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Ride in the Park Men's Bike

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of Sixthreezero, going to talk to you today about the men's Ride in the Park, where can it be ridden, and who is it best for. The men's Ride in the Park is really ideal for the guys that want to ride fast. It's geared for a more aggressive riding position, but also for the guy that really cares about style. So it's not a traditional road bike so to speak in the sense that it doesn't have an ultra-aggressive riding position and it has a little bit more styling to it.

So who I would say this bike is best for? This is really best for either A, a city rider, someone that needs to ride fast, they're going to be weaving in and out of cars, or they're going to be taking tight turns, things of that nature, commuters, this is a great option for commuters. It has very thin tires. It can roll fast on paved surfaces or also to and from school commuting, things of that nature. So around campuses, it'd be great, especially if you need to go places fast. This bike is not necessarily for the comfort-minded individual. Now I'll talk about it a little bit.

It does have an upright riding position, which is going to be easy on your back, but it's not as upright and relaxed as some of our other comfort bikes or other bikes period that are more comfort-orientated. This bike is a little bit more performance-based. So it's designed with speed before comfort. That's important to know because when you're choosing a bike, you want to make sure it aligns with whether you want comfort or wants speed. So again, this one is designed more on the speed side, less on the comfort side.

So if leisure and recreation and comfort is more important to you, this wouldn't be your best option. But if you do want to zip around, get places fast, also want to have some style to it, this is a great option. I'll explain some of the features that kind of make this bike good for those things. So the first thing you can point out is the seat. This is not our most comfortable seat, however, it is aerodynamic and slim. So it's great for the rider that wants to have an aggressive seat that also looks very performance. So the typical thinner pointed saddle is more of a performance-based saddle, but not comfort-based.

So if you don't do well on thin seats, this one is not good for you. Now, you can always change your seat later. This one comes standard. If you like the look of the bike and you like the idea of the performance, you can always change the seat. That's an easy thing to do down the road. The other thing is... Now the riding position, it's going to be upright, but it's going to be forward just a little bit. So it's not your traditional aggressive riding position like a road bike. It's going to be a relaxed position. Now, not as relaxed as some of our other models like the body ease or the evryjourney, things like that. So this rider wants to be in an aggressive enough position to gain some speed, whether in the city going up hills, things of that nature.

The other thing you can see is the tires. So the tires are on the spectrum, they're way more on the thin side. We have our cruiser tires, which are 2.125-inch tire and this is tires on the opposite end of that spectrum for us. So currently this is the most thin tire that we offer on any of our bikes. It's going to roll fast. It's going to roll smooth. The other thing to mention is that this bike is only to be used on paved surfaces. The tires are way too thin to be taken out on hardpack trails or in grass environments, or things of that nature.

So if you're only going to ride on the streets, a great option for you. I think the other thing to point out about this bike is the style. It's a traditional triangle frame, which has become synonymous with the word city bike. This look has been synonymous with the word city bike. Now that doesn't mean you can only ride it in cities. That's just a term that has popped up in the last few years, but a city bike really is a bike that can go fast, is nimble. It has a certain look, just the triangle frame.

We put a Backrack on there. So if you do live in the city, you can bring things with you. If you're commuting, you can strap things on the back, things like that. In addition, this bike also comes in three, 7-speed and 21-speed options. So it gives kind of a variance. If you're the aggressive city rider and you want a big variance in speeds, you can opt for the 21-speed. If you're going to be riding in the city, but you don't need to go ultra-fast and you're not going up that many hills, a 7-speed is a great option.

Now, lastly, if you're just a recreational rider, but you love the look of the bike, the styling, and the riding position, 3-speeds is a great option. It gives you enough gears to go around and be mobile, but you don't need all the speeds to go all that fast, 3-speeds are very simple and they shift easy. So to summarize, this is a great bike for someone that wants to ride fast, concerned about style. I would not recommend it for someone that prefers comfort over speed. We have better options for that. Take a look at the evryjourney or the body ease. If you have any more questions or want to reach out, please email us at or give us a call at 310-982-2877.

Lastly, look below on the page you can see all the other specs, the measurements, the sizing, and don't forget, enter your height and your weight into a body fit calculator and it will tell you thumbs up, thumbs down if this bikes a fit for you. If it's a thumbs down, reach out to us, we can talk to you about how we can customize it to make it fit your body. Lastly, don't forget we have a 365-day return policy, free shipping both ways. Test the bike if you love it, keep it, if you hate it, send it back. Our goal here at Sixthreezero is to make sure everyone loves their bike.

DISCLAIMER: The 365-day return policy mentioned in the video above is no longer valid. Please refer to for the updated policy.


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