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Should we wait for her or just proceed or what's going on?

Live on Facebook.

Is this ascending order? Looks like it, right?

Yeah. Okay. I can watch. We have six viewers. Hi guys. Welcome. Be sure to send in your questions as comments so we can make sure to get to them and be sure to enter our ebike giveaway. We'll be announcing our winner at the end. So, if you haven't entered yet, fill out the form. Hi Rebecca.

So, just everyone knows we're live on Facebook.

Can you hear us okay? Can everyone hear us? Greg is present.

We'll just wait a minute to tell you guys what's going on here and what we have in store for you for our test ride today.

They can hear us. All right. We've got 23 viewers.

Okay. What time is it?

It's 12:01.

12:01. Okay. We'll wait like two more minutes. If you have any questions... Well, I'll just give you a little intro. So we've got... How many women? 12? 14?

Two, four, six, 16.

16 women, all heights from 4'11" to 6'2". And right now we've got one of every electric, Sixthreezero electric bike lined up here. So what we want to do today is if anybody wants to see any woman, 4'11" to 6'2", test drive one of our ebikes today is the a day. You can pop it in the comments and make a request, say, I'd like to see someone 5'4" ride an EVRYJourney.

We have one request already.


So would love to see a girl with a short inseam on a 26-inch EVRYJourney.

Cool. Do you want to take it from here?

Sure. So why don't we start with our shortest rider, Olivia? Olivia.

Well, 26-inch inseam?

26-inch EVRYJourney.

Journey. Oh, what height though? Shortest rider?

Just a girl with a short inseam.

Okay, cool.

Do you remember your inseam?

Is that this one?



26. Okay, so let's see. We have an EVRYJourney right here.


Why don't you...

Hop on?

Just hop on.

Wait, have her do that one actually. She rode that one. Maybe.

Okay. Sure.

Do you have the helmet?

Same frame.

It's right here.

This is also an EVRYJourney.

Okay, we got to lower the seat for you, actually.

Like it put us together.

Okay. So one thing I'll say, too, is if you actually know your inseam or you want to measure it while we're live, we can try to match it up with a rider here. The heights are important, but the inseams are the most important for sizing. So, we have two EVRYJourneys. The frame is the same. Our external comes in 500 watts, 250 watts. This is our internal, EVRYJourney 250 wat. We know Olivia can do it because she's already ridden it once. Are you ready to go for round two?


Here, I'll help you. Do you want to hop out or you can do it? Get the bike over here? So we literally just taught Olivia how to ride an electric bike not more than 20 minutes ago, and she's 4'11?


She's 4'11, 26-inch inseam. Is our shortest rider here today. Do you remember how to turn it on?

I do not.

Okay. So push that little M button. Hold it down. There you go. So remember this is your pedal assist.


And you can take it from here. You can also hit the throttle if you want to get going, which might help you a little bit.

Okay. I'll try that.

Okay. And then maybe you just want to get going straight.

Oh, straight.

Well, once you're comfortable.

That's a big bike for her.

Oh. There you go. She's doing it. Now, I'd also say Olivia's not wearing the best footwear, generally speaking.


Now, it's a little bit of a tight turn there for her. Any other questions? So, if you have any other heights want to see, if you see...

We have some requests. So a request for a 5'2 rider on an EVRYJourney, a 5'7, 70-year-old. We don't have a 70-year-old with us today, but we can get a 5'7 rider.

Okay. Can you remember these or screenshots?


Okay, cool. How's it feel? Still fun?

It's really fun.

Now, Olivia's second time ever on an ebike. So, if you've never ridden an ebike, you can learn as easily and quickly as her. All right, if you want to hop off. Thank you for being brave.

I really do enjoy it.

Cool. Thank you. So, who do you want to... So, are we going to leave this bike out here?

So, let's go to the 5'2 riders.

Well, that was Elizabeth, right?


Elizabeth. All right, let's see.

Or we could try Caroline too. She's 5'1.

Okay. Let's try Caroline. Want to try [crosstalk 00:05:34].


Is this the one you rode?

No, I rode the...



Yeah, try this one. Oh, here, let's disinfect this for you.

This is our EVRYJourney

Now it's important to remember, if you're commenting, you want to see demos. If you can quickly measure your inseam for between the heights of 4'11 to say 5'4, inseam is a big factor. Once you get above 5'3, 5'4, most of our bikes are going to fit pretty well. But in the 4'11 to 5'3, the inseam fluctuates so much like Caroline, what was your inseam?


28 inch for her, but we had another woman who actually is 5'2 who has a 26-inch inseam, and she really doesn't fit on a lot of the ebikes because she has a shorter inseam and shorter legs. But you saw Olivia at 4'11 with a 26-inch inseam, she did fit. So there's some variability in there. So if you're watching at home, you're under 5'3 try to shoot us your inseam and we'll try to match that up for a demo. So, this is going to function exactly the same way as a RideInThePark.


So if you want to hop on. Caroline's 5'1 28, inch inseam. Do you want the seat a little higher or does that feel okay?

It feels good.

Okay, cool.


So you're in pedal-assist one. So when you start pedaling, the motor's going to kick in.


Why don't you spin around and you can just do this straight away

And try just using the throttle, like hit the button, the throttle, and just go.


And you can pedal if you want and you can increase the assistance, as well.

What else we got coming in?

So, coming up, we have...


A request for 5'7 and also, 5'4...

31-inch inseam.

Right. So, maybe we could try the 5'4 rider and try also someone with a 32-inch inseam.


So easy.

She also rode the RideInThePark previously. How does that compare?

I feel like I would love this one just more as like a... I would use the assist for sure. The other one, I felt more comfortable if I was going to actually pedal a lot more.

Got it.

But yeah, they're both really comfortable, really fun.

Cool. All right. You can hop off.


Caroline, 5'1, 28-inch inseam, super comfortable on the EVRYJourney. Okay.

Cassandra has asked [crosstalk 00:08:30] our 26-inch bikes sit differently than a standard 26 inch like of another brand.

Yes. Well, the EVRYJourneys do because of the forward pedaling design, because you've got the down tube angled forward and you've got the pedals moved forward, like four or five inches. So, that allows you to be lower to the ground. It lowers the standover height of the seat. Because what you're doing is you're getting leg extension by moving the pedals forward, which means the seat can be lower to the ground. Traditional 26 inches, the seat tube's going to be totally vertical. You're going to have to be higher up to get the good leg extension. That's the beauty of the EVRYJourney frames. All right, so who we bring it up next? 5'7?

5'7 rider.

And did they request a certain bike or?

Let me see. We have...

Who's 5'7?

So let's start with 5'7 on an EVRYJourney.

Come on down on The Price Is Right. So, I'm just curious. We're meeting for the first time right now, by the way.


What's your name?

I'm Kiana.

Kiana. Dustin. [crosstalk 00:09:42] Nice to meet you.

Dustin [inaudible 00:09:44].

So last time you rode a bicycle?

I was in Venice.


Or on Venice Beach.

A year, six months?

I want to say maybe four or five months ago.

Okay, cool. And are [crosstalk 00:09:56] you like athletic, comfortable on a bike?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Okay, cool. Never ridden an ebike?


Never ridden an ebike. I don't know her, never met before. The first time we're speaking in our life.

He's not lying.

Do they care what bike?


Okay. EVRYJourney.


So, we're just going to keep the EVRYJourney rolling here.


I did a little disinfecting on this for you. Helmet.

All right. So, this way, right?

Yeah. There you go. Too small, too tight? We can...

I think it's good.

Okay, cool. We can loosen it.

Can you strap me [inaudible 00:10:25]? What am I doing?

Yeah. Good?


Okay. All right. Let's flip this around. Okay, so you're 5'7, so let me raise the seat up a little bit.

It's a nice color too.

Okay. See how that...


Yeah, go ahead and step... Just step over that way and then slide back onto the seat. I think that's good.

There you go.

So yeah. Let me let do a quick walk-through. Okay. So, this number right here is the assistance the motor's going to give you. The bike can be ridden in three ways, with no assistance like a standard bike.


With assistance when you pedal or you can hit this throttle and the motor will do all the work. While you're riding, if you feel comfortable you can click this up. It goes up to five. In level five, you can hit 20 miles an hour.


We can start you in one and if you feel comfortable, go ahead and do it. You're going to feel that motor kick in as soon as you get rolling.

Don't laugh.

First time rider folks never been on an ebike. We're going to get her post-ride reaction when she comes back.

It's a lot of fun to see people for the first time getting on an ebike and they feel that first jolt of like... Now, go ahead and hit the throttle, stop pedaling and click the throttle.

Oh yeah.

Just be safe. Now, let off the [inaudible 00:12:12]... There you go. Safety's obviously really important, and I think, especially for first time riders, you could get carried away cruising around turns. So, you do have to get a little familiar with on and off the throttle, just like gas on a car kind of thing.

I like it. It's not ultra-aggressive.

Well, we all only have you in level one too.

Okay. Well, let's go to five.

The people [crosstalk 00:12:39] to see how the feet rest on the ground as well.

For her?

In general.

Okay. Kiana, right?


Stand upright, or just... All right, sit on the seat.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

And then keep the bike balanced, put your feet down. Put the kickstand up. Sorry. Confusing. Kickstand up. Now, just stand there. So she's got her feet... How would you say? Comfortable? Are you pretty comfortable?

Yeah, I'm comfortable.

Yeah. And she's in an ergonomic position. I would tilt the bars up and bring the bars a little higher for her, they're a little low, but for the sake of... We're going to have a lot of different riders, we'll just leave it. But, as we move up in the height, their feet are going to have to get a little bit higher off the ground, but it's also rider specific. We could lower the seat for her. It really depends.

I like how the pedal's not swinging. Do you know how it used to just flip?

Oh yeah.

These pedals are here.

Yeah. Okay, cool. You can hop off.

All right.

Where are we moving on to now?

How about a... You're 5'7, right, Kiana?


So let's try a 5'6 inch rider... Or do you remember what your inseam was?


Okay. A 5'6 inch rider or someone like a 29-inch inseam.

So, you're done with me?


Okay, perfect.

Thank you so much.

I'll let's join our...

There we go.

I can disinfect. Why don't you go gather up a new rider?

Did you see me? I was like...

Could you run and get a paper towel?


I think it's easier just to keep doing to this one if that's what people want to see EVRYJourney.

Yeah. Okay. Let's go back to the [inaudible 00:14:43] internal EVRYJourney. So, Abigail, you're 5'6, 30 inseam. Next, we'll try to find someone with a 29-inch inseam.


And I'm just waiting on a quick paper towel here just to do a little wipe.


Before you ride, I can explain how it...

Okay. And then this can be loosened or tightened in the back here, depending on...


Can you lower the seat a little bit?

Yeah. Okay. Let me actually...

I'll hold the bike, you can put the helmet on.

There we go.

So, the EVRYJourney frame... This is our internal two 50 watt. The frame is the same as the 500 watts, just a different look, and feel.

This is a better foot for you?

Let me adjust the handlebars a little bit. They're a little bit too tilted down.


But you can see that her feet are almost flat on the ground. So, that's easy...

Try that.

When she stops, it'll be easy to catch her balance.

Is that better like that?


This is our low step [inaudible 00:16:34] bike, I think.

Okay. So you showed her how it all works?

Not yet. I haven't.

Okay. So this is the on, off.


You've got three modes in an ebike and this ebike... Class two ebike. You can ride it as a normal bike. You can do it with pedal assist where the motor assists you when you pedal.


Or you don't have to pedal it all and you can hit the throttleSo this is your level of assist.


And if you're comfortable while you're riding, you can go ahead and...

Up and...

Yeah. Up and down. Level five's going to take you to about 20.


So, it's going to be very aggressive.

Yeah. Let's start...

Have you ever ridden... You said you test an ebike?

I just tested one just when getting here to make sure I didn't make a fool myself.

Okay. So second time ever on an ebike.

Second time ever.


But I'm really excited.

All right.

This way?


Woo hoo.

I'm starting most people out in level one, just because level five, when you're pedaling can feel really, really fast. That's why you see ebikes now that are up to 750 watts. I don't think everybody really needs that. How'd that feel?

So fun. I almost went all the way around the building, but I figured I should go back.

Cool. And you...

Is the [inaudible 00:18:07] going to be the same as a regular EVRYJourney non-electric?

Kind of, sort of, it is slightly different, but generally speaking, if you fit on this one, you'll fit on the standard bike. So the answer is yes, but there are small differences between the ebike, just different components, some upgraded things on the ebike just for wear and tear purposes, stuff like that.

Mm-hmm (affirmative). I'd say, Sabine, I'm 5'1, and I can write EVRYJourney nonelectric and electric, both comfortably. So I think it would be a good fit for you. Okay. How is it?

So fun. I'll go again if you want me to.

We do have a request for a 24-inch inseam. I don't think we have anyone here and I don't know if a 26 inch would be...

Honestly, I'm going to tell you right off the bat, 24-inch inseam, if that's your true inseam... Again, we're not professionals here on measuring inseam, so I can't say for sure that we've done a perfect job, but...

But for your reference, we measure from like the highest point on the inside of the leg to the ankle bone.

I would say if it's truly 24 and it matches that you're not going to fit on any of our 26 inches, it's going to be very close.

I can take...

We are coming out with a 24 inch for a version of the EVRYJourney, that would suit you, in 2022. But even our 26-inch inseam, it was a little bit on the high side, even for her. That's my initial thought. But again, without being in person, it's hard to tell. All right, Alana, what's next? And we've got other bike models here too.

I didn't see any specific requests right now, aside from the 24 inches. Oh. How about 5'5 on AroundtheBlock?


All right. Who's our 5'5?

That's me.

Michelle, right?


Okay. So come and 

Should your feet be flat on the ground?

And then... Okay.

Not necessarily. The idea of the EVRYJourney is that you can have that situation and still get ample leg extension, but as you move up in height and what's ever comfortable for you, it's not typical on a bike to be able to have your feet flat. Again, it's whatever is most comfortable for you as a rider, but no, it's not required by any means. Ever ridden an ebike?

I rode one earlier today.


It was my first time.

Cool. But before that never?


And then how long before that had you ridden a bike?

I probably haven't ridden a bike in like 10 years.

10 years. Okay. And how was it getting onto the ebike?

Oh, it was easy.


Easy peasy.


Yeah. Oh, a lot of fun. I had a blast.

Cool. There you have it. So, the first time. It's too bad we couldn't get the initial reaction on camera, but that's all right.

I'm sure it will be recreated here in a second.

What was your inseam?

 The inseam is 30.



What was the actual request? Just someone 5'5?

5, 5 on an AroundtheBlock.

Okay, cool. Did you ride the AroundtheBlock?

This one? Yes.

You did. Okay. Cool. Well go ahead and show them what it looks like.


You might have to scoot forward for the pedal to unfold.

There we go. Just [inaudible 00:21:56] open it.

Did you use the throttle when you rode it earlier?


Okay. Again, the same thing, this one has a little bit different display than our other eBike you guys just saw. The EVRYJourney has a middle display. We tried to make these a little more discreet, but the premise is the same. You've got your miles per hour. This number here is your assistance with the motor. So you can take that to zero.


It'll cut it off. Or you can go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Five's going to be really fast.


Or don't pedal at all and just hit the throttle, and it'll do all the work for you.

Okay. I'll try that one.

Actually, let me take this down a notch for you then. And if you're comfortable while you're riding, you can just slide your thumb over...

And bump it up or down?

You got it.

Awesome. All right.

Okay. Have fun. Be careful.

And next, they want to see the etrike in action.


No specific height requests for that one.

Should I just ride it?

Yeah. I can.

Actually, we'll throw someone else on there.

Okay. I can ask.

Ask someone who's never ridden a tricycle.


Or... So apparently we've lost the AroundtheBlock rider. I'm assuming she's having fun, which means she went farther. There she is. How was that using the throttle?

It was so cool. You can go really fast with that.

Yeah. Yeah.

That was awesome.

Yeah. So, that was the first time you used the throttle?

Yup. That was the first...

 It's a game-changer, isn't it?

Yeah, it is. I was like, oh man, I'll never pedal again.

Exactly. Yeah. Cool. Well, you can hop off.

Why thank you.

So, you're 5'5, right?

Yup, 5'5, inseam 30.

30. And she had a lot of fun. And the fit comfort feels good?

Oh yeah. No, I was driving along...

I can grab the helmet.

Thank you. No, absolutely comfortable. Comfortable seat. I had a great time.

Cool. Well, thanks.

Thank you.

All right. So let's try to get you guys a trike demo now. There's Alana.

Dustin, what do you think? So [inaudible 00:24:39].


So, go ahead and [inaudible 00:24:43] Have you ridden an ebike before?

No, this is exciting.


After you start pedaling, the motor's going to kick in and give a little bit of a boost. He just sanitized that, so you can have one. Yeah. You can give it a second to try. You can increase the pedal assist level to five, so that's more of a boost, and then you can also use the throttle to not really pedal at all and it'll just accelerate. Or you could use it as a normal trike go all the way to zero. So, let's just start at two, I think.


One? For the trike?


Okay. We'll start at one and...

Trade you.

Oh, you want to put it in the basket?

Oh yeah. How about that?

So when's the last time you've ridden a regular bike?

Oh, gosh. A couple of years ago.

Okay. Ever ridden a trike?

You can loosen the back. No, there's a twist.

Ever ridden a tricycle at all.

I have not. No.

Cool. So we got a first-time trike rider. So, one thing important on a trike, take the turns slow, lean into the turn, so you can keep the wheels down.

Speaker 15:

Okay. I'll do that.


And then just ease off the acceleration. If you use the throttle at all, don't accelerate into the turn, only out of the turn.

Can you help me with the...

Oh, with the strap? [crosstalk 00:26:49] It's too short here. Yeah. Pop it off and I'll lengthen it for you.

Power does the trike have?

So the trikes a 250 watt and it's a front hub motor. So, the motors actually in the front wheel... Try that.

Oh, good. Thank you.

And we've done that on the trike, because... Honestly, we've done another video where you can see the towing capacity. I'm on it with Alana, it's over 300 pounds. For the trike, I think it's safer to not boost these up too high, and honestly, you're going to see it gives you enough power.



So, yeah.

So this is the break.


Okay. So, I just pedal?

Just go. Yup.


And you'll feel the motor kick in.

Hey, this is great.

First time rider reaction.

Dee asked about balancing on the trike... Balance you don't have to worry so much about because of the three wheels you could just stop riding and just stay.

I'm going to go ahead and give her an escort just to be sure. Go ahead and hit the break.

Yeah, you got to get used to keeping the bike straight on the trike.

Okay. Because it kept veering right or left.

Yeah. Just because of the weight, you got to make sure to keep the wheel straight.

Okay. The front-wheel?



There you go.

Got it. Okay. This is all good.

Also, we're on a slope there, which I think...


The downslope provides a little bit more of a challenge.

You can try the throttle a little. And then a request to go over the differences between the different models.


Bike models.

So, the trike is different for sure than a regular bike. So, I...

It is.

Yeah. I just advise like anyone riding at home or buying it, just ease into it. You'll get comfortable over time. Even after 10 minutes of riding, she'll be up to speed, but I do think the slope provides a little challenge because it pulls you down the hill. You seem to do a little bit better getting onto the flat ground over here

Keeping that front-wheel aligned.


Really helps on the downslope. Yeah.


It's a little bit like driving a car with a carriage, you have to be aware that there's something in the back. Right?


Then it's super easy.

Yeah. Cool.

I love it. I'm putting my dogs back here.

That's the common practice, honestly.

I'm putting Fido and it's food and a blanket, that's what I'm doing.



Well, Alana's done that with her doggie.

If you could pull her a child's trailer on this?

Yeah. You could. Yes, you could. Absolutely. And I've also seen other people take the basket off and mount the kids' seat to the actual frame.


Of the bike. Yeah. And Alana and I made another video where you're going to see me sitting in the basket and Alana's driving me. That's up on YouTube now.

It's on TikTok. If you're not following us on TikTok, we've got a lot of hilarious, in my opinion, content.

Cool. All right. So should we move on to the... You can hop off then if you want.

So, they asked you about the differences between the different bike models.


Do that. Cool.

All right. I'll bring this one over there.

Let me get my visor. I'll trade you.


We have our high [crosstalk 00:30:43] at 68.


Right now. 

Okay. Let's start here. Okay. So this is our EVRYJourney. This is our forward pedaling design, just like our best-selling standard bike, but in an e-bike version. You've got the seat tube sloped forward, it's going to keep the riders lowered to the ground. You're going to pedal forward. The benefit, you can get proper leg extension while still having feet flat on the ground when stopping, and super comfortable, super easy to ride. Fits riders, as we saw today, 4'11 to 6'2, but inseam plays a role. We're doing actually a sizing video today. We're going to launch that here in the next week or two, and we're going to film all these women on the bikes. This comes in 500 watts or 250 watts. The range is going to be anywhere from 40 to 60 miles with pedal assist and about 20 to 30 with full throttle.

So all of our ebikes are class two, meaning they have a throttle and they have pedal assist. They can do up to 28 miles an hour in pedal assist and up to 20 by using the throttle. So, moving on here, we have our EVRYJourney internal 250 watts. The batteries actually mounted in the frame, so one thing I'll say is the benefit of this one with the rear rack mount, you can take the battery easily on and off, take it with you to charge, take it in the house, park the bike somewhere, charge the battery while you're indoors. This one, the battery's in the frame. You cannot take it in and out. So, if you keep this in your garage, it's great. The benefit of this simplicity and clean design. You don't see anything, the batteries in there barely look like an ebike. Also, the middleweight distribution makes it ride a little bit easier, like a standard bike.

This is a 250 watt. This is going to get you up to 20 miles an hour with pedal assist and about 16 to 18 with full throttle depending on the rider's weight and conditions. And the range is similar, 40 to 60 miles pedal assist and 20 to 30 full throttle. Keep in mind the terrain, the conditions, the weight, size of the riders all play into the type of range you're going to get out of the batteries. So, it's not just a cut-and-dry formula. Same as electric cars. They can give you an estimate, but the factors, the weather plays into it, the road conditions, the hills, things like that play a role. Here's our tricycle, the EVRYJourney frame, 250-watt front hub motor. It's going to take you up to about 16 miles an hour max and pedal assist and throttle. Pedaling, you could get going faster, but I don't recommend getting going super fast on a tricycle.

Do you have some comments?

I want to post it to TikTok.

Oh. So this is our fat tire EVRYJourney women's. This is more for all-terrain if you're going to go off-road, hard pack trails, or you just like beefy tires, they're going to be way cushier. They're going to absorb the impact of the road a little bit more. Although, as we've seen this bike so far does not... You got to be about 5'2, 5'3, depending on inseam to fit on this. So if you're in the 5'1, 5-foot range, this won't be an option for you, but you can see the tires are dirty. We've done some off-roading on it. It really is great for trail riding. Or like I said, if you just want an old one for a cushy ride and then for balance too, the thicker tires are going to help keep the bike balanced. All right, moving on to our AroundtheBlock, our traditional beach cruiser electric bike available in like five, six, seven colors.

Check the website and the same with the EVRYJourneys too available in multiple colorways. These are just one of every color we have out here today. Now, the AroundtheBlock, just like our normal standard AroundtheBlock, same as the EVRYJourney, rear rack-mounted battery, easy to remove on and off, take it inside, charge it. This is 500 watts and 250 watts. Also, both options. And 500 watts will take you up to 28 with pedal assist or 20 full throttles. 250 watt will do about... pedal assist can do 28, full throttles about 18. Upright ride, super comfortable. Now, we're moving into some other categories. Here's our BodyEase. This is our comfort bike. This features the full front suspension fork. So this is going to move up and down as you go over bumps. So if you want to do hardpack trails or you just want to absorb the curbs, but the benefit is it's got a little thinner tires than the EVRYJourney. So, if you want to do more exercise and yes, you can exercise on ebikes just turn the motor off. It's going to roll a little bit easier with the thinner tires.

The EVRYJourney is more geared for comfort and balance, thicker tire. A thinner tire is going to make it easier to roll. And you also have the suspension seat post, which is going to move up and down and absorb the bumps and bruises. Keep in mind though, you've got to be a minimum of about five foot four to fit on the BodyEase. Again, you can watch this sizing video we're going to come out with here in the next week or two, but because of the suspension seat post, shorter riders will not be able to mount and dismount, but we've got a really comfortable seat, upright ergonomic riding position. And again, the range 40 to 60 pedal assist, 20 to 30 full throttle, depends on the conditions. Moving on to the RideInThePark. This is like our city bike, a traditional step through frame, one of our lower steps through. It's going to be a very upright riding position, same battery, same distance as the ones I just mentioned with the rear battery mount, 500 Watts. This one puts you in an ergonomic position, really comfortable seat. The cool thing about one is really thin tires.

So if you're going to do pavement riding, zipping around the city, really great option because of how fast it moves and rolls. And you're going to notice a big difference in the speed with the thin tires on this versus the EVRYJourney. Lastly, our Reach Your Destination is our commuter bike. So this puts you into a little bit of a lean-forward position, thin tires, again, same with the rear rack battery, 40 to 60 pedal assist, 20 to 30 full throttle, 500 watts. The benefit of this one is we've added comfort features like the super wide saddle, but we've got the streamlined triangle frame. This bike really zips with the thin tires and you've got the full throttle. It's a lot of fun. So if you're going to ride some longer distances, do some commuting and you want to go fast, this is a super great option.

So that's a complete lineup. We do have one more, which we don't have out here right now, which is our Paven'Trail, which just came in. So we haven't been able to get it out here. It's the 500 watts it's sort of a hybrid, good for offload, on-road, thin tires, but durable enough to go hard-packed trails and also get exercise, sort of a cross between the BodyEase and the Reach Your Destination.

Can you talk a little bit about servicing a bike in a bike shop? Like do they know how to handle an ebike?

Yeah. So, if a bike shop sells ebikes, they're going to be able to service any ebike and if you need parts specific to a bike you've bought from us, we can always provide those, whether it be batteries, disc brakes. Aside from the battery and the motor, most things on an ebike are the same across... Can be generally purchased anywhere or replaced anywhere.

Let's get the tallest and the smallest to sit on the same bike.

Try the EVRYJourney. Alana I'll let you handle that sizing. Want to start with our tallest rider?

Sure. And if we missed [inaudible 00:38:41] just make sure to ask again, because there's a lot of comments we might have skipped over it.

Can I read while you...

Yeah, sure. So who's our tallest rider? Oh, okay.

Oh, she's coming back.

Do you want to test ride a bike? Okay. Let's do the EVRYJourney.

I see Tony he's a loyal follower. Thanks for coming live, Tony.

We'll do the [inaudible 00:39:11] one.


Thanks, Claire for the beautiful bikes comment.

Just one. One.

It's got a lot...

Carla likes the yellow. Thanks, Carla. Hi Cynthia. Thanks for coming out.

Okay, but I think we can raise the seat a little bit more.

Oh, helmet too.

Oh yeah. And the helmet. I already [inaudible 00:40:00].

It's really tight.

Can you adjust the seat?

Yeah. Oh.

This one's challenging for me.

How tall are you?

That's very...


6 1. We got to go pretty high.

So my inseam is 34.


34-inch inseam.

Okay. Give it a shot. It might be too high. We're going to start and work our way down. Good?

I'm happy with it.

Yeah? Okay. Could maybe even go a little higher if you really wanted, but we'll see how that works.

I don't normally ride beach cruisers.

Well, we would consider this like a hybrid touring cruiser.

Did you test drive one?

A little bit.



So, you have a little bit [inaudible 00:41:02].


So, pedal-assist is set and [inaudible 00:41:06]

Don't forget to comment with any questions or anything you'd like to see.

If the pedal goes assist goes to like two or three?

You can set it 

Oh, so at one pedal it'll be like more of a boost?

Yeah. For each time you [inaudible 00:41:12] So bring it around and then if you want to [inaudible 00:41:38].

Oh, that's a throttle.

Yeah, and you're going to go down that way.

What's our rider's name right now? Oh.

And then what next we'll do our shortest rider again. Any other requests?

Brittany would like to see a plus-size person on any bike discussing comfort. We also have someone who wants 5'9, 32-inch inseam. So we could do our 5'9 rider.

It's very responsive.


Turning and everything. It's a good turn radius.

If you lose the key...

How was it?

We can replace it, but it'd be a long process because we have to contact the factory. So, I'd recommend keeping one key in a very safe place.

Thank you.

The trike is on tight corners. Probably won't be able to do that today, but we do have other videos actually of me riding the trike. What's that?


 If it's the tallest and the shortest person?

Yeah. So this is like, I would say... Do you think this is the most versatile?

Yeah. Let's get our tallest rider out here.

Okay. So, that is...

It is Veteran's Day here, so happy Veteran's Day, and thank you to all the veterans out there.

It might be the same type though. I don't know.

So let me spray this helmet.

Let me adjust this for you. What's your inseam?


Okay. So, there's actually a line on the seat that you can't raise it any higher than for safety. So we're going to see. And you're 6'2? What was your name?

6'2. Kira.

Kira. So 6'2, 37-inch inseam. I want to venture that she's the tallest rider I've ever seen on one of our bikes before. And you can...

Call guys.

Oh, that's true. But her inseam, 37 inches is... Because you have very long legs. Yeah.

That's true.

How does that feel for you right now?

This feels good. It's comfortable.

Let me Handlebars okay?


So interestingly for the taller riders with longer arms, it's really good to leave the handlebars down in some instances and tilt it down. So, have you ridden an ebike before you said? Just earlier?

Yeah. Just earlier.

And before that, never?


And when was the last time you rode a bike?

Oh, it's been a couple of years.


It's been a couple of years.

But you're generally pretty athletic? Ride bike? No? Okay.

We can say yes.

Okay. Well, you're getting a firsthand experience here. Okay. So let me walk you through it.


So this number... Sorry. This number is how much assistance the motors going to give you.


We can turn that down to zero and at that point, you're just riding the bike, like a normal bike.


So which bike did you ride earlier?

It was the green one that's over there.

Okay, cool. And did you use any of the controls up here or anything?


You just rode it? Did you know if the motor was going?

It was [crosstalk 00:45:29] definitely going.

Okay. Cool.

For sure.


But I think it was like a five or something.

Okay. So I'm just going to put you in one.


You can pedal. When you get going, you'll feel the motor going.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

You can stop pedaling. This is your throttle right here.


So you can hit that, the bike will go and you don't have to do any work.

No work?

No work.

That's even better for me.

Yeah. Now stop pedaling. Hit the throttle. There you go.

I don't think it gets 

And you know your microphone's on, right?


three o'clock.

What do you think?

That was awesome. No work.

You like the throttle, huh?

Now, I never have to pedal. This is amazing.

So what would you say comfort-wise, like for your height? Did you feel uncomfortable? Comfortable?

No, not at all. It felt good for my height. I didn't have to arch down or feel like I was too big for the bike. It's really comfortable.

Are your legs cramped? Not cramped? Okay.

No, no. Everything was perfect.


It was a lot of fun.

Cool. You can put the kickstand down. Kira, right?


Kira. So Kira's 6'2 and 37-inch inseam, and she's saying she feels comfortable. She feels good on the EVRYJourney. And again, it really is a personal feel, honestly. I really think she's the tallest woman I've seen firsthand on an EVRYJourney. So that's a cool experience for me to see with her inseam, how she fits. Someone requested 5'8. Any other more recent comments?

Let's see.

Do you want to drive the trike?

Oh, someone asked about the central screen and asked if it's going to become the new placement on all the ebikes or just...

So, moving into 2022 on the EVRYJourney with the rear mount battery and the AroundtheBlocks, the screen is still going to be the smaller one on the handlebar. That's going to be into mid-2022. After that, yes, we will move to this screen, but right now this screen is on the internal, EVRYJourney ebikes and all the other newer models, the ATB... Or sorry, the BodyEase, RideInThePark, Reach Your Destination, and Paven'Trail, which is not out here today.

All right. We have a request for 5'6.

We have Kara here.

Who's 5'6?

I'm 5'6.

Oh. (silence).

Oh, there we go.


It's good.

How does that feel?


Thank you. Oh, wait. This one. Someone wanted to see the RideInThePark.

No, but they requested a 5'6 rider. She already did [crosstalk 00:49:39] it's back. Because Sandra said it's back.


What happened?

No sound.

Is your mic on?



It was off.


All right. The sound is back.

So we're here with Abigail...

Because I turned my mic off...


It's off. Oh.

This is the RideInThepark. She test rode the EVRYJourney earlier. So, now, you're a pro at ebiking.

So you got to turn it on. So why don't you do it all yourself? Yeah. And now this is a 500 watt. So the pedal-assist one's going to have a little more juice to it than the other bike. Yeah.

Thank you for the warning.

But go ahead and give it a shot. Yeah. You good. You're good. I'll say you can try to use the throttle actually to get going.

To start?

Yeah, it's actually helpful.

Okay. Yeah.

It's on now. That was earlier.

Cool. How do you like that one or how does that compare to this one?

It does have a little more kick. I like starting it with the throttle. That's really nice.

Helpful, right?

Yeah, because then it doesn't surprise you after you've started, but it feels nice.

Cool. Yeah.

I didn't notice a huge difference other than that. Both are super fun.

Cool. Awesome. All right. What else do we get on the docket? It's already been 50 minutes, crazy enough.

Yeah, it has been. Any questions?

Someone said 5'8. Do you want to take the trike out and show them a little bit?


I think it's just...


You are experienced with it. You can show them how to...

Hey there, Allison. We are going to start selling bike trailers next year. They're in the process right now of sampling. They're for kids, but dogs can go in there too. Someone said they can only hear you when you're standing next to me.

Really? Because I have both mics?


Maybe it's my soft voice.

Checking in from Chicago. Hey there, Crystal. I have knee injuries and I'm missing my teal EVRYJourney. We'd love to see you get on an ebike. Good luck with your injuries and recovery. Checking in from Tampa. Hey there, Greg, We don't have any senior citizens here today, unfortunately, but we will try to do that in upcoming videos.

I do want to do a bike ride with my grandma. So maybe we'll do that [inaudible 00:53:05] videos.

Loves her shades.

Thanks. Christmas gift last year. So, I'm on pedal-assist one. Can they hear me?

Can you guys hear Alana? [inaudible 00:53:35] Lee Valley, Pennsylvania. there. Tabitha Beach, Alabama. The jean jacket. Says my mic is cutting out.

Like half can hear you, half can't.

Yeah. A lot of people can't hear you.

Oh. Me?

I don't know. Yeah. Or me? I don't know.

Okay. Well, [crosstalk 00:54:23] that was the trike. Any questions about the trike?

Testing? Anyone? Can you hear me? Need to bring Jody for California for your next demo, she puts more miles... I agree, Chris.

I know. Jody is so impressive.

Well, we've got about five minutes left. Kara says it's choppy.

So, should we just get to the giveaway? Everyone we've been waiting for, right?

Let's do it.

Maybe you should just stand close to me. So, whichever mic it is that's working will pick up. So, let's see the last call to get you...

How many entries are in right now? Do we know?

Let's see.

What are we giving away today?

We're giving away an ebike, a 250-watt electric bike.

Wow. So, that'll be a lot of fun. Whoever's going to get this bike, it's going to be awesome. And thanks for coming out and watching today. We know it's the middle of the day.

Okay. I'm having a technical difficulty.

Technical difficulties.

The last time I checked, we had 101 entries. I'm sure it's more now. It might be because the WiFi's like a little [crosstalk 00:55:43] weird out here.

Get closer here.

But if we didn't get to all your questions today, we're going to go back through comments and we're going to be shooting with all the women here today. So, if there's a rider behind us that you really wanted to see a test ride, check back on YouTube or shoot the comments and we'll try to make the video today. Where are we going?

I'm just getting closer.

We're on the move.

Okay. Here we go. So, last call everyone. This is it. It's closed. You're in or you're not.

Okay. It's spinning. Do you want to put that up...

No, it's not...

Oh, it's not spinning. It's not spinning. It's not spinning. Call off the jam. This suspense is mounting.

I'm sorry.

Everyone's wondering what's going on here. And the sun is hot today here...

It is.

In California.

It's so hot. It's been so cool all week the past couple of weeks. Today.

So stay tuned for next week when Alana finally spins the wheel.

No pressure. All right. So, we have 147 entries. Here's the wheel. Can you see it?


Okay. [inaudible 00:57:16] Three, two, one. Oh. It is Amber Schumacher.

Amber, congratulations.

Amber. Thank you for entering everybody. We have your email, so we'll be in contact with you to get your shipping info.

Yeah. Thanks for entering. Thanks for watching today. I hope we could provide you with some useful knowledge and you can keep commenting on anything else you want to see. We're going to have all these women here today until 5:00 PM, so we'll be able to do different videos with them. Yeah. Thanks again for watching. Don't forget. It's your journey, your experience.

Enjoy the ride.

Everyone wave bye.


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