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Post Bicycle Ride Stretch Along

Hi, it's Alanna here with Sixthreezero. Let's get into our post-ride stretch. So first we're going to start with our hips facing forward, feet parallel. And we are going to raise our right arm over to the left side, stretching our right side. So you should feel this all along your right side. It should feel good. Remember to breathe. Okay. And let's switch sides, left side.

Okay, now we're going to move into a chest stretch. So clasping your hands behind your back and pulling back, should feel a nice stretch across your chest, around your collarbone area. So hold that and then can turn your head to the right and to the left.

Okay. Let's move into calves. So first we're going to step our right foot forward. You're going to bend your right leg and keep your left leg straight. So you're going to feel the stretch in the back leg, your left leg, and then you can just lean forward a little. All right. Let's switch legs. So left leg forward. Remember to keep your right leg straight, bending your left leg, leaning forward. To really get a stretch, you want to keep your right heel down on the ground.

Okay. Let's do quads. You can hold onto your bike for balance. Let's start with our right leg. So lifting up your right leg, you can hold at your ankle. To get more of a stretch, you want to try to keep your knee close to your other knee and your hips facing forward. Okay. Let's switch legs, remembering to bring your knee in close to your other knee. I also like to use this as an opportunity to stretch my shoulder, remembering to drop my shoulder back and let my leg kind of pull it back as well.

All right. Now we're going to go back similar to that last stretch we did but switching it up a little. So we'll step forward with our right foot and this time instead of bending your front leg, you're going to bend the back leg, so your left leg, and bring your toe up. So you should feel a nice stretch all along the back of your front leg, and just kind of sit into it, bending at the hips. To get more of a stretch, you can try pulling your toe towards your calf. All right. Let's switch it up. Left leg forward. Remember to bend your right leg, sit into it, hinging at the hips, bring your left toe forward, and you should feel the stretch all along the back of your leg.

Okay. So now we'll go into our groin stretch. This one takes a little bit of balance. So again, I like to hold onto the bike seat or a bike handle or a chair or table works too. We'll start with our right leg. So you're going to rest your ankle on your knee and sit into it. You should feel this all along your right side. It's hinging at the hips, but still trying to keep your back flat. All right. Let's switch legs, so lifting your left ankle, resting it on your right kneecap, and sitting back into it, feels good. We're almost done. This is the last stretch, so just hold it.

All right. That is our post-ride stretch. Thanks for stretching along with me. Hopefully, you're feeling good now, ready to take on the rest of your day. Thank you for watching. Don't forget for more tips and bike advice and accessory recommendations, join our exclusive Sixthreezero Pedalers community. The link will be in the description below. And if you just went for a bike ride, don't forget to share your ride on the feed. Check it out. It's a great place to post your ride photos and see other people's ride photos and stats and get on that leaderboard. So thank you for watching. Don't forget. It's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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