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Semi Recumbent EBike that Fits Riders 4'11" to 6'2"! Watch as We Size

Today we're going to fit and size riders 4'11 to 6'2 on the Relaxed Body Semi-recumbent e-bike. This is an awesome e-bike that allows you to accommodate varying rider heights. So we're going to go from 4'11 to 6'2, and show you how we adjust it perfectly to each rider, so stick around.

Dustin: Okay, we've got Suzanne up first who's 4'11. She's got a 24-inch inseam and 14-inch, 17-inch arms. So go ahead and have a seat. All right. And how's that?

Suzanne: Pretty good. Yeah, it feels good.

Dustin: I can lower it a little more actually if you want.

Suzanne: Actually this feels, this feels good.

Dustin: Okay.

Suzanne: Like relaxed and not like I'm reaching.

Dustin: It's called the relaxed body. Well, there you go. How about the handlebars? I can tilt them.

Suzanne: Yes, I think those a little closer would be good.

Dustin: Okay. 

Suzanne: Yeah, that's great. Awesome.

Dustin: There you go. 

Suzanne: All right.

Dustin: So this is, the cool thing about the relaxed body is you have a lot of ability to customize. You have the stem here. You can bring it closer. The seat can go very low to the ground. Can you just put your foot on the pedal to show me what that looks like? There you go. So she can reach the pedals, with no problem. So we've got a good fit for her as a 4'11 rider. It's just a great option for 4'11 riders looking for an e-bike. Let's move up to our 5' rider. Okay, now I'm here with Ashley who's 5' tall. She has a 29-inch inseam. And what was your arm's length again?

Ashley: 19.

Dustin: 19 inches. So she's got longer legs for her height. So if you want to go ahead and get on, I raised the seat a little bit for her. Now does that still, put your right foot on the ground for me. So that still looks a little low actually. So what I'm going to do for her is I have an extra seat with a longer seat post, which the relaxed body comes with two seat post lengths. We're going to slide that one in, raise it for her, and see how that works. Okay. So we've swapped to the longer seat post and raised it. Give that a shot. It may be too long, but we'll see. Or too high. Try to put your foot down. Okay. A little too high. I'm going to lower it just a touch. So maybe get off again. Sorry.

Ashley: Okay.

Dustin: Okay. Try that. 

Ashley: That was good.

Dustin: Yeah. How do you like the handlebars there? You can put them up. We can bring them maybe a little closer, but Okay. There we go. Let's see. So her back is nice and relaxed, good arm position, and her feet are down safely on the ground. So we've got a good fit for her as our five-foot rider. Let's move up to our five-foot-one rider. All right. Okay. Now we're here with Victoria. She has a 29-inch inseam and 17-inch arms, and she's five foot one. So if you want to go ahead and step in. Okay. So it is a little bit low. We need to raise the seat just a touch. Okay. So if you want to get off again, we'll go ahead and raise this. Okay. All right. Let's see. Where do we want this to be? We're going to switch seat posts for her as well. Make this a little bit easier. Okay. Let's try right about there. Okay. Go ahead and give that a try. That looks pretty good to me. Go ahead and sit back on the seat. There you go. Now, how do the handlebars feel?

Victoria: More this way.

Dustin: More this way? Okay. Okay. Go ahead and find where you like it. Yeah. Okay. Perfect. So we got a nice fit. She's going to get good leg extensions when riding. Let's see here. Put your foot down on the pedal. There we go. Perfect. Arms are nice and relaxed. Does it feel comfortable?

Victoria: Yeah.

Dustin: Yeah. All right. So we've got a good fit for her at five one. Let's move up to our five-foot-two rider. Okay. Now we're here with Katie who's five foot two. She has a 27-inch inseam and 16-and-a-half-inch arms. So we may need to lower the seat because your inseam is shorter than our previous shorter rider. So go ahead and try to get on and see how that is. That's pretty good. Does that feel okay? Too high? We probably should lower it a little bit. So go ahead and step off and let me see if we need to change to a shorter seat post or perfect. That should be just about right for you right there. Okay. Go ahead and try that. Better? And how are the handlebars for you?

Katie: I kind of like it, but maybe a little closer. What do you think?

Dustin: Closer. Well, we can, let's see. We can do a couple of things here. Let's see. Okay. Let's try. You can bring them down like that.

Katie: I think maybe up was good.

Dustin: Okay. And we can also raise it. So let me grab a tool to raise it and we'll try that. All right. Let's try to raise the handlebars a little bit and see how you like that. Better? Worse?

Katie: Yeah, that's nice. I like it.

Dustin: Okay. Let's see. So let's tighten that down. All right, there you go. So yeah, we can raise and lower this handlebar stem. We can tilt and then we have this arm right here that can bring the bars back a little bit as well. So it's a good fit for her. The feet are down. Does it feel comfortable? Her arm's nice and upright and her arms are relaxed. So let's move up to our five foot-three rider. Okay. Now I'm here with Stephanie who's five foot four, three, and she's got a 26-inch inseam and 17-inch arm length. So go ahead and step on. So she's got a shorter inseam than our previous rider. Okay, perfect. She's got her feet in a good position. How do the handlebars feel?

Stephanie: Good. I wouldn't want them much further. 

Dustin: Okay. We can bring them a little closer if you want to try that. Sure. Okay. Feel comfortable? Yeah. All right. So you can see even with her shorter inseam we were able to bring it down for her and get a nice comfortable riding position. So let's move up to our five foot-four rider. Okay. Now we're here with Maria who's five foot four. She's got a 28-inch inseam and 18-inch arms. So if you want to step on, we'll see if we can get the right fit for you. Okay. How do your feet feel? Okay. And how about the handlebars?

Maria: It could be a little further away from me.

Dustin: Okay. Okay. Go ahead and grab on there and find what is good for you.

Maria: Here.

Dustin: Okay. Perfect. So there you go. So Maria's got a little longer arm. She likes the bars just a little bit farther away. So we got a good fit for her at five foot four with 28-inch seam and 18-inch arms. Let's move up to our five-foot-five rider. Okay. Now I'm here with Tasha who's five foot five. She's got a 19-inch inseam. Tasha: 29.

Dustin: 29 inches. Sorry. Right. 29-inch inseam, 18 and a half-inch arms. So if you want to go ahead and step in. So I think, yeah, we should raise it just a touch for you. Okay. Let's bring it up maybe right about there. Okay. Go ahead and give that a try. That seems better. And how about the riding position, your arms?

Tasha: It feels a little bit close.

Dustin: Do the bars feel close?

Tasha: Yeah.

Dustin: Okay. So you can go ahead and. Okay. We can also lower them if you want the bars lower.

Dustin: I think it's okay. It's whatever feels good for you. I mean she's got a nice bend in her arm. She's not reaching. Her back looks upright. The feet are in a good position. So it looks like a good fit to me. So let's move on to our five-foot-six rider. Okay. Now I'm here with Madeline. And Madeline, what was your inseam?

Madeline: 33.

Dustin: 33. And your arm length?

Madeline: 19.

Dustin: 19. Go ahead and step on. How does that feel? Do you feel too far up on your tippy toes?

Madeline: No. I sort of like it this way.

Dustin: Okay. Okay. And how about the handlebars?

Madeline: They feel good too.

Dustin: Okay.

Madeline: I mean they could maybe, maybe a little. 

Dustin: Closer? Or farther?

Madeline: No, further actually.

Dustin: Further.

Madeline: Yeah. 

Dustin: Okay.

Madeline: Tiny bit.

Dustin: Okay. Go ahead and find the position that you like.

Madeline: I would say right about here.

Dustin: Okay. Let me just. All right. Feels comfortable?

Madeline: Yeah.

Dustin: Cool. So yeah. We got the seat. Same position as our five-five rider. We adjusted the bars a little bit for her arm length. I think we've got a good comfortable fit for Madeline at five-six. So let's move on to our five foot seven rider. All right. Now we're moving into our taller riders from five foot seven to six foot two. As you can see, we've got a lot of range here on the relaxed body to accommodate different height sizes. So let's get right into it. Okay. We're with Peter now. He's five foot seven. He's got a 30-inch inseam and 19-inch arms. Go ahead and have a seat. Okay. Let me see where your foot is. Do you want to raise the seat? You think? No. How do you like the handlebars? Cause we can.

Peter: Maybe a little. Yeah.

Dustin: Yeah. There you go. Comfortable, isn't it? So nice. You can dial it in. All right. We got a good fit then for Peter at five foot seven. Let's move up to our five-foot-nine rider. Now we have Jason at five foot nine. He's got a 30-inch inseam and 21-inch arms. Go ahead and sit down. Yeah. How do you feel about the handlebars?

Jason: They're good. They could maybe go a little forward. 

Dustin: Let's try it.

Jason: Not too much, but just a little.

Dustin: Okay. Give it a shot. Move them where you want them.

Jason: Right there. 

Dustin: Yeah. Perfect. Yeah. You got a nice upright back. Relaxed arms are a good riding position. Yeah. Cool. We got a good fit for our five nine riders. Let's move up to five 10. All right. Now I'm with Travis. He's five foot 10 and he's got 29 inch inseam and 21 inch arm. Go ahead and have a seat. Okay. How does that feel? Raise it or anything or yeah. How do you like the bars right there? They can tilt in more.

Travis: Probably out.

Dustin: Out. Okay. Okay. Give that a shot. Okay. There you go. So the cool thing about these bars too, is if you like them closer, they can come in. But if you like that up high, like kind of ape hanger feel, you can move them away. So got a good fit here for Travis at five 10. Let's move up to five 11. All right. We're with Kyle now is five 11. He's got a 27-inch inseam and 22-inch arm length. Right? Go ahead and have a seat. I think we should bring the seat up a little bit for you. Okay. So go ahead and get off and we'll raise it. Okay. Let's see. Find the line here. Okay. Okay. Give that a shot. Might be too high actually. Let me bring that down just a touch. Okay. Try that. And remember, you're going to get the leg extension because the pedals are moved forward. So put your right foot on the pedal.

Kyle: Yeah. That feels much better.

Dustin: Okay. And how about the handlebars? Do you like them closer to you?

Kyle: I think for a leisurely ride, this would be good.

Dustin: Okay. Yeah. There you go. Yeah. He's got nice relaxed arms and an upright body. Looks good. Feels good.

Kyle: Sure does. 

Dustin: Cool. All right. Let's move on to our six-foot rider. All right. Now I'm here with Braxton. He's six feet tall. He's got a 33-inch inseam and 22-inch arms. Go ahead and have a seat. So I think maybe bring the seat up a little bit. Okay. Let's do that. Give that a shot and then put your right foot on the pedal. Yeah. You're still going to get good leg extension. Perfect. How do you like the bars like that? Do you want them away?

Braxton: It's a little bit close. If you could go out a little bit more, that'd be great. Dustin: Okay. Go ahead.

Braxton: There it is.

Dustin: Cool. All right. Yeah. Feel comfortable?

Braxton: Yes sir. 

Dustin: Cool. Good fit for Braxton at six feet. Let's move up to six one. All right. We got Mike at six foot one now, 32-inch inseam, 30, 23-inch arms. Go ahead and have a seat. Want the seat a little higher maybe?

Mike: Yes. You can probably go a little higher.

Dustin: Okay. Okay. Give that a shot and then bring them into your body a little more. I tend to agree with you. I like them closer, but it seems like it's everybody like that.

Mike: Yeah.

Dustin: Yeah. I agree. All right. There we go. How does that feel? Comfortable? Yeah. All right. Mike at six one. Good fit. Let's move up to our final rider at six two. All right. We're with Ryan now. He's six foot two, 33-inch inseam, but maybe a little bit taller, but we're going with 33. And what was your arm measurement? Ryan: 24. 

Dustin: 24. Go ahead and step on. Okay. Yeah. We could try to get the seat up a little higher if you think.

Ryan: Yeah. Maybe a little bit.

Dustin: We're getting, we're getting about to the limit here. Yeah. All right. Try that. Put your right foot on the pedal there for me. Yeah. I mean, 'cause you got the forward pedals.

Ryan: Yeah. 

Dustin: And how do you like the bars there? Cause we could bring them into your body a little more too.

Ryan: No, I like them here.

Dustin: You do?

Ryan: I like them here. 

Dustin: Yeah. Cool. Feels comfortable. 

Ryan: Yeah.

Dustin: Awesome. We've got a good fit for Ryan. Then at six foot two, it concludes it sticks around for the summary. Okay.

So you just watched us fit and size the relaxed body to our riders from four 11 to six foot two. We don't have all the riders back here with us right now, but if you have any other questions at all about the relaxed body, go ahead and reach out to us at or call us at (310) 982-2877. If you want to find out more information, check it out on our website. In addition to that, we have a 30-day test, ride your e-bike policy. If you don't love it in the first 30 days, send it back. No questions asked no money out of your pocket. In addition to that, we're going to warranty everything for one year. Anything goes wrong in the first year. We take care of it. Parts and labor. Lastly, join our Facebook group, sixthreezero pedalers. We've got thousands of members in there to connect with our existing riders before you purchase. Then when you have your e-bike posting the group, make friends, it's so much fun. So thanks for sticking around and don't forget it's your journey or experience. Enjoy the ride.


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