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Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero. And today I'm here with Paul, Kathy, and Ray. They are all over the age of 60, interested in an e-bike. So today they're going to do a test ride on the full sixthreezero electric bike lineup, and give us their thoughts on what they like best. And you'll get to ride along with them, see how it works for them, fits their bodies, and also get an idea for someone over 60 what's it like to ride an e-bike and which bike works best for that age group. So stick around.

Okay. So first up for Paul, Paul's five foot six and a half. He likes to claim that half-inch, right Paul?

Yeah. Or less than a half from five-seven.

And Paul's 70, he rode an e-bike for the first time today. Now we're going to get him to sample all these e-bikes, get his thoughts on what he likes best. So right here, we have the AroundtheBlock. This is our cruiser style, 500 watts. The range is 20 to 30 miles with throttle and about 30 to 50 miles with pedal assist. So, Paul, if you want to go ahead and hop on, we'll see how this fits for you.

Which way would you like to go this time?

You can go this way. Yeah.


Now how are the seat and the sizing feel, all good?


Okay. Oh, you got to turn the motor on.

That's true.

He's off and running now.

Let's see here, my friend.

So, before you go here, give a little tutorial. The batteries actually have a switch to turn it on and off, and then you turn the power on up here. So all the e-bikes that we're going to do today are going to be pretty much the same. You're going to have a power to turn on the motor. You're going to have the option on all of these bikes to either ride them like a normal bike, have pedal-assist power with the motor, or do full throttle. So they all have that capability. There's a little bit of difference between one of the motor types, but other than that, they're all 500 watts. The range for all of these bikes is going to be the same, 20 to 30 with the full throttle, and about 30 to 50 pedal assist. So I won't address that.

In addition, on most of them, the batteries are on the rear rack. One of them is internal, which I'll explain. And I'll just demo this really quick. So you can actually just turn the key here and pop the battery out very easily. Or you can click it in. We're going to leave the key in there just for the sake of today. So let's turn this on. Let's flip the battery on. Okay. Now you're up and running and you can go ahead and put whatever level you want.

And it goes all the way up to five.

And keep in mind, Paul's first time ever riding an e-bike was less than an hour ago.

Where do you want me to park it back? I drove this totally with electric. No puddling.

Oh, yeah?


And you liked it?


Cool. So this is the AroundtheBlock. All right. Now let's move on to our next one. Now, this is the one you drove previously. And if you can, on this test ride, try to keep your loop to just the small parking lot here, just for the sake of time.

Time. Absolutely.

I'll bring this one out for you. So now we're moving on to our EVRYjourney. This is the one Paul road previously, and the beauty of the EVRYjourney is you have a forward pedaling design. So it's easier to get on and off, and you can have proper leg extension while being lower to the ground. So it's a little bit safer. You can see he's got his feet flat, but when he rides, he's going to get proper leg extension because of that forward pedaling design. So the AroundtheBlock's a traditional cruiser frame with an upright ride. Paul's out of here. And I can just tell by looking at him personally, he looks more stable on the EVRYjourney than the AroundtheBlock. Seems like that riding positioning suits him a little bit more. But we can also get his feedback. You feel a little more comfortable on this one versus that one?

Yeah. And it's got more torque it seems.

Same torque. These two are actually the same. Yeah.

But the way I rode this one [crosstalk 00:04:52].

Maybe the stability.

Yeah. I like it.

That's good. Okay. All right. So moving on. Now, this is the outlier here. This is actually so an internal battery. Now this one's only 250 watts. We'll see if Paul can even tell the difference or not. The benefit to this one is the battery is sleekly inside the frame. So it's concealed. It looks even more like a normal bike, and the weight distribution is in the middle of the frame. So we'll see if Paul sees the difference in that as well. The downside, you can't remove the battery, and because of hiding it inside the frame, we have a smaller motor because the battery that can fit in here can only power a 250 watt. But I really like this bike. It's very nimble. Now the frame sizing, Paul will be just like this one you rode, and we have a little bit different display, which you might like better as well. Let me lower the seat for you here.


Okay. So go ahead and give that a shot. Everything else will be the same.

Is it my imagination or is there a little less torque?

A little less torque, yep.

Yeah. I could tell.

But you were also only in level one.

Right. But it still has a nice ride.


That one right there kind of has my eye.

All right. Well, let's keep moving on. All right now moving on to the ReachyourDestination, this is a true unisex frame. We only make one. I'm going to see, put the seat all the way down for you. Now this one's 500 watts. Now we're moving back to the same motor setup as the first two bikes, but we do have the larger display right here. So this is 500 watts. So you're going to get the same power. So go ahead. And if you want, you can start it out in level two. Now, keep in mind on this one, you were only in level one. That actually looks like a really good fit too. And Paul's five six, and he seems very stable. Now, how do you feel about that setup?

This seems like it has more of a race car approach. I mean, is that my imagination? It seems sleeker or something.

It is. Yep. But you look pretty, the sizing looks pretty good for you on this.

Yeah, this is, but I'd be honest with you, I'm doing this against that one.

Okay. All right. So this one may or may not work for Paul. We'll see. So this is our BodyEase. Now this one has a suspension seat post, the suspension forks, which is nice as you go over bumps and things like that. But with the suspension seat post, the seat is a little bit more elevated, and this is 500 watts of power, same range as before, as I said, 20 to 30 on the throttle, and 30 to 50 with pedal assist. So you can see that seat, that's as low as that seat can go. Paul's off and rocking.

This also has a race car feel to it.

A little bit more so than the first one, yeah.

Okay. Yeah. Noticeably so.

So you've still got your eye on the blue one then.

I do. Every time. I already stopped mentally in there, but that one has more of a torque...

Probably because of the thinner tires too. So on these last two, you've ridden, they have thinner tires. So they roll a little faster. This one's got the thin tires too. Now, this seat is going to be even more, in your words, race car feeling. So 500 watts again. And let's go ahead and turn it on for you here.

Level one.

Now this one you're going to be leaning forward even more. So as you've move down the line, actually, the lean forward position is more extreme, whereas, in the first three, you're more ergonomic, upright, including the ReachyourDestination too.

Ah, yeah.

You're ready for Manhattan on that baby.

When I was younger, when they had the 10-speed bike being the difference, this one had that feel to where, when you had a normal bicycle when you were a kid. And then you got on a 10-speed bike, that with this. See.

So out of all of them then...

Without saying, right there.

The blue EVRYjourney. And why so much that one?

I don't know. It just has the feel of me.

Fits your body, comfort. Easy to ride.

Yeah. And I like the way it looks.

Cool. Keep in mind, these are Paul's thoughts, a non-paid actor telling us how he feels. So he chose the EVRYjourney. Let's move on to Ray and see what his thoughts are after the test rides.

Okay. Now we're here with Ray. Ray is five foot 10, he's 62. Today he rode an e-bike for the very first time in his life about an hour ago. He loved it. He's feeling confident. So now we're going to take him through and see which one you really like after you test all of them.

Let's do it.

This is our AroundtheBlock, our traditional cruiser frame. And let me know if the seat-wise, is that okay?

I think we're okay there.

All right.

Oh yeah. Just takes off. It's great. Oh yeah. I like this. A nice smooth ride. I like this one. Woo.

The electricity catches you off guard, doesn't it?

I know, yeah. But I got to tell you, Dustin, the biggest advantage at having just tried this now, tried these e-bikes is, here we were in this period where we were like, sort of locked up, cooped up. And if you just wanted to get out of the house, and you needed to be motivated to get out of the house and do something, some kind of athletic. It's like, you could jump on an e-bike, take a ride, and then eventually it motivates you to get into pedaling.

Totally. That's totally it. Yeah. Okay. Go ahead. So Ray's ridden the EVRYjourney before, this one's the AroundtheBlock, our typical cruiser.

Oh, this is nice. This is the one Paul liked, I know. Yeah. Yeah, same thing. Nice smooth ride, this one's got it in the comfort department so far.

Okay, cool. I like that. So this is the same bike as this one. Now, this is the internal battery, like I said, it's 250 watts, and you got a different screen. So let me raise the seat up a little bit for you.

When you say internal battery, where am I looking at a battery?

Oh, it's right here.

Oh, interesting.

So it's all inside. You charge the battery over here.

Oh, look at that.

So it's a sleeker look and you're going to notice the middleweight distribution. It just feels a little bit different. So go ahead and give it a shot.

Oh yeah. Oh, I like this. This is nice. This is nice.

So the frame set up between these two is the same. And this is actually only 250 watts.

Is that right?

But you probably can't tell much of a difference.


It really is more in the top speed, but when you're riding around town, 250 watts is still ample power. But there's a misconception a lot of people want bigger motors. I'm not always a believer that you need it. So here's our ReachyourDestination. Let's raise the seat up a little bit for you. Now, this is more a typical sort of commuter hybrid frame, but you're going to find I think it's pretty comfortable. And the handlebars are a little narrower, so it's got a little tighter steering.

Yeah. I like that actually. Yeah. This is good. This is a good one.

Still comfortable, right?

Yes, very.

But it's a little more nimble.

I like the sleeker look too. The muted black, that's neat. It's a neat color.

Okay. So now moving on to the BodyEase, this is more of a comfort bike, but it's all-purpose too because you've got the shock for the shock absorption, the seat, the narrower handlebar. So yeah, go ahead and hop on and give it a try.

I love that I get to test drive all these. This is so cool. Look at this. Oh, man. Oh, nice. Nice. Yeah. It's definitely a different feel. And I like the braking. On all of them, the brakes are very good.

Okay. And then last but not least, this is what we call a city frame. This is a traditional triangle frame. We'll bring the seat up for you. It might be a little too high actually. Okay. Go ahead and give that a shot.

Oh yeah.

Doesn't that bike feel fast? You want to go ahead and open it up a little bit?

Yeah. Can I?. Oh, nice, nice.

Yeah. It's a sweet ride. Nice.

Does that one feel pretty fast because of the thin tires?

That's good, yeah. Definitely.

Okay, cool. So you've test-rode the full sixthreezero lineup. What would you say your preferences is?

You know, I'm torn, but I would say I like the blue one for comfort. Not to mention it's the color of the Rams. So you can't go wrong there.


But I got to say, all these are great for more like, like you were saying, city riding, I'm probably favoring in terms of comfort and ride, I'm probably narrowing it down to these two right here. And then if I really had to pick, I'd say this one.

Okay, cool.

It's probably my favorite.

Yeah. The ReachyourDestination.

Yeah. Comfort, speed, it had the whole thing. This is the way I'd go.

It's actually exactly what we were going for on this. We used more of a speed approach with thinner tires, but we have a wider saddle, like the EVRYjourney. So we bring in the elements of comfort. And actually, if you go ahead and sit on it again, we'll just show people. You still also get a very ergonomic, upright ride. So you're leaning forward a little bit, but not too much. And there's something to be said about this handlebar style in terms of the ease of turning and things like that.

Yes. Definitely of gave me a little more confidence when I was making some sharper turns that as you said, it's a little closer. Everything's all a little sort of closer to me. It gave me a little more confidence in when I was going a little faster when I was making those tighter turns.


Yeah. I would say this one, this was my fave.

Cool. All right. Well, there we have it. So we got Paul with the EVRYjourney, and Ray chose the ReachyourDestination. Now let's let Ray's wife, Kathy go ahead and test ride and we'll see what her choice is.

Okay. Now we're here with Kathy, Kathy's 62, and she's five foot two. So we are going to try her out on some different bikes. So here's our traditional cruiser. Let me just bring these handlebars down a little bit for you also. Right about there. So Kathy just rode an e-bike for the first time today, and that was about an hour ago. So now we're going to have her try the whole lineup and get her thoughts on what she likes, what she doesn't like, and which bike would be her ultimate choice. So go ahead and hop on here. And as I said before, in the previous videos, most of them have a rear battery, 500 watts of power, which is going to take you up to 28 miles an hour with pedal assist, 20 miles an hour with just a throttle only. And your range is going to be 20 to 30 with the throttle, 30 to 50 pedal assist. So Kathy, go ahead. Give it a ride.

This is good. Very comfortable.

Okay, cool. So yeah, this is our true cruiser.

Yeah, it looks like it.

Kind of similar to what you rode before. So Kathy rode the EVRYjourney, but you can go ahead and take it for another spin. This one has what we call the forward pedaling design, pedals are shifted forward, allows the rider to be lower to the ground while still getting the right leg extension.

Woo. Yeah, this is fun. This is fun to ride.

I can tell just by looking at her, she looks really comfortable, back fully upright.

It's really easy.

How does that one feel?

Feels good.

So between the two, is this one better than that one?

Yeah, I think so. I don't know if it's because it's familiar, more familiar, but it just, yeah, it just is very easy.

Yeah. Okay. So this is the same frame. Now, this is a 250 watt.

Oh, I see.

This has the internal battery, same on the men's versions, but go ahead and try it. See if you feel any difference. Let me actually tilt the handlebars down for you. Because these look a little bit high. Okay. Try that.

All right. Oh, wow. Yeah. Very easy. It's good.

Now, do you feel any difference between this one and that one?

I do. This one feels lighter for some reason.

Okay. In a good way, bad way, indifferent?

For me, I prefer a little more weight, but that's just me.

Interesting. Yeah, no problem. Okay. So now we have our ReachyourDestination. This is more of a hybrid. So go ahead and see how this works, I can get it set up for you. Let me just turn it around for you. Okay. Go ahead.

Oh yeah. Different handlebars.

Yep. And this is the unisex frame. Same between men and women.

Thinner tires.


Okay. Wow.

That actually looks like a pretty good fit too.

It's just so easy how fast you can go so easily. All right.

How does that one feel?

It feels good. I liked it. Whoops.

There you go. Perfect. All right. Okay. Now moving on to the BodyEase. Now this one, I'm not confident you'll actually be able to ride. So do you want to just try to get on it right here and see, or does it already look too tall to you?

Because of the seat? It's to high?

Yeah. Because the seat can't come down at all.

I see. Okay. Well, I'll try it.

Yeah. You can step through the frame.

But other than the seat height, is there anything else different about this bike?

A little different handlebars and a little different riding position. Same motor size. And actually, the tire size is the same to this one, but thinner tires from the cruiser and the EVRYjourney.

Right. And the handlebars are narrower than that one. Okay.


Got it. I will give it a shot. If I can't get on it... oh, well... Yeah. You lean forward a little bit. That's nice.

Now there is an option with this bike to do a different seat post, which would allow the seat to come down, which I think would make it safer and easier to ride for Kathy. Because the position actually, when you were on it looked pretty good.

I know. I felt good on it.

Yeah. So now this is our, what we call a city bike. This is what we call our RideInThePark. Now, this is thinner tires and has still an upright riding position, but a little bit narrower handlebars. And so it may feel a little zippier. So go ahead and try.

This feels really good. I like this one.

You like it, yeah.


Yeah. It's comfortable and it's easy to get on and off with the step-through. And last but not least we have, this is our Paven'Trail. This is our most multipurpose. It's got a thinner tire, but it's got a more hybrid traditional frame. You have the front suspension fork. So if you go over bumps and things like this, so good for offroad/onroad, stuff like that. And you have a narrower handlebar, which is more nimble, more performance-based. So let me go ahead and bring the seat down for you. So actually this one has a suspension seat post as well. I don't know if you want to give it a shot. Or if you don't, if you don't feel comfortable dismounting that with the higher seat, then it's probably better to not ride it.

Let me see what I can do. It feels pretty good.

Want me to help you stop, or you got it? You got it.

I got it. I don't know what I did wrong on the other one, but I know. So out of all of these...

Yep. You've ridden every sixthreezero e-bikes now. Which one do you think you prefer?

That guy.

What about this one?

Well, because I think it was, I like the narrower handlebars. It gave me just better turning capabilities. I think that's more what I'm used to. But I also just liked that it felt really zippy and comfortable. I really enjoyed it.

Cool. There you have it. Kathy chose the RideinthePark for the zippiness, the comfort. I also think just the easy step-through is another added feature. And there we go. All three of our riders have made their choice.

Okay. So thanks for sticking around and getting to see Paul, Kathy, and Ray all test ride the sixthreezero electric bike lineup. I hope that helps you choose the right electric bike for you. But, if you have any other additional questions, don't hesitate. Comment below. We always respond, or email us,, or call us. (310) 982-2877. And don't forget, go to our website,, and take our proprietary body fit questionnaire. It will recommend the perfect electric bike for your body and your life. It only takes a minute or two, and you answer a few simple questions about your body and your life.

In addition to that, we have a 30-day test ride on your e-bike policy. If you don't love your e-bike within 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket. Lastly, join our communities. You can download our app or join our Facebook pedalers group. And you can talk to real-life, sixthreezero electric bike and regular bike owners in advance of purchasing. It's a great place to get information and see how others are using their bike. And on the app, you can see how many miles people are logging on what type of bikes. It's a great place to get information. And then once you have a bike, it's so much fun to be a part of the community, make friends, share your rides, and see how others are using their bike. So, thanks for sticking around, and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience, enjoy the ride.


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