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New 2024 Electric Bike Rickshaw Innovation! Carry Passengers on This ETrike!

New for 2024 e-bike innovation, the Electric e-bike rickshaw for passengers. Stick around to see it hey everyone I'm Dustin I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry. And right here, I've got the 2024 e-bike innovation. the electric bike rickshaw.

This is the electric bike rickshaw, electric rickshaw, e-bike rickshaw, or electric tricycle for two passengers, whatever you'd like to call it. It's from sixthreezero. It's the Every Journey rickshaw. This thing is so cool. I'm going to give you a little tour of it, talk about it. 

And if you want to see additional riding videos and more footage, you can check the YouTube channel. Look up Rickshaw. You'll see lots of videos showcasing this product.

Now, this thing is super, super cool. You can put passengers on the back here, up to two adults or three children, and you can take them around town, you can run errands, you can do whatever you want to do, and ride super smooth. It's an electric bike and it comes with a 750-watt front hub motor. It's a BaFang motor with a 21 amp hour battery. So you can pull loads of up to 600 pounds on flat ground with this motor. 

The battery can get you a range of up to 50 miles depending on the weight of the passengers, the terrain you're riding, and also the combination of the pedal assist that you use and the throttle. Now the more throttle you use, the quicker you drain the battery. The heavier the load, the quicker you drain the battery as well. So all things to consider. You're also going to be able to get up to 20 miles an hour depending on the weight of the riders. Usually with a heavy amount of riders, you're going to peak out at about 16 miles an hour, typically speaking. Now, you see this bench seat right here on the back. And again, you can fit two average-sized adults on here or three children. 

You can see I have room here for an average-sized adult next to me. You have a seatbelt right here and this can fit around two adults. Now, we also installed a harness here, which you can do by connecting it to the bar on the back. And you can pick these actually up aftermarket on Amazon. There are other options for adults. A common use for this rickshaw we see is for parents with a disabled child. Whether it's a physical disability or a mental disability, it's a great way for them to get out and ride with their children. Also, of course, taking kids. We've also seen couples where maybe one of the spouses isn't comfortable riding a bike, so they can go together now on the rickshaw. 

You've got the footrest here, so it's comfortable. You can sit there, and enjoy the ride. And underneath here on the seat, you have cargo space below, and you can fold this down and fit your cargo in here and lock that up. And you've also got front and rear disc brakes. so you've got three discs on the bike, one in the front, two in the rear, and you've got your calipers up here so you can stop this amply even with loads of up to 600 pounds. Your display is up here, your pedal assist is up here, and it's a thumb throttle that you activate by pushing with your thumb like a gas pedal. So that's cool as well. Now, as I said, this thing is a lot of fun to ride. 

check out the YouTube channel. I do tons of demos. Other people do demos and group rides. We take it to the store. You can see all sorts of different rides that we do on it. One other thing I want to point out is these very big wide tires here. So the cool thing about this as well is if you don't want to have passengers on here, no problem. You can either remove the seat or leave the seat on and it still is nimble and easy to steer. I know you may not believe me, but again, check out the videos and you will see how easy this thing steers. Another thing I wanted to say, too, is we got some clunky wires going on here. 

We were doing some repairs up here. So normally this is a much cleaner look in the front here. Batteries are easily removable and can be charged. It's a very large battery, so it can take around eight hours to fully charge if charge this if not a little bit more than that. Now, also, it's got the wide tires for the extra stability, but it's got 20-inch tires in the rear versus 24-inch in the front. So it's set back lower. And the benefit of that is just to create a lower center of gravity in the rear to keep it more stable when you have the passengers back here. So again, a lot of fun, and very easy to ride. Also, if you're the driver, you can see that you sit in a very ergonomic comfortable riding position, my back's upright.

The handlebars come into your body. Nice to easy to steer comfortable. Also, you've got seven speeds on here like on a normal bicycle. They work in conjunction with the pedal assist. So one through seven, that's gonna make it easy if you ever have to climb hills. Even when using the pedal assist, it's nice to be able to shift down into gear one. And then gear seven is if you're on flat ground and you want to achieve some top speeds. It's a nice option to have. New for 2024, e-bike rickshaw. It's awesome if you want to ride with some friends loved ones or children. Check it out in the description below. If you have any additional questions, please comment below or reach out to us at or call us at 310-982-2877. 

In addition to that, we offer a 30-day test ride on your rickshaw policy. If you don't love it in the first 30 days, send it back. No questions asked. No money out of your pocket. In addition to that, we're going to warranty everything for the first year. If anything goes wrong in the first year, we'll take care of it. Make sure you get the parts and labor necessary to keep you riding. Now, lastly, check out our Facebook Pedalers group called sixthreezero Pedalers. Pop in there, and ask existing owners how they like their rickshaw before you purchase so you can make sure you're making the right decision. Then when you have yours, post in the group, and make friends. It's tons of fun. So thank you for sticking around and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. 

Enjoy the ride. 


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