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Top Reasons Adults Say They Don't Ride Bikes

Whether for exercise, leisure or for commuting, cycling is a great mode of transportation utilized by people all over the world. In many countries, cycling is a way of life and the primary mode of transportation. But why is it not as popular here in the United States? There are many reasons why some adults don’t ride bikes as regularly. The good news is, with innovations in adult bikes, cycling is becoming more comfortable and convenient for all. Here are a few reasons adults say they don't ride bikes, and the ways we have tried to address them.

Bicycles Are Uncomfortable

The sad truth is, many adult bikes are uncomfortable to ride. With hard seats and frames that lend to painful positioning, cycling long distance can leave you feeling quite sore. With the urban bicycles from sixthreezero, cyclists can experience a new kind of comfort. The frame is geometrically designed for an ergonomic riding position, which means less pain. The bikes are lower to the ground but offer adequate leg extension. With large, semi-slick tires, you will have a smooth ride regardless of the terrain. Each saddle is extra-wide and created with foam so you will feel like you are riding on the clouds. Even the grips are soft and easy to hold so your hands can enjoy the ride. If comfort is a concern, check out some of the seriously comfortable rides like the EVRYjourney.

It’s Not Safe

Cycling on busy streets can be scary, especially for inexperienced cyclists. Without dedicated bike lanes and good street lighting, safety is a real concern for many who consider cycling as a mode of transportation. Many cities in the United States are making great strides in improving the cycling conditions. Cities like Chicago, San Francisco and Portland have incorporated bikeways, bridges, protected bike lanes and better routes. If your city is behind on improving cycling conditions, speak out to local leaders and garner support from other cyclists. Living in a bike-friendly neighborhood can be life-changing for many. Don’t forget to accessorize your bicycle with lights and bells to help make yourself more visible.

Bicycles Get Stolen

There are many concerns raised over securing a bicycle when it’s not in use. Fear of theft can be enough to keep many adults from investing in a good quality bike. The last thing you want to worry about when purchasing adult bikes is worry about it being stolen. Luckily, there are a few good tips that can help keep your bicycle locked up and secure wherever you go.

● Find a solid object to lock your bike to

● Secure your bike in a well-lit area

● Find the tightest fit at the hardest angle

● Use two locks to secure all valuable parts

For every reason not to ride a bike, there is a reason you should. Avoid traffic delays, add some exercise into your daily routine, have fun, and spend more time outdoors by adding cycling to your daily life. Sixthreezero offers a variety of styles from commuters, to cruisers and hybrids to fit all of your needs. If you’re not sure which bike to buy, contact our team to tell us a little bit more about what your needs are and we’ll help you find the perfect fit.

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