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Live Electric Bicycle and Electric Tricycle Demo

Hi, you're on the cam.

Oh okay. Are people in there?

No. Seven people.


I have to get close.


But nobody can hear probably. So we're experiencing some technical difficulties, we're getting everything set up. We just wanted to start live and let you guys know what's going on. So just hang out for another two minutes while we figure out what's going on, get the audio fixed here too.

They can hear, they said.

Yeah, but we're going to do some riding, so we're hoping we'll get the microphones working.

Here, a look at the bikes. So today we have the e-trike out. E-trike, there's the battery right there. And if you have any questions, you can start typing them in so we can get ready. Why don't we just start?

You want to just start?

Yeah. Everyone can hear us.

All right, cool. So should we just give your phone to Nate?


Let's do that.

Yeah. We have 53, 54 people in.

All right, cool. I'm going to take this ear bud out if we don't need it. Or it's not going to do anything, right?

Right. I'm guessing.

We'll just go close.

Okay, cool. So here we are, Sixthreezero corporate headquarters. We're going to do some e-bike test riding today. So if you have any questions, drop them in the chat. Nate's going to try to relay the messages to us as we go. We've also got some other bikes, sneak peek at two new bikes that we released, non-electric, but we want to show you guys today. And first look at Sixthreezero helmets, this is actually a sample, but [Ilana's 00:02:09] got the helmet that we're going to be releasing here. Hopefully we'll have them in stock end of this year. We're going to have those to match different color ways of the bikes.

Are the e-trikes available now?

So we've got e-trikes coming, we're just going to jump right in, let's just get to this, and then also we got the new Sixthreezero Volkswagen bus in the backdrop.

They want the bus.

We're going to get that branded and drive around California, coming to a city by you, pop up e-bike shop. So the e-trikes are coming in, I do believe they're on the water right now, so don't quote me on this, but I think we will have them in the next 30 days, limited quantities, 15 of each color, the navy, cream, teal, matte black. So if you're waiting on the electric trikes, pre-order now, because again, only 60 total coming in in this first batch. Next batch, I'm not sure when they're going to arrive. But here it is, we finally got a working model, we had some issues and this is it. So let's pull this baby up front here.

All right. So let's start off with the electric tricycle, 250 watt front motor. So on the trikes, typically the motors are in the front, on the front hub, just because it's a little bit easier. You could do the ... lost my train of thought, you could do the mid drive motor too, but it's going to drive the cost up. So the front hub motor is usually enough power, it's 250 watts, but on the trikes with balancing and things like that, I think it's best that you limit the power to 250. We're experimenting with some more powerful ones with passengers, things like that. So you've got the 250 watt, got your battery right here. It's good to have it in the middle for the center of gravity, things like that. And just turn it on right here. I'll show the screen, pretty basic. And then I'm going to let Ilana demo this one for them.:



Okay. I think that I like about the trike is you don't have to worry about balancing when you get on and you can just sit on it. So I guess I'll do a loop. One thing to remember is that you have to make a wide turns or else you'll tip over. Okay, here we go.

So remember too, you can do pedal assist.

Right now it's on pedal assist.

Or you can do full throttle.

They love the bus.

Why don't you show them some full throttle?

Full throttle.

And if you guys want, we have some YouTube videos on how to properly turn on a trike, Ilana may need to watch her own video just to brush up. Maybe if we have time, we could take the trike up the hill outside the office and show you guys how that thing performs. But we do actually have a video on YouTube of the electric trike and I take it up hills. I'll hop on too, just so they can see. I'm 220 pounds, so obviously if you're going to be carrying passengers and things, you might need more power. But even for me, at top speed that I've hit on the trikes, with pedal assist, I've hit about 15, 16. With just the throttle, I'm usually at about 13, 14 miles an hour. I think Ilana could get going much faster though, because again, I'm heavier. So let's see.

I guess I could've gone that way.

How's the trike on your knees?

It's so light on your knees, on your body in general. I think it's the easiest wheeled thing to ride, trike or bike.

I hit about 12 miles an hour with just the throttle, and then pedal assist, you can get going much faster. But again, I don't know Ilana, if you want to try, just try going full throttle.

That way?

That way. And just see what your top speed is.

They want to see the big basket.

Good for dogs. We have a video where we show a dog in the basket.

They want to see it uphill.

89 viewers. If you guys stick around, what we'll do at the end is we'll do an uphill ride, we'll have Nate follow along, I'll take the trike and Ilana will take another bike. So we'll do that after we show the full lineup.

Will a golden retriever fit?

I think so. Sitting, not laying down.

We'll need to do a dog demo.

Yeah, we should do a dog demo. You hit 13?

There, reconnected.

Okay. We're back. We're back. So Ilana said she hit 13 miles an hour.

Without pedaling.

Without pedaling. So you're going to be at about 13 to 15 without pedaling and then pedaling, probably 15 comfortably and faster, depending on how hard you work your legs.

What does Sixthreezero stand for?

So Sixthreezero is the area code where I grew up in Illinois, suburbs of Chicago, 630, the number. All right, let's see. You want to go through the rest of the bikes?

Let's do it.

Or do they want to see the bus?

Let's see.

Okay. We'll take you down the line. So we got our Evryjourney, men's, women's and then our Around the Block, we just picked out a couple of colors. So Evry Journey is available in 25500, in a whole slew of colors. This is the teal for women's, this is the men's denim, honey. This is the Around the Block men's, the brick, and then women's, pine melon. So now the standard bikes are 500 watt rear mount motors, you can get going much, much faster.

What color trikes will you have?

For the e-trikes, we're just going to have our standard color palette, cream, teal, navy, matte black. Back half of 2022, we're going to expand the color range, but it's going to take a long time. Our lead time right now from the factory is about 10 months, with COVID going on and the bike demand, things are catching up a lot, but still very long lead time. So introducing new colors is really, really challenging.

I'll ride full throttle.

Just whatever, just show them around the bike a little bit or just take off and don't show them anything.

Is it safe to attach a wagon for small kids?

Can you?


Yeah, you definitely can. We've done it.

And then the bike weight?

Bike weight with everything's about 70 pounds. So it's definitely a lot heavier than a standard bike. You can take the battery off that, it will remove about eight pounds. But it is an aluminum frame which helps a little bit with the overall weight.

The helmets will be coming soon.

Question or statement?

They were asking when it's coming.

So we just placed the order to the factory. Just place the order to the factory, I'm thinking, what month is it, August, I'm hoping middle of November, hoping. So we'll see, cross our fingers, before 2022.

How about the trike weight?

That's a great question. And honestly, I don't know.

I'll tell you if it's a lot heavier, or just a little heavier.

That's something, we'll post that in the comments later, we'll throw the trike on a scale and we'll figure that out because I'd be curious myself, and we can let you know. But here, let's see. I mean, it's not terrible, you know what I mean? I don't know in terms of bringing up and down stairs, but if I had to guess, I mean, maybe 70, 80 pounds, it's not too bad actually.

How would you travel with a trike?

That's an excellent question. That would be a great video we should make actually. To be honest with you, I don't have too many thoughts at the top of my head about that. One thing I'm thinking is you can get those racks that are suited for electric scooters, they're a little more industrious, like a tow hitch rack that has a flat bed on it and you can put it on there. But other than that, I think using the trike your transportation is going to be your best bet, to get to wherever you're riding. What's so funny?

Kara said, tough questions.

All right.

This is the teal.

Okay. Let's show right here. So 500 watt motor in the rear, you're going to get top speed of about 20 full throttle, and you can hit anywhere from 25 to 30 with pedaling and the assistance of the motor. And actually today, we're going to make a video about how fast do the bikes go, so stay tuned on our YouTube channel and don't forget, download the Sixthreezero pedaling app, log your rides, be a part of the community. If you have your bike, it's a lot of fun, if you don't have your bike, join the app, you can actually see how other people are riding their bikes and you'll see the different models if you're curious how many miles you can go, things like that.

So back to the bike, battery's going to last you about anywhere from 15 to 50 miles on a single charge. I know that's a huge range, but it depends on are you doing full throttle, if you're doing full throttle, you're going to get anywhere from 10 to 20 miles. If you're doing pedal assist, you're going to get anywhere from 15, 20 miles to up to 50 miles, depending how are you riding it, what are the conditions, what sort of surfaces are you riding on, how much does the rider weigh, what are the wind conditions? There's so many variables involved in the length you're going to get out of the charge. The one thing I've noticed, if you have an electric car or you've ever ridden an electric bike ... What's so funny? You start to learn strategies on how to properly ride to extend the battery length. And the same is true on any bike, taking your foot off, stop pedaling down hills, how you preserve it when you ride, pedal, things like that.

Nate and I did a video on the Evry Journey e-bike 500 watt and I made it 19, or no, 21 miles, I think, right? You can check out the video on our YouTube channel. I made it 21 miles through some seriously hilly conditions, with throttle only. So it can be done. So yeah, and you can take the battery on and off easily, we got the keys here. Let's see, let's go ahead and show that.

They want to know the helmet price.

Helmet's hot commodity. It's going to be somewhere between 20 to $30, maybe 25 is the target price.

How do the electronics do with water?

So general light rain should be fine. I wouldn't recommend riding through a monsoon or anything with it. But most of the electronics and cables are encapsulated into coverings, so they're not going to be exposed to the elements. So I'll show you [inaudible 00:15:49] the battery. Let's turn the key, out it pops. Now the beauty of this is you can bring this inside with you, charge it in your house at night, in your office. You can also buy second batteries from us, third batteries, so you want to go on a super long ride, put this in your backpack, and double the length you can go. Hopefully the battery technology will improve, so they'll last longer. Then you just slide this on and you're in. That's it.

How would you describe an e-bike to someone new to e-bikes?

Okay. How would you describe an e-bike to someone? I mean, it's just a bicycle with the capability of electric propulsion, basically is what it is. I mean, what we've tried to do with our e-bikes is keep them as much bicycle looking as possible. What's you're seeing now in the e-bike space is a lot of people get crazy with their interpretation of electric bikes, but we truly try to make our bikes just look like a bicycle, with the ability to have electric assistance, and the choice is yours. That's the beauty of an e-bike, the choice is yours. If you don't want to use it, don't use it. Here, as an example, you can pop the battery out. I know this sounds like ... So Ilana, just ride the bike normal. You turn them ... Oh yeah.

I can't turn it on.

I was going to say turn the motor off, but no, she's not. I mean, just ride a little bit. I mean, she can ride it like normal and you would hardly notice that it's an electric bike. Yeah, you have the rack, but you can also put stuff on the rack. I mean, do you feel like it's that difficult?

No, it's just like riding a bike.

So you know what you should do is open the Sixthreezero pedaling app, and then you could see how fast you're going without the battery.

Does having a throttle versus pedal assist, make this a class two or three?

So ours, our class two, class two e-bikes, with the throttle. I do think that the whole ... Wow, that camera's close. I do think that the whole classification system is so convoluted and it's very hard to distinguish upon sight, what actually is a class one, class two, class three. The other thing about it, and I don't know with the interpretation of the laws, but you don't have to use the throttle, so you can take it somewhere and just use pedal assist. So the question I always have is does that make it okay then?

Let's show them the display.


And also for someone who isn't familiar with pedal assist, it's basically when you start pedaling, the motor kicks in and gives you a little boost. So our e-bikes have five levels, one being the lightest, 2, 3, 4, 5. So that's just how much of a boost you want as you're pedaling. And so that just feels like a little kick and then the throttle doesn't require any peddling at all, just push it and your bike will go.

Cool. So Evryjourney women's. So here's another one, this is another fan favorite. This is our fat tire Evryjourney, 500 watt, and four inch super wide tires. We did a live last time where I tried to ride it on the sand, it cannot be ridden. So let me take that back. Normal loose sand beaches, it's not going to happen. To do something like that, you're going to need like a car tire size with, to take on sand. So I don't care what e-bike you have, if it's a four inch tire, it's not riding through loose pack sand. Hard pack sand, no problem. Good for trail riding, also good if you just want a super cushy ride, these big tires are going to absorb all the cracks, crevices, bounces, things like that. And for balance, having the bigger tire, more rubber on the road is just going to make balancing a lot easier. So Ilana, why don't you-


You want it down a little? Yeah, let's put it down a little. 95 people?


Where's everyone from?

I guess I'll throttle first, throttle around.

We have a Seattle.

Oh, what bike, the person from Seattle and REI, do you have a Sixthreezero? Tires are boss. Couldn't agree more. Yeah.


Austin? Love it.

Another Massachusetts.

I hit 15.

15 miles per hour.

One thing you do have to keep in mind with the fat tires is you will drain the battery a little quicker because it's pulling a lot more weight, there's more friction on the road, so that's the biggest thing. But other than that, it's a super fun bike, looks super cool. And again, don't think that it's just for off-roading, it's just going to make the ride very cushiony like you're on balloon tires. So that's pretty cool.

I love using this just in the city. I like using this just in the city because our pavement in LA is always super cracked and so you pretty much don't have to worry about all the bumps and cracks with a fat tire. And plus, we turn a lot of heads when we use this bike, at least one person every time we take it out, asks us about it.

If you have any questions, shoot them in the chat, we can answer them.

Someone wanted to see an e-bike rack.

Oh, we have one. Video coming soon. We just attached a ...

Bring a bike.

Justin's got it. This tow rack to our car, so the neat thing about this is that the bike sits on top.

Should I just get the rack too?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).



Spare no expense.

Serious freedom.

Can we just pop this baby in there?

Might have to adjust these.

I think do the outside. Oh wait.

It's adjusted for the women's [inaudible 00:23:41].

What's this rack rated at weight-wise, did they say?

60 pounds.

Oh really? So you'd be okay if you took the batteries off and put these on the rack.

So this goes on the frame.

Let's just try it out.

Let's just throw it on there. Where are you going?

Behind. You want to go in front?

Keep it simple here for the folks at home.

There you go.

So then you strap the tires in here and then you would adjust this middle piece to go below the frame tube here.

Jennifer said UCLA colors.

Oh, you put it down there.

Yeah because it only goes up to here.

I see. Yeah, I mean, if you're doing any consistent riding where you're taking a bike, especially in the bike with you, definitely try to get a hitch rack put on your car. Most cars can have a hitch rack installed on them, and I don't think it's that expensive, maybe two, 300 bucks to install the hitch, depending. In fact, I have a friend who has a Tesla model three, even got a hitch rack put on that. And you can see like how easy this rack is. Especially other people talk about with the cruiser frames, the ones where you put the bikes on the rack, those can be challenging with the curved tube. So if you can get something like this, it's super ideal, it makes it really, really easy to bring your bike places.

This rack was 340, the dealership [inaudible 00:25:45] tow hitch, but a lot of people in our peddlers group have gone to U-Haul to have it installed. And I think it's pretty-

Oh really, have they?

Mm-hmm (affirmative). They said it's not too expensive.

All right, next bike. Just leave it there.

Can you get it off yourself? I was going to say, people want to know, can you get it off on your own?

Maybe if it was on the side [inaudible 00:26:23].

Okay, then here's the Around the Block's. Same thing, 500 watt motor, pedal assist, full throttle. So we're moving towards all 500 watt for the next round of e-bikes. And we do have 250 watts now, but everything we're demoing today. So if you're maybe not sure you want this much power ... What's going on?

Can Dusty demonstrate how to put on the helmet?

Really? Put it on?

This is from Jeff.

All right, cool. So actually that's going to be the helmet.

Should I demonstrate?

Yeah, we'll just show them. So here's the inside of the helmet, should have done this Facebook live helmets. All right.

It has this.

Yeah. So this is the adjuster. So there's going to be two sizes, large and medium. Basically just put it on.

If you have a small head, you're out of luck.

And then just dial that in. There you go. This one's a sample, the helmet's going to be her exact helmet with these air pockets. Mine was a sample.

And different colors.

Yeah. So we're going to have the cream, the teal, the navy, black, periwinkle blue, the ash amber. If you guys are super curious to see it, go over join the peddlers group in Facebook and I'll drop in our design files of the different helmet colors. If you guys want to see what they look like from a mock-up standpoint. So I'll do that later today, you can check it out and like those. So do we want to do a ride demo and take them up the hill?

Let's do it.

Talk about the [inaudible 00:28:33].


Oh yeah. Pedro was saying he rides a step through and it's not just for women. So you want to demonstrate the step through?

Okay. Yeah.

It's unisex.

That's correct. Okay. So here's what we're going to do. We'll show you the new bikes then stick around, we'll do a little uphill demonstration of the e-bikes, show you how easy it is, but I want to show you two models that are just released live on the website right now. First is our Evry Journey internal seven speed. So the gears are now inside the rear of hub, contained in there, simple, less cables, easy shifting. You can actually just shift as you're standing here, super light, super light and easy to ride. So let me just do a quick demo. All right. So all you do is shift, it's really easy. The other thing too is these are more expensive than the external, it's a newer technology, much cleaner, I'll say less maintenance, super easy to ride, available now. So if you're interested in the Evry Journey, non electric, these are here in stock now. We actually only have about, I want to say 50 of these, so we're going to start making more of these over time because it's really, really clean and easy.

Then tuning it.

So tuning, you don't really have to tune it. They should come pre tuned. If they don't, there's a couple of tricks and tips, we're making a video on it, so dial it in, but they should just stay tuned. That's the beauty of it is there's a lot less that can go wrong with the internal hub, but again, a little more expensive, but I think in the long term, you'll see the value in it. So then we've got, this is the now one right here, this is called the Easy Boarding. So this one is a unisex, super cool frame, super light, we'll get you the weights on this, but very easy to lift up, transport. Now this was a good example of, to bring this on a car rack you either need the extender pole put on a rack or have a rack like we just showed you, where you can set it in the trays. But this thing is awesome.

So it still has the forward pedaling design, where the pedals are moved forward. So you're going to get the same riding position as the Evry Journey, but truly the lowest step through height you're going to find anywhere on the market for a traditional geometrically setup bike. I mean, as easy as literally put your leg through. And you can see, comparing this to the Evry Journey, that's significantly lower. We can get some exact measurements on that if you're curious, but I'm guessing about eight inches lower. So if you were interested in the Evry Journey set up, you can see though, in terms of the seat positions and the angles, it's the same, the crank and the forward pedaling. The Evry Journey might have a little bit more forward pedaling, it looks like, but still same premise, with the seat back. So really as simple as ... So actually, and I don't want anyone to get too excited, but this is coming in an e-bike either end of this year, early 2022. So super easy on and off, be awesome for an e-bike. Cool. Should we do a ride demo?

Let's do it. With the trike?

Yeah. Ilana's actually with a customer. What are you going ride?

This one right here, the brick.

Okay, ready when you are. I'm going to go ahead and adjust the seat a little bit.

Okay. Let's show them how easy that is.

Super easy. Undo the latch, bring the seat up and clamp it back down. Ready.

Someone asked if you can ride a wheelie on the Evryjourney?

High liability insurance and life insurance doesn't cover that.

He says he can do it. Chris says he can do it.

Chris can do it?


Without us advising you do it, send us a video, don't get hurt. I know why the trike wasn't going. So the trike ...

Hold on, let me ... And Chris is 61. He could wheelie as a 61 year old.

That's impressive. So the trike, you actually have to turn the pedal assist level higher, to get faster on the throttle. So now ... I just hit 14 miles an hour out there, just with throttle. So this is a pretty serious incline, we've done this hill before. Just go across the street here. All right. Do you want me to go in front of you?

Yeah. Yeah.

Okay. All right. Okay, now-

Oh wait, let me ...

Oh gosh. Ready?


He didn't even turn in there.


Here we go. Full throttle trike. Sorry [inaudible 00:37:03]. So Nate right now is just doing throttle on the e-bike. I'm doing pedal assist, pretty easy though. I mean, again, this is a relatively serious hill I would say, don't you?

Yep. What level of pedal assist?

I'm on five right now. Keep in mind this is only a 250 watt, Nate's on a 500 watt. But I'd have to believe most people are not going to be going up hills like this on the trike. So not really exerting myself too much. And there we have it. You show the downhill. I mean, I don't think I could have even made it up this hill on a normal trike. Let's do a little swap.

A bike swap?

Yeah. Thought it was going to roll away. All right. Let's do this hill. I'll show you it on that. No with the 500 watt, I mean, you literally barely have to pedal. I mean, yeah, on the regular e-bikes, it's so much power that you could literally do nothing, on the trike coming up steep hills, you definitely have to at least pedal, but it's going to take a lot of the strain off. Any other questions?

They just love the trike.

How many people with us?

We have 94.

Sticking around. So we'll head back to the office and then we'll give you a quick Volkswagen bus tour. That's the trike, just keep in mind that this trike's been in the warehouse for many, many months. And then we'll do the giveaway, Ilana will run that. And then if you want to see the Volkswagen bus, we'll show you a quick video.

Can I switch with you?


What is Dusty's favorite bike?

Honestly, I love all the bikes truthfully, but my favorite color combination is the ash, amber Evryjourney, the gray with the orange is my absolute favorite. And I also love the cream and the orange, the Evryjourney or all the bikes that come in that.

Do you have a regular trike in the office?:

We do. They want to see regular trike's?


Okay. We can do that. Now you can see 220 pound rider, ample breaking power

What kind of brakes?

In terms of brand?

I do not know.

It's actually a rear, it's like a axle brake, like a roller brake. But I just hit 21 miles an hour on the downhill and the brakes performed fine. I was actually myself a little curious how that would do. So again, I'm 220 coming down that hill, which was pretty steep, and 21 miles an hour and the brakes held up, so that's good. Interesting smells through here.

Very interesting.

go in the office and we can do the giveaway.


So I'm just waiting.

For what? Me?

Potentially, yeah. Do you know if we have any

We have this one. Just this one.

Just that one?

Okay, you want to see the trike really quick? Want to see the Volkswagen bus?

They want to see both, yeah.

Okay, cool. So 1973 VW, just picked it up recently. Not too bad a shape, drives like a dream. Oh, the speedometer. Some stuff in here, a new shipping table.

Can you fit a bike in there?

Yeah, of course. And we've got all our beach gear too. Car seat for the little ones. I'm going to open that up, oh, it's locked. This has actually become my daily driver. All right, let's show them the trike. So we're going to the corporate office, under a little construction. So truth be told we had to use the basket from the regular trike for the e-trike. So here's the trike, you can see it's the same basically, just no motor. And these are in stock and available right now for purchase. And these are pretty light, these are all aluminum. And these are just some other bikes. They want to see the warehouse?

They want an open house for the new office.

Well, here's our warehouse. Tools, different bikes. We have some competitors bikes, don't tell the competitors, doing some analysis, just parts, random, old bikes, we can take them upstairs. So for anyone that can come out to California, maybe we can set up a merch room visit.

How many employees?

Eight in the US. Here's all the t-shirts and sweatshirts. Go to now, get your shirt, sweatshirt, key chains. I don't know if you want to show them?

Let's just show them the ...

So little by little we're fixing it up. Maybe we'll do some open houses at the headquarters one of these days.

All right.

I don't know if you want to go down and meet Ilana for the giveaway.

Let's do it.

All right.

Giveaway. Yeah.

Okay, time for the giveaway.

101 people.

101 people. Let's see how many entered. So I'll give you a minute, I'm setting my timer right now, a minute to get your last entry in if you haven't answered yet. And don't double enter because we erase the double entries. So it looks like we have, wow, 147 people. 41 seconds left. I was going to say let's get in the shade, but there's no shade. Okay, 24 seconds. Still 147, so we don't have any procrastinators, 148. 10, 9-

How many live viewers?


5, 4-

Is the e-bike hard to assemble?

It's actually not too difficult. E-bikes are no more difficult than normal bikes, honestly, because most of it comes pre-built, and we do have videos you can watch to check out the assembly. You don't have to worry about any of the electronics, you just put the battery in. Actually our bikes come with the batteries already in, so super easy. We do have a red right here.


You just said, do you have a red?

I wouldn't consider that red. Orange-ish.

So the giveaway is not for an e-bike, right? It's for a normal bike.

It's for an Around the Block, it has to be an Around the Block that's in stock. Okay, one second. Just getting rid of all the double entries.

Kara says that is the orange.

What this?


Maybe you're colorblind. Nate is also colorblind.

No, that's Kara.

I know, maybe you're colorblind.Oh, maybe I'm colorblind?




Anything's possible.

146 people after eliminating the doubles and I'm going to tap to spin. Ready?

Spin it.

Spin it to win. Thanks to everyone for entering. Here we go. The anticipation's killing Augusta,

John Croak, you're our winner. So we have your email address, I'll send you an email, you can pick out your bike, I'll get that shipped over to you. Thanks for tuning in guys. Make sure to download the app, to see ride photos and track your ride, and get on the leaderboard, it's a lot of fun, and join our peddlers group, post your questions. We had a lot of requests for the e-trikes, so if there's any other bike you want to see next time, we do the live once a month, just let us know.

Tell them about your weight loss journey.

Oh yes. And if you want to see how I lose 10 pounds using only an e-bike, check out her YouTube channel, we have three episodes up and we have the last episode coming soon, where I do the big reveal, but it's a lot of fun. And that's it.

Oh, and I just want to say, I'm just going to call out my family members, all watching at home, Kara, Joey, Jeff. For anyone else watching, if you liked the video, thumbs up it because they're all giving me slack at home. So you guys get on here to do live. But anyways, thanks for watching, download the app, subscribe to the YouTube and yeah, join us next time. Hopefully we'll do mystery location next month. So don't forget, your journey, your experience, enjoy the ride.



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