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INCREDIBLE Step Thru Electric Bike for a Heavy Person - 300lb & 400lb Riders MUST SEE this E Bike!

Hey, everyone. I'm Dustin. I have nearly 20 years of experience in the bike and E-bike industry, and today I'm going to show you a great step-through E-bike for heavier riders. Stick around.

All right, so today I'm going to show you a great step-through E-bike for heavier riders, but before I do, hit the subscribe button below. Stay in touch with us here at Sixthreezero. Be the first to know about all the new content we're doing, giveaways we do, and of course, new product releases. All right. Step-through E-bikes are great because they're easy to mount and dismount, easy to get on and off, and generally safer if you have that low step-through. After all, if you need to get your feet on the ground, you can easily pull your leg out. I love them. Right here, we have the simple step-through 500-watt E-bike from Sixthreezero. I've got two riders with me here today, Jasper, who is 5'9", 250 pounds, and Adam, who's 5'10", 350 pounds. I'm going to have them demonstrate why this step-through E-bike is so great for heavier riders, and I'll tell you why I believe it also.

Number one, it's easy for them to get on and off. We're going to show you how they can easily put their legs through the frame. This is about a 13-inch step over height. If you want more info about the simple step-through check out our YouTube channel. You're going to find videos where I take all the measurements, I measure the step-over height. I do everything that you'll need to know. In addition, it's got 500 watts of power. It's going to power riders up to 350 pounds, even 400 pounds. We have another video where you're going to see our 500-watt EvryJourney powering riders up to 400 pounds. Now, in certain situations, if you're doing extreme hills and you're a rider over 300 pounds, you may want to consider a 750-watt. But if you're doing mostly flat ground, small hills, we'll show you how the 500-watt will be more than enough power, honestly, for flat ground riding now.

It's a rear hub motor, 500 watts. You have a 10.4 amp hour battery. It's going to get you anywhere from 20 to 50 miles depending on how you ride it, the capacity of the rider, and also what pedal assist level you're using, if you're using the throttle. All of those factors are going to contribute to the range. It's a general range. Of course, the capacity, the rider weight, or the load on the E-bike is going to dictate the range as well. We've got other videos demonstrating the range of our 500 watt E-bikes. We want to check those out on our YouTube channel as well. Now, in addition, you have a seven-speed derailleur. You have seven gears that are like a normal bicycle, so you can ride this like a normal bike. You also have first gear, which will make it easier to pedal on hills, and seventh gear if you want to get going faster.

With the 500 watts, you're going to top out at 20 miles an hour if you just used the throttle and 28 miles an hour if you're in pedal assist. You're going to get speeds and it's going to be fast. We're going to show you with our riders here right now. We haven't sized them up. The other benefit is these are fully customizable and adjustable to a lot of different riders' body types, and I'm going to go ahead and get each of them set up so it's comfortable for them, and then they're going to take it on a test ride and demo for us. Jasper, you want to go ahead and see what seat height is good for you, what handlebar height is good? Can you get your feet down, and lower it a little bit? Don't sit on it with the kickstand down. Keep one foot down. There you go. Does that feel okay? Or you can sit on the seat, but keep your feet... There you go.

Jasper: Oh, gotcha.

Dustin: Too high, too low, okay?

Jasper: It's actually pretty perfect.

Dustin: Do handlebars feel okay?

Jasper: Yeah, definitely.

Dustin: Okay. All right. You're all good. Adam, let's get you set up, too high, too low, okay?

Adam: Maybe a little too high.

Dustin: Too high? Okay. Let's bring it down a little bit.

Adam: Yeah, that looks good. Huh. Love the step-through.

Dustin: Yeah, so easy to get on and off, right?

Adam: Super easy. Yeah.

Dustin: Cool. That feels good. Do handlebars feel good?

Adam: Yeah.

Dustin: Okay, perfect. Okay, cool. You can see how easy it is if you have any limitations with your joints, legs, hips, or anything. It doesn't allow you to raise your foot too high. Stepping through the frame makes it very, very easy to get on and off. You can see Adam just said that and you can see how easy it is for him. You can also get the seat very low on the simple step-through because it has a forward-pedaling design. What that means is the pedals are shifted forward from where they would be typically on a normal bike directly below the seat tube.

That means the seat can be lower, but you still get that leg extension because of the pedals being moved forward. The seat is lowered to the ground means if Adam wants that seat all the way down as he has, he's still going to get that leg extension because of the pedals being moved forward. Make it comfortable, make it easy. Again, another great feature. If you guys want to power on, you'll just hold the middle button here. Right here. There you go. You're already good. All right, cool. We're all situated now. Let's let Adam go and take a test ride, and then you can follow once he's passed here.

All right. Jasper, you're up and running. How do you feel about that power? Good?

Jasper: Really great. Yeah.

Dustin: Here comes Adam. I'll get out of your way. You can keep going. Make another loop.

Adam: Yeah. Great turning radius, too.

Dustin: You can see Adam is 350 pounds and he's just using throttle and it's giving him all the power he needs.

Adam: Again, great...

Dustin: Braking? You can go ahead and do one more lap if you want. Just start from nothing. Yep. Off and running. No problem. Do you want to follow him one more time?

Adam: Yeah. I'm not even pedaling at all.

Dustin: Beautiful. Do you want to show us how you can get off, too? Easily? Pull your foot through. Easy to dismount. Beautiful. What did you think overall? Handling?

Adam: Wonderful. And then getting on and off, don't have to do crazy things with your legs. Just get on and off. That's it. It's easy.

Dustin: And you felt safe?

Adam: Very safe. Yeah. I felt like I was able to do more. I was able to push the boundaries more because it felt so safe.

Dustin: Cool. I like to hear that. What'd you think, Jasper?

Jasper: I really like this one. This one might be my favorite. It seemed like it picked up. Those turns, it's light considering it's electric, but it's like I didn't have to control it at all. It was just smooth, ready to go wherever it wanted to, and the accelerator, man, that's cool. I really like this.

Dustin: Cool. Well, I'm glad you guys like it. That's a simple step-through. If you have any other questions at all, comment below or email us, at, or call us at (310) 982-2877 and you can find this bike, the simple step-through E-bike, on our website. If you don't know what E-bike you're in the market for, take our proprietary body fit quiz on our website, answer a few questions about your body and your life, and we'll recommend the perfect E-bike for you. In addition, we have a 30-day test ride for your E-bike policy. If you don't love it in 30 days, send it back, no questions asked, no money out of your pocket.

Also, a one year warranty will take care of everything. Don't have to worry about it and make sure you can keep riding in the first year if anything goes wrong. Lastly, be a part of our community, our Facebook Pedalers group, and download our app. Great place to connect with existing Sixthreezero riders before you purchase talk to other riders. See how they like their E-bikes. Then once you get yours, make friends in the Pedalers Group. Track your rides on the app. It is a ton of fun. Thanks for sticking around and don't forget, it's your journey, your experience. Enjoy the ride.


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