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Riding eBikes through LA Streets Bike Cup Holders

We're on our way to get some lemonade. But first, let's show you our cup holders.

Hey guys, it's [inaudible 00:00:24] and Nate from sixthreezero. We're here in LA and it is super hot. I think it's in the 90s, so we thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to go out on a bike ride. We've got our eBikes here, and maybe get a refreshing drink along the way.

So we thought it'd be a good opportunity to show you the cup holders that we would typically use for a casual ride, something slow, but not too intense. We use Kroozie cup holders. These are really handy. They're easy to attach to your bike, stainless steel. The base is expandable, so it works with all different types of handlebars. It comes in so many different colors, so you can color coordinate with your bike.

So I've got teal to match my teal rims, and Nate has black because he's got the all black bike. Another cool thing is they come with this foam insert, so it keeps your drink hot or cold depending on what you get. Yeah, so we'll put these on our bikes and then head out on the road.

These were pretty easy to install, maybe took about five minutes, maybe less. Let's ride.

All right, I got my lemonade, Nate has his Arnold Palmer. The lemonade here is homemade and it's not too sweet, so it's perfect for a super hot day like today. We're getting bombarded.

Yeah, so we have our cup holders, let's test them out.

So, that just about ends our ride. Our drinks made it safely, no spills, it's still cold. It was about two miles each way, so the whole trip took us about 20 minutes, less than 20 minutes. But it was so nice to get out of the house, even though it's so scorching hot today. The drinks definitely helped us get through.

So yeah, the cup holder was pretty handy, I think something I would definitely keep on my bike. It's really handy for casual rides like this, or maybe going for your morning coffee run. It would be really useful in that case too, and it also served as a great impromptu phone holder. I don't know if you saw earlier, but I stuck my phone in there on the way to Met Her at a Bar, and I was able to use the navigation and I could hear it the whole time. So, that was cool.

But yeah, I hope you enjoyed riding along with us. Make sure to like and subscribe to see all of our future rides.


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