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Seniors Live Electric Bike Demo

After it seems...

Okay. We'll do it after.

Yeah. It'll be posted. It'll also be on our YouTube channel within two days. So you can share the link there.


I have a microphone.

I have the communal mic.

Oh, we're live?




Okay. We'll wait just two minutes to do our full intro, to see how many more people come, and then we'll get going. But actually, if you're here now we can just talk to you a little bit. We have our... You guys don't mind sharing your ages, do you?

No. Okay.

Is everyone over 60 or no?

I'm 58 58. Okay.

So we're are doing this live because we get a lot of questions from riders, 55 to 70, asking how the bike would fit them and for their body, safety questions of that at nature. Also a lot about riding an e-bike for the first time. So instead of me talking about it or Pete or Alana talking about it, we wanted to bring out riders who are actually in the 55 to 70 age range and get their experience live firsthand. And here they are, all of them. And we have two riders today that you're going to actually experience their first e-bike ride ever live on camera. So that will be exciting. We have four of them who have ridden it once you said, right? And then Jack has his own e-bike. He is the absolute experienced rider, but it's going to be a lot of fun.

Witnessing the firsthand experience of a first e-bike ride is always an exhilarating feeling; not only for the viewer, obviously for the rider, but for the viewer too. So what we got Nate?


13. Okay, well maybe we should just get going and as we set up more people will join. What do you think?

Yeah, let's get started.

Okay, cool. So Elizabeth, you've never ridden an e-bike, right?


Okay, cool. What's [inaudible 00:02:09]?

Okay. You want to know my age, right?


73, I'll be 74 in April. So I'm excited about this. Yeah.

And last time you rode a bike?

Yesterday when I was testing my bike to make sure that I still had my bike legs.

Okay. So you do it obviously?

Yes. I do have them.


Okay. Before that, when was the last time you got him?

Two years ago.

Two years. Okay, cool. So it hasn't been... Sometimes people say like 20 years, 25 years.

No. It's probably two or three years.

Okay, cool. And I'm just curious, how did it feel? Easy, good, fun?

Kills, not so much, but ride in the bike. Bye.

Cool. And where'd you say you're from, I forgot?

I'm from San Marcos, which is borders Carlsbad, California.

Oh, yeah. I actually have family in San Marcos.

Oh, you do?



I don't know where they live now, actually, they just moved but a great community to raise families out there, I know that.

Yeah, it's great.

Okay, cool. So let's turn around. So here's pretty much our full lineup of e-bikes.


The bike is the standard bike that you have at home.


So we can show the... Yeah, I'm going to lean it this way.


So this is our EVRYjourney internal e-bike, which means the batteries actually inside the frame.

Oh, okay.

So for anyone just joining, if you don't know our EVRYjourney bike, this is actually our best selling frame for one major reason; it has something with called forward pedaling. So if you can see, here the pedals are actually shifted forward, normally they go directly below the seat.


What this allows for is it allows you to be lower to the ground, but to still get ample leg extension when you ride.


So it's in theory, more safe because when you stop, you can plant your feet easier. But when you're riding, you still get leg extension without having to raise the seat because the pedals are forward. So actually a great option for riders over 55, because it keeps you lower to the ground. And just in case you lose your balance, you can easily plant your feet. So this is actually in the standard bike and the e-bike our most popular model.

We have two versions. There's the other one there, which you can see has the battery on the rear. The difference is if you really want a clean, simple design, something that you can't even tell as an electric bike, other than the display, you've also got the battery in the middle of the frame. So sometimes it's nice to have the weight in the middle. The difference is smaller batteries so smaller motors. So this is 250 watts, that's 500 watts. Depends on the type of terrain you're going to do, the weight of the rider. This is still going to have a top speed of 20 miles an hour, which once we get you on here, you'll feel, I think is still going to feel decently fast to you. But go ahead and just here... Let me just make sure the seat's straight actually before you get on. Okay. And how tall are you?


Okay. So let me just raise this a little bit. Okay. Go ahead and try that.

Okay. Now, so how do I...

How does that feel? Oh, tools.

You want to angle the seat?

Or can we just get the tools to adjust handlebars and the seat? How does that feel? Does feel low to you?


Looks a little bit low maybe.

I don't think so.

No? Feels okay?

She said she likes to be able to put her feet on.

I would say based on your leg length, we probably would want to raise the seat a little bit, but if you're comfortable with it, then it's up to you. But I think when you start pedaling, you're going to feel that. Go ahead and put your right foot on the pedal. See that's coming up a little high, so you'd want to be a little higher.

So you want to raise the seat for me?

Yeah. Let's raise it just a little.

Okay. Let me get off. Here we go.

Okay. Perfect. Getting a router or something out here.

There we go.

We're back?


Okay. So the question that I asked you is, can you ride this bike without having the electric on it?

Yeah. So sorry, we just froze we're back. We're back, right Nate?


Okay. If you're just joining us, we're here with Elizabeth. She's 73, turning 74. She's five foot six, never ridden an e-bike. So it's her first time we're getting her all fitted in size and she just asks, can you ride an e-bike without the motor? And the answer is absolute yes.


So that's the benefit of an e-bike. You have three options; you can either use the throttle. So you're going to see here. This is actually a throttle and you can engage that and not pedal at all. Or you have pedal assist, meaning you pedal and you let the motor assist you, or you turn it all off and you just ride this like a normal bike.

So throttle is the same thing as accelerator?

Correct, it's a gas pedal.

Oh, okay.

It's a thumb throttle. Yep.



What about gears?

So there are gears on all of our e-bikes also, but the gears are not tied into the motor or the electrical.


Those are actually gears for the bicycle. So if you're going to ride it like a standard bike or do the pedal assist, you have the same kind of gears you'd have on a bike. This is a seven-speed so you can shift go up hills, make it harder or easier to pedal. The beauty of the e-bike is it gives you the variance to either use it like a regular bike, use the gears, or not. The choice is yours. So it's also good for... This is why I think this product or these types of products are connecting with people over 55 is you can go farther. And if you're tired, you can use the motor or not a motor. So it really extends the range. And you don't have to rely on your own physical ability to go farther. And you decide either use the motor, don't use the motor totally up to you.


And then, so I'll show you here. So before we get going, how does the handlebars feel?

They feel fine.

We can tilt them, we can raise them, you like it?

Yeah, I think they're fine.

Okay, cool. The other benefit, if you see her back, she's got a good upright ergonomic position, her arms are relaxed. So what I'd like to do before I turn the electric on, if you could just go and make a loop and come back. So you're comfortable with this

In the regular bike form?

Yeah. Just so you can... Let me see what gear you're in actually too.

Yeah. So say we probably want to get her down to... So we are gearing up for Elizabeth's first-ever e-bike ride.

And these are the breaks, breaks, breaks.

Okay. So let's spin it around and then I'll kick the motor on for you.

Spin it around.

Or whichever way you...

Being lefthanded, I wanted to go the other way. I don't want to hit your camera. Okay.

Okay. So now we're just going to press this button right here and now your screen comes on. So you have five levels of assistance indicated right here.


You can actually drop that to zero, meaning the motor's totally off. So if you want to have the motor off, still see your speed, you can do that. Otherwise five levels, in level five you can hit 20 miles an hour with a 250-watt motor, or you can hit 28 miles an hour with a 500-watt motor.

20 miles an hour, I'm going through this parking lot?

No, you're not. Well, you'd also have to be assisting the bike, or actually, you could do the throttle and hit 20.


So I'm just going to put you into level two.

Which is about how many miles an hour?

The miles per hour also is gauged on how fast you pedal. So you're controlling the speed out, it's not going to immediately take you...


Yeah. So you can just go ahead and ride. And if you want, you can go to the very end.


And come back and you're going to feel that motor kick in.

Oh my gosh. Whoa.

There it is folks. You just witnessed it Facebook live.

Oh my goodness.

Her first e-bike ride ever. It's pure joy.

She's paddling. Andy has these electric assistant.

That's right, yeah.

She's not going to want to come back.

your bike.

Wow. This is crazy. This is wild. I just feel like there's a ghost pushing me.

It makes it fun. Doesn't it?

Oh my gosh.

Okay. So turn around.

Oh, you go girl.

That was scary. I felt like there was somebody at my back just pushing me. Oh, my goodness.

Okay, so now I want you to try it with just the throttle. So you can go ahead and make your same loop. Don't pedal at all. And we'll put you in three for the throttle. You can control the output, so on and off with the throttle is just like how much power you have. So give it a little bit of a push. The bike will start moving and you can just go. Just use... Yeah, there you go.

Oh my gosh. Whoa! Whoa!

Did she put the break on?

So yeah, when you hit the brake, it actually will kill the motor too.


Yeah. That's true, right Pete?


Even though you're slowing down?

Yeah. If you engage the brake, it cuts the motor completely. So that's a safety feature. So in case, you forget to take your thumb off the throttle or something...

How fun? Oh my goodness.

I couldn't agree more. And do you feel secure, safe? I mean, does it feel okay to you?

It feels okay. I'm just not used to the feeling.

The thrust.

Yes. I think once you get used to it and you know that you're not under your own power and it's operating on its own, wow.

Super cool, huh?


The other thing I'll say too is Elizabeth had it in... We only had it in level two for the pedal assist and level three for the throttle. So you can see the exhilaration and the speed she got and how it feels for her without even pushing it to its max limit, which brings up something I talk about in terms of wattage and motor size. I think a lot of people always want more, but I think for certain age ranges or in the type of riding, it's just not necessary, it's almost excessive and it could be dangerous at some point. So you obviously felt good and the assistance was good?

Felt like I was in an amusement park. I did.

Cool. All right. Well, if you want to hop off then.


And then, whoops, what was your name again?


Phil, you've never rid an e-bike, right?

No, I have never.

Oh, get ready.

Okay. So now we're going to...

Oh my God.

So last time you rode a bike? 

That was so wild.

You want to try this one or a different one?

I have a hybrid.

I'll put this one up.

Okay. And have you ridden your bike recently?

Yeah, I rode it last weekend in December.


And yeah, two, two, or three times a month.

Okay, cool.

I've been riding it depending on the weather..

And then how old are you Phil?


71. Okay, perfect.


So yeah, whichever one you want to try. In terms of hybrids, they're all sort of a hybrid in its own way, but this is more of a hybrid.


And so is that one [crosstalk 00:13:33].

That one there, yeah.

And then that other black one on the end is kind of a city hybrid.

Uh-huh (affirmative). Yeah. I think I'll try this one here.

This one right here?


Okay. So this-

The only difference I think is the handlebars. That's more like my Harley and I used to have Harley, handlebars.

So this is our body ease. How tall are you Phil?

5'8, okay.

So this is about 24 or 26.

So these are all 26. All the bikes out here are 26. We make a 24 for women.

Uh-huh (affirmative). Yeah.

So yeah, go ahead and give it a try. How does that feel sizing-wise?

It's a little high.

Okay. We can lower it a little bit.


You need to get off.


So on this bike... We call this one our body ease. It has a suspension seat post. So you can see it goes down.

Yeah. I use that

And then we have the suspension. So the only thing with this is the seat can't go lower than that. So try that.

Okay. All right. Yeah, it's a little better.

So if you'd want to be lower, we'd have to switch to a different bike model.

Oh, I see. Okay. No, this is good. All right.

Okay. So let's do the same thing. Why don't you just go for a quick loop? We leave the motor off and then just to make sure you feel comfortable with this frame before we kick in the electricity.

Okay. So I'll send second gear, so okay.

Oh, riding a little rough in second.

Oh, boy.

Actually, yeah. The EVRYjourney in 24-inch e-bike is going to be coming out I think early summer. They are supposed to go into production and so yes, we will have that.

Yeah. All right. It's a lot better gearing in mind. I think I've broken my gearing.

Did you use power on that?

No. No, I just shifted the gears and it's a lot better

When you shifted was it okay?


Let me give it a ride really quick.

I thought so.

Okay. Yeah. It's good now.


We fixed it, yeah.

I'm wondering why you seem so unwell and that's

Okay, cool. So go ahead and hop back on.

Okay. No hopping.

Okay. So we're going to show you here. Here's your power button right here. You just push that.


Now you're...

Push the...

Don't push anything actually.


I'm just showing you, this is what you would push to turn it on and off.

Oh, the one at the bottom?



So now you've got your screen on, you've got your five levels of pedal assist here. You're in one, you can always go to zero if you want, which means the motor's disengaged.

Uh-huh (affirmative). So that's kind of like gear, right? The zero to five is like a gear, it changes speed?

Oh, it's power output.

So it's speed?


Yeah. Oh, okay.

It's how much power the motor's going to give you.

Oh, okay.

So in this case, though, this is only related to the pedal assistance. It's not related to the throttle. The throttle is just going to be based on how much you engage or disengage the throttle. So we'll put you in level two, right. And go ahead and just take it for a spin. You can go to the end of parking lot. We'll see what you think.

Oh wow.

No comment. You want to know about pre-orders for the

Woo! Well, it takes off.

We have to follow up. If you want to drop a comment in there or we'll actually get back to you about the comment. I don't know if is watching from our customer service team. She could asked our pre-order team about when that's coming.

Wow. It does take off.

Yeah, huh?

Yeah, I don't really need to pedal too much.

I mean, if you can also go down to level one.

Oh, okay.

And this is pretty flat ground here so if you're on steep inclines or things like that-

I see.

... you'd want to want to increase the output.

I live in the Sanford in the valley. Everything's pretty flat not like up here. It's all mountains.

So if you want to spin around then too, we can get you to use the throttle here. I'll spin around for you.

Okay. All right.

Okay. So go ahead, give it one more shot. And just don't pedal at all or get pedaling a little bit and then once you're moving, just stop pedaling and use the throttle by your thumb.

Okay. All right.

Hello to everyone watching Pamela Collins, Diane Mastov, hello from San Clemente, California. We can't ship to Canada, but you could ship to the border and bring it across or have another third-party service to it.

Okay. All right. Oh, that's pretty cool.

Yeah. Fun, huh?

Yeah. You can control it along the curve too which is kind of nice. It's like a motorcycle.


The more speed you put on the better control on the curve.

And you said you used to have a Harley at one point?


Yeah. So it's fun because you can choose how to ride it. If you want to one day ride as a bike, the next day use the pedal assist or the next day use the full throttle.

Uh-huh (affirmative). Yeah. That's really cool.

Cool. Anyone else wants to... Or who wants to go next first?

I want to try it.

Okay. So Greg's up next? And so Greg where are you from again?

I am from the city of Orange.

Greg's from the city of orange, we'll get you the mic here.

There you go.

And last time you rode a bike?

It's probably about three years ago.


I've got a very nice bike sitting in my garage with flat tires right now.

And you've tried an e-bike before? One time?

One time. I went and tested it out.

What was it like? What store was it at?

Bike store, downtown Orange. I don't even know the name of it, but it's a major bike store.

And was it like a 26 inch like this or was it a little?

It was probably about the size. Yeah.

Okay, cool.

Yeah, I think so. It was fun.


It was fun, yeah.

What made you not jump into owning that?

Honestly, I didn't know how much they were.


And so that was a bit of a shock. I think when I bought my bike, just a basic beach cruiser, it was $140 or something. So we were looking at these because... The problem with Orange is that it's not as hilly as this, but it's all on an incline. It's just a really slight one. So we would ride our bikes downtown and it was great because it felt like it was flat, but it was going downhill but coming back, always tough. Always tough.

I'm curious at that bike shop, what was the price of the bike? Do you remember?

Oh, you know what? I think they were like $2,400.

Okay. So we've got some options a little bit less right now, our 250 watts, some of what we don't have here started about... We have them right now going for 1200.

That's a good price.

Yeah. And then our highest, our highest 500 watts are 1999. So just under two.


The price range is can go north of 2000 and in bike shops, I don't think you'll find much. You probably won't find anything under 2000 for the e-bikes.

I would imagine that.

in the valley, two to 3000.

Yeah. And up depending on the brand name and the motor and stuff like that. Okay, cool. So I'll let you choose to look at the line-up.

You know what? I love this bike.


I just said, "I got to get a picture with this bike."

That is a cool-looking bike.

It matches his helmet.

Yes, it does.

He said that when you weren't here.

Your color, by the way.

Yeah. It's true.

Yeah. Well, might as well wins right up winning team bike.

That's right. Super bowl bike.

So how tall are you, Greg?

I am about 5'9.

5'9, okay. Almost about the same height as me. So this is another EVRYjourney. If you're just tuning in the EVRYjourney is our forward pedaling design. And we're also here with our riders who are all over to the age of 60 Greg. How old are you?

I am 64 turning 65 in September.

Okay, cool. So he's 5'9. And the EVRYjourney has the ability to have the seat lower to the ground because the pedals are shifted forward. So it's actually great for safety because you can get to pet your feet flat on the ground when stopping but still get ample leg extension when riding. So go ahead and hop on or not hop on, but get on.

Yeah, don't push it, there.

How does that feel?

It actually feels pretty good.

And you can see his back's upright and the bars come into his body. So it relaxes his elbows. That's another benefit of the EVRYjourney. Do you want me to make any adjustments or all good?

It feels great to me.

Okay. Let me see what speed you're in. So you're in third... So go ahead and just do what we've done before. Take it for a ride and get comfortable. And then once you come back, we'll kick the electricity on.

It's a every?




I had a request to do the relaxed body. So keep [inaudible 00:24:13].

Any other questions? We're pretty quiet in the field. The questions field today? Just enjoying the...

Wish you could ship to Canada. I will take pre-orders for the 24-inch e-bike

Yeah. I was addressing that earlier. So with the pre-orders now we're only taking pre-orders for bikes that are actually in the shipping process because of all the delays that have occurred. So we can try to figure out when those are going to actually get on the boats to be over here. But I'm not quite sure of that just yet. Feels good?

It really does. This is the ones that got the pedals forward?


I got to tell you that's a lot more comfortable. Bike seats always end up killing me after I'm sitting on him for a while. But yeah kind of puts my body back.

This feels good though?

Yeah, it does?

And so we've never met before this, right? You don't know me. You're just saying that because that's how you feel.

You're my son. Come on, let's face it. I have never met you in my life.

Okay, cool. I just want everyone at home to know that this is his actual opinion and never been on a 6, 3, 0 before in his life. Okay. So we turn the motor on right here. Now, this is a little bit different.

This one have a little screen.

So we've designed these with a little smaller screen because what we want to try to do is actually make it as inconspicuous as possible.

Makes sense.

So same concept though. You've got your up and down for the level of assistance.


So I'll put you in level two.

All right.

And just go ahead, make a straight line. You can go all the way to the end and you're going to feel as you pedal a little bit that motor's going to kick in.

It kicks in right away.

After one or two pedals first.

Oh yeah, it does.

On the assistance, what I did is I pedaled twice and boom, it takes off.

Yeah. That's why you want to be in the lowest when you're in short-range, parking lots or just turn it off mostly, to be honest. It's good for when you hit that like open road, you really kick in.


Oh, wow. That's fun. Knows how I'm not going to run any of you over. Oh, wow. You got to get used to the stopping, but that's fun.

Yeah. It's really cool.


And then I was going to say, so now you have your throttle, go ahead and pedal and if you want, let's try taking over with the throttle.


And then just stop pedaling completely and you'll feel what that feels like.

All right. Yeah. It's the first time I've ever used put a little in there and it's

He is having a ball.

I can see Irish people experience


Oh, thank you, Alana.


That is really fun.

Do you like that?

Cool, yeah.

So if you want to hop off...

No, I really don't. I'll take this home. Okay. No, that's right.

Offering a one-day special.

That is great.

All right, cool. So who's up next?

I got a warmed-up for you, Mary.

I can't ride that one. I'll just take a really nice picture with it. It's too high.

Alana, you want to get the mic or can you pass the mic to Mary?

Yeah, sure.

I annoyed you.

I'm just going to park this one right in here.

There you go.

Many thanks.

You are a queen.

Testing, one, two, three okay.

I thought those were your school colors look like Michigan to me.

It is Michigan colors. I spent most of my adult youth in the Michigan, but these are my sororities.

Okay, Mary?


So tell how tall are you?


5'3. And how old are you?


72. And last time you rode your bike?

About two years ago, I moved to the mountains and it's up and down, up and down, up and down when it's not snowing.



And you've ridden any bike, you said or not?


Once, you tried it at a store or a friend or?

Friends place.

And what were your thoughts?

Fun. But I was always worried about the price.

Okay. We have a lot of price reservations. The one thing I was going to actually address on the price thing is what I think with e-bikes is you have to take a different frame of reference. And I think Jack can attest this probably too where it's not really a bike, it can be definitely a mode of transportation. So I think when you think about cost, you're referencing it, $150 beach cruiser, it's really not the right mindset. And I think if you're going to use it and let it sit in the garage, then yes, probably the cost, maybe isn't worth it. But if you think you're going to get more out of it because it is electric, then I think it could be worth more. I think which they cost more from a technology standpoint but I think the value back to the consumer is actually worth $2,000, especially in San Clemente and Jack, I'm sure people use it for everything.

And it expands is the possibilities to, you know, go five to 10 miles. I live up here in San Clemente. I rode eight, eight miles down to the beach and when you use the full electric, it's like nothing; you get there and it's like nothing. And I just save myself the car trip, the gas trip. An e-bike like a car is something you could own for two, three, four, five years and service it where $150 bike, you'll keep it but you might just buy a new one as opposed to fixing that one. So it's really a different product. It's a bicycle in theory, but it's a different type of bicycle; it's owned differently, it's taken care of differently. And if you keep an e-bike for one, two, three, four, five years, you're going to get that value back. So I think that's important when you think about buying it if you are going to use it.

I have a question.


Can you take this e-book bike and have... Motorcycles have panniers on the side? So if you want to make a quick trip to the grocery store, you don't want to take a car and you want to do that. Do you have that option on an e-bike?

We do. You should bring out some of our accessories, we can show those too. But so she is just asking, can you put panniers and whatnot on an e-bike? The answer is absolute yes. We have a full range of bags that can be installed; panniers, front bags, rear bags. I mean, there are also so many accessories now, it's interesting. We have our own Sixthreezero peddlers group on Facebook, but in addition to that, the Facebook groups are huge... There are huge groups for everything. I don't know if you guys have ever joined them. And the e-bike sector has literally hundreds of groups now, and I bring this up because there's a lot of like e-bike touring across America or e-bike families.

Oh, wow.


And there's become a huge contingency of people that really set up their bikes in a way that it becomes their mode of traveling or getting across America or in particular, bringing it with your RV places and you set it up. So it becomes your day transportation as opposed to towing a car. You use your e-bike to get around the cities you go visit and stuff like that. So yes, like hundreds of things. And if you join those groups too, you'll just see the plethora of different ways that people are configuring their bikes now.

And there's also a big group of e-bike people like other cars and RV things that do so many custom things, just buy trailers from this and hook up an attachment to a bike or blah, blah, blah. So the answer is yes. And as the segment grows, there's just more and more people getting into it with accessorization. Like Apple products or phones, the more they've become, there are more cases, there are more things, ways to accessorize phone holders, all sorts of stuff.


I have another.

What's that?

I have another question.

Okay. Sure.



All right. You park your e-bike, can anybody start it? Do you have to use a chain? Is there something that you can do to lock it as an e-bike so that somebody can't turn on the electric part of it like you do with a computer and a password? How does that work?

So I'll ask Jack. So do you have an e-bike?

I do, yeah.

Do you leave your bike places?

Yeah, I do. And I use a huge chain, huge. You can't get bull cutter-

Do you have it here?

Yeah. Do you want me to get it?


Yeah. Okay.

Yeah. And then you just hook it up to whatever is available there, guess.

pass it around.

Oh, can I?


She will. We'll just answer the questions though. It's good too. I'll touch on that too. Jack can show the lock he has. I would say two things, one, with most of our e-bikes except the ones that have the internal battery, you can take the battery off.


So if you really wanted to bring that battery in with you.


Oh, okay.

So this, you can't cut through this and it also doubles as a weapon. That's great. It'll just hook around. In fact, we have two, we have this one and we have a longer one as well.

To lock two bikes?

Typically, we park down at the beach, people steal them all the time. So if you chain it up, nobody's going to break into it. So this a Kryptonite.

Yeah, Kryptonite is a great reputable company.

And you're not going to break through this.

The other thing I'll say too, and I don't know if Kryptonite has it, I think they might be on that lock. They have actually an insurance policy.

They do.

Yeah. So they'll cover the cost of your bike depending on the level of locks. So how much was that lock? Do you remember?

I know one of them was 100.


They were not cheap, but it's worth it. You don't watch your bike stolen and people steal them right in the left.

Yep. The other thing I'll say too is because I follow a lot of the forums. There's a lot of talk about insurance and because this is something you can either add it to a homeowner's policy or renter's policy. You might have to add a rider in there, about how you're using it because it's not in the home. But I've also heard how there are actual insurance policies. You can get specific to an e-bike. So that's not necessarily going to prevent it from getting stolen, but it's going to save you the money of it being lost forever. And the other thing I recommend in general with locks in Jack said he has two. Sometimes I would bring two locks as well. So you do one really long one and you can loop it through the entire bike and then you get another one to lock components of the bike together. So you're basically using a shorter lock like that, maybe a longer cable. And then you're just deterring anyone from even taking a look at it.

But just usually around a lamp poster fence, something like that.

Jack, are you carrying it in your saddlebag?

Yeah, in my basket bag. I have a basket bag, my bike there and I just put this in there and food, whatever else in there. I love my e-bike. You were asking, "Do you like..." And it's the best thing we could have bought. I don't care how much it cost because we use it every day. Yesterday I had an errand to run down and I had to go to the post office and could have ridden my regular bike, my car or anything and I got obtain lefty [inaudible 00:36:20] bike.

All right.

It's just a kick. Really fun.

Yeah. I think in California too, it's almost a no-brainer because it's 365 days a year where you can have access to it. But yeah, that's great and the benefit to of these locks is... I was going to say, if you have an e-bike, the e-bike will do the work of towing that. I think having that lock on a regular bike could be a little more daunting because that's going to be...

It's heavy.

That's probably five pounds plus, maybe more. Let me feel it.

It's pretty heavy.

Yeah. I mean, this is probably eight to 10 pounds actually.

He said it's a weapon.

But again with the e-bike, you're not only going to feel that as if you kick on the assistance of the motor. That's great. So great question. So, Mary, you want to give us a shot? Oh, you have a...

Oh, I have a couple of questions.

Okay. Let's do it.

First has to do with weight, I can ride my bike to the bus station.


Then how heavy is this thing? When I put it on the bus or if I have to lift it up onto the train because the trains will let you have an electric bike on the train, not a gas anything but on an electric bike. And I'd love to commute. It's California, we commute. So how light can I make it?

Great question. So we just actually made a video about this and when you're saying this, I'm already thinking of how could we make a better product conducive to your age range and what you can lift. So on our bikes, the one benefit on a lot of these models is you can take the battery on and off. So you would reduce it by eight pounds, the battery's eight pounds. So if you were to bring it on the train, you could take the battery off, either set it aside while you lift the bike in, then bring the battery in after or on a bus, so to speak. The e-bike, what was the weight on the e-bike?

65 pounds

With the battery? So the e-bikes about 65 pounds. So you is about 50... What was that? 57 pounds without the battery. So it is still heavy. Now, the other option is motor sizes and bike sizes. So you can decrease the size of the motor and the size of the battery to decrease the weight. You're just going to limit your range and you're going to limit your speed, but you can go into a smaller range folding bike, which we will have coming out at the end of the year. And I do want to tout Sixthreezero, but those also exist now. So they're smaller e-bikes you can get, what I said though, the difference is you're going to get smaller battery. So it really comes down to why are you using it? Where are you using it? If you are going to go on the train, you might want to look for more of a 20 inch smaller bike that weighs a little bit less.

Quite honestly though, it's not going to get less than say 40 pounds. And I think that's probably even going pretty low. Because with a motor and a battery, those two things are going to equate to 25 ish pounds, no matter what. And then you've got to add in obviously the frame of the bike, the handlebar, the seat, everything else. So I'm hard-pressed to believe you can get below 40 with an e-bike of any substance. There are smaller ones, like 250 watts. Not to plug Costco, but Costco has a 250, 350, very miniature; I think it's like 16-inch wheels and it's going to be good for like two to five miles, maybe 10 miles, but it's not going to be set up super comfortable. And it's miniature.

Is it for children or something?

It's not for children, but it's this micro-mobility where you're on the train and exactly that, maybe you take the train to work, but you have a mile to go.

I see.

And you just can pop that on. Right now our lineup is more geared for the actual rider who wants to get out and ride long distances and they want higher top speeds and bigger range. But there's a huge contingency of exactly what Mary's saying, where it's maybe more transportation-focused, short, they call it last-mile transportation. And to go back to your question of the weight, we can try actually, if you want to feel, let's see like this one,

Here Mary put the mic on.

So this is one.

Thank you.


This is actually a great little demo here.



So for the train, you'd have to get it up the stairs I'm assuming, right?

Yeah. It's about that big.

Okay. So you can try, maybe he put your hand here.


And then see if you can lift it.

Not very well. I can lift it, it's great exercise.

And then, so let's try this because this one has the battery in here and the motors. So let's give this one a try.

I suppose I could just put the front wheel up first and then follow with the second.

And Mary, how old are you again, 71?


72. Okay, great. So let me try this. Let's take the battery off.

Oh, wow.

So go ahead and grab here and try to lift that. See if it feels any lighter, any different.

Definitely lighter. I could definitely get the front wheel up.

Okay. But see, it's heavier in the back because you have the motor now in the rear wheel.


Because then once you put this on... So that's what I was saying, you could take this off and this is super easy and this is the benefit of the removable batteries, which I really like. We obviously have the internal one that Elizabeth wrote. I love the design of it. But if you feel that you'd have the need to remove the battery, this is super simple and you can pop it in it off. So that's why I was saying, if you lock your bike, take it with you because of the batteries... What do we sell our batteries for?


250 and they can go up from there. So this is one of the major costs of the... Actually, this is probably 65% of the cost of the e-bike, 60%? Pete?

No, I mean of the component tree.


Or maybe a little low. That's cost actually not retail. Then you just pop it back and then here are your keys. So I don't know that thieves-

lock it, right?

What's that?

Once you put this...

Yeah, so it's locked. And then you can pop the keys out and take those with you. Now I'm not saying every thief is going to look and see if there is a battery before they steal it. But some may and if they see the battery's gone, is it worth their time, especially with our type of battery,; this shape and design you'd really you'd have to buy them directly from us.



Some batteries they're somewhat universal, so you could buy a different battery. But again depends on the brand and the bike, our battery you need our battery to fit this setup.

So you can take it out and then recharge it somewhere else.

Correct. Yep. That's what I was saying too, is the other benefit is if you wanted to buy an extra battery, keep it in your backpack, and then now you've extended your range to...

Twice as much.

Correct. Possibly 100 miles with pedal assist.


And yeah, there are actually bags for batteries too. Like now already on the market, you can get frame bags to put extra batteries in there. We're going to design a bag back here where you would slide like pizza delivery.


And we'd have a battery slide and up top here kind of thing. So you could have a stacking of batteries, but-

Or pizzas.

... you have to keep it in mind you just add more weight. And that's-

How do you access the built-in battery if you need to replace it at some point?

So that one can come out the bottom.

Oh wow.

So it can be done. It's just not as easy to do it on every ride. It would actually slide out through here.

Can you repeat the questions? The persons [inaudible 00:44:39].

Yeah, okay. So that can be replaced. Just that wouldn't be as easy as an at home. It could be done at home, not as easy as an at-home replacement as a battery like that, basically. So that's the trade-off between the look and you're disguising it. Yeah. All right. So let's get Mary on a bike here and then we can maybe cycle back after questions. So do you want to try this one or do you like something else? Whatever you-

You know what I really like, I like the tricycle.

Sure. Yeah, let's do it.

I've always wanted one that was not an e-bike. That one is like a big basket in the back end. [crosstalk 00:45:21].

We got you covered.

People would see me, right? They'd have to go out the way to hit me.


Actually one of the most popular topics we talk about is seniors in over 60 in tricycles and especially with e-tricycles, there's not a ton of companies that do e-tricycles in an affordable price point. So ours, I think right now is 2200. So it's not much more than the actual standard bikes. This is a 250-watt front hub motor. So the motors here in the front hub. And let me go ahead and drop the seat down for you.

Oh, I see.

And so this one actually has the battery right here.


Is it hard to take out?

No, it's easy. We've actually lost the keys. So because of the COVID and the whole supply chain issues, we've been out of stock of the tricycles for a long time, but this is actually between the EVRYjourney and this is probably a little more popular. It's our most popular e-bike because it's unique. We have some cool color designs. It has the EVRYjourney frame set up. So it's the same forward pedaling setup. And that's kind of the Sixthreezero [inaudible 00:46:44], we do more vibrant colors. So a lot of times you see trikes, you're going to see like gender-neutral whites, blacks. We try to have a little more fun with it.


Silvers, things like that. So this is our navy, which is our most popular. So if you want to go ahead and hop on. But we actually have the electric trikes are coming in, right now they should be available today or tomorrow. And we've been out of stock with them for several months now.

It's a little high.

So that's as low as it goes. So if you can... There you go.


So let me see what gear you're in, you're in second. So if you just want to go ahead and take a spin around the parking lot.

Like a regular normal bike?

Yeah, just like a bike.

Okay. All right.

We should lower the handlebars for her. Oh, don't go down there. Can you get out in the field there and make sure she... Okay. Oh, slow down. Slow down. Okay.

It feels like I'm going that way.

It's because it's sloped. Yeah.

Oh, okay. I'm going to unslope myself.


Okay. All right.


All right.

Yeah. You got to lean. There you go.

Okay. I got to lean way over. I got it.

I think what we'll do on the way back is have you go on the back.


Yeah. Also, the trike's a little bit different.

It is. It's very different.

Yeah. You got to pull the handlebar. There you go. Pull the direction you want to go. There you go.

It's very handle directed, there. When I change the handle, I feel like I got to change my body weight.

Yeah. You actually have to hold the bar direction you want to go on the trike.


That's my pace.

I see that.

We'll have you go back here when I turn the motor on because... Oh, you can stop over here, and then we'll...


But it's flat ground over there so it'll be a little easier By the way Mary's not the first to deal with... The sloped incline on a trike is a little bit more challenging to deal with if you're riding.

Because it's all the way you're aiming. Everything is.

You want to drop the bars a little bit, Pete?


I think these are just... We'll get these a little lower for you, which maybe a little easier. So have you ever ridden a tricycle or no?

Oh, when I was, I don't know, four.

Okay. And when's the last time you rode a bike, did we say?

About two years ago.

Two years ago, yeah.

Just too many hills.

So you've never actually been on... That was your first time riding a trike as an adult?

Yeah. But I love them. I see these people going by doesn't matter what their age is. They're great.


Look, I can go shopping. I can do a lot of shopping.

Yeah. How's that feel? A little better, lower like that?

Yeah. That's much better.

Okay. All right. So let's turn around.

Okay. Upslope myself, I want to turn around and not get too close to the slope. Here we go. Okay.

And then just run members on trikes too, it's helpful to make sure to shift your body weight. I'll get you. Let's keep going. So you're going, try to go back here behind the building.

All right.

Because it's straight back there. And then Pete, can you trail her just to make sure no one... Okay. I think by foot's better, dude. Okay. Stop there. I'm going to turn the motor on for you.



Okay. The motors are on.

Okay. So you've got, this is a throttle, that's going to just make the bike go. If you want to do that.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Otherwise, you have these assistance levels; one, two, three, four, five, I'm going to put you in two.


Just make sure if you get going, it's too fast, dial it back, hit the brakes, but you're going to feel that kick in once you start peddling.

Oh, yeah. As you go wait for the pedal [inaudible 00:51:03].


Okay. Oh, yeah. It's all [crosstalk 00:51:10].

Oh, you don't need to do this. Well, yeah, you go. Okay.



Pete, stay with her.

There we go.

Oh boy. Well, Mary's gone, but I will say the trikes there, it's a different type of riding. And if you've ridden a two-wheel bike your whole life, it takes one or two times out on a tricycle to get a feel for it. We actually have another video on our YouTube channel of another group of over 60 riders riding trikes for the first time.

After this, we had a request for a 5'1 rider on an e-bike and on the relaxed bottom. And Shekia is 5'1.

Okay. What do you think?

car. I think I'll stop.

What's that?

I like it.

Thanks, Pete.

Now that I've figured it out. Yeah.


It is cool.

It it's different though, huh? The trike, but yeah it's...

Oh, yeah. And because when I finally learned to trust that when I steer it will get me away from the slope, I'm fine.


It just took a while to go. Oh yeah, you better steer that way.


Cool. Mary's never been on a trike before first time on an electric trike and she loved it.

I love it.

And what'd you think of the power, did it feel enough? Did it feel fun? Did it feel fast?

It felt like a little too much especially when you get close to a [inaudible 00:52:57], I mean, you got to have to slow down, take your thumb off the throttle, use the brake a little bit, just scoot around slowly, and then put your finger back on the throttle again. It's great.


No, I love it.

And I just want to point out too, Mary, we only had it in level two for Mary and you can see for her that feels like enough power. And if she even wanted, you could notch it up to three, four, five. So I just want to hear the feedback,

On the straightaway, yeah.

Cool. All right. Well, thanks.

Thank you so much.

All right.

I have one more question.


I know that the little electronic devices on the other bikes make sure you how far you've gone. What direction, I guess. Can you put a USB plug on it so I can bring my cell phone with me and not wonder where my charger is?

So actually on this bike, the answer is yes. Do our other batteries have USBs, Pete?

Not the 


This one does though right here. So actually on the tricycle, there's a USB right here.



Okay. Huge selling point for me.

Okay, cool. That's good to know. I like that. Thank you.

Thank you.

I'll take the mic next.

Do you want to... You can post this portion.

Get it?


So here you go Shekia.

Okay, Alana.

You want me to?

Yeah, go ahead.

Oh, man.

I'm going to get some water.

Okay. So we had a request to see how easy or difficult it is to pedal on an e-bike as someone who's 5'1, we're both 5'1, and also a request to see the relaxed bike. So which one do you want to start with?

Okay, so now the relax bike is...

Relax bike, yeah.

Yeah. It's not an e-bike. It doesn't have...

This is a standard bike.

This is a standard bike. Okay.

So you want to do this one first? I'll bring it up.

She's going to bring it up.

You're going to be expending more energy.

I'm going to be... Right. Okay. I don't know who wanted this, but when you go get your bike, you need to just call my name out or something because you can do an e-bike, why do you want to use it manually?

So this one we've only adjusted the seat, we pre-adjusted it. We probably could adjust handlebars a little bit. Let's see how there we go.

 I think it's going to be okay.

Okay. So kickstand up and then you can take it out.

Is it a kickstand up already?

No, I'll do it.

I'm just kidding.

And you know how the brakes work? Right is rear, left is front, so right first, then left

Right first, then left?


Okay. You're right. Okay. Y'all crying.

Good luck.

We'll have the relaxed body e-bike coming at some point.

Okay. So this is the standard relaxed body, but it will be coming in an e-bike form.

End of this year.

End of this year.

I want to just say if you're just joining us too.

Oh, yep. If you're just joining us, we're testing out bikes and e-bikes with our senior peddlers over 50 riders and this is the relaxed body bike. It's a standard bike, so non-electric and Shekia, who's riding the bike right now is 5'1. So you can see it's a pretty good fit. I know she likes it because she's able to put her feet on the ground.

Okay. So this one feels really, really good. It doesn't... You know how sometimes you get on a bike and it stresses your body or something, no, this you can just kind of sit back in it and just kind of...


Yeah, relax. Okay. So it's a testimony to a [inaudible 00:57:03].

All right. Should we try the electric bike?

Oh, which one?

Let's try the trike.


How about that?

Let's try the trike. And then let's also... Are you up for trying it a bike as well?

I will. Okay. You know what? Let's try the yellow... Oh, you got the yellow bike all outfitted.

Yeah, I did.

It's so cute. Yeah, let's try that one.


But we're going to have to lower the seat, I can tell you.

All right. So this is the EVRYjourney internal. This one has the battery in the frame and we outfitted it with the matching bag. So we have the rear rack bag here. We also have a pannier in matching colors, so matches a frame and the [inaudible 00:57:52] and we have the inverse too. And this is the little... What do we call this?

I don't know but you can put your phone right here.

Mini pannier

Yeah. It's like a mini pannier. So you can put your phone here and then this touch screen works through this plastic. And then it has two little pockets.

 a relaxed body.

And this little handlebar bag with two zipper compartments. And let's get the seat lower.

Someone wants to know how much the relaxed body weighs along and tell them we'll break out a scale and weigh it live.

Okay. So someone asked about relaxed body weight, we're grabbing a scale right now, so we'll weigh it live.

Okay, good.


Do you have matching accessories for all the colors?

Do we have matching accessories for every color? We do for the most popular colors. So we have it for the navy, the teal, the black, am I missing one? Of course the cream. I feel like I might be missing one color, but for sure those colors have matching accessories.


All right.

All right.

Has anyone gone over the...

They have to walk me through it. Come on, let's see your

Okay. So this one has a step-through, so the way you mount it is fine, but also you can step through if you want. And the bike is on now. It has three modes standard, which is pedal assist off. So it's just a regular bike, you have to pedal do all the work.


Pedal-assist, the motor kicks in as you start pedaling and there are five levels. So one here is the lowest level, it gives you a little bit of a boost, but you can go up to five, which is... You're basically doing no work at all, the bike's doing everything. And then there's the throttle, which you just hit the throttle, the motor does all the work. You can use it, Azure pedaling or on its own, up to you. But I think we should start in pedal-assist one because you already got to warm up on the relaxed body. So start pedaling after maybe the second downstroke, you'll feel the motor kick in.


If you want more power, you can ramp it up here and then the brakes work the same way.

All right. Okay.

And don't forget to put-

This one feels a little bit higher than the relaxed one.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Yeah, the seat does, but it still feels good.



I think this is the preferred model for shorter riders. This is my favorite to ride.

Okay. All right. Here we go. Woo! Pray.

There she goes.

That's awesome.

Alana, do you have saddlebags that come down?

Do we have saddlebags that come down? Yes, panniers. So let me show one of the panniers that we have. This is the... I'll show the camera in a second.

That was nice. That was very, very, very nice.

Did you adjust the pedal-assist or did you keep it in one?

No, I just kept it in one. One was actually fast enough for me.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah. I don't know that I would want to be going much faster than that.

And I think that thing that Dustin mentions in a lot of his videos, this is a 250 watt. We also have a 500-watt e-bike, but I think for most people the 250 is enough.


And I usually keep it in one, because I like to feel like I'm doing a little bit of the work.

Just a little bit of the work.


Okay. But yeah, this was really nice. This was wonderful.

And you didn't feel like it was too big or what did you [crosstalk 

Oh, no. Uh-uh (negative). Like I say, it feels much like the relaxed one. I think I might want the seat to come forward just a little bit, but other than that it was perfect.

Oh, we can tilt the seat.

Yeah. That's something that can be adjusted.

Yep. So it was a good fit.

Great. Awesome.

And we just weighed the relaxed body. It's 38 pounds.

So the relaxed body is 38 pounds. There's the scale for proof. Stick around after the live we're going to [crosstalk 01:02:22].

And so that's without a motor, right?

Yeah. That one's without it.

Yeah. Okay.

And then we had a question about the panniers, so let me bring out one of these bikes. I'll just put this here. So this is the navy and teal pannier. It has these snaps to attach to the rock and...


Oh, okay.

That's simple.

Each pocket expands. It has an outer zipper. So you can use it a lot if you want to go grocery shopping or something.


And then you take it off, you can carry it around handy. And then we have this to match the navy, the teal, the cream, and the black bikes.


So Jack's are last rider.

All right.

Yeah. Because he's a pro.

He is a pro.

He's a pro no pressure, but... [crosstalk 01:03:30].

We should put him on the tricycle and see how [inaudible 01:03:34].

That's a challenge.

A real challenge.

I think so. Because it will feel different.

No, let him try one of [crosstalk 01:03:41].

Yeah, okay.

Go, Jack, go Jack.

Let's switch off the mic.

Come here, Jack.

This one's caught my [inaudible 01:03:53].

Okay, here.

Thank you. I'm going to try this.

That's fine Jack. Bring it back.

I'll bring it back

Back after a quick water break.

We're loving the colors.

I know. I know it's such...

So Jack's our rider that he owns his own e-bike. I see the brand, but we don't mention that on Sixthreezero.

There's no brand on.

So he's an experienced San Clemente rider, uses it for... Almost daily, do you use it?

Oh, probably two or three times a week.

Two, three times a week?

Mm-hmm (affirmative). Love going down the trail.

You can just leave that like that. It's fine.

It's okay. So it's already on and where's your throttle? ,

Throttle's there and then let's get it all turned on for you.

Oh, yeah. That would help.

Do you know how many watts your e-bike is?


Okay. So the frame setups actually are going to be very similar other than we have a little different handlebar, it looks like. And then do you want the handlebar up a little bit?

It's fine.

How tall are you?


6 1?


And how old are you Jack?




No, I'm saying you're great, great shape. That feels good to you, the height of the handlebars though?

Yeah, it's actually good.


It's like my [crosstalk 01:05:10].

Have at it then.

... shot.

Wow. Jack's going for it. Kids are screaming. I hear they're yelling at Jack. I'm just kidding.

This is great. I'm going to keep riding this for a couple of hours.

He's got [inaudible 01:05:48] tires.

What? Oh, it looks, I think I know the...

What I like, it's really responsive.

How do you like those handlebars? Because I'm looking at your bike, handlebars are a little bit different.

This is more comfortable.

You like them better?

Yeah, I do. I do like them better. Maybe it's just the way it's set up, but it's very comfortable.

That's cool. I'm glad to hear that.

Yeah. It's lighter. So it's easier to maneuver too. I love it. This is nice.

The frame on the EVRYjourneys and actually all of our e-bikes that are here except for the around the block are all-aluminum frames. So they're going to be light other than the electrical aspects like the battery and the motor.

And this was set on three so it goes up to five?




Yeah. That's cool.

Do you want to try it on five?

Let me try it.

Okay, go for it.

Stand back.

Okay. We will. Yeah. So he went up to level five.

Oh, he did.

Oh, this is fun. I like it.

Not necessarily pedaling more, but you'd want the bike to be in a higher gear so you can get... Because the motor's going to move the pedals more but if you're in a lower gear, you're going to be pedaling too fast where the motor would be doing all the work. So if you put the bike into seven and you put into a pedal-assist five, that's when you can really start to go fast, like 25, 26, 27 miles an hour. But you need it to be harder to pedal with the more assistance so the motor's not out pedaling you, so to speak.

And you don't want to necessarily start in five.



Yeah. It's harder.

My wife did that, the first time she'd gotten on one crash right into trash cans.

Oh really?

Yeah. Because somebody had it set for five.

Got it.

She'd never ridden one before and hit the throttle and boom. So you always started off in like two or three.


And just ease into it. But you'll have figured it out in half an hour.

I think that's interesting. That's why with everyone here, I started you guys in like two or three and most of you felt like that was a pretty decent amount of power.

Oh, absolutely. Can you change the power while you're riding?

Yes, of course. Yeah. So you can do whatever you see fit. As you go up a hill, you can put into five, because you're going to want that more power when you get down a hill. The other thing about that with changing the assistance levels is if you don't need the motor, you want to preserve the battery. So when I ride, if I'm on flat ground, I try to use as little pedal assist as possible based on what's comfortable for me in the moment. If I'm tired, sure I'll crank it up, but I try to use or save that juice so to speak for the hills and things like that. So you're strategic in how you use your assistance levels, which will translate to preserving the battery, which says him for an electric car if anyone has an electric car.

But if you really want to get the most range out of a battery, you can not accelerate on uphills as hard. You kind of see that red line and the little barometer on how much energy you're using. E-bikes are no different really. And that goes back to the range question, how much range do you get? This is a question we get a lot about e-bikes. I really think the number one factor with the range of e-bikes now is rider weight, which is actually overall weight overall weight that bike is towing or it has on, there is going to affect how hard the motor needs to work and how much battery juice it needs. So we say with our bikes, the 500-watt pedal assist you're going to get 30 to 50 miles and the throttle you're going to get about 10 to 25 miles; could be more, could be less. It really depends on where you're riding, how you're riding the rider weight.

The other thing I've noticed too is I tow my kids in a trailer and it's a lot more work on that motor when the weight is behind the bike versus on top of the bike because you're towing. So it's a huge variation. And quite honestly, there's no exact number, any e-bike company that says there's an exact number you're going to get out of a charge, it's a complete lie. It really is true because it's totally terrain-dependent. And for anyone that has an electric car too, it's the same. They put an exact number on your car. I've had three electric cars now and if I go on the 73 freeway, we've all been on it, it's very hilly, that number will drop. I might go two miles and that number might drop 10 miles. Even though it said it wouldn't drain that much juice. So same is true for e-bikes but you'll get used to it. I'm sure Jack has too. You'll learn your range and you'll sort of intuitively know I get this much out of this much, if I do this, I can save this much.

And then the other option is for $250, you carry an extra battery, which I know a lot of people that do that because now you've just expanded your rides so much more where you can go, what you can do. And it's a lot of fun.

I have a friend that does that. He regularly rides 60 miles.

Yeah. How old's your friend? About the same age as you?

No. I don't think anybody is old as me. He's 60.

Okay, 60, but yeah, he's doing 60 miles on a Z bike. That's what's really cool. I mean, especially here in California, we have all the coastline. Up north is obviously better like Redondo, you could take the strand all the way to Santa Monica. All right. So we're past one, right?


Are there any other questions or do we want to call it a day?



All right. Cool. Well, thank you for coming and watching our over 60 riders. Two people experienced e-bikes for the first time. One rider experienced an electric tricycle for the first time and our other riders just get deeper knowledge and experience with the e-bikes. It was a lot of fun. I hope you guys had fun and enjoyed the ride.

Love the answers.

If the price wasn't an issue, would you get an e-bike today?

Oh, definitely.




So don't let price be the inhibitor because it could unlock the serious journey and brings me to my next point, download our app. We've got our people pedaling tracker now. We're trying to ride 150,000 miles this year so we want everybody to download the app. Any miles that you log in to our app will be counted in there. And for every 25,000 miles ridden we're given away bikes to different people to help get them people pedaling. That's our mission here. So we'd love to have you be a part of it. So thanks again. Thanks for watching. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience, enjoy the ride.


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