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Ride in the Park Women Bikes

Hi everyone, Dustin here, CEO of Sixthreezero. Want to talk to you today about the women's Ride in the Park. Where's it good to ride, and also what's the rider that's ideal for this bike, so let's jump right into it.

The Ride in the Park is a very classic looking frame, styled very European if you will. This is the most popular looking frame in all of Europe, you would see it all over Amsterdam. Also, back in the '20s and '30s, this was the bike and the look of it. So, talking about it today, what's the ideal circumstance to ride this bike, what type of rider?

The cool thing about the Ride in the Park, as you can see, is it has this really low swooping frame. The reason they did that, back a long time ago was because women wore dresses more frequently. This is a great bike for women that may be commuting in cities wearing work clothes, things like that, that need to get around fast, but something that might be conducive to nice dress attire, things like that. In addition, it's great around the town bike. Short local commutes to your local store, this is a bike that's really popular in L.A. right now, particularly in areas like Venice, things like that, people making short commutes to work, up and down the beach, things of that nature. It differs a little bit from typical cruisers, cause it has much thinner tires, which is going to allow higher speeds, easier rolling, things like that.

I would say if you're in the city and need to get around, if you're doing short commutes, even if you live in neighborhoods, suburban areas, but you want to go places fast and you like a little bit more speed, you're not a hardcore leisurely rider that wants to go really slow, but you like the comfort, but you still want to be able to ride fast as needed, this is a great option.

In addition, it's a great option for someone that wants really easy on and off. I would say, people 40 to 70, this might be a good option if stepping through the frame and getting on and off easy is something that's appealing to you, but you still want to have the thin tires to roll and to move fast on the pavement, again, great option.

Now, this bike, in particular, is paved surfaces only. I really would not recommend it going off-road at all, keep it on smooth flat surfaces, now you could probably ride it on boardwalks, things like that, but this bike is going to do best on smooth paved streets, sidewalks, things like that and that's because of how thin the tires are. Try to avoid too many curbs if possible. Now, it's thick enough to allow for curbs, up and down curbs, but because of the thickness, you're going to feel the bounce of the bike when you go over curbs a little bit more than if you opted for a thicker tire.

So I'll show you a few of the features. You can see, I already mentioned the tires. This is kind of... It's not a super thin tire, like a road bike, it's sort of in-between a road bike and a hybrid bike. We would generally consider this bike a hybrid bike. Other people classify it as a city-bike, that's become a popular term. That doesn't mean you can only ride it in the city, it's kind of how people have just labeled it, but more specifically, it's a hybrid bike. It uses features of a road bike, or a cruiser bike meshes it into one, create something that's a hybrid used for different circumstances. So again, the semi-thin tires, great for a fast roll, easy peddling, they're going to do really well on smooth paved surfaces, going to make it easier on the rider to peddle and gain speed.

This model comes in three, seven, and 21 speeds. So again, you have varying degrees of gear options, depending on how many hills are going to be in your ride, how fast you want to go and what type of shifting system works best for you.

Sliding over here, you can see the seat. Now, the seat is sort of an in-between seat, between our explorer range and our cruiser seats. It's still a really comfortable saddle, but we've tried not to go too large because we want to add a little element of aerodynamic to the seat. Again, on the spectrum, this bike kind of falls a little bit more on the performance side than comfort, but it still has a lot of comfort elements. So, it's not as performance as say, the paved and trail, or even to reach your destination, but it's performance-minded bike with comfort and style elements, and the seat, in particular, we still have the double coil springs, it's still wide, a wide saddle, just not an extra-wide saddle like a cruiser saddle, like the every journey saddle, where it's really all about comfort. With this seat, we're trying to find the balance between comfort and performance, something that will fit those, and we think we've done a good job with this seat here.

You can see also the style in terms of the look of this bike, it's beautiful. It comes in a few different color options and part of why a lot of women like this style it's a classic look, we have modern colors to it, and it's a very clean, elegant design.

Now, looking at the swooping frame, you can see it's a step-through frame. That's a cool feature, especially on a bike like this with thin tires. You're taking the elements of a road bike, the thin tires, and the gear systems, but you're adding the swooping step-through frame, so women who want to get the speed and feel the rush of a road bike can have something with a better style and easier to get on and off. Mounting and dismounting this bike is very simple and easy because you can just step through and definitely you can wear skirts to get on and off of it, so if you want to go out and ride your bike and you want to wear nice clothes, but you don't want to worry things are going to get caught in the chain, or you have to lift your leg to get on and off the bike, all those worries and concerns are alleviated with this model.

The other benefit, comfort-wise is this is going to be a completely upright riding position, meaning your back is going to be back, your arms are going to be here, so no pressure on the lower back, you're not going to be leaning forward, so to get the kind of speed you can get on this bike while still being in an upright riding position, is really cool. And that's why a lot of riders like it if they still want to ride fast, but they don't want to have to be in an aggressive riding position. So it's kind of a unique experience. You blend the thin tires of a road bike, with the styling of a cruiser bike, with an in-between seat between a road and a cruiser bike, and you come up with a hybrid city bike if you will.

Okay, so for anyone that has questions or thinking about buying, you can always contact us at or reach us by phone (310) 982-2877. We're always here to answer any questions you have about technical aspects of the ride or fitting or anything of that nature.

Also, you can always use our body fit tool, go ahead and plug your height and your weight down below on the product page, it will tell you if this bike's a fit for you. And lastly, don't forget, we have free shipping both ways and also 365-day return policy, so if you don't love the bike, you have 365 days to tell us about it and send it back, if you hate it, it's on us. We want to make sure you love your ride. Our goal here at Sixthreezero is to make sure everybody loves their bike.


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