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Safest 3 Wheel Electric Bikes for Beginners

Adult tricycles, also known as 3-wheel bikes, have become increasingly popular over the past several years among senior citizens and anyone who wants a stable, comfortable ride while doing errands and commuting. 

Some people might have forgotten these bikes existed since they had their own as a child with tassels on the handlebars. Or they might have seen only older people riding them since they offer excellent stability and support balance and safety while getting vital exercise, but you certainly don't have to be a senior citizen to love them and buy one.

Just look at photographs of actress Helena Bonham Carter riding around doing errands or riding with her children in tow on her adult trike, and it seems like a pretty hip and trendy option.

And today's adult trikes aren't like the typical models of the past. You'll find a vast array of frame styles, finding that people are using them for sports and off-road type adventures and more.

What's even better is that there are now 3-wheel electric bikes to ramp up your options and keep you safer than ever out on the road or trail. 

Learn More about 3-Wheel Bikes 

One of the best way to do errands and haul things around is by using an adult tricycle. But even better, they allow you to go out for a ride and relax without having to worry about stability, balance or working out. Three-wheel bikes let you go out for a leisurely ride around the park or on the trail, and they make it easy to take a quick trip to the grocery store, stowing all your goods in the roomy rear basket, couched between the two rear wheels.  

They're also wonderful if you have young children or pets you want to take with you on your rides or errands. The spacious rear area makes it easy to fit in an extra secure child safety seat or tuck your pup into the basket.

Learn How 3-Wheel Electric Bikes Might Work Into Your Life 

While there are many purists out on their bicycles, thinking it would be strange to add an electrical component to their riding experience, many others are saying "Why not?" Seriously, why not add more dimension to your bike by choosing electric? Many people relegate their bikes or adult trikes to "exercise machines," potentially causing them to avoid their three-wheelers much of the rest of the time. 

Buying an electric adult trike means you can use your 3-wheeler for so much more. You can still get all the exercise you want while keeping your trike in manual mode, but if you need to get someplace on time or quickly at the last minute, switch into electric mode, and zoom away. You don't even need to break a sweat when you have an electric bike. 

Here are some ways to get the most out of your electric 3-wheel bike: 

  • Use it to commute to and from work, avoiding the stress of driving a car or riding a two-wheel bicycle. 
  • Do your errands, such as going to the grocery store, dry cleaner or library.
  • Ride it to dinners or other social events without messing up your hair, makeup, or suit and tie.
  • Enjoy the comfort, stability and speediness of the combination of electric bike and adult trike.
  • Relax and hold the handlebars more gently, and pedal more casually.
  • Mount and dismount with ease and comfort. 
  • Take pride in going against the grain and choosing an electric trike because it fits your needs and personal style.
  • Fit more into your rear basket storage area than a standard rear pannier and bags or front basket on a two-wheel electric bike.

The Safest # 3-Wheel Electric Bikes for Beginners 

Regardless of your age or experience with bicycling, you might need some advice when shopping for your first adult 3-wheel bike. We want to offer you some options that will suit your needs and abilities and provide all the safety you're looking for when you start pedaling your 3-wheel electric bike. 

Let's explore our top # favorite electric adult trikes we think you'll love for their safety factors and much more. 

2. Viribus Adult Tricycle 

The Viribus Adult Electric Tricycle is best suited for flat, paved surfaces and features sturdy, carbon-steel construction and a reliable, step-thru frame.7 This 3-wheeler has a safety focus, but what else does it offer?

Let's look at the highlights of this adult trike: 

  • The large rear basket has a 220-lb load capacity.
  • Sensitive front and rear brakes give you the confidence to travel at your desired speed, knowing you can stop when you need to. 
  • The tough, durable wheels are made from premium rubber, which translates to less skidding in damp conditions and more stability. 
  • The large fenders in the front and rear prevent water from splashing on you during your commute to work or dinner with friends. 
  • The high-elasticity, cushioned saddle is comfortable for rides of every distance and duration. 
  • The 250-watt motor can keep going for up to 22 miles before requiring a recharge. 
  • The speed goes up to 16 mph for some quick commutes. 

3. Addmotor Motan Adult Electric Tricycle

The Addmotor Motan Adult Electric Tricycle is somewhat unique to the first two entries, offering a unique style its own. Intended for road and mountain biking, the Addmotor provides more stability than your average daily rider might need. Featuring 7-speeds, you can maneuver on more complex terrain than typical adult trikes while also being able to reach 22 mph. 

Let's look more closely at the specs and features of this unique 3-wheeler entry.

  • The high-powered, 750 watts motor lets you soar up hills and carry your grocery load without any undue stress on your bike or the motor. 
  • Reach a fast maximum speed of 22 mph. 
  • It comes with a removable 48V 17.5Ah lithium battery and a USB charging port.
  • Night mode LCD provides nighttime visibility while also showing speed and mileage. 
  • The study design, featuring a 7075 alloy frame, means heavy loads are no problem. 
  • A step-thru frame allows for easy and comfortable mounts and dismounts. 
  • The low standover height allows for a comfortable riding position. 
  • Treat it like a folding bike thanks to the folding-style stem. 
  • The adjustable, telescope handlebars accommodate taller riders.
  • The maximum load for transport is 350 lbs.
  • The large-capacity baskets, front and rear, allow you to balance your load more evenly and according to your preferences. 
  • The fat tires translate to greater comfort and stability. 

4. EWheels EW-29 Electric Trike 

This electric adult trike might actually be mistaken for a grocery store scooter by some, but it has some benefits you might like. Ideal for urban commuting, the EWheels is less about exercise or speed—reaching a maximum of 12 mph—than getting things accomplished quickly and easily without driving your car. 

Let's explore some specifics about this Euro-style scooter: 

  • Features plenty of storage space for grocery trips and more. 
  • A single charge allows you to ride up to 20 miles. 
  • The motor gives you plenty of power to get up to speed and move quickly.
  • Store payloads of up to 400 lbs 

Again, this entry is a little off course from the rest, but it's always good to know about the various types of 3-wheelers out there and available. However, if you want to get some exercise on your 3-wheel bike, this isn't the right option for you. 

5. 3SCORE Electric Fat Trike – Fat Tire Tricycle For Adults

Now we return to our standard adult tricycle options. The 3SCORE offers you a smooth, efficient ride, especially thanks to its fat tires. You can do a manual ride, or you can switch over to electrical mode in a snap. This sharp-looking e-trike comes with front and rear storage spaces, giving you more options when transporting books, groceries, parcels or anything else. 

Here are some specs and features that make this another quality adult trike option: 

  • It features stable, 24-inch tires.
  • The 750-watt geared hub motor and powerful 48-volt battery allow for more than 45 miles of distance and a maximum speed of 30 mph,
  • The included smart charger takes five hours to fully charge.
  • A parking brake offers more security and safety when parking, especially on a hill. 
  • It comes with yellow signals for safe turns. 

6. PFIFF Grazia-Bosch Electric Tricycle

Our final entry to this list is the German PFIFF Grazia-Bosch Electric Tricycle, and it comes with excellent safety features and offers great performance, while still being stylish and practical for daily rides, errands, commutes and more. 

Let's explore the features and specs of this adult trike: 

  • It has a 400-watt motor with the support of a 36-volt battery.
  • It lets you reach speeds of around 15.5 mph for a maximum range of nearly 37 miles on average.
  • It takes about four hours to fully charge the 3-wheeler. 
  • The maximum load capacity is 265 lbs. 
  • It is fitted with double-wall alloy rims and pneumatic tires.
  • The wheel size is 24-inches in the rear and 26-inches in the front.
  • The braking system features V-brakes and a parking brake. 

Are You Ready to Start Your Electric 3-Wheel Riding Aventures? 

We hope we've helped you learn more about 3-wheel electric bikes and what they can do to enhance your riding adventures. Ideally, you recognize that these bikes can work for anyone, not just senior citizens or small children. They're fun and stable, allowing you to do everything from getting exercise to commuting to and from work and so much more. 

Contact our customer service team today if you want to learn more about our electric adult trikes and any other bike style you have in mind.


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