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Is Riding an Electric Bike Easy | E-Bike Questions

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero. Today, we're going to answer the question, is riding an electric bike easy? Stick around. All right. Today, we're going to answer the question, is riding an electric bike easy? But before we jump in, hit that Subscribe button below so you can be the first to know about all the new content we're putting out and to be made aware of all the contests we're doing here at sixthreezero. We do weekly, monthly giveaways for bikes, e-bikes, and accessories, so hit Subscribe so you can know all about it. All right. So, let's answer the question, is riding an electric bike easy?

Now, this is going to be something that is really a personal question, meaning, it might be easier for some people, harder for some people. I think it really comes down to, number one, do you know how to ride a bike? If you know how to ride a bike previously, riding an electric bike, in my opinion, will be very easy. If you've never learned to ride a bike or you've never balanced on two wheels, done anything like a balance bike, it's not that riding an electric bike will be difficult, but step one would really be, learn to ride a bike. You want to get comfortable on two wheels, period, balancing, before you move on to an electric bike.

If you aren't comfortable balancing on two wheels, adding a motor into the equation or power into the equation before you learn to balance is really not going to be a good idea. Even, although, if you don't know how to ride a bike and you want to learn to balance on two wheels, we have some great videos on learning to ride again on how to learn to ride. So, if you are going to buy an electric bike, and you don't know how to ride a regular bike, use it with the motor off, to begin with, to learn how to balance, do things like that. But riding an electric bike, it's really as simple as riding a normal bike. And the thing about electric bikes that would differ from, say, a motorcycle, is there are no gears. Well, let me take this back. There's no clutch, there's no shifting, there's no changing gears, no doing anything like that.

Electric bikes function very similarly to scooters in that it's automatic transmission, meaning, you just hold a button-down and the bike goes. So, it's very simple, no clutch, no shifting, no downshifting, nothing like that. The only shifting you would do would be to shift the bicycle aspect of the bike, just like you would do if you're riding a bicycle. And that's totally up to you if you want to shift or not shift, but the motor is not integrated with the gears at all. So, in that sense, riding an electric bike is very similar just to riding a standard bike.

The only thing is if you're going to get assistance from the motor, or in some electric bikes, you don't have to pedal at all, just use the throttle and the bike will go on its own. So, in looking at how much is it from a regular bike, very, very little, honestly. There are some safety tips you should know about which we have another video about safety tips, and what you should know before riding, and how to be safe on them. Because accidents do occur on electric bikes, so it's important to be aware of all the components, how to properly use the pedal assist, how fast will each pedal-assist take you, and how fast will the throttle take you, and how much throttle to use, and in what circumstances. So, my short answer to, are electric bikes easy to ride, is yes, doesn't require any training, doesn't require any shifting, clutching, like driving a motorcycle, you have to learn how to use the clutch.

You just need to be comfortable riding a standard bike with brakes, hand brakes, and from there, you should easily be able to ride an electric bike. So, I hope that helps. If you have any additional questions, please comment below, we'd love to hear it. Also, you can email us, the team, at or call us at 310-982-2877. Also, browse our Electric Bikes section on our website. We have some of the best color palettes, and colors, and electric bikes on the market, colorways you'll never see at another brand. Also, you can take our body fit quiz. Our proprietary algorithm will fit you perfectly to a bike based on your life and your body, and you only have to answer a few simple questions. Also, we have a 365-day return policy. If you don't love your bike within 365 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket.

Lastly, join our community. We have a Facebook sixthreezero Pedalers group, and we also have an app. If you're in the market for a sixthreezero bike, joining the Pedalers group is a great idea. You can talk to existing real riders, ask questions, get answers about everything related to sixthreezero bikes before you purchase. Also the app, you can track your ride, share your rides, be a part of the community, and compete on the weekly leaderboard for giveaways of accessories, bikes, and e-bikes. It's a lot of fun, we'd love to have you. So, thanks for sticking around. Don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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