indication of the power output of the throttle. If that's in level one, the power will be able to be full power with the throttle, if that makes sense.


So let's do exactly what we did with Paul. Let me see, what gear are you in here? So you're in third gear here and like I said before, you have the option of the speed. So let's just put you in zero. If you could just do a normal test lap, just ride the bike, like a normal bicycle, make a big loop, and come back. Then after you're comfortable, we'll move you on to the pedal assist.

All right. Let's give it a whirl.

So you can see Cathy's nice, upright riding position. Very comfortable.


And your breaks are on your hands. So if you want to pull... There you go.

Okay. Great. Nice and smooth. Okay.

Perfect. And she can stop easily, get her feet down.

I like that.

Good leg extension.


Okay. So now, we're going to put the power on for you. I'm going to start you in level one, and go ahead and make another lap. And you're going to feel... When you start pedaling, you're going to feel the power kick in.

Okay. All right. Let's give it a try. Oh yeah. Oh, I feel it. This is good, though. [crosstalk 00:15:31]

There it is. Another first-time reaction.

So every time I pedal, it advances. Very nice.

If you want, make another lap and then do the straightaway.


And then you can really kind of let it open up a little bit.

All right.

And that's just level one.


There are five levels of power.

This is fun. Woo. Okay. Yeah. Okay, I'm going to go around this loop.

I think she's gone. I think she left. She found her second wind. Pun intended.

Fun. Sure makes pedaling a lot easier.

It's a lot of fun, isn't it?

Yes. I love it. It's great. All right. I'm going to go on the other side of you.

Okay. Yeah, no problem.

All right. Oops.

Okay. So now, we want to try the throttle.


As I explained to Paul, you have two options here. One just gets going a little bit. And then once you're up and riding, you can hit the throttle and then stop pedaling, and let it do all the work. Or if you want, you can sort of ease into the throttle right now and it'll take you going. It's up to you.


Maybe just get going.

Yeah. I think I have to get going.

And then hit the throttle once you're up.

All right. Oh, yeah. Can I go all the way back?

Yeah, go ahead.

Yeah. Okay. Fun. Wow. This thing's got power. That's great. That's great. Fun.

Fun, right?

Yeah. Totally.

Cool. Well-


There we have it. We took Cathy from never riding an e-bike to loving it in less than 10 minutes. So let's move on to our next rider. Okay, now we're with Ray. Ray's 62. He's actually married to Cathy, our previous rider. So now, we're going to get you on there. You got to witness her first ride.

I'm looking forward to it.

And her reaction.


I think she already told you now, she wants an electric bike.


So Ray's 5'10". He's also never ridden an electric bike, and his previous bike rides are the same as his wife. About a year ago, they went for a little bike ride on Balboa. Before that, maybe five years or something.


So we're going to get him up and riding on an e-bike for the first time today. So we've got him on the EVERYjourney again, which I believe is our best first-time e-bike rider bike or regular bike. Just because of the forward pedaling, the easy on/off, and the ergonomic, and then also, the be able to get the feet flat on the ground when stopping. So go ahead and hop on.


Okay. And then go ahead and put your foot on the ground, your right foot. So both foot. So how does that feel to you? Comfortable?

It's good. It's good. Nice. Yeah.

Okay. And how about the handlebar position?

Good there, too.

No tilting, no raising, everything good?

No, I think we're good.




I'm ready to ride.

Okay. All right. So let's do a quick tutorial then and get... Ray's chomping at the bit here.


Break speed records. Okay. So this number right here is your pedal assist level. You can operate this bike in level zero, like a normal bike. Or you can do 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


The throttle is independent of these numbers, but it has to be in at least level one for the throttle to work. But there are no power levels to the throttle, you just decide how much you push the throttle in or out.

And this is our throttle.

Correct, yes.


So for the sake of the first ride, I'll just do what everyone did with everyone else... What I did with everyone else. Let's leave it in zero. Just take a lap, get comfortable with the EVERYjourney bike setup.

So this is just a regular ride.

No motor.

No motor.

Nothing. Yeah.


Also, to show people at home and you can vocalize how you feel. Like when you're riding, does it feel any different than a regular bike? Do you notice that you have a battery and a motor? Because a lot of riders, they also want the ability to just ride the bike.

Right. Sure.

And the motor is optional. So go ahead. Yeah, just make a big loop and then come back.

Take a little spin. All right. Here we go. Oh yeah, that's nice. Yeah, I like that. Feels just like a regular bike.


No different.

It's not too hard to pedal or anything, right?

No, not at all.

Yeah. Okay, cool.

Very much the same.



So now, I'm going to just... You're going to go ahead and go for a ride. I'll put you in level two.


You can go down to the end. If you want and you feel comfortable, you can bump this up to five. Get comfortable in two. But while you're riding, you have the ability to adjust the assistance up and down. So you can slide your thumb over there, push it.

So quick question, when you say bumping it up, am I bumping up speed?

Yeah. So this number is how much assistance the motor gives you.


So at level two, you're getting basically 35% of the motor's capability.


Push it up to three, you're getting about 60%. Four, 80%. Five is 100% of the output the motor can give you.


These motors have the ability to take you about up to 28 miles an hour while you're pedaling and you're getting the assistance. If you just use the motor, it'll take you to 20 miles an hour. There's actually a cutout feature because of the laws and the classifications. This is a class two e-bike, legally, it cannot take you over 20 miles an hour.


So when you hit 20, while you're using the motor, you'll feel the motor kickback if you start to get over 20 kinds of things.

Right. Gotcha.

So whatever you're comfortable with. While you're on that straightaway, if you want to bump it to three or four, you'll feel the acceleration increase. Yes.

Now, what if like midway through the ride, I want to change back to just regular exercising?

Just put this down to zero.

Just drop it down?

To zero.



I'll start at your two and we'll go from there. Okay. Cool.

Yep. Have fun.

Thank you, sir. Oh. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Indy 500. Wow. Nice. This is awesome. That is cool. That is cool.

And just at level two, right? A lot of power.

Yeah. Not only that Dustin, it's super easy. The change from the assist back to pedal, back... Because I tried it a couple of times when I was spinning around out there and I thought, "Wow, that's really simple." And I adjusted the speed a little bit and it was just a real easy transition.

Cool. That's awesome.

Nice. Very nice.

So now, you can go ahead and try the throttle. So you can click it now and just get moving, or you can get up and ride and then hit the throttle. But just stop pedaling completely and let the throttle take you.

I'm going to try the riding first, just because it's old school and that's what I'm used to.

Of course.

All right. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Wow.

Now, stop pedaling.

That's great. Oh yeah. Yeah, this is cool. Woo. I love it. I want one.

That's pretty cool, right?

That's very cool. I like it.

Awesome. Well, we did it again. Ray's first time on an e-bike. We took him from not knowing how to do it to up and loving it.


And so three riders over the age of 60, one 70, never-ridden e-bikes today. We taught them from nothing to fully comfortable and capable. Okay. So we did it with our first-time senior riders over the age of 60. They got up and rode on an e-bike for the very first time with no prior experience. Paul, with a little bit of experience, but we're not really counting that. And they were comfortable and ready to rock and roll. So is it a fair question or a fair statement to say that you would all love to have e-bikes?

Oh yeah.


Definitely. Definitely.

And I'm not even talking sixthreezero. I just think it proves how much fun and when you witness the first rider experience, it really is sort of a breakthrough thought like, "Wow, this is really a benefit and I can see how I would enjoy this." And I think the other thing that was important to see, is that how safe this design is an easy and comfortable it is for people to get used to and understand how to use it. Literally, in 10 minutes, all three of them were up and riding and felt good about it. So the last question I'll answer really quick that Ray was bringing up, is what's the range on these bikes? So on these two bikes, these are both 500 watts, our 500 watt EVERYjourney e-bikes and they feature the pedal assist and the full throttle. The range you're going to get does depend on the terrain and the rider.

But on average, if you're doing full throttle, the range is going to be anywhere from 15 to 30 miles if you're just using the throttle. If you're doing pedal assist, the range is going to be more in the 30 to 50-mile range. And then of course, if you use a combination of riding without the motor, pedal-assist, throttle, the range could be even more than both of those numbers I laid out. So that sums up our first e-bike rides for today. If you have any other questions at all, please comment below or email us, the team, at or call us, (310) 982-2877. And don't forget, take our proprietary body fit quiz on our website to get fitted to the perfect e-bike for your body. You'll answer a few simple questions about your life and your body, and we will recommend the perfect e-bike for you.

And don't forget, we have a 90-day test ride on your e-bike policy. If you don't love your bike within 90 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket. And lastly, be a part of our community. Even before you buy a bike, you can download our app or join our Facebook pedallers group and talk to other sixthreezero e-bike riders before you purchase. See how they're riding their e-bikes, what they're doing with them, and which models they like. Also on the app, you can see how many miles they're logging and how their e-bikes perform. And then after you buy an e-bike, it's a great community to be a part of share photos, meet friends, and just talk about your bikes in general. So thanks for sticking around and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience, enjoy the ride.


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