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Mobility Recumbent Electric Tricycle is Perfect for Rider with Cerebral Palsy: EBikes for Disabled

A rider with cerebral palsy experiences the Easy Rider Compact e-trike for the first time.

Hey everyone, I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and e-bike industry and today you're going to see a rider with cerebral palsy experience the Easy Rider Compact electric trike for the first time. All right, so Carice, who you're gonna see take her first ride ever, actually just found us online and wanted to come out and test ride our brand new Easy Rider Compact electric trike because she has been riding around on a scooter and they haven't been reliable. And she wants something more reliable, that can also go up and down hills, and she also wants to move her legs a little bit. So you're gonna see in the video how she uses the pedal assist a little bit, wants to get her legs moving, build the leg strength up, and then also we take her around up a hill, and she loves it. It's easy for her to steer, so it's gonna be something I think she's gonna replace with her scooter so she can do more and go a little bit faster. this is a great option for riders with physical limitations or cerebral palsy as you see. So let's cut to her first experience. And just so you know, we asked for her permission to film in advance so we could share with everyone to see her experience. So let's watch her first ride.

Dustin: All right, we are with Carice today and she is on the EZ rider compact E-Trike. And Carice has cerebral palsy since birth and she's riding around on an electric scooter, right? Like you right now cruise on…

Carice: Yes, right. Yeah, well, it's dead, so I can't do that. But yes, it's... Yeah, for the last seven, six, seven years, I've had... There's this American mobility up in Oceanside that my parents found in these electric scooters. And I've been with them for... About five years, and I've been through about three.

Dustin: And why do they all get so beat up or dead?

Carice: I use them a lot, and they just don't last. They have to be replaced about every year and a half for me because I use them so much. 

Dustin: How many times every day, would you say?

Carice: At least six days a week. Wow. Five or six days a week. I go out and I go to the gym. I go to the Humane Society. I go to appointments.

Dustin: So you want something that will last and maybe also try to get something where you can use your legs a little bit?

Carice: Yes. I would like to get something that I could have the option of either pedaling or using the electric.

Dustin: Cool. And yeah. So She's going to take her first. She's been actually in the parking lot a little bit. She wants to get out of the open road a little more. So we're going to all just take a ride and she's going to see how she likes the easy rider compact trike. So come with us and see how she does. Now you could try the pedals if you want to. Now that you're kind of on the open road, it'll go a little faster. Is it in level one?

Carice: Yes. See, my right foot's a little longer. See I'm trying to pedal and this foot doesn't seem to want to reach.

Dustin: Okay, so yeah, let's get you propped forward. I think that's gonna help. So let me put this in first.

Carice: I'm even sitting up in my chair a little bit. I'm not even all the way back sitting.

Dustin: Okay, let's see how much, I don't know how much thickness you're gonna need.

Carice: I'm not sure either. That feels like I'm seeing up very straight.

Dustin:  Does that make it easier? 

Carice: Let me try it. Whoa.

Dustin: It's still hard on the left foot a little bit.

Carice: Yeah.

Dustin: There may be a pedal like a double pedal that we could probably put on there too. I was just thinking, you know, if you like just this foot needed it.

Carice: Yeah. I know they sometimes make shoes where I can get one lifted a little.

Dustin: Yeah, exactly. That's what I was thinking.

Carice: But I haven't tried that yet. But yeah, I am having a hard time trying to pedal, and then…

Dustin: But the right foot's okay.

Carice: Let me try it again.

Dustin: Is it both too far?

Carice: It's left foot for sure.

Dustin: Your right foot doesn't look too bad.

Carice: No, my right foot's pretty good. But I notice when I start pedaling, it gets up, it starts going.

Dustin: Yeah. Do you have it in level? Yeah. So, I mean, you could just maybe go with that for a second. Pedal a little bit and let it go. Don't hit the brakes. Just keep going. Keep going. You're good. Keep going forward. Yeah, keep going. Keep going. There you go. See, once you kind of start cruising, it feels a little bit fast at first, but I think once you start, you know, getting into the open road, it won't feel as daunting. So when it's safe we can make a left-hand turn and we'll go to the bike lane. And if you want to just go in the bike lane you can go all the way up. Got enough power, right?

Carice: Yes.

Dustin: And are you not even, you're not doing it the whole way, are you? The throttle? Or is it?

Carice: What?

Dustin: Is that the full throttle?

Carice: To go the fastest I can.

Dustin: There you go. I just wanted to see. Yeah, okay.

Carice: This will go very quickly fast.

Dustin: How are the brakes on the downhill?

Carice: Good.

Dustin: Yeah?

Carice: Yeah. So what's this right here? Right there? What's that?

Dustin: It's a light.

Carice: Oh, a light.

Dustin: Yeah.

Carice: Oh, OK.

Dustin: So if you want to ride at night.

Carice: Oh, I'm not going to use this at night. Well, this goes a lot faster than my other one.

Dustin: Then your scooter?

Carice: Oh, yes.

Dustin: Yeah, the scooters don't go as fast.

Carice: They only go seven miles an hour.

Dustin: Yeah, this would go 16 if you wanted it to. 

Carice: Oh, wow. And I have a guinea pig, and so when I have a basket, I go get her nails done.

Dustin: Oh, really?

Carice: In Lucadia there. And so I put her in my, I have a little carrier. I put her in my basket and take her to get her nails done.

Dustin: Aw, that's cute.

Carice: So, yeah, so.

Dustin: The basket would be key.

Carice: I have to have a basket.

Dustin: Got it. Got it.

Carice: But this is great.

Dustin: I'm glad you like it.

Carice: I love it.

Dustin: Well, it's probably nice having the bigger tires, too. Like, you know, they can take on the road a little bit better, I think, than the scooters can.

Carice: Yeah, and if we need to get the tires replaced, which probably won't happen, but they can be replaced if they need to be, right? 

Dustin: Exactly, yeah. And that's any bike shop could put tires on. That's just a standard tire. So I will see how you do on the curb.

Carice: Wow.

Dustin: All right, so your first adventure on it overall what do you think?

Carice: It was wonderful, and this is like I appreciate my scooters but this is like another level.

Dustin: Because of the power?

Carice: Because of the power. I'm excited to have something a little bit more reliable. So that will be, but right. This is almost, well, this is a bike, but my scooters were down low. So it's actually with a flag in the back that this is gonna be a little safer in my opinion.

Dustin: Yeah, yeah. Good, I'm glad to hear that. That's cool.

Carice: But thank you.

Dustin: Thank you, yeah. Do you want to get off or keep riding?

Carice: Well I could stay on this all day. I'll just drive this down.

Dustin: And is getting on and off pretty. Do you mind trying to get it? Getting on and off easy for you? I'm just curious. So you can slide on and flip it. Beautiful.

All right, so you just saw Carice's first ride on the Easy Rider Compact. You can tell she loved it. We're waiting on our production models right now. She wanted to buy this one, but she's gonna have to wait a few weeks. But you can tell she loved it now. We did have to put some back support here for her. We're working on some thicker pads that will also be available for purchase to move certain riders forward. She's five foot two. Also, we're going to have some pedal blocks that you can add that can bring the pedals a little bit closer which I think would help. If you saw in the video or heard in the video, she talked about how one foot is a little bit shorter than the other foot. So to help her reach the pedals, we're going to put those pedal blocks on for her. But that's an option as well to sort of customize and get the Easy Rider Compact dialed in for your specific body type. And you can see also getting on and off for her was not a problem. She could sit down, slide on, and get off easily, which is great. So if you or a loved one has cerebral palsy or some sort of physical limitation, this is a great option for an electric tricycle where you can keep pedaling and get out and enjoy the outdoors. Now, if you have any other questions at all, please reach out to us at or call us at 310-982-2877. In addition to that, you can test-ride your e-trike for 30 days. If you don't love it in the first 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket. Also, we warranty everything for one year. If anything goes wrong in the first year, we take care of it.


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