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Best 3-Wheel Electric Bikes for Seniors

Electric trikes are becoming increasingly popular as a form of transportation for adults and especially seniors because they are easy and fun to ride. People prefer them to traditional bicycles because of the numerous benefits.

Seniors can be uncomfortable riding a standard bike due to balance concerns. Bicycles with three wheels are a fantastic alternative, tack on an electric motor, and they are even more of a practical option.

Like any bike, though, there are good and bad choices. What should seniors look for in an electric tricycle, and what are the top-rated models?

What Is an Adult Tricycle?

The adult tricycle, sometimes called an adult trike, is built similar to the traditional bike but with one key exception – it has two wheels in the back and one in the front. Everything else is basically the same.

Most adult trikes have brakes and gears just like a two-wheeler. The two wheels n the back make the bike self-balancing, though. This is very different from two-wheel bikes, where you must maintain balance as you ride and when you stop.

What is an Electric Adult Tricycle?

Electric tricycles add an electric motor to the drivetrain of a standard tricycle. That is, with each pedal stroke, a motor kicks in to provide an extra burst of force to each pedal stroke. You may also ride the tricycle without pedaling at all, allowing the engine to perform the job, similar to an electric scooter.

The sensation of riding a tricycle with an electric engine is extremely natural. Unlike electric bicycles, which can have the motor linked to the front wheel, the rear wheel, or the drivetrain, most electric tricycles only have the engine attached to the drivetrain.

That difference means you won't feel like you're being dragged or pushed forward by the motor, but rather that you're traveling quicker than you would with just leg power.

Why Seniors Benefit from Three-Wheel Electric Bikes

Many associate biking with being young, but more and more seniors are heading out on bike paths, too. Although bike riding is good for you at any age, there are some downsides for some.

Almost 40 percent of all older adults have balance issues. This is one reason older individuals are at risk for falls. That inability to maintain proper balance can limit their mobility.

A three-wheel adult bike takes the balance issue out of the equation. Even a senior can usually manage to ride a three-wheel bike with balance issues.

Some key benefits of a three-wheel bike include:

  • It offers stability that you don’t get with a two-wheeler.
  • It is almost impossible to get off balance on a tricycle. The back wheels support the frame for you, so pedal and steer all you have to do.
  • A tricycle will not fall over easily whether someone is riding it or not.
  • Riders do not have to get off the bike when stopped.

Now, if you tack on an electric motor, you up the benefits significantly. An electric motor ensures the rider can stay on the bike for longer. The motor will assist when pedaling gets difficult and, in some cases, run without you pedaling at all.

What this means for anyone using an electric adult tricycle is you don’t have to struggle when on a hill or to ride against the wind. For bikes that have full-throttle options, you can ride for as long as you want and then let the motor bring you home. That means enjoying more time outdoors.

Having an electric trike may give seniors ways to stay active and independent. They can exercise, use the bike from transportation and enjoy time outside by themselves or with friends or family. This style of electric bike opens up new possibilities for the older individual with balance or mobility issues.

Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Adult Trike

No one bike is the right choice for everyone. There are things you need to consider, whether buying an adult trike for yourself or someone you care about.


There are many benefits to having an electric tricycle, but storage isn’t one of them. These bikes will take up more room than the standard two-wheeler. Consider where you might store the bike when you are not riding it and if you can get to it easily.

The combination of the extra wheel and frame plus the motor means it will be heavier. Ideally, you will have storage space you can ride into, like a shed or garage.

The Motor

The motor is a critical feature whether you are shopping for a two or three-wheel bike. It determines how fast the bike will go. It can also impact the lifespan of a battery charge. You’ll find many of the top-rated electric tricycles has a 250W or larger motor.

The Battery

The battery is also a critical consideration when choosing an electric bike. Many things affect how far the battery will go between charges. Does the trike offer full-throttle assistance, for example? This is a fun option for seniors, but it does use more battery power.

You can expect a 250 Watt Hour battery to take you about 15 miles if you use full-throttle. You will get farther with pedal assist.


Most electric tricycles, unlike electric bicycles, do not have preset electric assistance levels but instead employ either a thumb-driven throttle or a twist-throttle incorporated into the handlebar. Some riders like the twist throttle because it is simpler to manage, especially when traveling rapidly on uneven roads.

The Display

The display provides all sorts of interesting information, including how much time you have left on the battery, how far you ride, and your speed. Some displays are difficult to read, though. Look for one in a place where it is easy to see and offers a large enough display so seniors can read it.

Cargo Space

The benefit of converting to an electric adult tricycle for many riders is that it is simpler to peddle swiftly when carrying loads of groceries or other stuff throughout town. In such a situation, having one or more large cargo baskets to hold all of that stuff might make or break whether your trike is usable on a daily basis.


Of course, you want to consider what accessories you might add to the adult electric trike. For example, they may not all come with headlights. You might also want a horn. It may be possible to add more cargo space, as well.

Most e-trikes on the list have at least one basket, but you might add a second to the front or back, depending on your needs.

The Five Top Electric Tricycles on the Market

Now that you know what to look for consider some electric tricycles that deliver.

2. Addmotor M-350 P7

The Addmotor M-350 P7 combines a three-wheel electric trike and a mountain bike. The trike's most visible feature is its pair of four-inch-wide large wheels, which allow it highly stable handling and the ability to go over potholes and trails without flatting or slipping. All three wheels have a high spoke count to increase longevity, and the front wheel has a disc brake to boost stopping power.

The trike is also ready for difficult road and off-road riding, thanks to a complete suspension system on the front fork. It also hosts a spring beneath the seat to decrease vibrations.

Other features include:

  • 750 W motor – also perfect for mountain biking
  • 48 V battery
  • Led display
  • Twist-throttle
  • Durable, ergonomic grip design
  • Well-padded saddle with backrest
  • Tektro mechanical disc brake
  • Shimano Rear derailleur with 7-speeds
  • Large capacity basket
  • Headlight
  • Pedal-assist and variable speed throttle control

This trike has a front basket, as well.

3. Vamos Papa Grande Electric Trike Bike

The Vamos Papa Grande Electric Trike Bike is available with either a 250W or a 500W motor. With this much power, one may easily reach a speed of 25km/h.

The larger motor options also assure that your e-trike will be able to go longer distances. You may choose between a 35V 15.6Ah or a 48V 15.6Ah battery for longer, safer journeys, as well.

Other features include:

  • Big Stone LCD C300S Display
  • Aluminum Fender Mudguards
  • Rear carrier basket
  • Shimano Acera Deraileur
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Samsung cell lithium battery

The battery sits in the middle of the frame to support the balance of the bike. It comes key-lockable and with two keys per bike. The downside to this e-bike is the price. It costs about twice as much as the first two trikes on this list.

4. Bintelli Trio - Electric Trike

The Bintelli Trio is a trike designed with seniors in mind. It offers a step-through aluminum frame for easy mounts and dismounts. The seat is wide and comfortable, but it does lack the backrest seen on some adult tricycles.

This electric tricycle also comes with a 500W motor for long rides with more power. It can travel up to 20 miles an hour. There are disc brakes on the back wheels to give you more stopping power.

Other features include:

  • Front and rear baskets with wire tops
  • Large LCD digital display
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • 48 V battery
  • Cadence sensing pedal assist
  • Trigger throttle
  • Shimano Tourney TX derailleur with seven speeds

This electric tricycle weighs 102lbs and has a maximum weight limit of 300lbs.

5. Progear E-Free 24" Electric Trike Bike

The Progear E-Free 24" Electric Trike Bike is a practical choice for someone that wants to commute or ride regularly. It comes fitted with a 250W DC brushless front wheel hub drive motor and a 36V lithium battery tucked behind the seat. The low stepover frame allows you to climb on and off with ease.

This bike has a unique feature called a walk mode, as well. This is ideal for individuals who require additional assistance getting started from a standstill or while walking the E-Free up a hill.

Other features include:

  • Shiman RevoShifter with 7 speeds
  • Twist throttle
  • Front alloy V-brakes
  • Read disc brakes
  • Large rear basket
  • Free phone holder
  • LCD display
  • Thin tires

Adult electric tricycles have a lot to offer people of any age. If you want an electric bike that is easy to ride, then a three-wheeler might be a perfect choice. Find out more about adult tricycles at Sixthreezero today!


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