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Must See Measurements on Lowest Step Trough Ebike Available! | A Step-Thru Ebike for Easy On/Off

Hey everyone, Dustin here, CEO of Sixthreezero. Getting a lot of questions about the Simple Step-Thru electric, especially the measurements. So I just want to do a quick rundown of all the measurements we've got going on here. Now, one we've already probably done and showed you is it's a 10-and-a-half-inch step over height. What else I wanted to show you here was the seat height in the lowest position. So the seat height in the lowest position is 32 inches. And I'll show you a couple of other things. From the middle of the handlebars to the tip of the seat is 21 inches. The width of the handlebars is 26 and a half inches. And let's see, from the grips to the seat... Oops. This is going to be kind of a difficult one, but we'll just see here. That's about eight inches. And then let's do one other one right here.

Let's do an axle-to-axle measurement. Oops. Okay. There we go. So axle to axle is going to be 47 and a half inches. And then let's do the complete wheel-to-wheel. Front to back is 73 inches. And let's see. What other measurements? Let's do one more now, which is also with the seat in the highest position. Go ahead and raise this. So we've got to loosen our seat clamp a little bit. There we go. Okay, So that's the highest recommended position right there. Let's go ahead and measure that. So in the highest position... Let's go ahead and tilt this up. Okay. Just about 38 inches. So it can accommodate a pretty wide range.

The other thing too is forward pedaling. So let's go ahead and show you that. Here's the bottom of the seat, which would normally be about... This is where a normal seat tube would be. So you can see the pedals are moved forward actually more than I expected, about seven and a half inches forward, actually, to be honest. So that's seven and a half inches forward pedaling. So basically the distance you would get by having the seat higher, you're going to get by that pedal being shifted forward from where it is in a traditional bike. So that's what makes it a little bit different riding position.

So that sums up the measurements I can think of. If there are any other measurements you want us to do, please email us at and we're happy to do them. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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