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Hey guys. Dustin here, CEO of Six Three Zero. Want to talk to you today about pedal-assist e-bikes or pedal-assist electric bikes. So let's get right into it. As a lot of you know, electric bikes are gaining in popularity, especially here in California. We see them everywhere and they're super fun to ride. And there are two types of electric bikes as it is now. There's pedal assist, meaning you pedal and the motor helps you and then there's also full throttle. So let's talk about pedal-assist e-bikes. Now the idea with pedal assist is that you're never really letting the motor do all the work. And on pedal-assist e-bikes you generally have, I would say five settings, one, two, three, four, five. And how it works is each setting has a different level of motor assistance. So as an example, if you had it on level one, you could put it at 10%. So as you pedal the motor is only giving you about 10% of its output to help you pedal. Level two could be 20%, 30, 40, 50.

Now if you don't have a throttle, obviously the motor can on level five, it can only assist up to 99% basically because it's going to still have an element of pedal-assist where you'll be helping generate the power of the bike. So the benefit of a pedal-assist is you still get to ride the bike like you were peddling a normal bike. And the other benefit of pedal assist is you're going to save the battery. So with a pedal assist, because you're not putting all of the torque on the motor, you're peddling and helping the motor. You're going to save the battery especially if you're going 20, 30, 40 miles. And this can be a real benefit because you don't want to get stranded somewhere not having enough electricity to get home, especially if you rely on getting that assistance from the bike.

So the other idea too with pedal assist is the motor doesn't kick in unless you pedal. And there are two options typically on the controller, you can turn the motor off completely or you can turn it on but the only way it engages is if you peddle. And as you peddle the motor will assist you and it will assist you to whatever level you have the setting. So if you pedal and you're on one, it'll give you 10% so on and so forth. And I don't know about in other states, but I know in California the max speed you're technically supposed to be able to go on a pedal-assist bike is 28 miles an hour while you're running the electric and you're also pedaling. And you can also toggle between the different assistance levels. So if you're going up a big hill, you can put it to level five, keep peddling, it'll help you get up.

When you get off the hill, you can put it down to level three, take less assistance. It's really as you see fit when you're on the ride, you can have the motor help you more or have it help you less, it's really up to the rider. So it's pretty cool. And then another feature on a lot of the pedal-assist or the good thing... Sorry. Another feature is when you stop pedaling the motor cuts. So that's good from a safety perspective, that's kind of a difference between full throttle and pedal assist is when you stop pedaling the motor stops. And I think that's a real plus and a real safety thing because if you have concerns about having an electric bike and breaking and going too fast, maybe the throttle is too much for you.

And it could be something, maybe the throttle gets stuck. I mean that's never happened, I've never heard of it. But if you feel uneasy about that, the good thing about pedal-assist again is you dictate how much output that that motor gives you. And if you're not pedaling, the motor is not working. So I think the rider has a lot more control under the pedal-assist type of setup. Now I do enjoy the full throttle for other reasons, but I do think the pedal assist is also good for other reasons. So that's sort of my brief synopsis, description, introduction to pedal-assist e-bikes. If you have any questions, comments, thoughts, suggestions, please put them below, I'd love to hear it. And if there's any information that you don't think was correct or accurate, comment below as well. I want to make sure everybody gets as educated as possible about electric bikes, all bikes, and specifically electric pedal-assist bikes.

So if you have any other questions, you can also reach out to us direct or call us (310) 982-2877. And of course at Six Three Zero, we have electric bikes, we do have pedal assist, but we also have pedal assist that has a full throttle. You can choose if you want to use the throttle or not, or just do it in pedal-assist mode, either mode that's on our electric bikes. So on our website at the top says electric bikes, you can go there, check it out. Our website is all spelled out., go to our electric bikes.

The cool thing is we have a body fit tool. You can click that, put in your height and your weight and answer some other questions and we're going to suggest the right bike for you based on your body and your riding habits. Also, we have a 365-day test drive policy. If you ride your bike for 365 days and you don't love it, you can send it back. No questions asked, no cost to you because it's Six Three Zero, we want to make sure you love your bike. So enjoy the ride. 


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