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Seniors Explain What They Like About Electric Bikes | Ebikes, Electric Trikes, Why Seniors Love Them

Hi, I'm Mike. I'm 68 years old and I've been riding an e-bike for the first time today. And I'm going to take a little ride here. What I like about it, just starting off, easy controls, and you'll see as I just touched this lever, power kicks in, and off I go. At a pretty good clip too, this isn't slow by any means. Boom. That's simple.

Hi, I'm Kelly and I'm 5'3". And I'm trying out this e-bike for the first time. I haven't been on a bicycle for at least 10 years, so here we go. And I have the e-assist all on and it kicks in right when I start pedaling, there I go. I love the idea that I can go for much further distances without a whole lot of effort. I really like this. It's fairly easy to use. It took a little adjustment to get used to the throttle and all that, but once I did, and now, I'm on with no assistance. Now, it's just me. Look at this. How fun is that? Feeling the breeze on my face. Yeah, wonderful. I can go to so many places with this.

Hi, I'm Allison and I am 70. I'm 5'4.5". And I've never ridden one of these things before. I rode bikes a lot as a kid, so this was exciting, and this is much easier to use. You just hit this throttle and way we go. It's easy. And one thing I really like about this is a couple of things. One, the seat doesn't hurt my butt. Anybody that's ridden a bicycle, for any length of time, your butt starts to hurt. These seats are really comfortable, really comfortable. And the other thing is if I have to pedal much, my hips start to hurt so I can't go very far and it goes fast, faster, slow as I want, which is great. So if I'm raising my grandkids, I can race them. Yeah, there we go. And if I want to slow down, I just hit this little thing, the brakes right here, it's real easy to stop. You feel like you're not going to be able to stop at first because it goes pretty fast when you hit the throttle, but it's easy. Easy, easy-peasy. I love it.

Hello, my name is Armand and I'm 76 years old. And today is my really first experience with an e-bike. I have balance problems, so I'm using this three-wheeled bike here with a 250. It's a lot of fun. Hang on, here I come. And the assist takes over. What do I like about this? I can see driving this in my neighborhood. I can see all my friends driving this.


Is it.


This is a lot of fun. I like the way it corners. I'm really very happy with this bike. I'll tell you what, all you seniors out there, just the bike you want.


Here he comes.

Ease it back into my parking space here.

That's right.

There we go. This is a great bike. Y'all need to get one of these.

I think the thing that I like most about this e-bike is the pedal assist. Whenever you need it, whether going up a hill or anytime you might be tired or what have you, you just press a lever here, little thing, and gives you a nice boost whenever you need it.

I have. And I think what I like the most about it, well one, the seats are really comfortable. Anybody who's ever sat on a seat for the length of time on a bike, your butt hurts. And these, these are comfortable. And also, when I ride a bike for a length of time, my hips start to hurt, so I have to stop riding. And with the assist, when I start to get tired, I just hit it and I don't have to worry about my hips hurting. It's great.

Yeah, I like the idea that I can go further distances. So if I want to just ride the bike normally without the e-assist, I can do that and get the exercise. But then I'll put on the e-assist, and I can go further and faster to go visit friends and stuff that I normally would have to hop in my car and do. So I think this is fabulous.

What I like about this bike is the e-assist is awesome. It's going to get a lot more seniors out of their houses, onto a bike out there, getting some fresh air, going around. You're going to make more friends, you're going to have fun. But this bike is very comfortable to drive. And if we can get more people out there riding a bike, this is the one they want to ride.

So that's what we seniors love about these e-bikes. Thanks for watching.


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