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MOMS! EBike Rickshaw to Bring Your Kids on Bike Rides: The Electric Bike for Families: Mom Review

Kara: Hi. I am Kara. I just wanted to show you our new E rickshaw. We're going to head out to the park so let me show you some of the features here. We put all of our toys and sand toys here into the basket. It's got a nice space. We can fit a lot in there, whether it's backpacks from school, or sand toys from the park. There's also a throttle right here in case you need some extra assistance up a hill. You've got the pedal assists of different levels. You can go up or down. It goes up to five. So it's really easy to use. And we love the seatbelt because I know the kids are safe in the back. We can fit up to three kids. Mine are seven and under, and they fit all comfortably in the back. So we love using it and taking it all over the place, whether it's the grocery store, the park, or just a quick pickup at school. All right, guys. Are you ready?

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Kara: All right. Hop in.

Speaker 2: Can we bring our toys?

Kara: Sure. Put it in the back.

Speaker 2: There that might fit, but it's okay. Okay. I'm pulling my seatbelt on.

Kara: All right, guys. Get on in.

Speaker 3: Okay, Trey. Come on. Get on the bike.

Speaker 2: Trey, you're supposed to be in the back.

Kara: So as we're getting ready, I just turn it on, power it on. I'm going to put my pedal assist down to probably three or two because we have a downhill ride.

Speaker 3: Okay, I can do it for you guys. Okay. Trey, hop in.

Kara: All right, we're ready to go. Everyone buckled in?

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Kara: All right. Let's do it.


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