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Recumbent Bike Electric! Check Out The Dimension on This Super Cool Recumbent E Bike

I'm gonna show you the dimensions and weight of this recumbent e-bike.

Hey everyone, I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry and today I'm going to show you the dimensions of the Relaxed Body Recumbent E-bike. This is a recumbent or some would refer to it as a semi-recumbent. The reason is that these pedals are far forward. It's going to keep the rider low to the ground for easy mounting and dismounting. Now, it's not a lay-down recumbent. It's a semi-recumbent or recumbent with a forward pedaling design, but not as extreme as a full lay down. Now, very comfortable, very unique. I'm going to give you the measurements today so you can understand exactly how you would fit and how it would feel riding, and also show you all of the adjustments. So let's get into it. Okay, first and foremost, let's start with the stepover height here. So the stepover height of the frame right here is 17 inches, and you can see it's got a very wide open space right here. This is a 16-inch gap here, so you can easily step your foot through and slide onto the seat. and you can pull your feet out right here.

Now, the other thing I will show you is typically the pedals would be directly below the seat, which would be right here. In this case, the pedals are moved forward 13 inches. So you're getting 13 inches of forward pedaling, which is gonna allow riders to have the seat lower to the ground while you still get that leg extension while you're riding. I recommend taking the battery off if you do put it on a rack to transport it. Okay, now axle-to-axle measurement is, there we go, 50 inches. And to the top of the back rack is 30, let me see here, sorry, 31 inches. And now let's run through the seat, okay? So the seat, let me just confirm. Okay, this is our highest position right there. So our seat in the highest position from the ground is 34 inches. And now let's go ahead and put this down to the lowest position, okay? Push that down. All right, now in the lowest position, it's 28 inches. So this should accommodate riders about 4'10 to 6'4. We have another video if you wanna see some sizing information, you can check that out as well with different riders and how they fit on this. Now the other cool thing is from the seat to the handlebar grip, the middle of the, let's do the front of the seat, is 19 inches to the middle of the seat is 24 inches.

And the other thing I wanted to show is the handlebars, you can see here we have a lot of room to adjust. So I'm going to show you the closest position of the handlebars and the farthest away position. So, and, before we do that, let me just go ahead and measure. So the actual height of the handlebar is 13 inches. And the stem is also adjustable. We have it down here. So we're going to go ahead and pull that out. So this is the lowest position of the stem right now. So let's first adjust here on the handlebars. Now we can bring these down like that. Now our display is a little bit loose. So from here, you can see I brought the bars even closer and from the seat now to the grip that's 17 inches away from the rider. Now let's go ahead and pull them back. Okay so if you were to put them fully straight up like this now the handlebar grips this is the lowest seat position but it's 20 six inches away, and what we could do now is raise the seat. Okay, just gotta turn it, and get over the battery here. Okay. Put it in our highest position, and this is gonna be the best position for the tall riders. Now from there, the front of the seat is 23 inches away. So you can adjust and play with these handlebars depending on how tall you are, and how long your arms are, bring them into your body, bring them away from your body, and of course raise and lower the seat.

The other thing with the seat is if you're even taller, we can supply you with an even longer seat post. Now, this is a shorter seat post so it can go all the way down in here. There's actually an option for a longer seat post and I'll show you that here in a second, and you can bring the seat up even higher. Okay, so we've got another seat post here, and you can see much longer. Now when you put the longer seat post in, it's not gonna go all the way down, so it's just something for taller riders if they want that option. You can raise the seat quite a bit more. So now the highest position is 35 inches. So again, check out our sizing video and we'll show you exactly how this works with different height riders and how it fits them. So we can just slide this one back in for now. Okay, now the weight of the relaxed body is 60 pounds with the battery. So you take the battery off, it's 52 pounds, which actually for this size e-bike is pretty light all in all. in my opinion. So not too bad on that front. The tires are 26 inches by 2.125. Let's measure from here. Sorry, from the ground to the top of the stem is 34 and a half inches. And then I will show you also here. How high we can bring this up as well. So we can, that's just a cap. Now there is a line here. So let's bring that there. Okay, so real quick before we do this. So in the lowest position, right to me. So the lowest position to the top of the stem is 36 inches. And then if we bring this up to our line here, where it is safe, bring your cap down, and let's go ahead and just tighten that up.

Okay, so you can see you get about two inches of additional play there. And now the top is 38 inches, so exactly two more inches. And at that point now from the ground to the top of the grip is 51 inches. And the seat is 22 inches. And let's go ahead and lower this back down. Okay, all the way. And I'll just take the measurement now from the ground to the grip. So that's 48 inches. And then let's do this as well I'm going to lower the bars, or tilt the bars. Okay. There we go. And from there now, from the ground to the grip is only 37 inches. So you have the option of a lot of customization and adjustment for the relaxed body, which is why we call it the relaxed body because you can find the perfect position for you.. Make all these adjustments. You can also tilt the seat to find the perfect angle for you. So there's lots of lots of variations here. Okay, one more measurement I'll just make is the chain wheel front to back is 30 and a half inches. Which is about, you know, the length of the chain here. And, from the ground to the middle of the crank is 12 and a half inches. And also if you're curious about the pedal in the lowest position, six inches off the ground. So very easy to mount and dismount. That pretty much summarizes all of the measurements. Oh, I just thought of one, the width of the handlebars. Let's go ahead and do that.

So the width of the handlebars at the widest point is 23 and a half inches. And the actual extension part here is 9 inches, this piece right here. I hope I covered it all, but if you have any other additional measurements, reach out to us at, or call us, at 310-982-2877. We're happy to answer, and if you're watching this on YouTube, you can comment below as well. And don't forget, we have a 30-day test ride your e-bike policy. If you don't love it in the first 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket. In addition to that, we're gonna warranty everything for up to a year. If anything goes wrong in the first year, we'll take care of it. Parts and labor, no questions asked. Lastly, join our Facebook group, sixthreezero Pedalers. Thousands of members are in there. You can connect with existing riders before you purchase. Ask them questions about their bike before you purchase so you can get comfortable. Then when you have yours, host the group, and answer other people's questions, it's a lot of fun. So thanks for sticking around and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience, enjoy the ride.


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