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Live Electric Bicycle Demo Featuring Our New Electric Bike Models

Hi Everyone. Thanks for tuning in. Dustin will be joining in a minute. Is anyone in?

Two people are in.

Hi. Drew's here putting the finishing touches. Some of our new eBikes we'll be showing you. Well, they're all new except for the fat tire.

Sandra says hello.

Hi, Sandra. And our new bags. It's a hot 73.

Claire says greetings from Michigan.

How's the weather in Michigan? All right. How many people are here now?

We have 12 people.

12 people. All right. Well, here we have all eBikes. The Fat Tire, which you may have seen already, this is not a new bike. We have the internal Evryjourneys, 250 watts, so it comes in different colors. Oh, we've got a trike coming in. We have the cream, navy, matte black, and teal, and then here we have... I always get these mixed up.

Reach Your Destination.

Reach Your Destination. Electric, brand new. We just assembled these today. Reach Your Destination, Ride in the Park, and this is the Body Ease. So, four new models... are these on already?

Are we live?

Yeah, we're life.


We have how many people now?

13 Facebook, 8 Instagram.


All right. Is my mike on?


Yeah, all right. Okay. So where did we leave off?

I was just walking through the models that we have.

Yeah, okay. So, any questions you guys have as we go through the demo we're happy to answer. We're going to take some of the bikes through a test ride, we'll walk you through how they work, how they operate, how easy they are to ride, and we'll show you the full lineup.

So, just curious, where's my helmet?


Oh, okay, so you got it.

There's one here and one here.

All right. How many people are with us now?

18 Facebook, 8 Instagram.

All right. Do you want to start by showing them maybe the new bags? Or did you already do that?

Oh yeah, we can go through the new bags. So, we have seven, I think, new bags and they come in... they're color-coordinated to match these four bikes right here. So, the cream, navy, black, and teal. And we have for each color, we have one that matches the main color and then one that matches the accent color. I can grab an example of the inverse, but we have the round handlebar bags, which are handy and cute, two pockets, the main pocket here. We've got this little side pocket here. Great for small things, your keys, phone, just toss it in. Velcro attachment, so super easy.

What class are the new bikes?

Class two. And honestly, off the top of my head, I can't remember all the specifications of the eBikes, but we are class two eBike because we have the throttle and we have the pedal assist. So, with the throttle, you can go max 20 miles an hour speed, and with pedal assist you can go 28 miles an hour.

So you got the bags, you want to keep doing with that, or...

No, let's go by bike, or...

The big new product introduction is the internal eBike. We're specifically proud of these. These are 250-watt eBike, and the battery is completely contained inside that down tube. If you don't know, one of our best selling bikes is the Every Journey Women's in the standard non-electric, and it's because of the forward pedaling design where you can get your feet flat on the ground when stopping, and then you can also have the seat lower to the ground so you're lower to the ground, but you still get ample leg extension.

So this is that frame but now brought to you in a sleek, internal eBike design where you can't even tell it's an eBike. We have the bag on here right now, but you can see on our original Every Journey, we've got the battery on the back. We tried something new with this one, now this one is a 250-watt motor. We have the other style in a 500-watt motor. With a 250 watt motor, you'll still be able to hit a top speed of about 17 miles an hour with full throttle. And then pedal assist, sky's the limit. I would say comfortably you can hit 25, 26 miles an hour with the 250 watts.

So there are different motor sizes out there, 250, 350, 500, 750. There's a lot of confusion around which motor sizes are right for you. Really depends on the type of riding you're doing. We made this a 250 watt because we put the preference of concealing the battery, the appearance of the bike, reducing the weight in exchange for a smaller motor. But we believe the smaller motor fr the type of riding you'll do on our bike, which is around town, casual... you can do longer rides, but you're not going to need the power of a 500 watt or a 750 watt. A 750 watt, that's actually the max power that's legal in California.

And is it nice to have it? Yes. But do you need it? It depends on the riding. If you're going to do major hills, or you're going to tow things... also depending on body weight, sometimes the motor can be important. I'm about 220. The 250 watt's good for me for normal around-town flat riding and minor hills. If I try to take on larger hills, a 500 watt is a better option for me, so then I would opt for our original Every Journey, which has a larger battery, bigger motor.

But again, the beauty of this one, everything's concealed, simple, very light. That's the other benefit. Alana, do you want to show them? We did this in another video we have on YouTube, but Alana is five foot one 110, and she can lift... you can do it on the rear rack. She can lift the bike up. And the other reason that it's easier for her is with the battery in the middle of the frame, it's not lopsided, so lifting it's a little bit easier. So if you are concerned about taking your eBike places, putting it on a bike rack, this is a great option.

So, we can show you guys a quick demo of these. The other thing I'll show you, right here is where you'll charge, you just pop that out and you plug it in. And then we've also changed the screens on these. We've done a little larger screen. So you'll hit the power button over here... do you want to show that?

Right here, push it on, and now your screen pops on. And you've still got the five pedal assist levels, one two three four five, and you've got your throttle. If you want to show this really quick...

I'm going to put it in five, and why don't you shoot the rear tire? So I'm going to push the throttle, and there goes the wheel. Pretty cut and dry. 

Someone asked if we'll have the internal battery on the trikes, or like a trike version of this.

The trike, we don't have an internal battery look for the trikes in development now. A big thing to talk about is with the supply chain issues, and the lead times, and the backups, it's a challenge to develop new products right now. In particular, our lead time from factories, depending on the bike is about eight to 12 months. So these internal frames we've actually had in development for about two years, and they just came now. So the trikes, we're looking to do a whole bunch of new trikes, new motor sizes, new styles.

We've got some really cool sort of secretive things coming out that we had hoped to have in 2021, looks like 2022, if not end of the year 2022 into 2023. The supply chain is a really, really big deal right now, so product development is a challenge.

So, do you want to hop on and we can just demo these really quick?

Yeah. Helmet...



Hi, Tram.


How many people with us?

24 Facebook, six Instagram.


Are there any non-cruiser style eBikes?

Oh yeah, absolutely. All these right here are our brand new eBikes, so these two are the Reach Your Destination. We classify these as commuter-style frames. And then this is our Ride in the Park, which comes in a women's version, which we're going to hopefully wheel out here. I would classify this as a city bike, sort of in the hybrid genre. And this is our Body Ease eBike, which we would classify as a comfort hybrid with a step-through. This is a pretty cool frame too, which has the shock absorption fork.

And that's going to be good for going over bumps. It also has a low step-through. These are all brand new, available on our website right now, we just came out with these, literally just got them this week, so we're expanding outside of the typical sort of cruiser look.

And then we have also the tricycle down there.

Taylor just joined us on Instagram.



Do we all want to go for a ride, or we just want to have Alana demo?

Let's do just Alana demo.

Okay, cool.

All right. You're going to follow me?


No, you're just going to do a circle.

Okay. So, easy step through. Ready?


I have it set to one, the pedal assist. Oh no, it's at five. Now it's on one.

Why don't you so a little straightaway and then you can tell them how fast you're going?

Okay. So, full throttle, let's see.

14, 16, I don't like going fast. I hit 16 just with the throttle. Now I'm on pedal-assist one at 10 miles. Let me switch to a higher gear. Hit 13 there. It's fun to ride.

What was your top speed?

My top speed, I think it was 16. But I was approaching the curb so I was afraid to keep going.

So if you've never ridden an electric bike, it's super easy, super smooth. You really just push the throttle and you go, and then the pedaling just kicks in. I'll just ride this one too. So I'm 220 pounds, Alana is, like I said, about 110. So you can see even with me on here... I'll put it on pedal-assist five just for the sake of having more power. And I'll show you from a dead stop, I'll just push the throttle... I'll let these cars go.

So I'll just do an example, no pedaling, just the throttle. And we're off. And I'm up to seven, eight, nine, 10, 11... 13, 14... so, 14 and climbing.

12, 13, 14, 15. 15 miles an hour right there.

So I think it's really important to think about how much power you actually need because the more power in truth does mean a little more dangerous. So having a bigger motor's not always a great idea, which is why we think this bike with 250 watts is really great for the average, recreational, around town, someone who wants the assistance of the motor, but again, you don't need something so powerful that it'll get away from you. Because eBikes now are getting crazy in terms of the motor sizes and what they can be used for.

And they are dangerous, which is why we're always going to wear our helmets when we're riding them. But I'll just show you guys pedal assist, I'll do a straightaway, and then I'll call out my speeds. Is the mike on both or just one?

Just one.


I can say it, maybe.

Well, you can't hear me either.

Oh, I think I can.

You can?

How far are you going?

I'll just go straight. Anyways, we'll see. Let's go.

So you can see how fast you can get going very quickly.

The helmets we're hoping to have by the end of this year. You were right, I couldn't hear you.

How fast did you get?



18. My comfortable cruising speed for just a casual ride is 10, 11 if I'm feeling perky.

Sweet. We got Drew riding in here on a new model.

This is actually a really cool new eBike. So this is our Ride in the Park. This one is what they would call a city bike. City bike's not necessarily its own category, it kind of is, but it really falls into the hybrid category. So, totally different than our other bikes, much thinner tire. These are 700c. Let me confirm the actual width.

Not sure if it's on here or not.

700 by 35, and then...

35, all right.

35 or 38.

Oh, 38. So it's a 700c by 38. So, much thinner. So these are going to roll faster. Less resistance, more speed. This is a 500 watt. So if you're looking for a little more power and something that's going to roll a little easier, this bike's cool too. Alana can test it out, we'll lower the seat for her. Keep in Mind Alana's five-one. This one gives you a really nice upright ride.

I like it. I haven't been on this one yet. Okay.

So it works for her.

Ready? I'm going to do full throttle. Oh, yeah.

I'm miked up, just so you know.

And Alana's gone. Oh, she's back.

I hit 17.


Yeah. I really like this seat, actually.

So if you were to tell them at home what's the difference between this bike and the Every Journey internal...

This does feel more sleek. I'm guessing because of the thinner tires. And I think I hit 17 a lot faster than I did on the internal, though this is a 500 watt, that's 250 watts. I didn't pedal at all. Another difference I guess would be the pedal position. I think on this one I could've raise my seat a little more.

Oh, really?

To get better leg extension. Yeah, I think so.

And then the saddles are different. I don't think I've been on one of these in a while. It was a lot more cushiony than I remembered.

Cool. Here, we can come for a close-up. The battery on the internal is in fact removable, although a little more challenging. But on these, the benefit is how easy it is to remove the battery. So you have keys right here, and you can pop it in and pull the battery out if someone...

I can take it out.

This, you can?


Oh, okay. So you can bring the battery in with you where you go, where you park it. On the internal one, generally speaking, that battery's going to stay inside the frame unless you really needed to pull it out to change the battery or swap the battery. But it's not going to be conducive to going to work, taking it out, and bringing it upstairs. You'd have to bring the whole bike with you.

This one you can pop the battery off. So she's got the...

You just turn the key, slide the battery out the back. And then you can take it inside, charge it. But you can also leave it on and charge it.

Yes, you can do either or, it's up to you.

Either one. And then that also makes it easier to transport because this battery weighs, what, seven?

Do you know the battery's weight?

12 pounds, 15 pounds.

12, 15 pounds?

advising people to do is if they put it on a car rack, take the battery out. 


Because it's weight on one side, [inaudible 00:21:22] bikes going the same way, it's like all the weight's on one side of the vehicle.

Definitely, yeah. 

It can damage your car, damage the car rack [inaudible 00:21:31]

So we've got two different types of eBikes going on right now, which is the rear rack battery, and then our new internal mount. So, the choice is really up to you on your preference. And I'll just take a ride on this too. Let me grab your helmet. I'll just show them how it performs with me.


Do you know the answer to this?

That's okay, I can leave the seat down. So we'll go ahead and put in five.

349 [inaudible 00:22:06]

15, 16, 17... 19.

I didn't get a chance to set it up all the way.

Is it possible to replace the internal battery?

14, 15...


16, 17, 18.

So I was able to hit 19 just before I collided with the fence right there. But definitely, the 500 watts will get you going quicker, there's a little more torque, you can get going faster. And I didn't do any pedal assist there. So yeah, depends on what you're looking for. This one has a really cool look. And we can bring out the Body Ease now, too.

Sorry Drew, what were the price differences again for the 250 watts and 500-watt batteries?

The replacement battery?

Yeah, a replacement battery.

Replacement batteries are 349 [inaudible 00:23:22]

Keep in mind the bags are all purchased separately.



So this one is our comfort eBike. You've got a step-through frame. You've got these forks with the shocks. And you actually have the ability here to do what's called locking it out, or have the shock be engaged. So when it's locked out, the fork won't compress at all, so that's good for flat ground. You'll roll faster. But if you're going to go over a lot of bumps and you want max comfort, you can engage the fork, and it will basically move as you hit the bumps and really absorb the bounces.

Now this one also has the suspension seat post, so this will also move up and down. The only downside... and the seat post is switchable, so if you're about five two or below, five three or below, you may want to switch to the non-suspension. So, Alana, I don't even know, you might want to try but I don't think you can...

And this is the...

Body Ease.

Body Ease.

I think this may be too tall for you.

Let me see. And someone asked about replacement batteries. The 250-watt battery is 279, and the 500-watt battery is 349. And it is possible to replace the internal battery. And replacement batteries are in stock. I think this... I just can't put my toes down while seated, but I could ride this. So let me turn it on.

This is one that I rarely ride, this model.

So I hit 18 just there, now I'm back at 10. Oh, I was in first gear.

Hit 18 that time.

I think preferably... we should offer this on the site. We should offer with an optional seat post because that'll basically lower the height for this down to about five feet. Because of the suspension seat post, it basically has to allow this three inches here. Now Alana's five one, she's a very experienced bike rider, but I would not advise somebody under five three, unless you have a really long inseam, to ride this bike for safety reasons unless again you switch the seat post, then somebody five-foot or above could ride it.

But with the suspension seat post, what Alana did was not recommended, even though she's capable of doing it.

Let's show them the Reach Your Destination.

So this is a really cool frame. This one... question?

Pause while we sift through the comments.

Oh, if you buy a 250-watt bike, can you replace the battery with a 500-watt battery? You can, can't you? You can use the 500-watt battery, but the motor is still 250 watts.

Yeah, so will the battery last longer on a 250 watt with a bigger... so the answer is yes

You won't go faster.

Yeah, but you'll get more range? Got it. So the answer is yes, you can do the bigger battery on the 250 watts, which will give you more range, but it won't give you more power. So that is an option.

And the 250-watt battery is that priced the same whether it's internal or...

We don't currently have

The internal batteries would probably be more expensive.

Okay, so internals we don't have yet...

Yet, for sale separately.

But they will likely be a little more.

Yeah, or about the same. The thing with the battery costs is obviously two components... three components. The type of cells you're using, there's some name brand companies out there, Samsung, LG, those are going to be your most expensive batteries. The other piece of it is how many cells, so how big the battery is, the voltage, things like that.

The other thing that drives the cost up is the customization of the batteries. So if you're making a custom mold to fit a battery in the frame, what we're doing on that bike, that is what drives the cost of the battery up. If it's a run-of-the-mill kind of battery like this, which is more of an off-the-shelf kind of battery that we design our bike around, then cost comes down. So the batteries are the biggest driving cost, really, of an electric bike, of all the components.

So, this is our Reach Your Destination. And if anyone's curious too, all of these bikes exist in the standard version as well. This is our hybrid commuter frame. One thing I love about this bike is this continuing piece here, which is basically one piece. And what we've done that's really different, very high end, is we've smoothed out all the welds here in the frame. I don't know if you can bring this in for a closeup. But usually, you're going to see welding marks here, and we've had the factory sand it down to make this look beautiful and continuous and very seamless.

And this bike's going to roll really easy, really smooth, and I'm confident... Alana, do you want to demo this one also?


And this is the navy. The navy is our perennial bestseller, always seems to be the most popular color combo.

Is the battery on? It might not be charged. Oh, there we go.

It's [inaudible 00:30:20] separate bags.

Oh yeah. We brought some bags here. So, handlebar bag right here, this one's pretty spacious, can fit a lot in there. And this is a different bag, so this one's specifically for the rear rack. This is a Velcro attachment, and this has that... I don't know what it's called, but snapping.

All the bags are now on our website under accessories, and all the bags will fit on any of our bikes. So they're all sold separately, but they'll all work on any of the bikes, whether electric or not.

Yup and this is the teal with navy accents to match the navy bikes that have teal accents.

Or baby blue. Whatever you call it.

Yeah. These handlebars are a little off.

Uh oh, they're loose?


Are they loose or not lined up?

It's a little loose. But I can ride it.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I'm not going to go fast this time.

Eight miles, 13, 14.

So I feel comfortable on this bike, even though the seat is a little higher. I'm not able to put my feet flat on the ground like I am with the Every Journey, but I can at least keep my toes down at a stop.

Oh, the seat's not all the way down.

Oh. But I felt like my leg extension was good at this height.

Let's just see...

It is harder to get your foot over.

There, try it now.


Oh yeah.

Which one was loose?

It's this.

Oh yeah, there we go. So just so you guys know, we literally just got these bikes in this morning and did a mad dash to try to build them to be on the live today to show everyone.

Seven, eight, 10, 11.

Nine, 10, 11, 13, 14...

I personally really like this bike because you can go fast.

15, 16, 17, 18.


11. There it is.

Are you just trying to see what...

I'm just trying to see who's live with us.

Any questions?

They want to know about your custom t-shirt.

Someone said that?


So, someone asked... let's bring them down to the trike and the Fat Tire, two of the most popular.


So our Fat Tire eBike... this is obviously gender-neutral, this is the navy blue. There's a matte black which we call our men's version. I think these are also still in stock on the website. Fat Tires?

We got a couple left of them.

Couple left of these. So this is our Every Journey, this is obviously good for some trail riding, things of that nature, but also these are just good if you're looking for balance, you want a fatter tire, something that's going to grip the road more. These will be more stable. Now, these... our newer eBikes have the bigger screens, our traditional ones we use more of the sleek screen. Neither bad or good. I actually prefer the screen here because it leaves your handlebars open for more stuff, like cell phone holders, things of that nature.

But the performance, nothing is changed or different. This uses the same rear battery as the ones we just showed you, it's 500 watts. With the Fat Tires, you are going to drain the battery quicker because there's way more resistance with the tires. But this is a lot of fun, this is a four-inch tire. Again, trail riding, offroad, and you still have the Every Journey style. So you're going to have the forward pedaling, super comfortable riding position.

And then last over here is our trike, this is one of our most popular ones. Someone asked, is the trike only available in 250? As of now, yes. We are working on some new trikes. The reason with the trike is we're using a front hub motor, so that's a 250-watt front hub. We are designing the frames, changing them a little bit, in order to make these as safe as possible if we add more power because there is a risk of tipping on trikes, turning faster, adding more power.

We had one person say that their doctor recommended this as a great low-impact exercise option.

Yeah, that's awesome. Totally. These are a lot of fun. Number one you can tow stuff in here, or put stuff in here. Put your dog in here. Alana's actually done a video where she put her little doggie in the rear basket. And it's easy to get on and off. So this is something we're looking to expand on and change, and I'll just do a quick demo to show you guys. Again, I'm 220 pounds, and yeah it's a 250 watt, but you have to think about how much power do you really need. So if you want to show the screen...

Maybe come around the other way. There you go. So you got your five levels. And I'll just call it out, I'll shoot down the straightway here and I'll just do full throttle. And I'll show you... if you are going to do major hills on the trike, a little more power would be helpful, but if you're doing flat ground just bringing stuff with you...

So, three miles an hour, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15...

So I hit 15. Now we're going back uphill a little bit here, so let's show you... now, this is just throttle, no pedaling at all. Nine, 10... here we go. 11, 12, 13, 14. 

Probably need to do a little tuning on this one. Here, check this out. We'll even do a little demo here. So we got all our new bags here in this box. And our air pump, this is probably 20 pounds. 

Someone was asking about the weight limit.

Of the basket?


I don't know. 

Arc said 25.

I'm thinking significantly more, honestly. The basket is supported by the frame of the bike. We'd have to test that to give an exact number, but...

The rear racks are 25.

Rear racks are 25. I think the rear basket, you could be at least 40, I think 40 to 50 is probably the max range. Go for it. I don't know if this...

It's going to tip over.

All right, here we go. 20 pounds easily transportable.

Eight, nine, 11, 12, 13.

Actually, you know what?

I hit 13. 

Love the trike. You don't have to worry about catching your balance, you can just hang out.

So let's take a look at some bags while Dustin is away. I showed you guys the round handlebar bag. This one's good for small stuff. And then let's take a look here at this... this is like a little [peneer 00:40:13] for your top two. So it's got this compartment for your phone, which is neat, your touch screen works through the clear plastic here, and it actually detaches if you want to grab your phone quickly. And then it's got these two little pockets on the side for anything else you want to bring along.

So it functions as a bike bag and phone holder. And I like it because it keeps your phone right in the center, especially if you have the screen in the center already, you have both. Let's test out...

I have the Note 10 Plus too, which I think is one of the largest screens you can buy.

Is it on?


Where's the power? I don't know how to work the Android.

You should just be able to tap it. Also, the problem with my phone... I have another screen thing on there, like a plastic... not the screen protector, but actually the case. So now you're adding a double layer of touch-through. So mine doesn't work.

Oh yeah, I can see that. It worked last time, I thought.

But I have trouble even without... just because of this case on here.

all right, so it's a flaw in his case, not in the bag.

Well, it worked with your phone.

Yeah, it works with my phone, but we're using my phone to stream right now. And then we've got this bag. It comes in... one, two... two, four, five colors?

Seven. Every bag comes in seven colors except...

Except for the black bags.

These, the totes, and the buckle front one.

Oh, right. Except for these two bags right here, these come in four colors.


And these can be attached either on the rack like they here... I attached both so you can see both. But you can keep one, or you can attach either one to the handlebars. So here's the tote, which I really like. It has a magnetic closure and then a little zipper compartment inside as well. And it's really easy to take on and off, so this is great for I would say post office trips or...

There. Off, ready to go. And then easy to snap back on as well.

And then this one we have here, it can go, again, on the rack or on the handlebars like it is here. This one actually has a buckle so it's a little... it's not as easy to take off as the tote bag, a little more secure. And it comes with a strap, so it's like a side body bag. Great for students or if you're biking to work. Lots of little pockets for all your gadgets, and it has side pockets too for a water bottle or soda.

Any questions? Keep going through the bags? So we've covered these. I think I've shown you this one. I think this is the most spacious handlebar bag. It's pretty big, lots of space inside, and it's got the front pocket too.

Someone's asking what rear view mirror do we recommend?

Oh. If you join our pedalers group, that question has been asked, and the rearview mirror that I bought, it's like a retro style. I think if you search on Amazon it's the first thing that comes up. It's around a retro handlebar mirror. It comes in a set of two. I like it a lot because you can really see everything around you, especially if you're biking on busy streets, you want to have that just so you know when cars are approaching.

But definitely check out the Facebook pedalers group if someone can link that in, because it's a great place to get product recommendations and see the products on the bikes too. And we have a video on it too, on YouTube if someone can link that.

Oh, we do?

Yeah, testing out the rear view mirrors that were recommended.

Oh really, you did that?


Oh, cool.

Says she loves the app.

Oh, I'm glad. We have some new features coming soon. I don't know if we want to spoil anything.

Sure, tell them the new features coming.

More social features... right now, if you have the app, you know that we have a feed where you can post photos from your ride. If you don't have the app, download it, it's in the App Store and the Google Play store, 630 Pedaling. But we have a feed where you can share your ride, see other people's rides, and you can like their posts. But we're adding the ability to comment on posts as well. And what else do we have coming up with the app? Oh, we're going to have challenges.

Challenges, yup. That's the big one.

So you can earn badges for specific challenges. We plan on doing monthly, weekly challenges. And every week we give away a prize, and we have different requirements every week. This week you have to post a photo to the feed. So as long as you do that by Sunday, you'll automatically be entered to win, and we just pick one person at random. And you win a 630 t-shirt.

It's pretty cool.

So in the iOS and Android store, download the app, 630 Pedaling it's called.

And it's a good way to gauge how people are using their bikes. So you can add your specific bike, and on the leaderboard, you can see what bikes other people are using, so you can see how they're riding, how far they're going. You have the option to share or hide your own ride stats, so if someone's sharing it you can see, oh, for example, I know Lindy O., who's always in the top three... I didn't realize, but she's covering 100 plus miles a week on a single-speed, which is incredible.

Shout out to Lindy O. out there, if you're watching. Keep it up.

Download the app, it's cool. Get motivated to ride.

Sorry, what?

The accent bags.

Okay. So here's one. Well, this one...

The one behind it.

Oh yeah, here we go. So here's a good example of the inverse color. So we have the cream bike and it has the orange accents, so we made the bag in orange with cream accents. So you have the option of matching your bike exactly or doing the inverse. So, to show you what the other one looks like, we have it on this bike actually.

And this bag is mainly cream with orange accents. So you can do either, and we do the same for the teal, the navy, black is just black.

Can you use the app with a different bike that's not 630?

Yes, you can. You can use the app with any bike, you just won't be able to add your bike and name it, unless you just pick a random model and decide that you're going to use that to track your bike. The good thing about being able to add your bike if you have a 630 bike is you can see your total miles logged on that bike, so it's a good gauge of when you need a tune-up, or when you need to check your tires, things like that.

And you can also select whether you're riding a standard bike or an electric bicycle. And you don't need to add your bike to choose between those two options.

I think we can wrap it up.

Yeah, any questions? Any last questions before we go?

Well, all these bikes are now available on the site. The internal eBikes, the new models, the Reach Your Destination, Body Ease, Ride in the Park, are all available. The trike unfortunately is on backorder, but we do have some more coming at the end of this year, so check out that if you want to get in on the trikes, backorder them now because that is our most popular electric bike.

Fat tires, there's some available now, and the bags are all available. So if you already have a 630, honestly, they just level up the appearance of the bikes, in my opinion, it looks really cool mixing and matching. And then you can bring stuff with you. So, super practical. As always, if you have any other questions, reach out to us, email, or call us, 310-982-2877. You can also comment on this video, follow us on our other social channels. We're on TikTok now, you can see Alana doing some funny TikTok videos. 

Wiping out.

We're doing Pinterest and we're on LinkedIn. So follow us, be in touch with us, we love to talk to you guys and communicate. And lastly, download the app and track your rides, be a part of the community. You can see how others are riding their bikes, how long they're riding their bikes, and you can join the Facebook pedalers group to talk to other riders, ask questions, and see how others are accessorizing their bikes. The pedalers' group is really a great place to just talk to other riders about 630.

Thanks for joining us on live today, and we'll see you next time. Don't forget, your journey...

Your experience.

Enjoy the ride.


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