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Must See! Electric Tricycle for Two Adults | E Bike Rickshaw for Passengers

Hey everyone, I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the e-bike and bike industry and today I'm going to show you an exciting electric tricycle for two adults. Stick around.

All right, so today I'm going to show you an electric tricycle for two adults, but before I do hit that subscribe button below, stay in touch with us here at sixthreezero and be the first to know about all new products we're putting out new content and of course, the giveaways we do for bikes, e-bikes, and accessories. All right. So you want to take a passenger with you, you want to ride with your loved one, we have got that tricycle right here. This is an electric tricycle for two adults, the sixthreezero EvryJourney Rickshaw Tricycle with a passenger seat.

Now, this thing is a lot of fun. I'm going to demonstrate with you for actually when you say two adults, you can say one here and two here. So this is actually equipped for three adults, two medium average-size adults can fit in the back, and obviously any rider in the front.

So really this is three adults, but you could have two in the back. You could also have one riding, one in the back, totally up to you. So before we do a demo, let me just walk you through this three-wheel electric bike for two adults a little bit. Now, this is a 750-watt front hub motor. This is going to tow up to 500 pounds capacity. You might be able to go a little bit more, but you can do 300 pounds in the back, and 200 pounds in the front. You could flip-flop that. Again, you could push that weight limit a little bit and the motor should perform.

But when you start getting up and down hills, if you start to push that weight limit up a little more, it's going to get harder for the motor to perform. But this 750-watt motor on flat ground, it's going to drive around 500 pounds like it's nothing. I'm going to show you the demonstration. In addition to that, you're going to be able to hit 20 miles an hour on flat ground by just pushing a throttle here, or you'll be able to do about up to 28 miles an hour in pedal assist without a load on the back. With the load, obviously, the pedal assists top speed's going to range.

It's going to be probably no more than 22, 24 miles an hour, to be honest. But for safety reasons, you probably don't want to go much faster than that or even go that fast, to be honest with you. You've also got a 21 amp hour battery right here. This is a huge battery. You're going to get up to 50 miles of range. Now talking about a specific range with a battery is a little bit challenging. Also, one quick thing, these have Samsung cells in here, so it's a high-quality large battery.

You obviously need a great battery on something like this because you've got three very big wheels contacting the ground. That in and of itself is going to drain the battery. So it's important to have a large battery that can perform. Now, this battery range is a little bit hard to determine because of the weight in the back, and the rider's weight up here. If you're riding at a full capacity of say 500 pounds full throttle on flat ground, you're going to get about, I would say, 20 miles of range. If you're in pedal assist, then you could get into 30 plus.

So the pedal assist use or the throttle use also has a big impact on it. The more you use just the throttle, the quicker the battery dies. Also, when you talk about pedal assist, there are five levels. There's one, two, three, four, five. One is going to give you the least motor assistance. Five is going to give you the most. So if you're always running in level five, the battery's going to drain quicker. If you're running in level one, it's going to drain less. So that's why the range variation is so hard to determine because it's really based on the load, the terrain.

There's no exact science for it, to be honest. That's why we say 30 to 50 miles. I've gone 30 miles before on flat ground with a load as conservatively using pedal assist. It's no problem. Now in addition to that, as I said, we have four-inch tires, actually 20-inch tires in the rear and a 24-inch in the back. The benefit of that is it's a lower center of gravity in the rear. Keeps the trike more balanced and safer because you've got the bigger tire in the front so it's set lower in the back. That's going to really make this safe and easy to balance.

It's a super fun easy ride. In addition to safety, three disc brakes. So you have one in the front and one on each rear wheel actually. So breaking power is going to be very ample, very easy downhills. And I'm going to show you a quick demonstration of that here at the end. Now you've also got a seatbelt back here. Everyone can buckle up and you can put this around two adults. It's a great feature on the three-wheel electric bike for two adults. So this will fit around, strap you in. You've got a really oversized comfort saddle for the rider.

It's a super fun easy ride. In addition to safety, three disc brakes. So you have one in the front and one on each rear wheel actually. So breaking power is going to be very ample, very easy downhills. And I'm going to show you a quick demonstration of that here at the end. Now you've also got a seatbelt back here. Everyone can buckle up and you can put this around two adults. It's a great feature on the three-wheel electric bike for two adults. So this will fit around, strap you in. You've got a really oversized comfort saddle for the rider.

In addition to that is this comfort riding position. Not only is this great for the riders in the back, but this is just a comfortable bike. You have these nice curved, almost cruiser-style handlebars come into your body. You can see I'm ergonomic and upright. It's really easy and fun to ride. You've got your display here, which you can turn on right here. It's going to tell you your miles per hour, your speed, your battery life, and everything you'll need to know. In addition, you have the suspension fork up here. So this is going to move up and down as you go over bumps.

This is going to create a really cushy soft ride for not only the driver but also the passengers. So the fork is going to absorb a lot of that shock. It's not going to reverberate through the bike. Now you can also lock this out, meaning turn it off basically. It creates a stiffer ride, which will mean the wheel will roll easier and faster. So that's always an option as well. If you're going to ride on very smooth pavement, you could keep it locked out. It'll actually help the performance of the battery a little bit.

You also have a horn here should you need to beep at somebody and they get in your way, and a suspension seat post. So right here you can see for the driver, that's going to go up and down as you go over bumps as well making it super comfortable for the driver. So, as I said, it's not just comfortable for passengers, but it's really comfortable for the driver. It's actually when you ride it and you don't have passengers, it's very nimble and easy to drive. And I'm going to go ahead and demonstrate that for you in a second here. Lastly, this has a seven-speed derailer.

So you actually have seven gears like in a normal bicycle. The benefit of that is when you're riding this thing up hills, you want to have that first gear so it's nice and easy to pedal to get uphill. And then you have that seventh gear when you know you can hit top speeds and go a little faster. So that gear ratio is just going to make tackling certain terrains easier, especially if you're running in pedal assist. Now, if you're running in throttle, gears are irrelevant. But, I like to drive this in pedal assist and then you can use the speeds as you're coming uphill, sorry, the gears as you're coming up hills.

Downshift into first gear makes pedaling a little bit easier. Okay. Great. So let me get my two adults that are going to ride on the three-wheel electric bike and let me get my helmet and we'll do a quick demo for you. All right. So we have our electric tricycle for two adults. Here are two adults. I'm the third. So we're actually going to put three of us on here. Me driving, Alana and Nate in the back. Telling you this three-wheel electric bike for two adults is going to handle it. Go ahead and hop on. So they're going to get buckled in, helmets always for safety.

Make sure that wheel is turned so it doesn't move. And then you can see they get their feet nice and comfortable here on the footrest. Okay. How do you feel?

Alana: Good.

Dustin: All right.

Nate: Comfy.

Dustin: And before we get going, I just want to demonstrate how nimble this baby is. Okay. So I am 220. Nate's about 160, and Alana's about 110. So we're about 490 pounds right here. And I can tell you right now, this thing is not struggling at all. And look at this nimble turning, really easy to handle, especially with these cruiser handlebars, and turns with no problem. Zero turning radius. How is that? Is that fun?

Alana: So much fun.

Nate: It's like a ride.

Alana: Who needs Disneyland?

Dustin: All right. Now here we go. Throttling down. Getting going pretty fast and we're braking. Problem. Turn around. I'm just going to do the throttle up the hill and then we'll do one more lap and show you the pedal assist. All righty. And now let's do the pedal assist. And there we go. The pedal assists you can get going really well. Miles an hour. Circling and then let's do pedal assist up the hill. Get her going. And there we go. We're cooking. We are cooking. And I'm stopping. So you can see that this three-wheel electric bike for two adults, it's got the power, the 750 watts will get you going with no problem.

And we were almost up to 20 miles an hour in that short span. How'd you like it?

Alana: Loved it.

Nate: It's a great ride.

Dustin: There you have it. All right. So there is our electric tricycle for two adults. If you have any other questions below, comment below or email us at or call us at 310-982-2877. And don't forget, you can find this three-wheel electric bike for two adults on our website right now, Navigate over there and check it out. If you're in the market for an e-bike or an e-trike or a regular bike and you just don't know what you want, take the proprietary body fit quiz on the sixthreezero website, answer a few questions about your body and your life, and the proprietary algorithm will recommend the perfect e-bike or bike for you.

In addition to that, we have a test-ride your e-bike policy for 30 days. If you don't love it in the first 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket. And this three-wheel electric bike, we're going to the warranty for a full year. If anything goes wrong in the first year, don't worry about it. We'll take care of it. We'll replace any parts so you don't have to worry about if something wrong is going to happen to it. In addition to that, we have a full customer service team ready and willing and on standby to take care of any questions you may have regarding anything on this product or any other product.

Lastly, join our Facebook community and download our app. It's a great place to talk to other sixthreezero riders in advance of purchasing. In the pedalers' group, you can ask questions, and make friends. On the app, you can actually see how many miles people are logging on this trike and on other trikes or other bikes for that matter. Now, after you make your purchase, join the communities, make friends, post photos, and track your rides on the app to compete on the leaderboard. It is a ton of fun. So thank you for sticking around. And don't forget, it's your journey, your experience, enjoy the ride.


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