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How To Properly Lock Your Bike

It’s something we may not like thinking about when we’re shopping for a shiny new bicycle, or out for a chill beach spin on our trusty two-wheeler, but we all have to lock our bike nearly everywhere we go these days. As with anything else, there is a right way and wrong way to do it. So if you value your wheels and beach cruiser bike accessories, make sure you follow these simple but important steps to make sure your riding never hits a snag.

Lock Your Bike to a Solid Object

This may sound obvious, but many riders mistakenly lock their bike to a heavy but lift-able object that conceivably could be—and sometimes is—moved, along with their bike, and placed in another movable object, namely a motor vehicle, and driven away. In addition, you’ll want to make sure what you lock to can’t be cut, either. Properly locking your beach bike will protect it and your beach bike accessories. Check out some add-ons available at sixthreezero beach bike accessories.

Choose a Well-Lit Area

This may seem like a no-brainer, but more light means less likelihood a thief will chance being seen. So keep your bike and those beautiful new fenders you added out of the dark and securely locked to a solid beach cruiser bike rack. See sixthreezero’s fabulous fenders.

Go for the Tightest Fit and Hardest Angle

The less room between your lock and bike, the less chance thieves will struggle to cut it. Also, positioning the keyhole facing toward the ground will complicate a potential robbery. Follow these two rules, and you will increase the chance your beach cruiser bike accessories, such as a custom adult or child seat, will remain safe. See sixthreezero’s offerings here.

Lock in Order of Value, or Get Two Locks

If you have one lock, secure your bike parts according to their value, which typically is the frame, back wheel, and then front wheel. If you can manage it, though, it is better to invest in a second lock and secure all three following the steps outlined above.

No matter what bicycle you choose, invest the same care, time, and energy into choosing a solid locking system. It is essential to educate yourself about the proper ways to protect your beautiful new beach bike, and the beach cruiser bike accessories you have chosen for it.

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